Trump vs. Trump: Kurds Edition | The Daily Show

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Trump takes on his biggest critic: himself. #TheDailyShow
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Comments • 1 728

  • Saiyed Rayhan
    Saiyed Rayhan 5 days ago

    Big laugh from India to Trump 😂🤣🤣

  • desi roti
    desi roti 6 days ago

    Once again Americans stab their allies in the back, so many instances they've done that and once again just to gain access to oil fields that they've now taken over in Syria that will be profited by American companies and looted by governments officials all have a stake in the stolen oil.

  • Juanjo merengue
    Juanjo merengue 15 days ago

    lol fake news

  • A Dee
    A Dee 15 days ago

    Is Trump on cocaine?

  • Steve - Veteran
    Steve - Veteran 16 days ago

    How can things be going so well for America with Trump in charge? Maybe what Trump is doing for America must be more important than the words coming out both sides of his mouth. Remember, Trump has been both Democrat and Republican several times. Who does that? He'll say what ever it takes to sell his point and get the job done. Somehow it's working.

  • Jackie Treehorn
    Jackie Treehorn 17 days ago

    Human scum..

  • Snuffy Smif
    Snuffy Smif 17 days ago +1

    No surprise... Trump can flip-flop from one minute to the next. Hell, he has multiple positions on the same issue, depending on what day it is.

  • Mimo Mimo
    Mimo Mimo 17 days ago

    America lost in syria America sell kurdish people America lost power in world no one beliv you any more astala vista America

  • ilcu4p
    ilcu4p 18 days ago

    This is the classic example of the ugly American. Trump is the embodiment of the ugliest side of America that we all seen throughout history.

  • Ragnork 101
    Ragnork 101 19 days ago

    he is stupid

  • A Coul
    A Coul 20 days ago

    If you're a Trump supporter and can mentally gymnast your way out of this video and still support him 100% your level of dementia is even worst than his and his is the best!

    CRISTIANO RONALDO 20 days ago

    Real trump is in secret society 's custody this is a replica of trump

  • omar almalki
    omar almalki 22 days ago

    i really don't understand.. americans elected trump and they knew that he is a bad guy from the beginning and now they are surprised..

  • A 21st Century Error
    A 21st Century Error 22 days ago

    Trump is a dick 😂😂😂

  • Fahad Hossen
    Fahad Hossen 23 days ago

    Moral of the story, help America and they will backstab you for sure.

  • Deana Prine
    Deana Prine 23 days ago

    Where's his imaginary friend Zippy to save him from himself?

  • Deana Prine
    Deana Prine 23 days ago

    He is Zippy...the pin head

  • Sheikh Tijan Jatta
    Sheikh Tijan Jatta 23 days ago

    😂🤣😅😂happy trump

  • Vvvv Ccc
    Vvvv Ccc 23 days ago +1

    He is clearly insane

  • Pokerface
    Pokerface 24 days ago

    Oh my god, I just...I hate this man so fucking much. And I don't hate anyone. Like holy shit, it's fucking palpable. He makes me want to set things on fire with my eyes.

  • No One
    No One 25 days ago

    Isn't it totally pathetic how the trump asses never see his lies, his two-faced bullshit hypocrisy?

  • vdub 1971
    vdub 1971 25 days ago

    Why are they fighting so hard for Mark to take down lies it seems hypocritical.

  • Molly Spurgeon
    Molly Spurgeon 25 days ago

    There's a lot of sand for them to play with?! That was a real thing he really chose to say?! There's. A. Lot. Of. Sand. For. Them. To. Play. With.

  • Kao Yang
    Kao Yang 26 days ago

    One word. Hypocrite.

  • Sabino Garcia
    Sabino Garcia 26 days ago

    What a back stabber.

  • Juan Bravo
    Juan Bravo 26 days ago

    He’s on this for himself, once we see his taxes we will find out if he didn’t have to run for president like he said because he’s so rich lol.

  • Rich Sackett
    Rich Sackett 26 days ago +1

    Putin's so good you can't even see his lips move.

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 26 days ago

    Jajajajaaj that's is the genius

  • Mel Tuckerman
    Mel Tuckerman 26 days ago

    Flip fuckin flop asshole !

  • Myriam Ickx
    Myriam Ickx 26 days ago

    2018 : « The Kurds died for us, and also for themselves. » How selfish and inconsiderate !

  • Myriam Ickx
    Myriam Ickx 26 days ago

    Hilarious or nauseating?

  • Harshavardhan Gangavathi

    The biggest hypocrite

  • Banayste Gle
    Banayste Gle 26 days ago

    That’s America not not trump ok 👍 just check my flag 🇸🇴

  • Puneet Desai
    Puneet Desai 26 days ago

    F**kk man!!!!😆

  • S0oo
    S0oo 27 days ago

    He gained alot of weight in this one year or he's atleast overhydrated now.

  • Kenroy
    Kenroy 27 days ago

    Trevor, have you read this book?

  • Adeeb Basha
    Adeeb Basha 27 days ago

    America's disgrace

  • alex2143
    alex2143 27 days ago

    Trump sending a very clear message: the US is not to be trusted. Whether it is their betrayal of the Kurds, their reneging on the Paris Climate Agreements, or the Iran Nuclear Deal: the US has become an untrustworthy country.

  • Chris Nelli
    Chris Nelli 27 days ago

    Please oh please make this a standard segment!

  • Brer Rabbit
    Brer Rabbit 27 days ago

    Someone should play that 2018 clip to him and ask him to explain himself.

  • SarynRanvier
    SarynRanvier 27 days ago

    sleazy bastard

  • WaffleSmoof
    WaffleSmoof 27 days ago

    Execute Donald J. Trump

  • taxiuniversum
    taxiuniversum 27 days ago

    Muricans, get a little education. Look up narcissist personality disorder. Get to know that patient you made President.

  • cleffered_mints
    cleffered_mints 27 days ago

    "They got alotta sand they could play with" that part weakened me

  • Marx Dent
    Marx Dent 27 days ago

    I won't post anything for or against Trump... why... because there are people seeing the exact opposite of what we are seeing as we um message?
    Why they vote for trump why we are against him...
    The bigger picture is what's dividing us.
    ...Search results...
    Stop focusing on The orange distraction beacon.
    That's my opinion anyways

  • John Keith
    John Keith 27 days ago

    Douche bag Donald strikes again...

  • Mokhtar Gheasaryan
    Mokhtar Gheasaryan 27 days ago

    He doesn't sounds Great at all, he is to weak to be the president of USA.
    We Kurdish people perecive Americans as a great Nation and we don't consider this guy one of them!

  • Gar La
    Gar La 27 days ago +2

    Signed. The TrumpTards 🥴🥴

    MONTENEGRO Land 27 days ago

    Consistency 100

  • Francisco Quiles
    Francisco Quiles 27 days ago

    The very definition of speaking with a forked tongue.

  • Noori Natt
    Noori Natt 27 days ago

    bhanda yaa4 kudi khava slip ery tongue

  • Matthew Carroll
    Matthew Carroll 27 days ago +1

    Donald Trump is a criminal who thinks he's above the law. People got murdered and he betrayed our allies. How is he still in the office?

  • genesssisss
    genesssisss 27 days ago

    Trump is a piece of shit

  • Adhiraj Singh Jodha
    Adhiraj Singh Jodha 28 days ago

    Fucking piece of shit!

  • Ed Chez
    Ed Chez 28 days ago

    his loyal idiots are getting played the hardest

  • Nuwan Samarasekera
    Nuwan Samarasekera 28 days ago +1

    I genuinely don’t know how there is support for this clown. Looking it from international POV it’s an embarrassment

  • chris Wood
    chris Wood 28 days ago +1

    We love tayyip Erdogan Tayyip fighting for protect his country’s unity

  • Senzo Benedict
    Senzo Benedict 28 days ago

    Trump fans think him contradicting himself is him being a genius.
    I've literally heard some of them say "oh he has two different opinions on everything. He's so smart"

  • Som Thing
    Som Thing 28 days ago

    Idiot vs toidI vs Idiot vs toidI vs Idiot vs toidI vs Idiot vs toidI vs ................

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Trump's greatest enemy is Trump.