ScreenRant Live - Important Details In Marvel Movies You Totally Missed

  • Published on Jun 18, 2018
  • Join us on Screenrant's first ever LIVE, as we walk you through all these small details that could be foreshadowing big events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
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    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is famously absolutely rammed with Easter eggs and references. Some of them are included merely for the fun of it, while others have undoubtedly led to bigger things in the franchise. For example, Stephen Strange was very briefly name-dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now Doctor Strange is a prominent member of the MCU's cast of characters, while there was a mention of a hero who could climb up walls in Ant-Man, and now we have Spider-Man. There have, however, been dozens - if not hundreds - more of them, and many of them have yet to be referred to again. This video will look into ten such examples that could become relevant in the future of the franchise. The MCU Easter eggs and references that could definitely lead to bigger things include; Odin's trophy room had several items that could become relevant, Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. could lead to the introduction of some awesome characters, the Grandmaster's tower showed the faces of certain characters who could be introduced soon, the Staff of the Living Tribunal could mean one of Marvel's most powerful cosmic beings is coming to the franchise, the Collector's museum housed a number of species and items that could be important, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s map of important locations could be explored further, the word "Jocasta" in Age of Ultron could lead to a new robotic Avenger in the future, Erik Selvig's chalkboard had a number of Marvel concepts that could be explored, the transformation Kaecilius and his zealots made when Dormammu sucked them into his dimension could lead to Mindless Ones, and Peter Quill saying "Eternity" could mean more than you think! We hope you enjoy the video. Please leave a comment and remember to subscribe to Screen Rant to keep up to date with all of our great videos!
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    “Dor-Moo-Moo”? “Thor Odinsin”?
    More hijacking cultures that people have no business hijacking.
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    Haxan 2 is a play on the legendaty swedish/danish movie Haxan (Witchcraft Through the Ages) from 1922. It was, like, the first movie to be banned because of it´s violence. The creators of The Blair witch project named their company Haxan Films to honour that movie.

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    So We All Know That The Marvel Comics Avengers Are Cool Right So We Have Seen Superheros From The Avengers Comics (1963-2019) | Iron-Man, Captain-America, Thor, Hulk, Black-Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Quicksilver, Scarlet-Witch, Vision, Spiderman, Black-Panther, War Machine, The-Wasp, Flacon, Doctor-Strange, Captain-Marvel, Gamora, Starlord, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Nick Fury, Luke Cage, & Daredevil | I Want to See | Namor, Huh?

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