Looper Scene: A Life in a Day

  • Published on Dec 21, 2012
  • A scene from the movie Looper. My favorite sequence in the film.
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  • John Reaper
    John Reaper 7 days ago

    Best vid ever for metaphorical uses

  • Politicians Ooveke
    Politicians Ooveke 10 days ago

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  • Garrus1995
    Garrus1995 Month ago

    This movie doesn't work for me and it never will. Know why? Because Joseph Gordon-Levitt does not look like Bruce Willis. I don't know who signed on for the movie first, but if they started with JGL, they should have cast an older actor that he believably looks like.

  • Conal Wheeldon
    Conal Wheeldon Month ago +2

    Design Detail:
    Every new year, the sun gets farther down in the sky, signifying Joe's oncoming end and lack of purpose. However, when he meets the love of his life, the next time we see the sun, it's rising. He finally has someone he cares for.

  • David Andersen
    David Andersen 2 months ago

    Seems kind of overrated.

  • Iafiv Iv
    Iafiv Iv 3 months ago

    This is a very good example of show don't tell.Its not overly complicated but it gets the point across.It shows the character evolution through the years with just a few key scenes.Again nothing overly complicated just effective visual storytelling.

  • The Teflon Don
    The Teflon Don 3 months ago

    China is evil and clearly has bought Hollywood.

  • Jack MacGuire
    Jack MacGuire 3 months ago

    That fucking wig gets me everytime 😂

  • King Greed
    King Greed 4 months ago

    Bruce ain’t bad looking, no way he get a chick like that

    • Iafiv Iv
      Iafiv Iv 3 months ago

      @King Greed It makes it pretty clear that once he spent most of his money he got back into the crime business as a hitman presumably.I'm gonna assume the average salary for a competent hitman in the in this movie universe implied richest country 'China' is more than enough to live the good life.

    • King Greed
      King Greed 3 months ago

      Iafiv Iv he already spent most of his money by then

    • Iafiv Iv
      Iafiv Iv 3 months ago

      When you have money looks aren't important.

  • Vinso Kukan
    Vinso Kukan 5 months ago +4

    I lived a large part of this life only to have it end the same minus the woman dying I can assure you this life you live every moment is precious don't let a constant steal your variable. The time is all that matters.

  • Globalizmas - Keiksmažodis

    Best scene in the movie

  • иван
    иван 5 months ago

    00:54 чистой воды Безруков

  • Eric Mestanza
    Eric Mestanza 5 months ago

    .. aunt it fun

  • Warin Maletswa
    Warin Maletswa 10 months ago

    I mean when he finally closed his loop.. What else could he do... His boss told him he was going to China after Joe said he would go to France.. Started all of this.. He probably wouldn't have lost his wife and unborn kid or even met her at all

  • Xander Cage
    Xander Cage 10 months ago

    That apartment he has in Shanghai is awesome

  • Chris Burns
    Chris Burns 11 months ago


  • Chris Burns
    Chris Burns 11 months ago


  • Chris Burns
    Chris Burns 11 months ago

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  • Chris Burns
    Chris Burns 11 months ago

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  • Chris Burns
    Chris Burns 11 months ago

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  • Erick Hootman
    Erick Hootman 11 months ago

    Life’s going to go down hill anyway might as well be a violent sociopath!

  • S Paea
    S Paea 11 months ago

    So sad, 25 years of drug abuse and killing. 5 years of love and redemption. 30 years all up.

  • Degree7
    Degree7 Year ago

    00:59 don’t you hate it when you suddenly turn into Bruce Willis?

  • Ilias Amarou
    Ilias Amarou Year ago +5

    I'm from the Future
    You should really go to China
    I'll go to France

  • Black Beard
    Black Beard Year ago

    Plzzzzzzzz tell me the village is real!!!😍😭😍😭😍😭😍

  • followerofshrek
    followerofshrek Year ago +1

    I got so excited when I heard Rian was making TLJ. What the hell happened? I mean, I didn't hate like a lot of people, it was okay, but it should have been great.

  • followerofshrek
    followerofshrek Year ago

    0:58 Holy shit. He must have had a really bad day.

  • trinkCOKEorDIE
    trinkCOKEorDIE Year ago +1

    Taking drugs, partying, shooting people.Most pointless life ever.

  • taimur74
    taimur74 Year ago

    I despise Rian Johnson but this scene and movie was awesome

  • Kaipyro67ALT
    Kaipyro67ALT Year ago

    A phenomenal film. I wish more people saw it.

  • Hidden One
    Hidden One Year ago

    Fucking piece of shit ruined Star Wars

    • Scoops
      Scoops Year ago +3

      Naw, George Lucas ruined Star Wars a while ago.

    • IndyDefense
      IndyDefense Year ago +4

      Get over it.

  • silencia08
    silencia08 Year ago

    more like "Balding in a Day"

  • rasheedqe
    rasheedqe Year ago +5

    Clearly he has some plastic surgery between year 10 and year 23. I wonder why they left that out.

  • tasman001
    tasman001 Year ago

    I love this movie, but the main character really was a terrible person that deserved nothing but the worst, and got everything that was coming to him.

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds Year ago +1

    What the hell happened to the Rian Johnson who made this?

    • Iafiv Iv
      Iafiv Iv Year ago +1

      They closed his loop.

    • Dennis Reynolds
      Dennis Reynolds Year ago +1

      Kuntleen Kennedy must have murdered the Rian Johnson who made Looper and replaced him with a doppleganger.

    • leonthesleepy
      leonthesleepy Year ago +1

      You must have just gotten back from The Last Jedi. I have no idea buddy, but Looper was awesome.

  • warmecanic
    warmecanic Year ago

    LUPE is the shit.

  • Romeo Duque
    Romeo Duque Year ago

    I'm in China because( in a big part) of this fucking movie.... idk why it influenced me like it did

  • Alin Bennett
    Alin Bennett Year ago

    If someone finds the extended Chinese version of the scene out there please share!

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han Year ago +6

    Don't do drugs kids! You'll start looking like Bruce Willis once you age. Drugs are expensive. If he was clean, he could have had a much better life.
    I always wondered what's to prevent a smart looper make enough money to have his own army to prevent their own death. You can't send someone back in time to die if he is more powerful than you.

    • Vinso Kukan
      Vinso Kukan 5 months ago

      Time works in mysterious ways my dude it could be your own son,a kid you knew who lived close by your house a nephew or an s.a.v all leading to ones demise

    • # Heisenberg
      # Heisenberg 10 months ago

      Isn't it all one big circle tho? I think no matter how powerful u are, u still would have ended up dying a similar way

  • ZEX Oneeyed
    ZEX Oneeyed Year ago

    HD please?

  • The Golden Sumo
    The Golden Sumo Year ago

    I feel like this movie is also trying to tell us to stack silver and gold for the future and to learn to speak Mandarin

    • Iafiv Iv
      Iafiv Iv Year ago

      Well silver and gold have been valuable for millenia there's no reason to expect them to not be so in the future.Unless someone discovers a huge deposit of easily mined silver and gold and brings down the price they''ll still be valuable.

  • HelpfulVader99
    HelpfulVader99 Year ago +4

    0:55, the transition from Joseph to Bruce here made me think of Sméagol turning into Gollum.

  • Warin Maletswa
    Warin Maletswa Year ago

    This would be my life...

  • GS
    GS 2 years ago

    I doubt paper currency will even exist at that point in the future, everything will be cryptocurrency

  • Ismaiel Aly
    Ismaiel Aly 2 years ago +1

    Drugs are bad, Mkay

  • let there be lamp
    let there be lamp 2 years ago +1

    "I'm going to France!"
    "You're going to china!"
    And he was right

  • richard21solava
    richard21solava 2 years ago

    I loved this movie when I saw it in theaters! I am excited to see what johnson shows for Star Wars.

    • MrShaiya96
      MrShaiya96 Year ago

      richard21solava His star wars movie was dogshit.

  • Travis NEWgod
    Travis NEWgod 2 years ago

    All of life is what you focus on!

  • Flux Mulder
    Flux Mulder 2 years ago

    1:47 Where is this in Shanghai?

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 2 years ago +5

    1:03 Gary oldman's fifth element wig

  • Tyisha Young
    Tyisha Young 2 years ago

    I want to see these .

  • jarratt51
    jarratt51 2 years ago +3

    tfw 2050 and cars still look identical to today, good movie tho

    • Shawn Flynn
      Shawn Flynn 2 years ago

      jarratt51 This is probably a reason why sci fi films need such a huge budget

  • Wandering InTheWoods
    Wandering InTheWoods 2 years ago +1

    They seriously need to make more action movies like this. Most of them seem to keep repeating the same old crap year after year. This has to be one of my favorite action/sci-fi films of all time.

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 2 years ago

    Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that he took a ship from America to Shanghai? That's gonna take three solid months to get there.

  • eec
    eec 2 years ago +34

    Is it me or does anyone notice that Willis looks like Gary Oldman from the Fifth Element at 1:02?

  • LCAV Productions
    LCAV Productions 2 years ago

    isn't there a longer version of this scene?

  • Aspect Dank
    Aspect Dank 2 years ago +11

    It would be cool if they would do a "Prequel" to Looper with everything that happened when Joe spend his "Gangster Days" in Shanghai

    • trinkCOKEorDIE
      trinkCOKEorDIE Year ago

      Looper 2: Gangster Days in ShanghaiI wish it existed

    • Aspect Dank
      Aspect Dank Year ago

      Doctor Black It's still interesting and got potential

    • Doctor Black
      Doctor Black 2 years ago +1

      The timeline got erased, dumbass.

    • Aspect Dank
      Aspect Dank 2 years ago +1

      @***** Why ?

  • Kevin Green
    Kevin Green 2 years ago +8

    Scenes like this are why I'm excited Rian Johnson wrote and directed "The Last Jedi."

    • Demon
      Demon Year ago +9

      lol just watched Looper, solid film. Can't believe the same guy is responsible for The Last SJW trainwreck.

    • Mr. E
      Mr. E Year ago +13

      Kevin Green too bad that movie was shit

  • Guts
    Guts 2 years ago +19

    I really think Joseph Gordon Levitt looks badass with long hair

  • Hom0styles
    Hom0styles 2 years ago +1

    What is the damn gun he keeps on clicking and loading every time the needle drug scene shows

    • dodson43
      dodson43 2 years ago

      Hom0styles that would be a Mateba Autorevolver, it's a 6 shot fancy looking revolver. I would at least have a 1911 or glock 17 myself