Showered by a Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys 4K

  • Published on Jun 30, 2017
  • Making Giant Balloon June was sweaty work. Time to wrap it all up with a gargantuan shower. Don't try this one at home either.
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    Filmed on the Phantom Flex 4K at 1000fps
    Giant 6ft Balloon Shower - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys  Year ago +7426

    Thanks for watching Giant Balloon June, guys and girls. Tune in next month for July-iant Balloon July! Lol jk.

    • Antonio Caro
      Antonio Caro Month ago

      Any way we can get youth or you under there for the shower of water sometime?

    • Greedy Goat
      Greedy Goat Month ago

      The Slow Mo Guys sauh

    • Bekaye Camara
      Bekaye Camara Month ago

      You guys posted this on my birthday no joke

    • The Republic of Ustio.
      The Republic of Ustio. 2 months ago

      Spotted a butterfly ay 3:46.

    • Yusuf Jamal
      Yusuf Jamal 4 months ago

      why are all the experiments always done on dan?

  • It's Grapes!
    It's Grapes! 21 hour ago


  • lividual
    lividual Day ago

    This is how I wanna be baptized

  • Charlie Bertsch
    Charlie Bertsch Day ago

    Did Gav get his phone wet?

  • Bushra Fatima
    Bushra Fatima 2 days ago

    This is like shawer

  • Sarcasm i
    Sarcasm i 2 days ago

    5:08 r.i.p phone

  • Drake Kau
    Drake Kau 6 days ago

    *instantly regrets doing this

  • UnexpectedRave Dw
    UnexpectedRave Dw 7 days ago

    That looked sick

  • Annelise & Emily
    Annelise & Emily 8 days ago

    Did dan Have to get a new phone after this😂😂😂😂

  • Nhan Nguyen
    Nhan Nguyen 8 days ago

    Did your phone die?

  • Jolien Vhl
    Jolien Vhl 9 days ago

    Me feeling bad about the phone

  • Mohammed Sameer
    Mohammed Sameer 9 days ago

    Is the phone ok???

  • Darwin The Shiny Tympole


  • maxidel
    maxidel 10 days ago

    Demon 8.10

  • Aidan Barrett
    Aidan Barrett 11 days ago

    I can feel the close quarters

    KILLASAURUSFLEX 12 days ago

    I'm glad you said gif and not jif.

  • Izzy Gang JR.
    Izzy Gang JR. 12 days ago

    4:57 thank me later 2019?

  • Esther Adikpe
    Esther Adikpe 13 days ago

    Whenever I leave the house without an umbrella

  • I Don't Even Know Anymore

    Dan's face in the thumbnail is priceless. The absolute dread toward Gavin showing through his eyes.

  • YopperZone_ 0220
    YopperZone_ 0220 13 days ago

    Did the phone survive

  • Satyam Kant
    Satyam Kant 15 days ago

    You all love water balloon

  • strawbery 3724
    strawbery 3724 18 days ago +1

    I feel bad for that phone. Also Dan. 😂

  • Noah Lindahl
    Noah Lindahl 19 days ago

    I do slow motion videos and would appreciate if you would subscribe!

  • waterartists 2
    waterartists 2 19 days ago

    Any slower than that you'll freeze time 😉😜

  • Cory Lynch
    Cory Lynch 21 day ago

    I know I shouldn't say it but when u lay down yiu should pull your shorts down a little. Looks like you're a little too excited XD

  • Aiden McCartney
    Aiden McCartney 22 days ago

    How dan did not die I will never know

  • rock climbing33
    rock climbing33 22 days ago

    Where they were where they are now extremely brilliant and still having fun

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott 22 days ago

    Better than a theme park water ride!

  • The Friendly Banana
    The Friendly Banana 22 days ago

    4:54 When the beat drops


    Why always dan?

  • jwep 925
    jwep 925 23 days ago

    rip dans phone lol just put it on rice it’ll be alright

  • Giraffel
    Giraffel 26 days ago

    I swear every thumbnail Dan is in he looks like he is questioning his life decisions 😂😂

  • Megan Bacon
    Megan Bacon 28 days ago

    I thought it was Robert Downey Jr. in the thumbnail 😂

  • Sluty Butercup The Sloth

    Gav: Whats the most squished you've ever been?
    Dan: When I was bundled at our school.
    Water balloon: NO! NO STORY TIME! *Pop*

  • Mr Octopus
    Mr Octopus Month ago +1

    That looks like a fun party thing you can do

  • HB HS
    HB HS Month ago

    Giant balloons is my favorite thing you guys do. It's how the channel started, really.

  • Toons & Tunes
    Toons & Tunes Month ago

    Move the phone,goddammit!! It's scaring me

  • Logocorp _
    Logocorp _ Month ago

    "5:40 today we have a weather of light rain."

    4:48 and at that moment you realize that weather channel was fake

  • Jitendra Nath Ghosh Jitendra Nath Ghosh

    It is always good to try this experiment in burning summer says ..Not a good idea ...

  • Toxic Air
    Toxic Air Month ago

    Mr.Gav, I don’t feel so good

  • StealthyDead
    StealthyDead Month ago


  • Rogelio Macedo
    Rogelio Macedo Month ago

    The thumbnail looks like an album cover.

  • Supermats
    Supermats Month ago

    It looks amazing

  • Brett Spigelmyer
    Brett Spigelmyer Month ago


  • Callum Crowley
    Callum Crowley Month ago

    how long does it take to fill up?

  • Cody Slab
    Cody Slab Month ago

    so is that iPhone 8 still alive?

  • Jason Stover
    Jason Stover Month ago

    I am blown away you were able to catch the bodies automatic defenses. Your eyes closed your head was retracted a bit your hands became open and ready to react. It was awesome.

  • Collin Cummings
    Collin Cummings Month ago

    You could put your dog under the trampoline to give them a power rinse.🐕

  • Prakhar Pandey
    Prakhar Pandey Month ago

    5:20 is ridiculous

  • Jessie Nasr
    Jessie Nasr Month ago

    huRRicAnE KatrIna was all up on dan

  • Pretzel Sticks
    Pretzel Sticks Month ago

    When it popped I feel like the biggest regret went over him of leaving his phone there...

  • NeonBike Love
    NeonBike Love Month ago

    5.15 relax view

  • Da Daveman777
    Da Daveman777 Month ago

    Phone had to of survived if they got the audio from it

  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera Month ago


  • MGXY
    MGXY Month ago

    *ballon pops*

  • Shadowwolf 930
    Shadowwolf 930 Month ago

    well kinda

  • Shadowwolf 930
    Shadowwolf 930 Month ago

    Dan is almost risking his life now while gav watching ALL of it

  • Zubungo The Best
    Zubungo The Best Month ago

    Wait... Is this Phineas and Ferb?

  • Parker’s ASMR
    Parker’s ASMR Month ago

    i think your phone is gone

  • Kennah Elkins
    Kennah Elkins Month ago

    7:07 Dan got a new hat

  • Anarchon D
    Anarchon D Month ago

    Did the trampoline tear? It looks intact at the end

  • OverWims
    OverWims Month ago

    this is why there are water shortages....still worth it tho

  • A Random Gamer
    A Random Gamer Month ago

    rip dan's phone

  • iain spicer
    iain spicer Month ago

    Next level raise the trampolime amd stand under it see if it knocks dan over

  • Bookworm 2021
    Bookworm 2021 Month ago

    6:03 and 6:10 Gav's laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world

    • Bookworm 2021
      Bookworm 2021 Month ago

      Can someone explain to me WHY his laugh is perfectly melodious?

  • DoctorCyber Mini games

    u guys should bring jeremy in a slow mo vid

  • ezmer2dragon
    ezmer2dragon Month ago

    That was actually quite beautiful.

  • Aj Badillo
    Aj Badillo Month ago

    Rip dan and rip phone

  • lexxmell760 SHD
    lexxmell760 SHD Month ago

    that intro sounds so depressing

  • Void EM
    Void EM Month ago

    What’s the most squashed you’ve ever been in your life ?
    Giant water balloon : DID SOME ONE SAY CRUSH !!!!!!???

  • Mine2crafter
    Mine2crafter Month ago

    What’s the music called when you show us the slowmo

  • PaxyIsEpic
    PaxyIsEpic Month ago

    5:11 Dan vanishes into the rain

  • Sam Carruthers
    Sam Carruthers Month ago

    4:47 completely out of the blue, "when I was getting bundled at middle school", aaand crash.

  • Babuska G
    Babuska G Month ago

    Good shower

  • Thom
    Thom Month ago

    the most middle class words ever uttered before (potential) death

  • Thom
    Thom Month ago

    "When I was bundled at lower school" the most middle class words ever said before potential death

  • Jaden Craigen
    Jaden Craigen Month ago

    Lol nobody talks about the phone under the tramp when balloon pops

  • Steven Lerner
    Steven Lerner Month ago

    The reason I watch the Slo Mo Guys is not for the slow motion, but for Gavin and Dan's witty banter 👌

  • Edgar Gonzalez
    Edgar Gonzalez Month ago

    5:50 Well, that's one way to water your grass.

  • Adam Straub
    Adam Straub Month ago

    4:46 Bestest part

  • Delicious DeBlair
    Delicious DeBlair Month ago

    Totally epic! \(^_^)/
    Looks like an Arkansas thunderstorm! (~_^)-b

  • rodeny tankard
    rodeny tankard Month ago

    Slow Mo God you’re so dumb

  • RobinskiGamingNL
    RobinskiGamingNL Month ago

    Close to 2019 people ?

  • Chitsun :3
    Chitsun :3 Month ago

    R.I.P phone.

  • ElizaShakiraMassani

    He completely disappeared for a good 10 seconds when watching the slow mo. Lol that’s insane.

  • Edward Myers
    Edward Myers Month ago

    What kind? "Cheese and onion" "f*ck off" 😂😂

  • Outrageous pizza2017

    5:00 he diapered

  • Christy Wallace
    Christy Wallace Month ago

    5:18 can this be a real shower?

  • Tryb
    Tryb Month ago

    3:00 color is not a flavour

  • GalaxAlien Wolf
    GalaxAlien Wolf Month ago

    Who else watched it even more slowed or was it just me ??

  • EnochGamingYT
    EnochGamingYT Month ago +1

    5:40 expectation
    5:57 reality

  • Isaac LeBlanc
    Isaac LeBlanc Month ago

    That looks like a blast!! I feel punderful today

  • Time Mage
    Time Mage Month ago


  • Michael Sampson
    Michael Sampson Month ago

    What did he say before he got drenched

  • TheSkilledSnake
    TheSkilledSnake Month ago

    that intro was a bit awkward...

  • Galactic Vlogs
    Galactic Vlogs Month ago

    4:49 just dripping on your jungoulus eh?

  • ben clawson
    ben clawson Month ago

    That's one way to water grass

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    4:34 He just got waterboarded

  • Blargenth
    Blargenth Month ago

    I skipped ahead and got confused as to why he was wearing a pink dress... and then I realized it was his lab coat. That thing is such a mish mash of slow mo history.

  • Archie Marshall
    Archie Marshall Month ago +1

    5:19 ...and he was never seen again...