• Published on Apr 15, 2017
  • Yup, this is my life! Some days are harder than others and every day is different, specifically the days my sister is not on spring break and I have to take her to school.. I’m pretty much her mom. Thank you for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!!
    *READ: if you have any questions, my other videos will definitely answer them. Feel free to keep watching!
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  • Sleepy Yuno
    Sleepy Yuno 14 minutes ago +1

    Why would you want to be a teen mom that sucks I wouldn’t even want to have kids event if I’m 23 I’m just not gonna handle bratty kids

  • Trisha Catacutan
    Trisha Catacutan 3 hours ago

    I feel u gurl

  • Sandralyz Orengo
    Sandralyz Orengo 8 hours ago

    Me nether i agree with Allissad Brook

  • Ranu Priya rani
    Ranu Priya rani 20 hours ago

    So cute baby 😘😘

  • Lou Bug
    Lou Bug Day ago

    he is so cute 😍😍😍

  • Arpita Mandal
    Arpita Mandal Day ago

    Did u notice that the music was 3D?? If flew from ear to ear...🤩

  • Billy Bobby
    Billy Bobby 2 days ago

    Honestly, i don't think that this is "inspiring" at all. She got herself knocked up by some guy who left her and she has to deal with this hell and torture while she still attends school. Yes, she is an amazing mother, she has just made a really bad decision, considering that she is just a kid herself.

  • Kylee Jane
    Kylee Jane 2 days ago

    Your baby is soooo adorable

  • marry Khan
    marry Khan 2 days ago

    Baby is so cute 😍😍

  • Bellaxx x
    Bellaxx x 3 days ago

    she's so amazing, but where are her parents?

  • Syed Suhail
    Syed Suhail 3 days ago

    where is your husband

  • Victoria Christina
    Victoria Christina 3 days ago

    Girl I be having accidental naps to 😂 I be waking up at 7-9 and I be laying down on my phone and all of a sudden i blink and it’s 12 🤧

  • Lulu99nn_YT :V
    Lulu99nn_YT :V 4 days ago

    Like for the BIG Meast the baby do with the race😂😂

  • Rachel Turner
    Rachel Turner 4 days ago

    I’m dying he threw the rice and your laugh made it better😂😂

  • Brooke Bailey
    Brooke Bailey 5 days ago

    Did u get his name off of jane the virgin

  • beauty vids
    beauty vids 5 days ago +1

    Damn he's the spitting image of my brother. Ur son is so adorable I love him😍hope tha kid has a great life he deserves it n u deserve all the credit

  • Soumya Sharma
    Soumya Sharma 5 days ago


  • Leigh Dowman
    Leigh Dowman 7 days ago

    Ur child is so cuttttteeee😇

  • Priyanka Jain
    Priyanka Jain 7 days ago

    What's that tent sort of thing where you had put mateo with his toys ?

  • Masood Ul Hasan Wattoo

    Just subscribe me ..💕💕

  • Michelle Laurie
    Michelle Laurie 7 days ago +2

    3:23 the cutest thing I’ve ever seen omg😆🥰❤️

  • Michelle Laurie
    Michelle Laurie 7 days ago

    Your baby is literally the cutest lil bean ever omg

  • Khushboo Hirwal
    Khushboo Hirwal 7 days ago

    Cute 👶 baby 😄❤❤

  • jordyn bush
    jordyn bush 8 days ago

    wait u have 2 kids?! Omg i could never! And ur a teenager? Strong much!

  • Flower Shadow
    Flower Shadow 9 days ago


  • Big Space
    Big Space 10 days ago

    Cute mom cute baby :D

  • Ganga Ganga
    Ganga Ganga 10 days ago

    The cuttest baby I had ever seen

  • Oreos_ Lovemilk
    Oreos_ Lovemilk 10 days ago

    I see y’all also put on ur red strings at March 1st

  • La Nanche
    La Nanche 11 days ago +3

    La conocí por este video 2017 y aquí me quede la amo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰

    WENY GREICIA 11 days ago


  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 11 days ago

    Omg the baby is so heckin cute like what the heck
    And baby mama u doin amazing keep it up ❤️

  • ibaad naqvi
    ibaad naqvi 12 days ago

  • Diamond k
    Diamond k 12 days ago +4

    Ncooo he is cute the way he smiles 5:45💖

  • Moody Murph
    Moody Murph 13 days ago

    Pressing the subscribe button😂

  • Khushi Kumari
    Khushi Kumari 13 days ago

    7:45 he didn't like that😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😍😘

  • Jack Son
    Jack Son 14 days ago

    I initially clicked on this video expecting more emphasis on the *teen life,* especially when you mentioned being in *school* too. I was interested in seeing how you managed going to school and taking care of your baby. Simply, there was none of either highlighted in the vid, and it seemed more like *'What it's like to be a single mother'* or *'Life as a stay-at-home mother'* Handsome baby, though.
    Glad to see your sons fed, happy, and loved- that's good on you for sure.

  • Saara Hates Carrots.
    Saara Hates Carrots. 14 days ago

    It's okay if you don't want to answer, but how come you have to take care of your sister? What about your parents? I'm just wondering, if you're uncomfortable answering, you don't have to.

  • Cat Person
    Cat Person 14 days ago

    -dis is why i dont have a boyfriend-
    Aint gettin one untill 18 :/

  • Emily Acevedo
    Emily Acevedo 14 days ago

    How old were you when your baby girl was born.

  • Archika Tyagi
    Archika Tyagi 15 days ago +1

    Why baby’s daddy isn’t living with you??

  • Archika Tyagi
    Archika Tyagi 15 days ago +1

    Where are you parents girl?

  • Sofiya Jat
    Sofiya Jat 15 days ago

    Uh r spo strong beautiful mumma lots love to your family ♥️

  • Binny George
    Binny George 15 days ago

    Is this real..?

  • Chelsey Abbott
    Chelsey Abbott 16 days ago

    So frickin adorable both of them

  • Autumnisthegirll
    Autumnisthegirll 17 days ago +1

    damn she cleaned a lot i ain’t even do that much cleaning within a year

  • DKAfam
    DKAfam 17 days ago +2

    Still watching in 2019 you're so inspiring 💗💗💗

  • Satswarup Mohapatra Sibu

    How old are u dear....u deserve an award

  • Holly Woodland
    Holly Woodland 17 days ago

    Are you and the baby daddy together

  • manya Singh
    manya Singh 17 days ago

    Soooooooooo cute baby

  • Verda Aslan
    Verda Aslan 18 days ago

    your baby is very sweety lol

  • jojo nerwet
    jojo nerwet 18 days ago

    Why Is this WAY TO CUTE 😭😭😭😭😢

  • Nashville Tahwa
    Nashville Tahwa 18 days ago

    U are young but yet so inspiring, u take care of ur younger sister and baby and also u studying.I don't think I have ever seen a real superwoman...keep up. am sure that you have been through a lot but the love u have for ur son can be seen❤

  • khantphyu aungkyaw
    khantphyu aungkyaw 19 days ago

    The baby girl is so cute
    She will be pretty in her future
    Wish u all the best
    Who watch it in May 30 2019???

  • Olivia Besson
    Olivia Besson 19 days ago +1

    Okay so nobody’s gonna talk about how comfy the mums bed looks!?

  • Shivani Gurjar
    Shivani Gurjar 19 days ago

    until u washed ur face ur tap was still on so plz save water

  • Pénélope Roy
    Pénélope Roy 20 days ago

    Omggg Mateo was so little in this

  • Emily Diedericks
    Emily Diedericks 20 days ago

    You look like you are Bruno Mars sister that is so cool 😘😎😍😊your baby is adorable 😊😊

  • Mia C
    Mia C 20 days ago

    Your baby is adorable 😍

  • Destiny Love
    Destiny Love 20 days ago +1


  • Lucia Bonilla
    Lucia Bonilla 21 day ago

    watching your videos gives me baby fever

  • Grace Lape
    Grace Lape 21 day ago

    Also my niece and nephew have the same type of non spill cups but my nephew drinks it then spits it out bc he’s a brat😂

  • Grace Lape
    Grace Lape 21 day ago

    I wake up at 6 I’m in 8th grade no fair😂

  • Sophie Henderson
    Sophie Henderson 21 day ago +6

    This made me want to cry. You’re beautiful, God bless you ❤️

  • Anum
    Anum 21 day ago

    I keep coming back to your routine video. Been watching the same video for more than a year now 😂 I just love it. Always come here for some motivation and just simply watch you do your thing ♥️♥️ sending lots of love from Melbourne 🇦🇺

  • maya Khan
    maya Khan 21 day ago

    He is sooo beautiful 😭❤

  • Amrit Garcha
    Amrit Garcha 21 day ago

    Your boyfriend should’ve pulled out

  • ketaki akhave
    ketaki akhave 21 day ago +1

    He is sooooo cute

  • Brigitte Moratalla
    Brigitte Moratalla 22 days ago

    She doesn't go to school she just take care about her son, is all her job.
    Now, a lot of mothers don't have money, house or a family to be supported. They need to work, go to school and care about the children. I mean is good to see you loving your child but they are more woman's that are making more for them, mothers that are working, studying and caring about the son.
    Actually you live very good you are not worry about what to eat you have everything and if you stay in your house all day , minimum care about your sister too.
    Is just my opinion in the situation in Mexico; please don't kill me

  • Evangelina Reyes
    Evangelina Reyes 22 days ago

    I dont see the dad

  • Rosieanne Holmes
    Rosieanne Holmes 22 days ago

    That's so sweet health mum🖤

  • Shofiya Yusri
    Shofiya Yusri 23 days ago

    Make a ‘draw my life’ please

  • Shofiya Yusri
    Shofiya Yusri 23 days ago

    Hi jelian what apps do you use to edit ur video its awesomee!!

  • Nadya Aisyah
    Nadya Aisyah 24 days ago

    how old is she?

  • Simone the slayer
    Simone the slayer 24 days ago

    Newly subscribed

  • Simone the slayer
    Simone the slayer 24 days ago

    So precious

  • ristinu
    ristinu 25 days ago

    strong mom and cute baby ❤️

  • Mongolian Scorpion 999 Years

    Where is the dad?

  • Faith Ashu
    Faith Ashu 25 days ago

    Where is he husband

  • Just a MOM With a camera

    Great video! I’m just a small channel trying to grow, if you’d like to stop by and see if you like any of my content. New sub 🥰.

  • Just a MOM With a camera

    Great video! I’m just a small channel trying to grow, if you’d like to stop by and see if you like any of my content. New sub 🥰.

  • Sarah Meyer
    Sarah Meyer 26 days ago

    Why does he look like Mateo that plays on Jane the virgin tho

  • Sarah Meyer
    Sarah Meyer 26 days ago


  • Yoshi
    Yoshi 26 days ago

    You’re AMAZING!!!! New subbie here! ❤️💪🏾 #momlife

  • Tina Torres
    Tina Torres 26 days ago +1

    She does everything she has to and I respect her for that

  • Hj, Khairunissa Dasiwen

    Astagfirullah halazim

  • Hj, Khairunissa Dasiwen

    3:13 kok di latin si

    G -DRAGON 27 days ago +1

    *Hi this is my first video of you and I have questions hope u or one of your followers can answer... 1. Why isn’t your bf there with you ? Like helping you or living with you? 2. Where are your parents?? 3. Are u taking care of your sister As well cuz she lives with you or your both living with your parents? I’m just confused cuz I haven’t seen your mom or dad in the video nor you didn’t mention them.*

  • Asmin Khan
    Asmin Khan 28 days ago

    Where is tha baby's fatherr

  • nikt_ważny
    nikt_ważny 28 days ago

    Trzeba było się nie ruchac tak wcześnie a teraz to tylko narzekać umiesz

  • Alfonso Zarza
    Alfonso Zarza 29 days ago +1

    Suck to be you

  • Ferbe Islas
    Ferbe Islas 29 days ago

    Where is the dad?

  • Ren Elizabeth
    Ren Elizabeth 29 days ago

    watching your videos makes me 10x more excited for my little girl🤩 I just posted my first video if you could give me some pointers in the right direction for my channel! Much love💞

  • Sanjay Gaur
    Sanjay Gaur 29 days ago

    4 : 42 he is looking like a gentleman 😍

  • Stupid Sisters
    Stupid Sisters Month ago

    Does your sister live in your house with you ?

  • din din
    din din Month ago

    your hair is stunning

  • Sister Gianna
    Sister Gianna Month ago

    Is it weird to breastfeed I front of your sister

  • Patty G Martell
    Patty G Martell Month ago

    I rememeber when I first watch this two years ago , I think you were one of the first teen moms on yt , so much respect and I’m so proud of you , and seen Mateo talking and walking now makes my heart melt 😭🥺🥺

  • Ana Abacaxi
    Ana Abacaxi Month ago

    Ela parece a namorada do Lucas Lira '.'

  • african comedy
    african comedy Month ago

    You did not go to school in the video

  • supersigma
    supersigma Month ago

    mateo just gets cuter as time goes on