Veronica (Netflix) Review - Is This the SCARIEST Movie of All Time? (Veronica movie, Netflix, 2018)

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • Veronica: A Netflix Original
    2017 TV-MA 1h 45m
    In 1991 Madrid, after holding a séance at school, a teen girl minding her younger siblings at home suspects an evil force has entered their apartment.
    Starring: Sandra Escacena, Claudia Placer, Bruna González

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Comments • 215

  • Malevolent Elephant
    Malevolent Elephant  Year ago +42

    Many are hailing Veronica as the scariest movie EVER! It currently has a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Have you seen it? Let me know what you think!

    • trinity playz
      trinity playz Month ago

      Creepy as movie

    • Graham Egbe
      Graham Egbe 2 months ago

      It's bullshit!

    • Corn Pone Flicks
      Corn Pone Flicks 6 months ago

      I have to think that anyone calling this the scariest movie of all time has never seen another horror film. I don't recall feeling scared at all.

      LEIGH MASSEY 8 months ago

      I love horror movies and I have never had to stop a movie, only to watch the rest of it later, until this one! Loved it.

    • Mazyy
      Mazyy Year ago

      Malevolent Elephant I consider it as a cartoon I didn’t jump once neither did I have a chill down my spine this movie was so bad I like the acting but the movie was not close to being scary

  • zafir bleach
    zafir bleach 4 days ago

    Already watched it, not scary at all 🤣🤣 japan make better horror movies

    MATTS MUFFINS 8 days ago

    Preach! I’ve seen this movie twice it’s so good but scariest of all time nah not at all

  • Tamás Demeter
    Tamás Demeter Month ago

    retek fos

  • trinity playz
    trinity playz Month ago

    Kinda scary tho

  • trinity playz
    trinity playz Month ago

    Yo I saw it with my sis

  • elusakindayo dayo
    elusakindayo dayo Month ago

    All those saying is not scary, watch the full movie 🎬 at netflix, make sure is in the night o bet u, u cant sleep

  • Polly Andrade
    Polly Andrade Month ago

    Off topic, but who else thinks that Antonitò (the little boy) is ADORABLE💖💕🤗

  • Tro Nix
    Tro Nix Month ago

    You sound like Patrick David...😂

  • mike babe
    mike babe 3 months ago

    Soso, conjuring 1 still the best

  • JayBN
    JayBN 3 months ago


  • Ωmega Wolf
    Ωmega Wolf 3 months ago


  • I think
    I think 6 months ago +56

    Not scary at all..i even fapped during the movie

  • nikko b
    nikko b 7 months ago +1

    I sat there & watch this whole thing only because I'm on the casino bus it's 3 hour on here but believe me I was scared turn a few times

  • xx_strange_thinker_xx
    xx_strange_thinker_xx 11 months ago

    Mom says this movie is cursed should I believe her?

  • Kate Melody
    Kate Melody Year ago

    Bedtime story,child for adults.The world is full of REAL horrors.Wars,epidemics,famine,etc...Those who are terrified of these movies are certainly bored.Instead of filming the REAL problems.Life can be boring for those looking at these movies.Get up and see the real horrors in the world: refugees,starvation,poverty...

  • swapnadeep dey
    swapnadeep dey Year ago

    Fuk off

  • cin b
    cin b Year ago +1


  • Denny Hanley
    Denny Hanley Year ago

    I liked Veronica. I thought it was well done. Not a lot of cheese or horrible casting/acting, like we usually see these days. It's more suspense than terror or out and out gore for the sake of gore.

  • Saitama
    Saitama Year ago

    The fuck is this shit? People are easily afraid of this garbage? If you've been watching horro movies for over a decade, this shit is nothing.

  • MistaMayotte
    MistaMayotte Year ago

    jump scares ruin scary movies... what? that means its good. if u goto a comedy and dont laugh or a sad movie and dont cry then it didnt acheive its goal. scary movies are supposed to make you jump. the movie sucks btw.

  • DavioTube
    DavioTube Year ago

    It really isn't the scariest of all time. Just watched it and it was a massive let down.

  • Tim Scotty
    Tim Scotty Year ago

    So is the movie done in Spanish ?

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury Year ago +1

    He sounds like Patrick David

  • Al-Moroccan яьфэйхвэ Gutierrez адыдфэс

    He did rec too awesome es porque yo me gusta este palicula tambien c no 🙄

  • Serpent Sepia
    Serpent Sepia Year ago

    I watched this movie at 1 in the morning, it wasn't scary. It was pretty good but not scary, just another possession movie that we've been shown over and over and over again.

  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M Year ago +2

    It had its creepy moments but not the scariest I’ve ever seen. About a 6/10 as far as scariness.

  • iwoodnot Wood
    iwoodnot Wood Year ago

    Wasn't scary.

  • James Morris
    James Morris Year ago

    Watch Antichrist with willem dafoe...scariest movie ever

  • FakeBuster Gaming

    Just try to watch "coming soon" 🔙its a thai horror

    NORML Year ago

    Who wants to watch if it's not in English

  • Emily Copeland
    Emily Copeland Year ago +1

    It was not scary like at all... Idk how it is said to be the scariest movie ever.

  • Алекса Радојичић

    This movie isn't even scary. The plot is kinda ok. Jumpscares are lame, so does an atmosphere.

  • Tommy Gun
    Tommy Gun Year ago

    Not scary at all...

  • Broken Wire
    Broken Wire Year ago

    Its not scary as others say it is but that ending was very depressing

  • The Golden Eevee
    The Golden Eevee Year ago

    Boi I didn't get scared at all

  • thats presumptuous of you

    Tbh Insidious is scarier than this movie, this movie tho? I just describe it as sad

  • crimsondemonx
    crimsondemonx Year ago +1

    I heard some crap that people with weak hearts died watching this, wtf is some one with a weak heart watching a jump scare movie in the first place

  • Princess Ansari
    Princess Ansari Year ago

    Is movi ko Hindi m aplode kro to subscribe karungi

  • HerrenGamingNews
    HerrenGamingNews Year ago

    I found this movie to be extremely boring

  • Hafsah Shah
    Hafsah Shah Year ago

    This was not scary at all it was like a alien kinda thing coming after her .

  • Julian Hettich
    Julian Hettich Year ago

    Well I'm in perfect age to identify with the movie and the scenario. That Film scared the shit out of me. In my opinion the sound design (and that soundtrack with that fucking whistwling) is incredible and so the camera work. The whole atmosphere was so intense to me. Hell that film was so good

  • It's your boy Noel

    I really enjoyed it I saw it like 2 days ago.

  • Jayas Sharma
    Jayas Sharma Year ago +12

    you sound like guy from parks and rec
    you heard with perd?

  • Angela Pettersen
    Angela Pettersen Year ago

    Meh. The ending was pretty disturbing though. When the cops walked in, that is. Never really seen a movie I've thought was scary though. No old or new movie, to me, really keeps me up at night lol

  • mark coleman
    mark coleman Year ago +2

    Scary that this was a actual police report

  • Mega MovieZ
    Mega MovieZ Year ago

    Scariest of all time is a stretch but it's still terrifying and that's coming from someone who almost never gets scared

  • AlexRedux2085
    AlexRedux2085 Year ago +1

    Mainstream scary is not scary at all most of the time. Hell, southbound and vhs are better than this. Remember “scary” to the mainstream is just hipster lingo for “kind of unsettling”

  • jmwilson2306
    jmwilson2306 Year ago

    I thought it was ok. Alot of accurate predictions throughout the movie but i hate these kind of endings. It's a hit or miss with people I guess

  • Nafees Ahmed
    Nafees Ahmed Year ago

    Only 1 in 100 can watch this movie

  • Sofia Ladybug
    Sofia Ladybug Year ago +1

    It was good. Not the scariest movie of all time. But good.

  • Lanie something
    Lanie something Year ago

    What’s the scariest movie you would say?

  • Reirou
    Reirou Year ago +1

    I _-pretended to be-_ was scared from the Jumpscares.

  • Rafael Flores
    Rafael Flores Year ago

    Great review man!

  • Coolian360
    Coolian360 Year ago +30

    Why are scary movies always about nuns?!!!!😶

  • Jouko Kulhelm
    Jouko Kulhelm Year ago

    "You kinda forget that the movie is not even in english". What that even means? As an non native english speaker , i just dont get how that impacts the movie as an experience. Is it just that subtitles take away 90% of your attention, and you cant focus on the movie itself?

    • Corey Senpai
      Corey Senpai Year ago

      Jouko Kulhelm English is my first language and I personally prefer subtitles. Especially in foreign horror it makes it much better in my opinion. But this movie was not that great

  • yupt Khan
    yupt Khan Year ago +3

    If this is the scariest then watch Tom and Jerry they are the scariest too 😄😄#notscared

  • God_Of_War
    God_Of_War Year ago +7

    It is not that scary. First Ouija scene was good but after that just average stuff. I guess its to overhyped.
    The Soundtrack is nice. Some cool synthie parts and songs from Heroes Del Silencio. I like them anyway.
    For me The Shining and Sinister are much more scarier than Veronica. Even Jaws is scarier😁

    • Lisa Hermanator
      Lisa Hermanator Year ago +1

      Yeah, Sinister is one of the scariest to me too. I haven't seen Veronica and someone told me even hardcore horror movie buffs could not get through it. I can handle scary just not abuse of any kind. As long as there is no abuse of kids or animals or whatever I am way cool with watching it.

  • ZombieUnicornA
    ZombieUnicornA Year ago +1

    PR bullcrap ...
    Oh how i hate that

  • Jeffrey Croft
    Jeffrey Croft Year ago

    Watched the movie and wasn't scared at all. Not even a little. Waste of time tbh. 5/10 horror movie.