People Share Their Tattoo Stories


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  • Mady Dohne
    Mady Dohne Hour ago


  • Adrienne Buchanan
    Adrienne Buchanan 6 hours ago

    6:05 I will.

  • Taylor Rutledge
    Taylor Rutledge 16 hours ago

    I draw on myself all the parents hate it.

  • PerfectlyImperfect
    PerfectlyImperfect 16 hours ago

    I got my first tattoo when I was 15, it’s my real first name because most people call me by my nickname and my birth date. So pretty much a typical and cliche tattoo.

  • Spike Hyzer
    Spike Hyzer 19 hours ago

    Every single thing trans dan said pissed me off. Don’t talk about Drizzy like that.

  • Cottien A.
    Cottien A. 20 hours ago

    I made my first tattoo after mooving out from my parent's house - big '269' for life

  • Internetchive •
    Internetchive • 21 hour ago

    I really like tattoos but only ones with no colour.

  • Mistah FTM 739
    Mistah FTM 739 23 hours ago

    I have handsome Dark Skin, why would I want to poison my melanin for a fad. I dont follow the crowd.

  • SweaterFlix
    SweaterFlix Day ago

    People with peace sign tattoos don't deserve rights

  • Princess Mari
    Princess Mari Day ago

    Tramp mural

  • ShadoWolf43
    ShadoWolf43 Day ago

    Dan!!!! Can Dan be in more buzzfeed videos! They got so much to say and offer I have so much love for them

  • Christina Hamilton

    I did one myself at 16 and its a cat silhouette, honestly i always forget about it lmao buy anytime i realize its there it makes me happy, so good choice i assume

  • IsABelle BRaDy
    IsABelle BRaDy Day ago +1

    I’m 16 and getting my first tattoo in three days and even though so many people around me have told me I’m going to regret I really want it and I feel like even if down the road I regret it I’m going to be glad I did it because life is boring if never take any risks to potentially regret

  • daetsmlolliw
    daetsmlolliw Day ago +1

    Jesus Christ getting a political tattoo is like having a McCain palin ‘08 sticker on your car

  • Ayslin Bruce
    Ayslin Bruce Day ago

    😱😱 the snapchat food porn music is in this 😏 fricken love that songggg

  • Jazz AAva
    Jazz AAva 2 days ago

    I want aye tattoo now

  • Âddį Płæž
    Âddį Płæž 2 days ago

    I’m getting that gaga one lol

  • Katie Dowd
    Katie Dowd 2 days ago

    “He (ex) also ruined most of my 20s”
    Haha.. feel ya girl

  • CosmicDevYT
    CosmicDevYT 2 days ago +1

    4:35 does she not have a belly button or is it in a different spot
    Or am I just not seeing it?

  • yoissmee1244
    yoissmee1244 2 days ago

    I'm simple, I see Jazz I click away

  • Blue Anime
    Blue Anime 2 days ago

    1:03 that's my mom xD

  • Erin Ruudi
    Erin Ruudi 3 days ago

    I kinda want to get 2 little cat pawprints on my ankle(for my 2 cats) and everytime in my life when i get a new cat i'll add a pawprint. but im still too young to get a tattoo...

  • busky04
    busky04 3 days ago

    that girl looks like gabbie hanna

  • Marjorie Schreurs
    Marjorie Schreurs 3 days ago

    My classmate was watching this with me and she was like "ew why does she have hair in her armpits" and I literally spurted out "Fred, that's not your pit" and I am dying.

  • Julia Bergdoll
    Julia Bergdoll 4 days ago

    Does anyone know Emily’s Instagram ?

  • DIY_Girl
    DIY_Girl 4 days ago

    My mom has a small "J" on her ankle because our family's name starts with a J and it's the tiniest j ever like....idk a inch big. I'm going to follow in my mom's footsteps and get the same tattoo same spot.

  • Allie and Myranda
    Allie and Myranda 4 days ago

    Dan has beautiful eyes ❤️

  • Tabatha Cisneros
    Tabatha Cisneros 4 days ago +1

    2:15 - 2:23 😂😂♥️

  • ikur. ruki
    ikur. ruki 4 days ago

    I’m actually gonna get that bird and cage tattoo when I grow up just because I think it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It’s a shame I didn’t get to see it more close up

  • IndigoCat
    IndigoCat 5 days ago +1

    I want to get a small angel on my ankle as a memorial for my friend 💙

  • Rose Essence
    Rose Essence 5 days ago

    That girl kinda looked like Gabbie Hanna

  • Luna Gloom
    Luna Gloom 5 days ago

    My mum is covered in tattoos like I mean head to toe but most of rhyme are of my drawings and my name and my siblings names and really cool things

  • Charly Rose
    Charly Rose 5 days ago +2

    *its not a tramp STAMP, it’s a tramp MURAL!*

  • christina sweeney-baird

    A Bernie/Drake tattoo 🙄 give me strength

  • Happy Cat
    Happy Cat 5 days ago

    Umm my first tattoo was a sun set stick’n’poke when i was 14

  • angel
    angel 5 days ago

    I got my first tattoo a week before my 16th birthday 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Menggay
    Menggay 6 days ago

    1:03 😹😹😹👍🏻

  • stxven _
    stxven _ 6 days ago

    as soon as I seen the thumbnail I thought of bird box for some reason lol

  • Tokyo Lyunaz
    Tokyo Lyunaz 6 days ago

    Is that the gabie show?

  • Wild Spirit
    Wild Spirit 7 days ago +1

    How come Emily reminds me of Gabbie Hanna?

  • juniper lee
    juniper lee 7 days ago

    Tbh a lot of the tattoo back stories made me cry, especially the I count you twice. A lot happened to me lately and only one ever been there for me was my mom, I do not know how I will be able to normalize anything when she passes away

  • _GiannaMichelle_
    _GiannaMichelle_ 7 days ago

    Probably the most boring tattoo video I've ever seen

  • Jessica Raelene
    Jessica Raelene 7 days ago

    I waited until I was 35 to get my first tattoo. I have 2 so far. Both less than 6 months. I love them.

  • Candy Rose
    Candy Rose 8 days ago

    Why Does Lady Gaga Wrist Look Like That 1:30

  • Tatum Dean
    Tatum Dean 8 days ago

    "Drake is dating a teenager, so we don't like him anymore, however 'What a time to be alive;' You know what I'm saying?" MY FAVORITE PART OF THE WHOLE VIDEO.

  • Megan Fox
    Megan Fox 9 days ago

    I would never cover like a whole arm in a tattoo
    But I really like maybe five little meaningful tattoos

  • Alieza Renee'
    Alieza Renee' 9 days ago

    I just got my first and second tattoos within a week of each other and I am in love. I want to know if Jaz has any tattoos on her chest so I can get a ratio of that pain against the under boob/stomach tattoo.

  • Ruby Varrow
    Ruby Varrow 9 days ago

    I love the skeleton tattoo

  • Scarlet Swenson
    Scarlet Swenson 9 days ago

    0:57 she looks like Gabby

  • Leyla Jean
    Leyla Jean 9 days ago

    Oh my god Drake is not dating Millie!!! He knows that's illegal and he has a son. He is not dating her

  • LPS Zoya
    LPS Zoya 9 days ago

    Not to be rude of course... but does the girl with short hair not have a belly button, or does her tattoo cover it?

  • Maya Brown
    Maya Brown 10 days ago

    Fredie's hair looks amazing! And that red lipstick is poppin! Get it girl!

  • miranda Emeline
    miranda Emeline 10 days ago

    Lmao I gave myself a tat at 15

  • Sarah Burbara
    Sarah Burbara 10 days ago

    I LOVE how Jazzmyne is a little monster 💜💜💜

  • Marsh ;-;
    Marsh ;-; 11 days ago

    If I ever get a tattoo I want it to be something I can look at to remind me of something like maybe I should stay here just a little bit longer on my forearm. Not exactly that but having that vibe.

    • Marsh ;-;
      Marsh ;-; 11 days ago

      I just thought as soon as I typed that & sent it, maybe I should get a tattoo on my right shoulder blade of someone starting to float away but someone grabbing on to their ankle. That is what it feels like at my worst moments, like someone is holding onto my foot as I start to float away & think of leaving & making me think "maybe I should stay just a little bit longer."

  • music_blood
    music_blood 11 days ago

    Teachers at my school have tattoos

  • philip
    philip 11 days ago

    That girl looks like gabbie

  • Mike Forgie
    Mike Forgie 11 days ago

    Really copying Lady Gaga 🙄😤

  • emerald s
    emerald s 11 days ago

    Im gay for the girl in green eyes

  • Drizzz
    Drizzz 12 days ago


  • Mysturium
    Mysturium 12 days ago

    why did I think Emily was gabby hanna (plz halp me)

  • Nibor
    Nibor 12 days ago

    "jesus took the wheel on that one" OMYGOD THE DANGER OF INFECTION

  • Indee White
    Indee White 12 days ago

    This was uploaded on my birthday!

  • AL drawer
    AL drawer 12 days ago

    5:35 uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • c slocum
    c slocum 13 days ago +1

    3:57 nice Carrie Underwood reference

  • Raina Lawrence
    Raina Lawrence 13 days ago

    Tbh they're all terrible (esp the Bernie Sanders one). Smh.

  • Hayley Gausnell
    Hayley Gausnell 14 days ago

    The red head looks like Beverly Marsh!?

  • KiannaOshun
    KiannaOshun 14 days ago

    I don't have any tattoos. Idk if I should get one.

  • Abby's Playlist
    Abby's Playlist 14 days ago

    ok drake isn’t dating a teenager.

  • Kaden Kemp
    Kaden Kemp 15 days ago

    i really like the redhead girls skyline tattoo lol

  • DinoDerp
    DinoDerp 15 days ago

    I just got a tattoo today ;P

  • daniel zuniga
    daniel zuniga 15 days ago

    The fat one needs a bigger shirt

    • daniel zuniga
      daniel zuniga 15 days ago

      And the two in white shirts are sooooo annoying

  • Olivia
    Olivia 15 days ago

    It would mean soo much if u could read my YT and did it i’m tryna reach 500 followers by the end of 2019! 🤩🤩🌸 sry or self advertising lol

  • Curllly_Fry Awesome
    Curllly_Fry Awesome 15 days ago

    I love Freddie’s finger tats.

  • Ryan Ritter
    Ryan Ritter 15 days ago

    Does anyone notice Jazzmyne doesn’t have a belly button

  • Ivette 1018
    Ivette 1018 15 days ago

    I have a tattoo and I'm 13
    ( it's my family sign)

  • ebat
    ebat 15 days ago

    anyone else recognize the Sam and Colby music that just starts playing at 4:34? k just me. bye now

  • Kelsey Carroll
    Kelsey Carroll 15 days ago

    I want to get the deathly hollows on my wrist, so I’ve been drawing it there to prove to my dad I’m committed to it. My parents don’t want me to get one, but my mom has one

  • willow lovegood
    willow lovegood 15 days ago

    I think the first tattoo I’m going to get is “I am. I am. I am.” from The Bell Jar. The thing is though... I’m want to get it on my chest. It would be painful regardless but my chest is kinda flat and bony and I’m scared lol.

  • Eva P
    Eva P 16 days ago

    *one of my favourite students*

    Aren’t you not meant to have favourite students? 😂😂

  • Betsi Medrano
    Betsi Medrano 16 days ago

    Omg one of them looks like Gabbie Hanna

  • Ike Cheng
    Ike Cheng 16 days ago

    I constantly draw on my arm😂🤣

  • Stany Pensaert
    Stany Pensaert 16 days ago

    Which teen is Drake dating then?

  • a kazzuo
    a kazzuo 17 days ago

    I love Freddie

  • Revy 11906
    Revy 11906 17 days ago

    I want tattoos and I want 12 and I'm almost 13 I'm already planning

  • Siya Ndlovu
    Siya Ndlovu 17 days ago

    Me: mom I failed in my test
    Me: mom also Jessica failed
    Mom:well Jessica ain't my child!!!

  • Kaori Jackson
    Kaori Jackson 17 days ago

    I definitely want to get more tattoos now

  • Up InNaClOuDs
    Up InNaClOuDs 17 days ago

    FREDDIE your hair grew so much! Do you have a journey video?

  • Rachelcookie321
    Rachelcookie321 18 days ago

    I’m hoping to get some meaningful tattoos when I’m older.
    Something simple like one word or a flower.
    But I’m thinking about moving to japan so i don’t think tattoos are a really good idea.

  • Rachelcookie321
    Rachelcookie321 18 days ago

    There is a girl in my class with a tattoo.
    I’m in ninth grade.
    I have no idea how she was allowed.

  • Abigail Rawlings
    Abigail Rawlings 18 days ago +1

    Any one else thinking of bird box 🦅 📦

  • Kailee Ellis
    Kailee Ellis 18 days ago

    Yep my grandpa told me stop getting tattoos so guess what I did? Went and got a HUGE tattoo on my arm 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 it wasn’t out of spite, I actually have been wanting this for a really long time 😂

  • liz brodish
    liz brodish 18 days ago

    I got my first tattoo this year and I am kicking myself because I waited for so long bc I was afraid about how permanent they are. I absolutely love mine so much and and I honestly think tattoos are beautiful

  • Kyairah Crawford
    Kyairah Crawford 19 days ago

    I wanted Freddie to say the band on her ankle was like Mugen's ankle and wrist tats in samurai champloo

  • E
    E 19 days ago

    Yeah I stopped watching when Lady Gaga was mentioned 😏

  • Nat Cahill
    Nat Cahill 19 days ago

    Dan is so gorgeous!

  • Beam me up, Scotty
    Beam me up, Scotty 19 days ago

    The story behind Jazzmyne's "confidence is beautiful"-Tattoo is so funny to me somehow. like she wanted to keep it simple but now it's in these huge fancy letters. Like a tattoo only a confident person would get. And I kinda love that.

  • love, cleo
    love, cleo 20 days ago +1

    I've got 2 tattoos now and I'm getting my half sleeve next Christmas. My uncle's a tattoo artist so it's free 🙆‍♀️

  • SRS tm
    SRS tm 20 days ago

    Drake is dating a teenager????

  • Potato Tina
    Potato Tina 20 days ago +2

    The girl at 5:22 reminds me of gabbie hannah