Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
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    Groot became a fan favorite right away despite, or perhaps because, he can only say the simple phrase "I am Groot". Now, so far in the MCU we've seen only two people able to fully understand the little twig - Rocket and Thor. What I want to know is, can you or I learn to speak Groot? Could it be a REAL language? Let's find out!
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Comments • 16 861

  • Flyaway gaming
    Flyaway gaming 8 months ago +18567

    I am groot.
    Translation: Hit that notification bell!!

  • Quesadilla_Queen
    Quesadilla_Queen 3 hours ago

    I heard about the whistle language but it would be incredible to learn!

  • Jasmine L
    Jasmine L 4 hours ago +1

    So I'm not the only American who suffers when learning Chinese.
    Good to know

  • ProRacerStudios
    ProRacerStudios 5 hours ago

    ...and I am Iron Man

  • Juraj Creations
    Juraj Creations 12 hours ago

    Bran is awesome

  • Cool dude zeon
    Cool dude zeon 18 hours ago

    Why don't you just use Google translate

  • PlayerN
    PlayerN Day ago


    I'm moving to Asgard now

  • Cupcake&OreoStudios

    I aaaaaaammmmm Groot
    Translation: this was a goooood theorey

  • Alan Nala
    Alan Nala Day ago

    Coz I Am Bat*man!

    JKL147 DAMEME 2 days ago

    can groot say
    "am i groot"

  • Ultra Instinct Shagy

    I'm watching this after watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Hayden Briggs
    Hayden Briggs 2 days ago

    I am grout
    Translation I love Diet Coke

  • Nadi ne
    Nadi ne 2 days ago

    I am groot

  • Benjámin Gál
    Benjámin Gál 2 days ago

    Me thinks he is an idiot for a whole minute before realizing he MADE REAL F@CKIN' NUMBERS!!!!!!!¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The King OfVirginia
    The King OfVirginia 2 days ago

    "real life"? It's a fucking movie MORON

  • Brian Sheeler
    Brian Sheeler 3 days ago

    We are groot= subscribe
    I am groot = like
    You are groot= hit the notification bell

  • Elemental Fist
    Elemental Fist 3 days ago

    No stop no

  • Horror Humor And Coffee

    I'm making a language

  • Rainbow Sheep
    Rainbow Sheep 4 days ago

    Weee aaare groooot

  • Viktor Grauls
    Viktor Grauls 4 days ago

    i can breath in and talk thats how your profesor did it

  • void da shy gurl
    void da shy gurl 4 days ago

    I'm gonna find away to make you able to speak groot

  • Super PugDog
    Super PugDog 4 days ago

    I just came here to learn groot

  • Red Soul
    Red Soul 4 days ago

    Groot: I am Groot

    Me: What did you about my momma?!

  • Ratze
    Ratze 5 days ago

    3:23 that is not the dutch flag that is the flag of the grand duchy of luxemburg!!!

  • Candace Robertson
    Candace Robertson 6 days ago


  • Santana Williams
    Santana Williams 7 days ago

    USclip theory subscribe theory diet-coke
    Translation: I speak MatPat too

  • Blade 110
    Blade 110 7 days ago

    Soo I’ve had this on my mind for a week now we know that “Groot” speaks his own language so groot might not be his real name

  • Roy boy 08
    Roy boy 08 7 days ago

    No star lord

  • anonymoususer0193
    anonymoususer0193 7 days ago +1

    Also he doesnt HAVE to say I am Groot, if he can say that, it means he can make the sounds like i, a, u, etc., meaning he can speak more.

  • Aldi Surianingrat
    Aldi Surianingrat 7 days ago

    It's red you have to press you have to like :3

  • Siddhanta Patil
    Siddhanta Patil 7 days ago

    Even in Hindi ma means mother

  • Adam Hernandez
    Adam Hernandez 7 days ago

    So you’re saying that groot only says 1 word at a time

  • Vlad Khmel
    Vlad Khmel 7 days ago

    groot? I am groot! AM AM!

  • Sanny Grew
    Sanny Grew 8 days ago

    Matpat: The Holiday Theory Wear is still available!
    Me: Are you sure about that?

  • Tom Cantrill
    Tom Cantrill 8 days ago

    I got coke

  • Adolfo Hinojosa
    Adolfo Hinojosa 8 days ago

    Hey I do have good taste in snack food such as Rice Krispie treats

  • Cathy Lamy
    Cathy Lamy 8 days ago

    It’s not hard for me because I am Chinese

  • rat
    rat 8 days ago

    Groot: i am Groot

    me: i will kill u for some living logs

  • Jesse P
    Jesse P 8 days ago

    There's even 807 languages that work with one word or even just voice waves.
    Kudos to Nintendo.

  • SkyOlverLance
    SkyOlverLance 8 days ago

    The only thing I know in Groot is a swear word.
    *I AM* GroOOOot
    When groot said it like that rocket raccoon man said "Whoa! Watch your language!"

  • Bacon Shake
    Bacon Shake 8 days ago

    There’s an language that exists in only pops and clicks.

  • War Wizard
    War Wizard 9 days ago

    Why don’t they teach us Prosody?
    In school

  • Mim F
    Mim F 9 days ago do you say I Am Groot??

  • Purple Face
    Purple Face 9 days ago

    Am I the only one who realized that the guardiansofthegalaxy hashtag has the guardian part spelled guradian

  • isharkO
    isharkO 9 days ago

    1:21 lol I see a Guardians of the Galaxy vid

  • Tahir Carter
    Tahir Carter 10 days ago

    when he says that he hasn't done a GOG episode you can see that he did

  • Blue Morpho
    Blue Morpho 10 days ago

    I’ve been learning Mandarin Chinese since kindergarten and am still not close to fluent btw the way the tones work is like a roller coaster if that makes any since.

  • Fwooper
    Fwooper 10 days ago

    Your kinda-final conclusion (when spoiler: you tell us it's possible) is only true if "I am groot" was one word, not a sentence...

  • [Tsundere Senpai]
    [Tsundere Senpai] 10 days ago

    I aammm mm grOoT

  • FrankDoesGaming
    FrankDoesGaming 10 days ago +1

    I am groot i am groot,i am groot.I AM GROOOT! groot i am groot i am groot.I am groot i am groot i am groot i am groot,i am groot.I am groot,i am groot.I am groot?I am groot :/
    I AM GROOT >:V I AM GROOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deadwing 9
    Deadwing 9 10 days ago

    How about Bumblebee??? /he doesn't talk

  • EpicMeerkat 16
    EpicMeerkat 16 10 days ago

    imA go LooK oN dUOLingO

  • Jack Colleran
    Jack Colleran 10 days ago

    Theory, MatPat, MatPat, DIET COKE, Subscribe, USclip, Theory, Theory

    I'll let you translate that

  • Ari Royster
    Ari Royster 11 days ago

    Who edits your videos?

  • Grimslade Leviathan
    Grimslade Leviathan 11 days ago

    I myself have a bit of problem with my voice, and that is when I wake up, my voice is pretty much whispering, but after 10-15 minutes it comes back, it's been ~2 years now and nothing changed, every morning I wake up and my voice is just whisper in the hallway calling for my mom to ask where my towel is

  • Grimslade Leviathan
    Grimslade Leviathan 11 days ago

    If you want a very very simplified Chinese tone explanation, just think of it as this _, this /, this \/, and this \. In Chinese, we usually write it like this _ / \/ \.
    Think of the lines being your tone, _ is flat, / means it goes higher, \/ means it dips down but comes up again, and \ means it goes down. And when you say a character, each tone makes it mean something else completely.

  • DJ SheepDog
    DJ SheepDog 12 days ago

    Diet Coke is 2 words

  • Trintard
    Trintard 12 days ago

    U forget to mention Champion Red
    From pokemon, he cannot talk

  • Jacob Joel Estrada
    Jacob Joel Estrada 12 days ago

    dude kenny can talk just muffled

  • gamer boi123
    gamer boi123 12 days ago

    Was it really 6 years ago

  • John Mullins
    John Mullins 12 days ago

    No no no no and no

  • Leili Beili
    Leili Beili 13 days ago

    I Am Groot: ~)

  • Dr. CrazyGamez
    Dr. CrazyGamez 13 days ago

    Was this theory busted by a comic sentence

  • sky lambert
    sky lambert 14 days ago

    I am groot

    translate: suscrib and hit the notafasion bell

  • Malina
    Malina 14 days ago

    I AM GROOT!!!

    What do you mean I can never speak Groot?
    Apparently I'm supposed to be able to speak almost every language in the world!

  • erica moore
    erica moore 14 days ago


  • DangerOfStranger 08
    DangerOfStranger 08 14 days ago

    I am groot. I am GROOT! I AM grooot. I AM GROOT!

  • Erin Miller
    Erin Miller 15 days ago

    Matpat you're always cute

  • Ayrton Coetzee
    Ayrton Coetzee 15 days ago +1

    *6* *words* ***

  • Asher Mason
    Asher Mason 16 days ago

    sonic has no characters that dont talk or minimalistic talk

  • Friendly Neighborhood Asian Man

    mandarin isn't that hard but you have to learn it from an extremely young age

  • Lucy Elliott
    Lucy Elliott 16 days ago

    I am groot

  • epic youtuber2789
    epic youtuber2789 16 days ago

    0:29 - 0:34 is is weird that you saying five words ACTUALLY WORKED? Anything
    why does that actually work 😵😵 HOWWWWW WHHHHYYYYY WHERE AM I?

  • Nimita Siju
    Nimita Siju 16 days ago

    I am groot i am groot i am groot?

    I am groot 😆😆

  • I am Groot
    I am Groot 17 days ago

    I am Groot