Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020.
    Available for pre-purchase on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/546560/HalfLife_Alyx/
    Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.
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  • Rohan MIRPURI
    Rohan MIRPURI 19 hours ago +1

    Everyone else: Wow this game looks great! I can’t wait to play it.
    My broke ass: Wow this game looks great! I can’t wait to watch other people play this game because I can’t afford VR.

  • MemeLord Kuroe
    MemeLord Kuroe 19 hours ago

    **EXCUSE ME--!? H A L F L I F E FUCKING 3!?*

  • RafoIgra Extra
    RafoIgra Extra 19 hours ago

    the sotry its like this ely lozz hiz leg this new doktor will die in this game and beanbs of xen will be frend of alex

  • The True Blue Blur
    The True Blue Blur 20 hours ago

    "Alyx Vance alone can not prevent *his* fate"
    G-man is in this.
    Am scared.

  • VL4S
    VL4S 22 hours ago

    holy. fucking. shit.

  • Dirty Disco
    Dirty Disco 22 hours ago

    Even if i did want to play this I guarantee I wouldn't want to play it 19 times like I have half life 2.

  • Dedmos and SÆñføŗð

    Close your eye's Honey!

  • matty l
    matty l 23 hours ago

    I really want a headcrab hat designed to fit over the index

  • Xerroxi
    Xerroxi 23 hours ago

    but what about all the players who cant afford vr?

    • ExplodingFistInVag
      ExplodingFistInVag 21 hour ago

      What about all the people who can't afford graphics cards?

  • Grooved Spines
    Grooved Spines 23 hours ago

    Does anybody think that this will give some closure in regards to the end of Episode 2? I noticed Eli looks really young, so this must be before Gordon's arrival? And if so, I presume this 'weapon' they speak of turning the tide in the war would presumably have failed? Can someone possibly clear this up for me :)

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga 22 hours ago

      Officially, it's a prequel to Half Life 2, but there's some speculation that there will be some time travel or something to do with after episode 2 as well

  • Xion Toshiro
    Xion Toshiro 23 hours ago

    At Valve:
    Do not... be lying about this.

  • Kappa Falls
    Kappa Falls 23 hours ago

    cant wait to conduct an accelerated back hop in VR

  • Thomas Hynes
    Thomas Hynes Day ago

    We waited half of our life for this. Let's just hope it's good

  • Hired Help X
    Hired Help X Day ago

    Good to see the Half Life community again , love you guys

  • Garet
    Garet Day ago

    I'm so happy.
    Words can't even express it.

  • Sek der Chiller
    Sek der Chiller Day ago

    thank gaben

  • thats hot
    thats hot Day ago

    "Wake up Mr Freeman, wake up and... Smell the ashes"

  • Prasanth Prasanth

    Is this really happening 😳

  • caseyismyname
    caseyismyname Day ago

    Wish I had a vr

  • Oyasuminasai
    Oyasuminasai Day ago

    wheres half life 3 ;c

  • Andrew Fiedler
    Andrew Fiedler Day ago

    All I want for Christmas is enough money to buy this game and the VR equipment without my wallet burning up and turning into dark energy and vaporizing me before I get to play...

  • TheBadMan
    TheBadMan Day ago

    Так и 3 часть анонсируют, видимо скоро конец света, хотя погодите Дом-2 все ещё в эфире? Тогда, мы дальше будем мучатся!

  • Joshua Kemp
    Joshua Kemp Day ago +1

    I think I know what that electric creature are they are a genetic head crab that laches on the stomach and make the user a electric zombie the reason it’s a atomic head crab is cause the zombie that has electric power has its chast open

  • HSmasteryoda
    HSmasteryoda Day ago


  • scrubl0rd
    scrubl0rd Day ago +1

    only need a $3000+ gaming pc and a $1000 vr kit. valve so stupid, they know less than 1% of 1% of steam users even have VR and 95% of them are streamers but they think somehow the lost HL game will be what gets people buying VR even though average person can't afford to dump so much on such a gimmick.

    • ExplodingFistInVag
      ExplodingFistInVag 21 hour ago

      With that attitude you might as well just buy a Nintendo Switch.

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga 21 hour ago

      @scrubl0rd I've been playing VR for years now on a 3gb 1060 running at 90hz with 1440x1440 per eye. So.... There's that
      Games typically have graphics settings and optimization.
      And stating what GPU is common had nothing to do who those who own VR now. It's those who have the potential to run VR and wouldn't need to upgrade their PC.
      I've ran VR on a 1050 2gb laptop, and that's where it started to struggle. The games themselves, and the VR software have many optimizations to push the 90 frames easier. Even if they do dip, they have reprojection to prevent motion sicknesses and keep the actual frames in the headset steady

    • scrubl0rd
      scrubl0rd 22 hours ago

      @Jamie Vatarga Gay ben's personal ball washer detected. Sorry but 1060 will not give you enough FPS to cover 90-120hz of existing VR sets causing motion sickness and a horrible experience. Min specs exist to sell more, not to actually inform you of what will work. Most common GPU on steam also covers all games not just VR which is a stupid statistic to quote for VR which absolutely requires high fps to cover the refresh rate.

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga 23 hours ago

      A $500 PC (mid their gaming PC. GTX 1060 is the most common GPU on steam)
      and a $230 headset and controllers will play it perfectly fine. VR is far beyond a gimmick now.

  • Channel: Negative

    well some people didnt get the opportunity to live up to now to see this, great job Valve.

  • CheezySticks
    CheezySticks Day ago

    Time Dr. Freeman?

    *is it really that TIME AGAIN*

  • Baby Carl
    Baby Carl Day ago +1

    How i was litterally just thinking about half life 3

  • Mordomo Sá
    Mordomo Sá Day ago

    Now Portal 3 pls

  • Willem DaFuckedUp

    So, are Valve seriously this retarded? 12 years of waiting, and they decide a VR-exclusive prequel is what we wanted? Fuck off.

  • Carnaco
    Carnaco Day ago

    wish we could have actually seen Alyx tho.

  • Supacomputer Revolution

    I keep watching this...music is amazing too.

  • Jonathan Holland
    Jonathan Holland Day ago +1

    so sad! to think what could have been back in 2008! we would have got a full pc game! :(

  • roflanich
    roflanich Day ago

    Why tf all letters in Cyrillic/Russian 0:56

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga Day ago +1

      Half Life 2 took place in Bulgaria. This is a prequel to that

  • Randy Layhey
    Randy Layhey Day ago +2

    Good to see it back but gonna pass because VR

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot Day ago +2

    I think valve made a terrible decision developing a VR game. VR has always been a gimmick. Its impractical, expensive, exhausting, and with that head bob looks nauseating. I am glad Valve is making Half Life again which I am a huge fan of, but I hope I can play it without the VR aspect.

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga Day ago +2

      VR has far surpassed the point of being a gimmick. The controls are tight and accurate to less than a milimeter and very responsive. Modern VR allows for much more control and precision than is possible with a keyboard and mouse. That head bob is real head movement of the player. The Sam's as your head would move in real life. In VR, if your head moves in the 3D space, it move in game the same, adding to immersion and not causing nausea. Those garbage VR things for phones, or Nintendo don't have freedom of movement in a 3D space easily cause nausea because it's like the screen is strapped to your face. Real VR is not like that at all
      As for the price, most mid-range gaming PCs are able to run VR at this time (GTX 1060 is the most common GPU on steam) and you can buy fully functional PC VR for $230, similar to if someone was a Sim racer and wanted a wheel and peddles for more accuracy and immersion

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot Day ago +2

    Wait it this real or a joke?

  • Sebastian Granath
    Sebastian Granath Day ago +1

    Wheres gordon freeman?

  • Kiril Kirov
    Kiril Kirov Day ago +2

    If Half-Life 3 looks this beautiful, i'm giving off all my money! Seriously! Way to go Valve, that's a step ahead for the source engine!!

  • CGi Moon
    CGi Moon Day ago

    This probably will be a game changer 😎.

  • JustBunny_
    JustBunny_ Day ago


  • YellowBunny
    YellowBunny Day ago +1

    Valve right now:
    2 and a half...
    2 and three quarters...
    1 and a half...

  • ChrisDatCoolGuy
    ChrisDatCoolGuy Day ago +1

    In the logo, the Y in Alyx is an upside down lambda. Maybe not intentional, but really cool.

  • Aidan Penaherrera
    Aidan Penaherrera Day ago +1

    When does the trailer for Left 4 Dead Rochelle come out?

  • Earthbounder
    Earthbounder Day ago

    Portal 3 next

  • thatboredguy
    thatboredguy Day ago +1


  • Red Vanquish
    Red Vanquish Day ago +1

    Guys, this is Half-Life 1.5.

    It's a half-life of Half-Life 3.
    Half-Life 3 partially confirmed?

  • Booldt
    Booldt Day ago

    Oculus quest?

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga Day ago

      Not without being plugged into a PC through a link cable

  • Booldt
    Booldt Day ago


  • JIM Husky
    JIM Husky Day ago

    Fuck it fuck it
    Take my 💰
    This is getting more real and scary
    Let the wait begin 🤭
    Now where is the 💰 ? Need to sell something hummm brb..

  • Mistrz Unreal
    Mistrz Unreal Day ago

    Why tf2 going to die...😢

  • MrSheep97
    MrSheep97 Day ago +2

    I reeaaaally can't wait... got my index controllers ready to go and everything!

    • Robotman
      Robotman Day ago

      MrSheep97 impressive. Personally going with a Vive, Index controllers and 2070 super. 👌

    • Robotman
      Robotman Day ago

      MrSheep97 impressive. Personally going with a Vive, Index controllers and 2070 super. 👌

    • MrSheep97
      MrSheep97 Day ago

      I even upgraded to Rtx 2080 super for this game.

  • Dólar
    Dólar Day ago

    Ok, now another portal.


    Толку от этой халфы без VR

  • Alpha CheeNo
    Alpha CheeNo Day ago +1

    R.I.P. Robert Guillaume.. Your voice is greatly missed

  • Little Runmo
    Little Runmo Day ago +2

    its not only virtual reality shit is it?

    • Outta my way manlets
      Outta my way manlets Day ago

      Remember, this is on the Valve Index, a state-of-the-art VR set made from the ground up with accessibility and ease in mind. It’s not some gimmick VR set like the oculus.

    • Robotman
      Robotman Day ago +2

      Little Runmo or you could try out VR? Everyone who’s tried it seems to praise it.

    • Little Runmo
      Little Runmo Day ago +1

      @Jamie Vatarga well fuck that shit... waiting so long for a game then find out its a big dissapointment...

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga Day ago

      It's VR only. They were originally going to try making it cross compatible, but the game mechanics got too complex to port back over to keyboard and mouse without watering down the experience

    • BlorgusTV
      BlorgusTV Day ago

      Little Runmo only vr :)

  • Oscar Marans
    Oscar Marans Day ago +1

    Gaben: 1, 2, Alyx, 4 ,5

  • GaByNaBy07
    GaByNaBy07 Day ago +1

    This will be only VR?

    • Jamie Vatarga
      Jamie Vatarga Day ago +2

      Yes. The game mechanics are all focused around having control in a 3d space

  • Oliwarder
    Oliwarder Day ago +1

    Half life
    Half life I was waiting for the new trailer...

  • Urgen pro202
    Urgen pro202 Day ago

    А наконецто