Ubisoft E3 2018 Conference


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    BGL PROS 14 days ago


  • Elias Riveras
    Elias Riveras 16 days ago

    El panda es lo mejor

  • JosephGodwinKE
    JosephGodwinKE 17 days ago

    The new AC is a Witcher 3 copy. AC origins will always stay original and better period. just stay original

  • GamingHeroes
    GamingHeroes 18 days ago +1

    Fuck ubisoft

  • Ollie Gamerz
    Ollie Gamerz 28 days ago

    Ubisoft rilli just dance

  • AxelFabian zombistain121
    AxelFabian zombistain121 29 days ago +1

    1:30:58 Best Conference moment :v

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 29 days ago

    Ubisoft, your stage was so dark. You sure you're not from the DC Universe.

  • Juan Carmelo Beas Yaque

    Gran idea los de ubisoft invitar a los jugadores x un email. K triunfazoooo.

  • zoyten
    zoyten Month ago +1

    Wwait that's not ac, it's a whole other game! Having hidden blades in skyrim doesn't make it ac

  • Pupper
    Pupper Month ago

    Female characters are just never threatening to me, to be honest.

  • arian mosavi
    arian mosavi Month ago


    SUCC BOI Month ago

    1:30:24 thank me later

  • Raphael Vilfeu
    Raphael Vilfeu Month ago +1

    What is the music at 1:13:14

  • Pulsdriver Letsplay
    Pulsdriver Letsplay Month ago +1

    The Showcase starts at 1:10:05

  • Freancisco Pastrana

    Uff starfox??? I'm in love now

  • ChampSanchez
    ChampSanchez Month ago


  • Kanan Kontorovsky
    Kanan Kontorovsky Month ago

    Here is what you are looking for

  • Chris Johns
    Chris Johns Month ago +1

    The falling man what second?

  • Svan Vinski
    Svan Vinski Month ago


  • Hruschov
    Hruschov Month ago

    What is the song at 1:11:42 ?

  • Random Stranger
    Random Stranger Month ago +12

    What you all came for: 1:30:58

    • Random Stranger
      Random Stranger Month ago

      Don't thank me, than the rope companies for making such shit rope that they break whenever you try to hang yourself

    • Simisor
      Simisor Month ago

      Thanks Buddy

    • Julio montaño
      Julio montaño Month ago


    • Flavio Gaming
      Flavio Gaming Month ago

      Random Stranger Thanks! 😂😂

  • asowle
    asowle Month ago

    No brothers in arms...............

  • raul zambrano
    raul zambrano Month ago

    conference en 1:10:58 pone play zorra

  • Jhonathan Gutierrez

    splinter cell

  • Jhonathan Gutierrez


  • Ice man
    Ice man Month ago

    LOL in ubisoft we don't trust.... wait for release to see if day 1 game breaks on ya. XD

  • matt jensen
    matt jensen Month ago

    Where was Watch Dogs 3? They said they would be rotating AC and Watch Dogs between years and they just had AC Origins last year.

  • DERrostige Dieter
    DERrostige Dieter Month ago

    No new Splinter Cell a female Warrior in AC and some crappy asians with daggers who are praising their Pirate grandfathers WTF Ubisoft really WTF. Get your shit together the only good things were The Division with Raids and Beyond Good and Evil 2 the other things are Garbage and pls don't blabber your feminism shit the only Female Warriors that would be authentic and have strengh are the ones who are 1.90m or 73~74 Inches (for US Guys) tall the others would fly like the guys in the Bud Spencer Movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moosejaw50
    moosejaw50 Month ago

    Hurricane Nita Strauss rockin' the house for the rabbids interlude.

  • star
    star Month ago +2

    AC Origins was pretty good for what it was....this new one coming out doesnt even look stealthy...just hack and slash??? just call it something else...like Sparta Odyssey or some shit

  • star
    star Month ago

    Assassins Creed Black Flag Skull and Bones coming 2019

  • Cyres82
    Cyres82 Month ago

    downgrade incoming

  • NimbleOrange
    NimbleOrange Month ago +1

    Lol the start of the show was SOOO cringe

  • Oskar Karlsson
    Oskar Karlsson Month ago

    Jag är från sweden

  • TheMRL99
    TheMRL99 Month ago +2

    2:39:00 Not my AC...

    • zoyten
      zoyten Month ago

      TheMRL99 he's a warrior not an assassin

  • Dr.Lia Margolin
    Dr.Lia Margolin Month ago

    I am more than sure that the Division-gained a lot of fans because of the atmosphere of winter
    when the snow is very beautiful magnificent view of NEW YORK and this unusual aura they destroyed in 2 parts ..
    whoever needs winter play 1 part = this is a disregard for the fans of the game
    and what kind of atmosphere will be in a dark area with no snowy streets, the atmosphere will be 0 ...
    And let them eat green trees with peaches themselves ..
    So The division which is similar to Ghost Recon I don't need ..
    I am a fan of mystical games and it is in the snow-covered dark zone, I noticed an unusual mysticism and fear = run and shoot I can in any action-the noise ..
    In short, without snow-covered streets, this game is not good - this game will love only Those
    Who does not care about the atmosphere of winter ...

  • Hermann
    Hermann Month ago

    1:55:03 daaaaaaaaaamn, my song !

  • Dreiviertel
    Dreiviertel Month ago

    TD2, one of them is using a CronusMAX...

  • Elfique98
    Elfique98 Month ago

    Nouveauté.exe à cesser de fonctionner

  • with yourself
    with yourself Month ago

    FOR HONOR 😍😍😍😍

  • Matthew Wallace
    Matthew Wallace Month ago

    Elijah Wood's mistake was so cute

  • Nacho Martinez
    Nacho Martinez Month ago +9

    I miss you Desmond, when Ac used to be great games.

    • esajaan
      esajaan Month ago

      Desmond was my favorite :(

    • Sketch Meme
      Sketch Meme Month ago

      Nacho Martinez hahah

    • Nacho Martinez
      Nacho Martinez Month ago

      Sketch Meme 300: the game

    • Sketch Meme
      Sketch Meme Month ago

      Nacho Martinez agree is not even assassins creed anymore last one should of just been called ninjas of Egypt and this new one should be called Roman Empire

  • Samuel Dominguez
    Samuel Dominguez Month ago

    Another time they should wait before releasing a new assasins creed.

  • محمد الفاتح

    AC Odyssey, here we go and let it be a joyful journey for all.

  • David Ramos Camacho

    1:13:56 song??

  • Sage Vodka
    Sage Vodka Month ago +1

    From 1:15:40 onward, Ubisoft won e3 for me. Even games I have no interest in (like the Division 2) I felt they just presented everything really well. I was captivated by quite a few titles and upcoming features throughout this conference.

  • 115DELDE
    115DELDE Month ago +1

    Ubisoft, the company at E3 that you cannot trust. "the game looks amazingly beautiful... at E3

    • ElAdrixx117
      ElAdrixx117 Month ago

      115DELDE my point is up there pal

    • 115DELDE
      115DELDE Month ago

      And the División 1 looks nothing like the E3 presentation and waa after watchdogs both 1 and 2.
      Rainbow Six also doesnt look like the presentation. The Assassins creedafter watchdogs also look like downgrades.
      Your point?

    • ElAdrixx117
      ElAdrixx117 Month ago

      They stopped downgrading since watch dogs 2 though...

  • Super JaMAalRIO
    Super JaMAalRIO Month ago

    Wait what? Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a prequel???

  • l
    l Month ago

    dyng light 2 anyone

  • Whites Panther
    Whites Panther Month ago

    The Division 1 is known for guesting hackers and cheaters.. We can hope the version 2 will be not the same..

  • Schnake Eyes
    Schnake Eyes Month ago

    Love the obivous female player plant at the end.. not an actor at all at all

  • D-Tronics UK
    D-Tronics UK Month ago

    and no doubt Ubisoft will join up with Nvidia and fuck up all there games like they have done since watch_dogs, every year ubisoft games get worse and worse.
    bought a copy of the division, ran really well and was like "ok ubi, this is how to make a game" then they made AC Origins and they are back to square one

  • Skell09
    Skell09 Month ago

    First time in years I'm excited again for Assassins Creed :)

  • Räyhä Jaa
    Räyhä Jaa Month ago

    Rainbow six siege. (Finland operators!

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Month ago

    I think you should put also ionia and Rhodes in the map but that's OK you did a great work

  • ahp hodg
    ahp hodg Month ago +4

    Why only woman and men.. Why cant I choose to be a two spirit attack helicopter.

  • Optimus Wev
    Optimus Wev Month ago

    oh dear, so many levels of cringe here.

  • Jay Carol
    Jay Carol Month ago

    For Honor!!!!!

  • Paul Bescuca
    Paul Bescuca Month ago

    No fucking Splinter Cell? FUCK YOU!

  • ilovemondaysDe
    ilovemondaysDe Month ago

    They nailed it! THEY NAILED IT!!!11

  • Xxarxes
    Xxarxes Month ago +2

    WTF happend to the Assassin's Creed-series....

  • ZpwanBax
    ZpwanBax Month ago +1

    Ubisoft keep up the performance, you are the best

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    Pathetic dev puppets that budge to SJW is very obvious this E3, artistic integrity is something of the past it seems.

  • TheNugettinage
    TheNugettinage Month ago

    Starts at around 1:09:00

  • Aniflaze
    Aniflaze Month ago

    I´m very happy about trials rising, i have 100+ hour in each "trials" since the HD came out XD

  • TacticalTheory
    TacticalTheory Month ago


  • Itz Damix
    Itz Damix Month ago

    Ngn från ufos kanal??

  • Benny b
    Benny b Month ago

    R6 guy was cringe

  • laoup26
    laoup26 Month ago

    Bullshit stops (starts ?) at 1:10:00

  • laoup26
    laoup26 Month ago

    Oh putain ces accents de bouffeurs de baguette XD

  • MwG 4 Q 18 0
    MwG 4 Q 18 0 Month ago

    AN DEN BEI KOLOSOS TIS RODOU tha einai monka s

  • melvin sacromentoe
    melvin sacromentoe Month ago

    Imagine how good the assassins creed games would be if they made one every 3 years instead of rolling out one every year

  • DerChrizzIIX
    DerChrizzIIX Month ago

    The Donkey Kong Rap part killed me. Best moment in this presentation, besides the StarFox announcement.

  • melvin sacromentoe
    melvin sacromentoe Month ago

    Beyond good and evil trailer looked amazing

  • Jacob Heflin
    Jacob Heflin Month ago

    HALO BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glitchy Weirdness
    Glitchy Weirdness Month ago +7

    That was one hell of a show, thank u Ubisoft

    • Vitor Alves
      Vitor Alves Month ago

      I also agree with you. Ubisoft has an amazing catalog beating EA loot boxes, but I'm sick of assassin creed every year, is getting tired. I've only played the first one, black flag and origins. But I cannot forgive the lack of splinter cell. Its been too long. WHY UBISOFT? WHY!!!!????

  • Dieog Gomzalez
    Dieog Gomzalez Month ago

    My only problem is that in the battle scene in assassins creed there was no phalanx, and that really hurts me

  • Charles Raineau
    Charles Raineau Month ago

    the UniSoft are making to growtopia no more sold now

  • NappyWayz
    NappyWayz Month ago

    The conference starts at 1:11:00!

  • Augure Zera
    Augure Zera Month ago +1

    People complaining about no Spinter Cell while they presented one of the biggest upcoming ever: Beyond Good & Evil 2. When will the proper gameplay video be uploaded?

  • amin nasri
    amin nasri Month ago

    Great show ubi, well done !!!!!! Bravo les bretons :D

    DRWRECKER 337 Month ago +1

    Damn Ubisoft took over

  • Adrian García
    Adrian García Month ago +7

    I was expecting Watch Dogs 3

  • Foxko Creates
    Foxko Creates Month ago

    wow super impressed with BGaE2 and working with Hit Record. HitRecord is such an awesome community and place for artists.

  • malek gamer
    malek gamer Month ago +3

    I want "watch dogs 3" maaaaaann!! no!😢

  • Rainbow Six TV
    Rainbow Six TV Month ago +2

    forever ubisoft
    rainbow six

  • dann
    dann Month ago

    This was guy

  • Kauhu Waffen
    Kauhu Waffen Month ago

    DAMN no post scriptum + toomuch that "same old, noyhing rly new".. rarely comes something rly NEW, thats allmost amazing sometimes.

  • Ukyo82
    Ukyo82 Month ago

    Ubisoft is No.1 I cant wait for AC Odyssey

  • Big Fish
    Big Fish Month ago

    No Watch Dogs 3

  • hijikata kagi
    hijikata kagi Month ago

    Fuck you Ubisoft !! 😤😤no fucking splinter cell for five fucking years !! are you fucking kidding me ??!

  • hadj chennouf
    hadj chennouf Month ago

    Damn! No watch dogs 3 and splenter cell

  • hadj chennouf
    hadj chennouf Month ago

    where is watch dogs 3

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones Month ago

    Can't wait to play star fucks on Nintendo switch

  • Clay Wagner
    Clay Wagner Month ago +1

    The host are so bad.

  • Agustin Leguiza
    Agustin Leguiza Month ago

    No Rayman. Dissapointing as always.

  • MetalGear SniperWolf

    *Kim Weigend is gorgeous and has a calming demeanor to boot!*