Why We Watch Nate Hill

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
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Comments • 1 823

  • Pdx Jay
    Pdx Jay 8 days ago

    Best quick scoper in the rhenfjjdje in the world don’t ask me dude 😂

  • k1ng blu3st4rs
    k1ng blu3st4rs 11 days ago +1


  • Shark Gamer
    Shark Gamer 14 days ago

    Dakotaz: I am the best sniper in fortnite
    Nate hill: hold my sniper

  • Mya Ormond
    Mya Ormond 18 days ago +1

    Nate is always chewing gum. Maybe that’s the meta

  • Philly Ramos
    Philly Ramos 19 days ago

    one of the greatest videos i’ve ever watched.

  • Eviene Lizzie
    Eviene Lizzie 25 days ago

    The amount of times I’ve watched this video is uncountable...

  • Oh yeah yeah Me
    Oh yeah yeah Me 26 days ago

    i watch u cuz u hot 😍

  • Daniel Naiman
    Daniel Naiman 29 days ago +2

    1:56 that version of the drum gun gives me nightmares

  • Warner F
    Warner F Month ago +1

    Nobody else think he looks kinda like grant gustin??(flash)

  • Augusto
    Augusto Month ago

    back when he like to play the game and it was fun

  • iDrxgon78
    iDrxgon78 Month ago

    Didn’t know you were this


  • Wavy Shark
    Wavy Shark Month ago

    In the thumbnail he looks like Grant Gustin

  • InTheRisq
    InTheRisq 2 months ago

    because of roblox bro

  • Lexi Natalie
    Lexi Natalie 2 months ago

    I miss the old fortnite

  • unattainable x
    unattainable x 2 months ago

    Why we watch Barry Allen

  • Brandon Amaya
    Brandon Amaya 2 months ago

    Looks like logic with his glasses on

  • Asher Gaming
    Asher Gaming 2 months ago

    hes chewing his gum for a years

  • zbaker330
    zbaker330 2 months ago

    only stupid little teenagers watch the faze guys. the faze dudes have no personality whatsoever.

  • Valerie Zuniga
    Valerie Zuniga 2 months ago

    Whos better in sniping dakotaz or nate hill

  • Just Cryptix
    Just Cryptix 3 months ago

    We watch Nate Hill because he going SICKO MODE.
    Nate hill bro I love your vids I’ve been watching since 5k and your my favourite streamer in the world bro.

  • Jah Shocks
    Jah Shocks 3 months ago

    Use code nate

  • sophie louise
    sophie louise 3 months ago

    dude i loves this

  • Daniel Mhanna
    Daniel Mhanna 3 months ago +1

    Who else thinks nate hill is a bot? 🤔

  • Juris Dumagan
    Juris Dumagan 3 months ago

    I forgot will Smith made a song

  • Creamy
    Creamy 3 months ago

    He sounded brittish

    BBC GAMING 3 months ago

    Dude if I was gay I would date you and you talk like Ryan Reynolds

    • zbaker330
      zbaker330 2 months ago

      news flash: you probably are gay.

  • Pablo Guijosa
    Pablo Guijosa 3 months ago

    Best vid

  • Tomáš N.
    Tomáš N. 3 months ago

    Probably the cooles streamer in the world.

    • Tomáš N.
      Tomáš N. 2 months ago

      @zbaker330 You have the right to have your own opinion

    • zbaker330
      zbaker330 2 months ago

      nah but he definitely tries really hard to be “cool”.

  • JordanIzaaks Izaaks
    JordanIzaaks Izaaks 4 months ago

    Nice choice of music💛

    RICHY 4 months ago

    we don’t lmao... quit complaining in every single one of your video maybe some 8 years old will start watching u

    • zbaker330
      zbaker330 2 months ago

      exactly. no one watches this clown, aside from all the faze dickriders.

    • Oshane
      Oshane 3 months ago

      RICHY aw are u ok? you sound bitter 😔

  • Emi Mejia
    Emi Mejia 4 months ago

    You are awesome!!

  • Nitro YT Gaming
    Nitro YT Gaming 4 months ago

    1:47 song? Pls, I really need it

  • Alex Morgz
    Alex Morgz 4 months ago

    Nate:why we watch Nate hill
    Me: idk

  • FastLife
    FastLife 4 months ago

    who are u?

  • Om Sawant
    Om Sawant 4 months ago

    Chut ma ri ke. Lavada. Maderchout jat fucking neggia

  • Hotel? Trivago
    Hotel? Trivago 4 months ago +1

    He protecccccc
    He attacccc
    But most importantly,
    He a mother fuckin snaccccccc

  • Ethandude Cogan
    Ethandude Cogan 4 months ago

    He always has gum in how much does he own

  • Ballsistic Fish
    Ballsistic Fish 4 months ago

    Nate hill a Man City fan 1:41(shirt)

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 4 months ago

    Why do you remind me of Barry Allen ?

  • Mordecai
    Mordecai 4 months ago +1

    I don’t watch you?

  • Maru _
    Maru _ 4 months ago +4

    And because he is cute af too 🤷🏻‍♀️💕

  • GTA _Yt_ty124HD
    GTA _Yt_ty124HD 4 months ago


  • QuacKJERN
    QuacKJERN 4 months ago

    Looks like slappie brother
    Sound like tfue

  • Kalan Ross Mitchell
    Kalan Ross Mitchell 4 months ago +1

    Not to be rude or anything because sill love your vids keep up the good work

  • Kalan Ross Mitchell
    Kalan Ross Mitchell 4 months ago +1

    Has someone ever said you look like harry potter with your glasses

  • * Swirls*
    * Swirls* 5 months ago

    That tfue impression thoe

  • Tsuki
    Tsuki 5 months ago

    He is so cool...

  • Stephen Corea
    Stephen Corea 5 months ago

    0:29 CIZZORSS?!?!?

  • Lonnie Chaz
    Lonnie Chaz 5 months ago


  • XD Upsurge
    XD Upsurge 5 months ago


  • MiloTuber
    MiloTuber 5 months ago

    April 2019?

  • Samo Danilo
    Samo Danilo 5 months ago

    *tfue* *impression*

  • Nugget boi the great
    Nugget boi the great 5 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Z4ry4b YT
    Z4ry4b YT 5 months ago

    0:35 ok buddy... really?!

    GAMING ARCH 5 months ago

    U have not got a mill cause your trash

  • Eugenio BC
    Eugenio BC 5 months ago

    What is the song?

    • Novo
      Novo 5 months ago

      I also wanna know

  • scallywag
    scallywag 5 months ago

    Nate Hill is Slappie just that younger

  • PolarzzYT
    PolarzzYT 5 months ago

    Is it bad that at 0:37 I legit thought that was tfue lmao

  • Wolf_Stampzy
    Wolf_Stampzy 5 months ago