Secret Marvel Movie? Phase 4 Revealed #Debrief

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • There's an MCU movie scheduled for May 2020, but what is it? What movie will come after Spider-Man: Far From Home? This week we start thinking about Marvel Phase 4, along with the Edge of Tomorrow (or Live Die Repeat) sequel, a new Walking Dead spinoff show, those new Game of Thrones character posters and the future of the X-Men movies! Watch as Filup Molina, Erik Voss and Maude Garrett all dive in!
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  • sarosh ENCORE
    sarosh ENCORE 2 months ago

    Shang-Chi will come mostly by 2021 I guess. I don't know if it's a Disney + stuff

  • Squeaky
    Squeaky 3 months ago

    You guys aren’t gonna mention how live die repeat is based on a manga? Okay “nerd” channel lol

  • Marlon Osbourne
    Marlon Osbourne 3 months ago

    black widow wont need that much cgi

  • Dave James
    Dave James 3 months ago

    Why have you guys never delved into video games? there's so many times I want to hear your opinions on that side of geek culture, such as the mythos of God of War, or the eccentricities of the mechanics of other games. It just seems like a medium you guys don't touch on and that's kind of wasted imo.

  • Audykun
    Audykun 3 months ago

    It's just silly to keep rebooting these movie.Their just all over the place! TFT4 is just all over the place!

  • Aj Dalisay
    Aj Dalisay 3 months ago

    Guardians of the galaxy also nominated for visual effects

  • Genesis101
    Genesis101 3 months ago

    We may get the Disney+ Marvel series in the 10 months gap??😕

  • Zach Attack
    Zach Attack 3 months ago +4

    I want to see a marvel zombies movie.

  • Max.Mead_04
    Max.Mead_04 3 months ago +1

    It's rewind time.

  • Jodie Marshall
    Jodie Marshall 3 months ago

    Captain Marvel kicks ass

  • Ayesha Hussain
    Ayesha Hussain 3 months ago

    The Dark Knight is not erased!!

  • Rohan SONDHI
    Rohan SONDHI 3 months ago

    Sub and liked and following:) plz shot out

  • Ultimate fanboy
    Ultimate fanboy 3 months ago +1

    All of your theory on captain Marvel is true great movie
    It was goose (last time I trusted someone I lost my eye)

  • Lady Hellcat Gaming
    Lady Hellcat Gaming 3 months ago

    Yes, please make a decente X-Men series, with a decent Rouge, please!!! Like a MCU level x-men because they’ve been trash so far...

  • NotoriouSxDouche
    NotoriouSxDouche 3 months ago +6

    Still wondering who Nick Fury was going to meet before the snap

    • Jose Saenz
      Jose Saenz 3 months ago

      NotoriouSxDouche Spiderman

  • Scotchyscotchscotch
    Scotchyscotchscotch 3 months ago

    the book that Edge of Tomorrow was adapted from was named All You Need is Kill. they shouldve kept THAT title

  • alex quimby
    alex quimby 3 months ago +1


  • alex quimby
    alex quimby 3 months ago

    for me it depends on the reboot, is it better or not bcs if its better then i sometimes change sides from the old one but still it depends

  • Linus Knight
    Linus Knight 3 months ago

    god can loud female call in sick for some of these? sheesh. I think my earbuds blew.

  • Linus Knight
    Linus Knight 3 months ago +1

    it will NOT be wolverine.

  • Runaway Suzie
    Runaway Suzie 3 months ago

    3 oscars. The only Marvel film to ever win one. I wonder how many people are thinking the exact same thing.

  • big baby josh
    big baby josh 3 months ago +1

    CAPTAIN MARVEL- "Where's fu........"

  • Damian Taing
    Damian Taing 3 months ago

    Fear the Walking Dear

  • Cringe Master64
    Cringe Master64 3 months ago


  • Shanシャン
    Shanシャン 3 months ago

    I have literally never been more excited to see a movie. The only time I've been anywhere near as excited to see a movie is when infinity war came out.

  • Brice Washington
    Brice Washington 3 months ago

    Live Die Repeat sequel, Loopception.

  • hyperjak810
    hyperjak810 3 months ago

    Is everyone forgetting Shang chi was fast tracked like months ago??? No one anywhere is talking about that

  • Eric Gaiser
    Eric Gaiser 3 months ago

    X2 is on Avengers 1 & 2 levels of great.

  • Jazmine Barham
    Jazmine Barham 3 months ago +2

    😂😂😂😂 Eric is so much fun he just cracks me up lol He could definitely be my friend lol {I also have Strings} LMAO!

  • Mike Chiro
    Mike Chiro 3 months ago

    Maybe we’ll learn about the Tahiti project and who the Jews is alien that they use to save coulson. Mar Vell???

  • Jon Dunham
    Jon Dunham 3 months ago

    Avengers vs X-Men movie possibly

  • anonymous Isaiah
    anonymous Isaiah 3 months ago

    Random but just thinking, what is thanos shoe sz??

  • snoger50
    snoger50 3 months ago

    I am super happy that Mystique is going to die. JLaw was horrible at it especially X-Men: Apocalypse. It was like Mystique was supposed to be this huge hero which totally made it worse.

  • Brian Forrest
    Brian Forrest 3 months ago

    All of the X-men are gonna die. It'll be easier to reboot them that way.

  • Mohammed Jammeh
    Mohammed Jammeh 3 months ago

    Can't wait to see X-Men and The Fantastic 4 in the MCU.

  • Ken Tanguay
    Ken Tanguay 3 months ago

    I think you are very right about over saturation.
    Think of Marvel Comics in the 90's with all the X-Men titles.
    As a collector of comics back then, it was too much with not enough good content.
    As well as four different covers for each title you could buy. IT WAS FAR TOOOOOO MUCH!
    Look at the value of all those comics now. You can't give away those comics
    You can see those titles are not worth anything to date.
    Marvel almost went Bankrupt by trying to take advantage of their collector fan base.
    Not like the titles in the 80's where MARVEL is pulling most of the storylines from currently in their movies.
    I am hopping we do not cross into that with the movies. Should not have to mention STAR WARS.
    It is smart to release well thought out well connected stories with tones of easter eggs to give nods to those fans who followed every thing back then and as well adding in more modern stories Marvel was actually successful on from the 90's and 00's.

  • Joe Wyatt
    Joe Wyatt 3 months ago

    A Black Widow movie would lend itself to a smaller production cycle as it's more of a spy movie. It wouldn't require the huge post production process as their wouldn't likely be much if any CGI involved. If they have the story locked down and ideas about casting, I could see it making a May 2020 release. I mean, James Bond 25 is supposed to release next year and it's not filming yet either.

  • ian henry
    ian henry 3 months ago

    is there a set shot of the Night King on the Iron Throne?

  • Big Pidge
    Big Pidge 3 months ago

    From a timeline point of view, how can they kill X-Men in dark phoenix? These are supposed to be younger versions of the original X-Men? Or did days of future past mean none of that happened? I'm so confused!

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson 3 months ago

    I love when the host's talk crap about the viewers.

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle 3 months ago

    Regarding the X-Men I think it should be a full scale reboot and if they wanted to keep James McAovy, Sophie Turner and Michael Fassbender I’m cool with that.

  • Lukatron 8
    Lukatron 8 3 months ago

    You should’ve half and halved it with the game of thrones picture

  • Pewdipie _
    Pewdipie _ 3 months ago

    Me too Dr strange is the best marvel movie

    • Drew DePew
      Drew DePew 3 months ago

      P7_NicoShmeco _ winter soldier is the best, bud.

  • max popiel
    max popiel 3 months ago

    What about the marvel TV shows. Anybody think those r in production right now. Cause the streaming service is coming out soon

  • Carlytto Lee
    Carlytto Lee 3 months ago

    😑 Guys Agents of SHIELD attached itself to every Earth movie. It was just the Guardians and Thor 3 that they had no connection to.

  • gamegame zero
    gamegame zero 3 months ago +1

    may 2020 will release.... the IW + EG director's cut....

  • F Larocque
    F Larocque 3 months ago

    According to google 95% of users liked Doctor Strange movie

  • Nothing Here
    Nothing Here 3 months ago

    Used by ravenger

  • Nothing Here
    Nothing Here 3 months ago

    Han solos pistol is in both movies

  • Nothing Here
    Nothing Here 3 months ago

    Guardians of the galaxy Easter egg

  • Tristen Celeste
    Tristen Celeste 3 months ago

    Oh, the tiny hands of Ned Stark

  • Jack Steele
    Jack Steele 3 months ago

    What if Nick is a LMD

    HAWKAMANIA311 3 months ago

    47:48 😳

    HAWKAMANIA311 3 months ago

    lol there was cyborg zombie in Z Nation..RIP...

  • E_Rod826
    E_Rod826 3 months ago

    Thank you thank you thank you for answering my question at 45:11!!!!! I honestly never thought my second submitted question would be answered! ❤️🌟💙

  • DMCEagles05
    DMCEagles05 3 months ago

    this is BLATANTLY INCORRECT> Agents of shield connected to THOR, WINTER SOLDIER and AGE OF ULTRON.
    It also loosely connected to CAPT AMERICAN 3 with the Secovia accords.

  • Bobbybillybillbob
    Bobbybillybillbob 3 months ago

    Suicide squad 2 should bring in Deathstroke and definetly the return of Captain Boomerang. My only two demands

  • Super Star0000
    Super Star0000 3 months ago

    Is philip molina a homosexual🌈?

  • Perry the platypus
    Perry the platypus 3 months ago

    Break down the joker trailer Erik

  • thewinterizzy
    thewinterizzy 3 months ago

    I really had to go check Wiki because I couldn't believe Jennifer's filmography timeline. X-Men: First Class actually came out the year before the first Hunger Games movie. Dang. I didn't realize she'd been tied in with X-Men for so long now lol.

  • The CTB Channel
    The CTB Channel 3 months ago

    The secret movie is Gwenpool.

  • Conor McMullen
    Conor McMullen 3 months ago

    Black Panther, the undeserving

  • LordZuko
    LordZuko 3 months ago

    Big difference in the two photos of Jon and Ned is that Jon is looking directly into the camera. Maybe suggesting that he’s not afraid to do what Ned couldn’t, which is to do something that isn’t honorable.

  • LordZuko
    LordZuko 3 months ago

    23:08 😂🤣

  • LordZuko
    LordZuko 3 months ago

    Each character is shown sitting on the throne and that represents the power of the monarchy being dispersed to the people and the implementation of a more democratic society.

  • Drayzoe
    Drayzoe 3 months ago

    what was the black thing?

  • Crisio
    Crisio 3 months ago +50

    Is Doctor Stranger seriously considered to be one of the worst MCU movies??? It's definitely one of my favourites!!! Watched it a bunch of times. I love it

  • Strawild
    Strawild 3 months ago

    Every time Buffy comes up I get so excited.. first.. if there is a gap in marvel content please please do something on Buffy Hahahaha I would die happy.
    As for the question about if a reboot replaces the previous iterations... yes I think so in some ways.
    When people talk about the Joker (gotta always go back to the dark knight) they don’t mean Jack Nicholson and if they do they have to clarify. 🤷‍♀️

  • Kasun Madushanka
    Kasun Madushanka 3 months ago +1

    What is cancerverse?

    • Carlytto Lee
      Carlytto Lee 3 months ago

      An alternate universe in Marvel that lost it's Death. With Death being gone (dead if I remember right), nothing can die. That turns life into a cancer destroying everything, without destroying everything. Every being there became like a monster type over time.

  • CerimonialDaisho
    CerimonialDaisho 3 months ago

    Coincidentally, I am pottying

  • Sean Marron
    Sean Marron 3 months ago

    Secret wars

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 3 months ago

    i hope i meet u guys one day. Never change and keep dropping that knowledge lol

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 3 months ago

    i bet if u guys do 1 big give away u guys would gain mad subscribers think about it

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 3 months ago

    u guys are always funny and entertaining love u guys keep the vids comin

  • smackledawbed
    smackledawbed 3 months ago +1

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D did more links than just Thor the Dark World - Coulson provided the Helicarrier for Age of Ultron, the latest series directly references Thanos, and the events of Winter Soldier coloured the end of Season 1 and start of Season 2

  • The Unique Clone
    The Unique Clone 3 months ago

    I believe it's black widow. I mean, it's not that much work, less CGI, fast action, and stuff like that.

  • Glyn Taylor
    Glyn Taylor 3 months ago +2

    there is no such thing as over saturation

  • Uncle Ryan
    Uncle Ryan 3 months ago +1

    I don't understand just how the announcement for FFH "took the wind out of your sails", with realizing Peter Parker and Nick Fury come back. Hasn't it been widely accepted (even on this channel) that everyone "snapped" was likely to come back, or be "unsnapped". Also, have you read comics? They always bring the characters back...

  • Ari Bargolani
    Ari Bargolani 3 months ago

    What is "the fault in our stars"?

  • Dick McWillie
    Dick McWillie 3 months ago

    What if there was a fantastic 4 movie in production. Phase 4 fantastic 4, surely it's a no brainer?

  • X-MAN
    X-MAN 3 months ago

    All I know is that if they end the MCU after Endgame, I will give up on life

  • Jason Randolph
    Jason Randolph 3 months ago

    What if the wolverin reboot is X23? Would that make it more interesting?

    • Strawild
      Strawild 3 months ago

      Jason Randolph OoOo

  • Lee
    Lee 3 months ago +5

    *For the love of all that's good and holy, buy camera's for your close ups! Those zoom ins in post look like shit.*

  • Oussama Aboulama
    Oussama Aboulama 3 months ago

    wtf maud!

  • steve stacy
    steve stacy 3 months ago

    Captain America The First Avenger started production in June 2010 and was released in July 2011. X-Men First Class's stared production in August 2010 and came out in June 2011. May 2020 is enough time to do something not too CG heavy.

  • Sally Capotosto
    Sally Capotosto 3 months ago +13

    Eric - lower your microphone. It's hiding your face!

  • Jerrod Tibor
    Jerrod Tibor 3 months ago

    Adam Warlock solo movie

  • ĶýłęYTØ6
    ĶýłęYTØ6 3 months ago

    i think that some of the mutants that where dead at the beginning of Logan at the funeral bit might die in Dark Phoenix

  • Benjamin Coker
    Benjamin Coker 3 months ago +2

    A TV series based around the world war z book would be an amazing TV series

  • Ramon Hernandez
    Ramon Hernandez 3 months ago

    A reboot doesn’t replace the original for me unless the reboot is exponentially better

  • April Richards
    April Richards 3 months ago

    The Zombie movie "Cargo" is set in Australia.

  • Sai Pranav Yamjala
    Sai Pranav Yamjala 3 months ago +2

    Stop talking and just let the movie come out. The more you talk abou it, the more inpatient i get


    Edge of Tomorrow.. Top 10. But his character remembers everything at the end.

  • Ellen Behaney
    Ellen Behaney 3 months ago

    Maude...I love your sweatshirt

  • jacob scott
    jacob scott 3 months ago +6

    Avengers X Men Crossover Movie

  • TheEman11910
    TheEman11910 3 months ago

    It’ll probably be an xmen movie

  • Elizabeth Whaley-Avery
    Elizabeth Whaley-Avery 3 months ago

    Avengers Infinity War was up for an Oscar this year too for something. it was not up against black panther. Another category and I don't know if it won.

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah 3 months ago

    i think Far from Home takes place before Infinity War

  • Sanika
    Sanika 3 months ago

    Xmen First Class is one of my all time favorite movies and no, reboot is not going to erase my emotional attachment to First Class. It will replace the rest of xmen movies since I didn't care about them except for First Class which I see as standalone.

  • TheMust Hated_85
    TheMust Hated_85 3 months ago

    Last time I heard somebody saying biiishezzz like this, I lost an eye.