Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
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    Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.
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    Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  2 months ago +5026

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    • Ben Romero
      Ben Romero 4 days ago

      How can you have any pudding if you haven't eaten your MEAT?!

    • Donovan Baise
      Donovan Baise 6 days ago


    • Kevin games
      Kevin games 6 days ago

      I am vegetarian

    • Jørgen Nytun
      Jørgen Nytun 12 days ago

      I can't survive without your videos

    • Todd Howard
      Todd Howard 12 days ago

      you can say the same about grass in 2:45 because we trim them and that gotta hurt right? stupid logic

  • Yash Pal Goyal
    Yash Pal Goyal 34 minutes ago

    I was thinking of trying non-vegetarian food, but thanks god that I saw this video, I will try my hard to be vegetarian for my whole lifetime .

  • 죠부'
    죠부' Hour ago

    I hate human
    - human-

  • NancyinRedHeels
    NancyinRedHeels 2 hours ago

    I actually shed tears when the younger generation animation Cried..this is so bad!

  • Dyllan Mark Escama
    Dyllan Mark Escama 3 hours ago +1

    Before this video started,a burger king ad showed up.

    Welcome to life kids.

  • Ken
    Ken 11 hours ago +1


  • Melbet
    Melbet 12 hours ago +1

    I believe greatest threat in general to everything alive on Earth is that part where it was pointed how we are overusing antibiotics

  • ryudragon7
    ryudragon7 14 hours ago

    Jesus tap-dancing christ! I can see why some people convert to vegetarians.

  • Sandra Araújo
    Sandra Araújo 15 hours ago +1

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  • Isabella Backus
    Isabella Backus 15 hours ago

    they should make a podcast because it would take long for them to just record something using the voice and it would be great to have more episodes more frequently. welcome to my ted talk...

  • Holy Crusader
    Holy Crusader 16 hours ago

    Just go hunting dude.

  • Johnny Hotdog
    Johnny Hotdog 16 hours ago +1

    We are apex predators. Every vegetarian ive ever seen has been small, weak and malnourished looking. Does a lion shed a tear for a gazelle?

  • Fuzion Shot
    Fuzion Shot 17 hours ago +1

    What about Lab Grown Meat?

  • NaluXV1
    NaluXV1 17 hours ago +2

    Me: i'm never going to be vegan
    Kurzgesagt: *cracks knuckles*

  • Perfect Chaos
    Perfect Chaos 17 hours ago

    Well most of the meat is venison that I hunt so I know we’re it comes from and my eggs come from the farm up the road but sadly I by my bacon and ham at the store

  • wavy jr
    wavy jr 17 hours ago

    The baby chicks getting grinded up made me feel good

  • GroundCoronet62
    GroundCoronet62 18 hours ago

    ahhh seems like all problems stem from overpopulation…. not for long though now that there are super bugs, the days where bacteria could kill you in days is coming back and will but overpopulation in its place.... unless humans use phages and save their issue lol

  • Capricorn
    Capricorn 18 hours ago

    This is why i only eat free range meat

  • Phenex
    Phenex 18 hours ago


  • FastRunner2024
    FastRunner2024 21 hour ago

    I am a vegetarian for life. Well admittedly i eat some fish (a tier-1 meat) but i also go months without eating any fish. I've also not eaten tier2-tier4 meats (chicken, pork, beef) for years now.

  • Felipe
    Felipe 21 hour ago

    imagine a vegan world. how would it be?

  • Necmibora Obuz
    Necmibora Obuz 22 hours ago

    İn Turkey meat is still food of Rich people

  • Jojo Gaming
    Jojo Gaming 22 hours ago

    Heh I knew being vegetarien was good

  • Tillke Rohkea
    Tillke Rohkea 23 hours ago

    Ron Swanson dislikes this video

  • ssS Chú Ếch Xanh Sss

    Thanks god for convert grass to meat

  • Akhil Kesavarupu

    Most are grown in organic farms

  • Akhil Kesavarupu

    Well that sure never happens in India

  • Akhil Kesavarupu

    I eat only chicken that too only on Sunday

  • Akhil Kesavarupu

    I don't eat meat I am Indian

  • Geert Sikkenga
    Geert Sikkenga Day ago

    I'm going to eat less meat now

  • Thrifikionor
    Thrifikionor Day ago

    Now im hungry for a good steak

  • He Ro
    He Ro Day ago

    omg the characters are from Bob's Burgers !!

  • Jakub Rubinowski

    I love the 'Bob's Burgers' like characters!

  • Secret Man
    Secret Man Day ago

    Poor male chickens or rooster i guess makes me feel bad since i like them more (not by eatingor taste)

  • Tazaur Steiner
    Tazaur Steiner Day ago

    I worked at a slaughter house once for like, maybe a month. I didn't do any of the dirty work, but I really couldn't stand it.
    Lol meat is still meat tho, ain't gonna stop me from going to KFC!

  • Neil Buwat
    Neil Buwat Day ago

    That's why muslims don't eat pork atleast hahahaha

  • Neil Buwat
    Neil Buwat Day ago

    That's why muslims don't eat pork atleast hahahaha

  • Evelin Radoslavov

    The solution is there, stop making more babies or start eating human meat.

  • Rebel Riot
    Rebel Riot Day ago

    One of the first things they say in this video is that meat used to be a luxury. Our health has improved because medicine has improved, but eating meat is actually detrimental to our health, compared to a vegan or vegetarian diet where they are still getting all of their calories and nutrients. That is the hard part.

  • TrasherBiner
    TrasherBiner Day ago

    This makes me want to feast on a steak even more.

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior Day ago +1


  • Jonnie
    Jonnie Day ago

    Thats a lot of damage!

  • Karsen Kelley
    Karsen Kelley Day ago

    i cried after he showed us that ducks get shredded

  • Unicorns Bae
    Unicorns Bae Day ago

    Thats why im a vegetarian

  • Pablo Andres
    Pablo Andres Day ago

    Humans don't eat meat because "its tasty". We eat meat because thousands of years ago we discovered how to make fire and cooked meat is a good source for protein, fats and other nutrients.

  • Gerry Dimova
    Gerry Dimova Day ago

    This video is so biased. The way you put it, it sounds like giving up meat is the way out. And it's not. Why don't you do one on the pros and cons of becoming a vegetarian or vegan? What's in the vegetables we eat? What happens to the land that produces the (mostly GMO) vegetables? What happens to your body?
    The whole system is screwed up. It's not just meat. Giving up meat is not a solution and, considering the stuff they put in vegetables, it might as well be a skip-the-line ticket out of this world.
    Why is nobody talking about reducing waste? We're "recycling" and we're giving up meat but we never really try to reduce the amount of trash we produce. Why? Perhaps because it is so much more difficult.
    It's not all black and white. It's not as simple as "I'll give up meat to make the world a better place". Stop making it sound so simple. I understand the pure motives of people who want to save the world and I admire them but this is not going to solve the underlying problem. Plus, you have to take proper care of your body if you're going to be here, on this planet, and actually make a change.

  • Dogukan Yıldırım

    Amma boş yaptın ha .

  • Adnan Ron
    Adnan Ron Day ago

    So you're saying that we should eat grass rather than feeding it to the animals.....
    I think I'm good with my current food habit

  • Dan W
    Dan W Day ago

    Has no one noticed the characters on here are from Bob's Burgers?.....

  • Don’t read my profile picture

    6:06 eyebot from fallout

  • Your Senpai Rusian
    Your Senpai Rusian 2 days ago

    Can you make a video about crohn’s disease?

  • Fikri Djojosumitro
    Fikri Djojosumitro 2 days ago

    How about fish?

  • ジュン
    ジュン 2 days ago

    I eat beef once a year. Am I so broke or am I the wise people?

  • Arham ALAM
    Arham ALAM 2 days ago

    dont give half of information...if u talking about killing.....then plants have got life too.....so stop killing plants too...
    its not about killing or eating ...
    anmial and plant both desrv love...but we can eat them if we want......so both are important....we cant live without animal and cant live without trees too..and those who are sayin ...i m vegan bla bla...then stop killing plants too. ....dont be a vegan too....u r not talking life of animal but u r taking 1 extra life of plant.........so treat them nicely ...both...

  • Gursharan Singh
    Gursharan Singh 2 days ago

    people say they love animals but eat meat what double standards

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt 2 days ago

    Reduce population, not quality of life.

  • palito2003games
    palito2003games 2 days ago

    I just feel sad about this I love the taste of meat but against this horrible

  • Bomb with a Flower Fuse

    bobs burgers count: 39847528743523894752384759

  • Captain Sum Ting Wong

    hmmm peta has killed 36000 pets since 1998

  • Leonardo Galani
    Leonardo Galani 2 days ago

    What about eating fish?

  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp 2 days ago

    I can’t wait until lab grown meat becomes more available; to me, it’s not disgusting, so it’s nice to have that option

  • brian chin
    brian chin 2 days ago

    Conspiracy who

  • I'm a random stranger

    This is why I eat veggie patties

  • Gsage
    Gsage 2 days ago +1

    There is something that is bothering me, What could we do with all the spare animals if Meat consumption suddenly drop? We'd have billions of potentially invasive species that couldn't just be introduced to the wild. Hmmmm...

  • Flimsy Fox
    Flimsy Fox 2 days ago

    6:20 Just an FYI: It is questionable whether "lizard brains" (referring to the "ancient" part of our brains) actually exist, and numerous studies find no evidence of existence.

    Overall, though, great video as always! I already knew a bit about this topic, but I learned even more (plus I got to see fluid animations)!

  • xXx_spaghettilord420_xXx

    I still dont give a shit about it tho. I eat *specifically* baby cow (veal) because it tastes better

  • Raul Gobato
    Raul Gobato 2 days ago

    Please make a vídeo about MEAT LAB!!!!

  • Keira Eyles
    Keira Eyles 2 days ago

    Haha woah I’m a vegetarian now

  • Nene Queen
    Nene Queen 2 days ago

    You are sooo smart. Like if you agree

  • Gulyás Gellért
    Gulyás Gellért 2 days ago

    you guys should make a game like civ

  • Rosalie Stevenson
    Rosalie Stevenson 2 days ago

    Yeah, ethically produced pork is an excellent form of meat. Esp pigs that are raised on human food waste.
    Another thing is that happy animals produce more. Unhappy cows will not produce as much milk, for example.
    And of course, there's hunted meat. Since adrenaline makes food taste not as good it's best to get a clean kill. Then fill your freezer. My morfar used to hunt, when he was younger a hunting trip could keep the family in meat all winter from what I've heard.
    I accept that humans became human by hunting and eating meat. It's why we sweat and are the most amazing marathoners in the natural world (of course we are outstripped by certain sled dogs we created).
    I am looking forward to a time when we can have easy access to lab-grown meat that's cheap.

  • SantaPaws Kitty514
    SantaPaws Kitty514 2 days ago

    Can we evolve deadly armed chickens?

    VITTXRIO 3 days ago

    Humans are really good at killing

  • vipul agrawal
    vipul agrawal 3 days ago

    Man we r cruel...

  • Mytrillee
    Mytrillee 3 days ago

    Love the "Bob's Burgers" reference.

  • XProKing
    XProKing 3 days ago

    Any vegans/vegetarians?

  • tim mobile
    tim mobile 3 days ago

    Is it sad that when the chicken was mentiond I went to diner we had chicken

  • 嘎查Youngfoxy
    嘎查Youngfoxy 3 days ago

    To be honest i like salads :V

  • Maestrul Gamer
    Maestrul Gamer 3 days ago

    Can we at least keep chicken??

  • Rick
    Rick 3 days ago

    I think that eat fish is better than eat meal, pig or chicken

  • Lawrence Gaming
    Lawrence Gaming 3 days ago

    *Videos about meat appear*

    Vegans: *NANI*

  • Puneeth Nagenahalli
    Puneeth Nagenahalli 3 days ago

    Yay I'm proud to be a vegetarian. :)

  • Nadhiff Putra Nurayan

    Please everyone more vegetables.!!

  • Linas Ramanauskas
    Linas Ramanauskas 3 days ago

    From now on I'm a vegan

  • Mega Buster
    Mega Buster 3 days ago

    I'm having bulgogi today

  • hogus bogus
    hogus bogus 3 days ago

    At the same time; plants don't provide protein that's quite complete, and bugs are quite disgusting.

    • hogus bogus
      hogus bogus 3 days ago

      I'd say just try not to eat meat too often but eat it sometimes, to ensure the completeness of protein you consume.

    • hogus bogus
      hogus bogus 3 days ago

      But in the same breath, don't over eat your meat.

  • Mr. Coelophysics
    Mr. Coelophysics 3 days ago

    Eating so much meat so often does make a person feel worse, both mentally and physically.

  • Akira Coleman
    Akira Coleman 3 days ago


  • Craftmasterist
    Craftmasterist 3 days ago

    This is so sad😭

  • Ask Kure
    Ask Kure 3 days ago

    Well, I gave up meat because I felt like a bad person when I acted like killing animals was no problem.

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 2 days ago

      yet you still act like poisoning pigs & deer & rabbits that try to eat your crops is not a problem :S
      Poisoning is a horrible way to kill something!

  • Seaque
    Seaque 3 days ago

    Aporkalypse Now
    Jules from Pulp Fiction on the right

  • PC Revolt
    PC Revolt 3 days ago

    I appreciate this. It's unbiased and understands that some people do eat meat and don't want to stop, and suggests a compromise until another viable option exists.

  • Zes
    Zes 3 days ago

    no such thing as look down or small or cruel or not happyx or not, happy no matter what, up can be inferiox, do, be any nmw is perfx

  • Joeblox Gamer
    Joeblox Gamer 3 days ago

    this is fake.

  • Brazen Spy
    Brazen Spy 3 days ago +2

    Bob's Burgers amiright

    • SuperLenny1975
      SuperLenny1975 3 days ago +1

      Finally a comment pointing out the refrence
      I have seen nothing but vegan comments

  • Hazem Nassar
    Hazem Nassar 3 days ago

    In a nut shell:pork belly

    Muslims:wHY yOU bUlLY uS

  • Spencer Leeper
    Spencer Leeper 3 days ago

    So Martin Luther and Smaug both eat people. Ok then.

  • Stella Hoshii
    Stella Hoshii 3 days ago

    I like meat ! I live in the countryside of France and we have our own animals:some duck and hen a pig and even a horse ! We eat them and treat them well

  • Karma Girl
    Karma Girl 3 days ago

    A lot of the animal rights thing about slaughter and farms are not accurate. I know cause I study this stuff. The amount of farms have gone down because out genetics have improved. How the animals are aren’t the best but they are not as horrible as they make it out to be.

  • KarylCat Kittens
    KarylCat Kittens 4 days ago

    But hot dogs are even worse some hot dogs can have cancer in it that might lead to death