Girl Raps to Gang Related Faster Than Logic! (live)

  • Published on Jul 17, 2017
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    Logic Everybody tour San Francisco
    Logic brings girl on stage to rap Gang Related with him in front of thousands of fans!
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  • StevenPazce
    StevenPazce  27 days ago +4364

    Hey guys!
    First off, 26 MILLION views thats insane!
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  • ryan magiera
    ryan magiera 5 minutes ago

    wondering if that was staged...

  • mj
    mj 56 minutes ago

    What is logic doing at that girl concert?

  • Norman Bent
    Norman Bent Hour ago


  • short step
    short step 2 hours ago

    That chick gots balls

  • #Noname vids
    #Noname vids 4 hours ago

    Logic like not 14 but 20 He'll yah we smashing later

  • bubba41123
    bubba41123 4 hours ago

    Logic! Good vibes bro!

  • Raegan Holder
    Raegan Holder 4 hours ago

    That was awesome

  • Franz Kafka
    Franz Kafka 5 hours ago


  • BlackMamba19
    BlackMamba19 5 hours ago

    damn I was gonna ask what the mouth do but apparently it out raps logic

  • Ben Mulcahy
    Ben Mulcahy 6 hours ago

    Rare footage of Cardi B in the womb

  • James Bray
    James Bray 7 hours ago

    I can rap faster

  • concents
    concents 10 hours ago +1

    when logic loses so badly he tells a person with asthma to do it in 1 breathe

  • Jonah Lucero
    Jonah Lucero 11 hours ago

    bobby got hurt and took off quick :0

  • Shubh Vegas
    Shubh Vegas 12 hours ago +1

    Starts at 03:05

  • danny macias
    danny macias 12 hours ago

    The shy girl next door.

  • Michael Vey
    Michael Vey 12 hours ago

    This is so ducking retarded

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 13 hours ago

    This totally wasn’t pre-planned or anything.

  • Skillfully Executed
    Skillfully Executed 14 hours ago +1

    Fucking cringe fest.

  • sirplantain
    sirplantain 14 hours ago

    My advice, to the person recording this (no, I haven't read through the comments section): Buy a new potato, please!

  • Zoned
    Zoned 16 hours ago

    Yas finally a female that can rap but not about having sex and not a grime London rapper

  • shahid kayani
    shahid kayani 17 hours ago

    I am 20.
    Sleeps with him and then say she is 13

  • Josh Owrns
    Josh Owrns 17 hours ago

    Instead of Vivian tonguing his ass, he later tongued hers

  • Nathan Peters
    Nathan Peters 18 hours ago

    “Hit that inhaler” lol lol 😂🤣😂

  • Emil Emilov
    Emil Emilov 20 hours ago

    Who the hell is logic anyway

  • Eshwar Shyam
    Eshwar Shyam 20 hours ago

    Scrambled eggs

  • Sameer Markam
    Sameer Markam 21 hour ago

    when you think you are the fastest...and this happens 😎

    CRAZIOUS LX 22 hours ago

    Track Name ?

  • Zunko Side
    Zunko Side 23 hours ago

    She needs an inhaler

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers 23 hours ago

    He keeps interrupting her. Its like he didn't want her to be heard!

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers 23 hours ago +1

    This is so set up! They should have just left the inhaler out. They should Also not be like "i will even give you my hat" like there a peasant and youre a god.

  • Philip Cernohorsky

    That's when u knowthat sound booth does allotof these artist's work:/

  • Philip Cernohorsky

    Whenthe fan unexpectedly blows urspot you justlet them go he don't even tryto compete you lookedreally silly

  • khalid memon
    khalid memon Day ago

    Wow wow wow

  • sagar g
    sagar g Day ago

    Single breath, couldn't understand a single word

  • Joanna
    Joanna Day ago

    He gave her his hat, what a cool dude.

  • lucero acosta
    lucero acosta Day ago

    She was so ready for this moment lol

  • The unoriginal Nick


  • bustin!? King
    bustin!? King Day ago


  • Slayer
    Slayer Day ago +1

    Sure she can rap... but is she biracial?

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams Day ago

    He hit that shxt lol

  • Jim Pro
    Jim Pro Day ago

    Em wants to know her location

  • Cezar Thornton
    Cezar Thornton Day ago

    Logic: I bet no one can rap faster than me on one breath.
    Vivian: I'm boutta end this mans whole career.

  • Andrea Low
    Andrea Low Day ago

    "Ookkaaaaay" ... "Ah SHHIIIIIT!" 🔥🔥🔥

    RAFI MIKI Day ago

    0:38 SHE’S LEGAL!!!!!! BOYS LETS GO😂 jk

  • Larry Wood
    Larry Wood Day ago

    Complete shit

  • girly
    girly Day ago

    this video pleases my soul♥️

  • The Hal
    The Hal Day ago +5

    When he thought she was 14 he was like "Hey"
    When she said she was 20 he was like "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey"

  • XBL Fitness
    XBL Fitness Day ago


  • g4m3r
    g4m3r Day ago

    No he is faster and more clear well she is good though

  • no_u
    no_u Day ago

    Logic is trash, easy to copy his speed and flow. JID on the other hand....

  • Spechial Baby
    Spechial Baby Day ago


  • cosio m
    cosio m Day ago

    Vivian just went on stage
    Cardi b. Have left the concert
    That Iggy hoe

  • S Miller
    S Miller Day ago

    Okay... Okaaay shh*t WTF!
    one breath

  • Dominic Stark
    Dominic Stark Day ago

    Logic: I can't win, so I better kill her with one this one breath

  • Shreya Kommuri
    Shreya Kommuri Day ago

    It starts at 1:27

  • Killo 808
    Killo 808 Day ago


  • Gabriella vlogs
    Gabriella vlogs Day ago

    She’s good

  • damn yeah yeah
    damn yeah yeah Day ago

    Now that was sick

  • dotMusic
    dotMusic Day ago

    Yeah, I can't hear the words. But nice, I guess?

  • Bamassacre Gaming

    0:22 Treating her like a little girl
    0:38 Damn we dtf later?

  • Rip Battle Royales

    That was Riley Reid

  • Ryan Streckfuss
    Ryan Streckfuss Day ago

    Is this proof of how easy that crap is?

  • XxXMinYoongiXxx XxX

    shes so fast XD

  • PureSpxrit
    PureSpxrit Day ago

    i am rap when i am angry

    GTG GTG Day ago

    I need her ig 😭

  • SystemExclusive
    SystemExclusive Day ago


  • Jlitt1129
    Jlitt1129 Day ago

    logic has fans?

  • Kachigga My Nigga

    Im TwEnTy
    That is a lie she is 17

  • Aarish Ansari
    Aarish Ansari Day ago

    The girl at last wasn't rapping she was mumbling if you may have noticed