HACKER TRAPS ME in a MYSTERY BOX in Car for 24 HOURS! Last To Leave Escape Room Wins Challenge

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • After Chad Wild Clay made SPY NINJAS BATTLE HACKERS in BASEBALL CHALLENGE All Sports Trick Shots for Daniel's Secret Files, Vy Qwaint created I AM BLIND! 24 Hours Blindfolded Hide & Seek Challenge Searching for Code to Project Zorgo Safe, and Daniel uploaded HACKERS TRAP ME in MAZE! Spending 24 Hours in Worlds Largest Bounce House vs Hide and Seek Challenge to the Exposing Project Zorgo USclip channel, the Spy Ninjas have been searching for clues to reveal Daniel's past. He has no memory of his life before joining Project Zorgo last year, but Daniel, Chad, Vy, and Regina learned Daniel can play the guitar and that a hacker dog really belongs to Daniel! They even found footage of Daniel's mom giving him his lie detector shirt. Regina hacked the weather app to force schools to have a snow day in hopes of finding out more details at Daniel's high school. The Spy Ninjas followed more clues to a baseball field, where PZ9 and PZ44 challenged them to an unspeakable baseball contest, a three-legged race and a spinning dizzy race to home plate. The Spy Ninjas entered code 2019 into the mysterious safe and it leads them onto another scavenger hunt. During the search for a key to the safe, Daniel, Regina, Vy and Chad were tricked by flash boxes, blinding Vy and deafening Daniel. Hackers pranked Vy, hit Regina with stun stars and tripped Chad, injuring his ankle. All four Spy Ninjas are captured by Project Zorgo! They each find themselves inside their own moving cardboard box, but a hacker tells them if they try to break out, they'll be in danger. Vy and Regina lose contact with Daniel and Chad but follow clues left inside the box. They plan an escape when the hacker leaves, but will it work? Or will they stay trapped in the hands of Project Zorgo? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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