• Published on Apr 15, 2017
  • Yup, this is my life! Some days are harder than others and every day is different, specifically the days my sister is not on spring break and I have to take her to school.. I’m pretty much her mom. Thank you for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!!
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  • faisu amju
    faisu amju 2 hours ago

    cute baby

  • Sam Chung
    Sam Chung 2 hours ago


  • john Cena
    john Cena 2 hours ago

    You are strong but people have to grow up at right age then give birth of baby. 😧

  • BS GaminG
    BS GaminG 15 hours ago

    Its like a trend dude wtf . A random day in life of teenage mom video popped up and i watched that and was my biggest FUCKING mistake . Now atleast 10 diff video's pop everytime i open youtube. Same shit everywhere i can't believe how many girls like this are here . Fuckkkkkkkkkk .

  • ankita yadav
    ankita yadav 15 hours ago

    Lill one is ♥️♥️♥️

  • Dakikalık Videolar
    Dakikalık Videolar 17 hours ago

    How old is she

  • vivek yadav
    vivek yadav 18 hours ago

    Kitna pyara baccha h😘😘

  • Balu Rajput
    Balu Rajput 18 hours ago


  • Neelanshi Raj
    Neelanshi Raj 23 hours ago

    Same wall clock I have

  • Sanam tiya
    Sanam tiya Day ago

    So cute baby

  • Swayze
    Swayze Day ago

    How old are you

  • Nobuhle Xulu
    Nobuhle Xulu Day ago

    Are the red bracelets you guys have on for religious purposes? If so, what religion?

  • Poppy Glover
    Poppy Glover Day ago

    how old are u

  • wxkrx
    wxkrx 2 days ago

    How old are you?

  • Lilom
    Lilom 2 days ago

    So when does she go to school??

  • Kushiram Sharma
    Kushiram Sharma 2 days ago

    Do you belong which contry

  • Sanjay Khairkar
    Sanjay Khairkar 2 days ago +2

    Where is d dad of d child y is he not here?? Please some one tell me...!!!

  • Lovely Jandi
    Lovely Jandi 2 days ago

    so cute baby

  • Praveena
    Praveena 3 days ago

    I can barely fend for my self!!! Look at you , proud of you gurl

  • Hana Krasniqi
    Hana Krasniqi 3 days ago

    My mom would’ve kill me.

  • stella finsky
    stella finsky 4 days ago

    Who pays for the house and all those beautiful expensive life

  • Summer De leon
    Summer De leon 4 days ago

    So very cute

  • T-REX Gaming
    T-REX Gaming 4 days ago

    Dont u have any shame?... showing the whole world breastfeeding......ur just a BITCH

  • YouTube WaLi Ladki
    YouTube WaLi Ladki 4 days ago +31

    2019 March still watching she’s amazing 🌈👍🤟🏻🥺🥺🥺

  • Shifa Shifas
    Shifa Shifas 4 days ago


  • anurag kandari
    anurag kandari 5 days ago +4

    For her he is the world's cutest alive toy

  • Lol Ricki
    Lol Ricki 5 days ago +6

    Aw Mateo was so tiny! :( this was when I subscribed and now im here lol

  • Shraddha Acharya
    Shraddha Acharya 5 days ago

    R u Indian ????

  • Assia cool
    Assia cool 5 days ago

    where's your husband

  • Maia Mioara
    Maia Mioara 6 days ago +7

    I don't know why,but this video make me cry. God Bless you 😍😘

  • Wali-ullah Farooqi
    Wali-ullah Farooqi 7 days ago

    Who is still watching in 2019?

  • Intresting Aman
    Intresting Aman 7 days ago

    really great

  • s truth
    s truth 7 days ago

    Teen mom maintaining her home much better than any other mom

  • Raj Jauhari
    Raj Jauhari 8 days ago

    Aww the innocence of his eyes 😍😍😍😍

  • aman rawat
    aman rawat 8 days ago

    God bless you girl 💕💕💕

  • Wellty Wellty lyngkhoi

    I'm not a mother but still i have to take care like that for my sister's son because she's going out for work when i was waiting for my board result when i was15 he's like my own son only l really love him alot 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘proud of myself👍👍👍👍

  • Dass wussup Shirley & Alexa

    Wait u have two kids?

  • Editing Guide
    Editing Guide 8 days ago

    Your child is so cute

  • Adam Sadam
    Adam Sadam 8 days ago +7

    With that baby's face my face would cheer up immediately

  • User726727 K
    User726727 K 8 days ago


  • Alanah Yankum
    Alanah Yankum 9 days ago

    Do u and ur sis live together and babby (no parents)??

  • Safia Jamal
    Safia Jamal 9 days ago +60

    Oooh my goodness you're a pretty strong girl!!❤❤❤ Happy woman's day ❤

  • Reichell Barboza
    Reichell Barboza 9 days ago

    Me sorprende la rapidez😂🤣

  • Da Doba
    Da Doba 9 days ago

    You are not a teen you are a kid

  • my koti koti
    my koti koti 9 days ago

    He's cute asf, and what you work for money?

  • Vlogs by Gabi ღ
    Vlogs by Gabi ღ 10 days ago +4

    Is he Mateo from Jane the virgin like does he play Mateo

  • UNIQUE! !
    UNIQUE! ! 10 days ago +1


  • Harshit Grover
    Harshit Grover 10 days ago

    Well done madam ur going good

  • Technical masala
    Technical masala 10 days ago

    Nice video

    TECH SEEMA 11 days ago +1

    Husband ?

  • S P
    S P 11 days ago

    The baby is so cute😍😍😍

  • An ordinary girl
    An ordinary girl 11 days ago +4

    This is soo beautiful❤

  • Neet Preparation
    Neet Preparation 11 days ago

    Awesome video!!❣️

  • Ankit Anand
    Ankit Anand 11 days ago

    U both are so cute

  • GlitterGirl567
    GlitterGirl567 11 days ago

    do you still live with your parents?

  • Azaraya Skye
    Azaraya Skye 11 days ago

    How old?

  • Jayasekar Krishnasamy
    Jayasekar Krishnasamy 11 days ago

    Beautiful baby

  • Dipannita Sarkar
    Dipannita Sarkar 11 days ago +9

    0:39sec the baby's style😃😘👌

  • Sarah R S N
    Sarah R S N 11 days ago

    لنكي ام

  • Sarah R S N
    Sarah R S N 11 days ago

    انا فخوره بكي

  • Prasenjit Barman
    Prasenjit Barman 11 days ago

    Where is baby's father

  • Jordan Aro
    Jordan Aro 12 days ago

    Made me cry !😪

  • Gargi Biswas
    Gargi Biswas 13 days ago

    You can't raise a child when you are only a child

  • Kyla De la Cruz
    Kyla De la Cruz 13 days ago

    Lmao this is still the best 'day in the life as a teen mom' , no question

  • Misunam Borang
    Misunam Borang 14 days ago

    So cute😍both mom n baby❤❤i love u so much both😚😚😚😚

  • Fatima Arif104
    Fatima Arif104 15 days ago

    Do u have two kids? O that’s your sister??? Very cute vid❤️

  • Faith Miranda
    Faith Miranda 15 days ago

    Do u just live with your sister

  • Brooklyn Porter
    Brooklyn Porter 15 days ago

    Mateo is so cute!🥰

  • unknown 209
    unknown 209 17 days ago

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg this is so cute

    PRINCE SUKHALA 18 days ago

    Nice video

  • Sakshi Kashyap
    Sakshi Kashyap 19 days ago

    How tough life of mother

  • max Goode
    max Goode 20 days ago

    Just asking is it just you your baby and your sister in the house or does your mum live with you

  • aldo aldo
    aldo aldo 20 days ago

    Bruno mars

  • Kendrum Kenshaz
    Kendrum Kenshaz 21 day ago

    A mom will always be a mom. Much love from Tanzania

  • Anas Sufi
    Anas Sufi 22 days ago

    5 15 nigga what is you cleaning

  • Jaden Jones
    Jaden Jones 23 days ago

    How old are ur kids

    • Mariyam Shaaha
      Mariyam Shaaha 18 days ago

      She has only one. The boy is her kid and he is now 2

  • jake paul
    jake paul 23 days ago

    I'm mercado to I'm leenoishka mercado

  • EssyNorth
    EssyNorth 23 days ago

    How old are u?

  • Alanis Rodriguez
    Alanis Rodriguez 23 days ago

    The beginning was super funny i love your channel

  • Clement Wang
    Clement Wang 25 days ago

    Is being pregnant a good news or a bad news?

  • Laurnea McKinnon
    Laurnea McKinnon 25 days ago

    He did NOT want that rice 😂😂❤️❤️ so darn cute!!!


    Why u ddnt give feed milk

  • Savannah Anderson
    Savannah Anderson 26 days ago

    Me and my boyfriend are super excited to have a baby of our own. But it won't be for at least 3 years but I still am excited❤☺

  • Dhiraj Kumar
    Dhiraj Kumar 26 days ago

    O my God!!I wanna kiss this beautiful girl

  • Corie Blackwell
    Corie Blackwell 26 days ago

    You are such a hard working mother

  • אגם אלדד
    אגם אלדד 26 days ago

    your hair need a water and a shower

  • אגם אלדד
    אגם אלדד 26 days ago

    you dont look teen mom you look older you look like your age is 24

  • אגם אלדד
    אגם אלדד 26 days ago

    your baby is more cute than yiu

  • Carlota Guirado Pulido

    How old are you?

  • khikert cruz
    khikert cruz 27 days ago

    can i be a father of your child?

  • First Site
    First Site 28 days ago


  • Vannah & Eli
    Vannah & Eli 28 days ago

    Any teen mom youtubers want to support eachother?? :)

  • Tripali love M only
    Tripali love M only 28 days ago

    Your baby is so cute I love it 😚

  • Isas Dance
    Isas Dance 28 days ago

    That’s my face when I wake up and I have no kids😂

  • Nourdin Boadoud
    Nourdin Boadoud 28 days ago

    It's so cute your baby coungrat it's a beautifoul video and youbare a good mum

  • nested bird
    nested bird 28 days ago

    Isn't preschool expensive in USA. will you be able to manage that.

  • JG124
    JG124 29 days ago +8

    I'm never having kids.

    • Petrushka Dugoushka
      Petrushka Dugoushka 8 days ago

      It’s Evelyn Are you really pregnant??

    • It’s Evelyn
      It’s Evelyn 26 days ago

      JG124 that’s what a lot of people say that’s what I said I’m 15 and preg

  • kaywee.04 squad
    kaywee.04 squad 29 days ago

    If anybody was wondering what the weird chip looking thing he ate was it's called banana chips they are really good i mean ive nevet tried one..😂🙄😬😳

  • martin
    martin 29 days ago

    How old she is?

  • sleshh gautam
    sleshh gautam 29 days ago

    This was the first video that I watched of yours, and after then, Mateo, you & your family & ginger has been my therapy. I never miss watching any vlogs! I love you Mateo 💝 you’re my gem✨