Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
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    Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.
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    Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World

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  • Wesley fuckin Bartlett
    Wesley fuckin Bartlett 11 hours ago

    Stupid fuckin video

  • petur gullak
    petur gullak 11 hours ago

    Murder is the unlawful killing of another human. animals were made for humans to kill. but animal cruelty is unacceptable if it can be avoided. i think of humanity turn vegan we will get rid of all the animals and their would only be humans and plants.

  • Faizan Nehal
    Faizan Nehal 11 hours ago

    Fuck the planet, I will eat meat

  • TheMcArrow
    TheMcArrow 12 hours ago

    The chicken almost made me cry that’s sad

    CREATIVE STUDY 13 hours ago

    please please go vegen world . show pity for animals

    • gavin martinez
      gavin martinez 12 hours ago

      no thanks broskii gotta slaughter so lil piggies for dinies

  • Darren Maltby
    Darren Maltby 13 hours ago

    Hey I know, do a video about non animal food sources. You could include things like the Co2 emissions from transporting food around the world, how land is damaged because of the depletion of the nutrients in the soil from constantly growing crops, the amount of fresh water used in the production of things like almonds, lettuce and cucumbers etc..
    You could show the horrible working conditions of people who harvest cashews, you could also enlighten people about the economic impact in countries that grow things like quinoa and avocados and export them while their own population starves.
    And while you're at it you could show how most land isn't suitable for growing crops but it can easily grow grass for animals to graze on therefore making it sustainable.
    Factory farming is terrible so if you care about how an animal is raised only eat the ones which you know are ethically and organically raised, if it's the environment you care about then eat local, seasonal meat and vegetables and fruits etc, if you care about health then eat a balanced diet.
    Whatever you eat is going to have an impact one way or another, especially with nine billion people to feed.

  • AH Unknown
    AH Unknown 14 hours ago +1

    So all this time I'm only eating female chickens!?

  • Manuka Snakes
    Manuka Snakes 16 hours ago

    Idiots. It is not about feeling good eating meat. It is about the nutrients. Some people don’t tolerate vegetables and grains can cause arthritic symptoms for many. The iron in meat cured my anaemia that pills didn’t

  • Manuka Snakes
    Manuka Snakes 16 hours ago

    Unsubscribed. This channel seems to be made to brainwash people into the agenda. Waiting for the why everybody will be transgender video....

    • Not Enough Horror
      Not Enough Horror 15 hours ago

      I think you are just an idiot this channel is interesting, and you are just triggered for no reason..

  • Pablo Velez
    Pablo Velez 16 hours ago

    I want stake now

  • João Sampaio
    João Sampaio 17 hours ago

    And fish? Do they suffer? We will never know

    STILL NOT CLICKED 18 hours ago +1

    Most op and broken beings in the history of the planet

  • Patrick Woodring
    Patrick Woodring 18 hours ago


  • Hanna Banana
    Hanna Banana 19 hours ago

    4:52 Hitlers gassing chickens now

  • Trevor Klinton
    Trevor Klinton 19 hours ago

    Wow, I'm *vegan*

  • Sam Lutfi
    Sam Lutfi 19 hours ago

    these are all Bob's Burgers characters

  • lindt
    lindt 20 hours ago

    The biggest problem is not individual consumption because it really doesn't make a difference, it's the handful of ceos who prioritize profit over the health, safety, and well-being of humans, livestock, and the environment. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Eat the rich.

    • lindt
      lindt 19 hours ago

      Not to mention human bodies are omnivorous and it is very difficult to maintain health without meat. Most people's physical and emotional health would suffer from becoming vegetarian and it is also more expensive and time and energy intensive to eat vegetarian, so it's not really a feasible option for most people.

  • lim siryuean
    lim siryuean 20 hours ago

    I like how people commenting on this video thinking they're not humans.

  • GMT
    GMT 20 hours ago +1

    I've considered going vegan before and have acknowledged the horrible things that some animals go through, but honestly I just stopped caring since nobody else did. Like, I could stop participating in it, but my single choice won't change enough to matter. Lab meat really seems like the best solution.

    • Clash of Streamers
      Clash of Streamers 20 hours ago +1

      But your decision to eat or not eat meat DOES make a difference. It really does. Everyone influences their environment in some way, so it should be our duty, with the knowledge we have, to be a positive influence on our environment and the people around us whenever we can! Just because it seems like nobody else cares doesn't let you off the hook. Just because society thinks it's the norm to eat meat doesn't change facts that were brought up in this video. Think for yourself, and try to make the best decision you can.

  • Theeraphat Sunthornwit
    Theeraphat Sunthornwit 20 hours ago +2

    Some vegetable are more expensive than chicken nowaday.

  • secretdeath
    secretdeath 20 hours ago

    This made me sad as fuck

  • Ban Gx
    Ban Gx 21 hour ago

    I'm vegetarian but this video still Made me feel guilty...

  • Orb Zorb'ed
    Orb Zorb'ed 21 hour ago

    I'd consume nothing but coffee if nutrition wasn't a factor...

  • nmarley_269
    nmarley_269 21 hour ago

    I like how they used bobs burger characters

  • lucas andrews
    lucas andrews 22 hours ago +1

    6:30 big kahuna burger if you know you know

  • Desastr
    Desastr 22 hours ago

    You man we have to kill like every other predator on the planet when we consume meat? Why I never. Who would have thought? Thanks for enlightening the world to the bloody obvious.

    Either supporting local and human conditions, or hunting for yourself are both good ways to combat factory farming. Along with advocating for better conditions. Lab grown meat is a wonderful idea and I sincerely hope it'll be industrialized.

  • Devon Liu
    Devon Liu 22 hours ago

    I was shocked to see those baby male chicks being killed! SAD! PEOPLE TREAT THESE ANIMALS LIKE US! COME ON WE CAN DO BETTER!

  • Chrjs
    Chrjs 22 hours ago

    I'd be willing to only eat vegetables/fruit as primary diet, and then have meat on some special occasions.

  • the epic soul slayer
    the epic soul slayer 22 hours ago +1

    I ❤ the Bob's burgers characters and meat even more all tho I going vegan I'm sorry steak😢

  • D Becker
    D Becker Day ago

    Alright i got a question:
    @1:58 it mentions that 1kg of meat is equal to 25kg of grain and 15,000L of water. How come we can get the same piece of meat for a fraction of the price than buying the grain and water?

    • TheBestLettuce
      TheBestLettuce 23 hours ago

      I'm guessing that a majority of the price of 25kg of grains and 15000L of water is the shipment? It's easier to ship 1kg of meat somewhere than 15050 kilograms of wheat and water

  • Jassim Jaleel
    Jassim Jaleel Day ago

    3.2 billion more people can be fed if we switch to vegetarian...!!!

    • KhanDaPwner
      KhanDaPwner 20 hours ago

      1. Not all the food would reach the people anyway
      2. These farm foods are usually just seeds or corn or so

  • Zeno90 Dj
    Zeno90 Dj Day ago

    Ate a hotdog while watching

  • ChaosGod17
    ChaosGod17 Day ago

    it's ironic that people have a problem with the repeatable pregnancy part of cows' milk production, but don't consider that it's because they give so many fucks about 'non-GMO' milk, as the main GM that's involved with cows' milk is the one that allows them to produce milk without needing to be in post-birth. Ironic. Not that the condition for them still wouldn't be good, but it's a bit of a cruel farce that in the process of trying to help the animal-based-food industry a lot of us end up making it worse.

  • Just a guy
    Just a guy Day ago +2

    Humans are declared too OP patch 2020 will fix this

    • KhanDaPwner
      KhanDaPwner 20 hours ago

      Didn't they kill the devs though? They haven't updated in a while...

  • Sixty Two
    Sixty Two Day ago

    Teach me to draw

  • Zbigniew Czerwiński

    Quite a big topic where people with no professional knowledge argue about meat industry. I could see by my own eyes the whole food chain process of producing meat and it's as humanitarian as it can be - They are hundreds of law regulations to ensure that any animal killed suffered as less as it's possible. Learn some professional knowledge - see HACCP to see how it works in reality.

  • Никита Бочаров

    Посмотрел ролик, что я увидел. Сначала рассказали как неэффективно есть мясо(не факт) потом подавили на жалость. Потом советуют покупать у проверенных продавцов(хз реализованно ли в рф) и пришли к совету что мясо должно быть празником пока не смогут создавать мясо синтетический. Согласен но пока для себя органы не научимся выращивать до этого точно не дойдет. Хотя кто знает

  • Agus Wan
    Agus Wan Day ago

    Mmm I going to buy a BigMac

    • Sophie Lorang
      Sophie Lorang 15 hours ago

      U really have not understood anything.

  • Heil Kiska
    Heil Kiska Day ago

    Тут нет русских но скажу что 97% исчезнувших колорий превращается навоз и другие отходы,также в энергию для поддержания скота

  • This is my Paradise and hobby in 2019.


  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Day ago

    casually eats chicken while watching video

    KILL BILL Day ago

    I’m still eating meat regardless of what!!!

  • rahul simah
    rahul simah Day ago +1

    Anyone vegetarian

  • The Paul Gray jr

    This made me mad

  • TheREAL Sanity Gamer

    I .... I can't say anything about this it's so horrible I can't believe meat is well pain..... I'm going vegan now ._. Sorry animals

  • Aindreas MacDomhnaill

    amazing video- go vegan !

  • bob tom
    bob tom Day ago

    im hungry

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    6:31 - This IS a tasty burger!

  • CyberLykan
    CyberLykan Day ago

    "Today, you can get a cheeseburger for a dollar!"
    Please, tell me the location of this $1 restaurant!

  • Smexy Eggs
    Smexy Eggs Day ago

    Now I'm not dissing vegans (vegatarians too) but meat was made to eat since the beginning of time even though the conditions are horrible meat has to be eaten.

    • Prolific Pineapples
      Prolific Pineapples 16 hours ago

      +Smexy Eggs But would any other animal lock billions of livestock and chickens in sheds where there is no light, and force them to breed for their entire lives only to be killed for meat? Would other animals shred millions of male chickens each year alive? Would they help create antibiotic resistant bacteria? The problem isn't that we eat meat, but the ridiculous cruelty of how we are doing it.

    • Smexy Eggs
      Smexy Eggs 17 hours ago

      Clash of streamers good point but an animal would still eat meat if it had to showing meat is still valid

    • Prolific Pineapples
      Prolific Pineapples 18 hours ago +2

      No, meat doesn't have to be eaten. You can be perfectly healthy if you are vegetarian or vegan. You just have to make sure you are getting the nutrition which you would otherwise be getting from meat.

    • Clash of Streamers
      Clash of Streamers 22 hours ago +2

      Times have changed and meat is no longer a necessity for our survival. Now there are so many better, healthier alternatives out there.

  • Fernui
    Fernui Day ago

    IDC if you dont read this, but i love your work!!! Thanks for always putting the sources, thats my favourite part! Keep going

  • Lets Watch
    Lets Watch Day ago

    Who stoped eating meat

  • tserennadmid Nergui

    We see our meats before we eat it

  • 황미영티파니

    some vegan shit

    • Not Enough Horror
      Not Enough Horror 15 hours ago

      Lol you only fucking watched 5 seconds you imbecile this guy even talks about how good meat is

    • TheBestLettuce
      TheBestLettuce 23 hours ago +1

      watch more than 50 seconds of the video plz

  • Cornelious sanders, A pickle hotdog

    Moral of the story?:

  • Anindo Mahmud
    Anindo Mahmud Day ago +3

    That's where Kurzgesagt draws the line from those vegan psychos. Kurzgesagt tells you to enjoy your steak in moderation. PETA would probably throw blood on your steak and blacklist you as a murderer.

  • Mr. Versace
    Mr. Versace Day ago +1

    Only a matter of time until the radical liberals slap a hefty tax on this too 😩

  • Keisterbin Palpak

    Are seafoods counted as a meat?

  • Joel Simpson
    Joel Simpson Day ago

    what if the only way your allowed to get meat is by hunting it yourself?

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Day ago +2

    keep in mind that these things do vary by country

  • Awesome Ninja
    Awesome Ninja Day ago

    Kill streak!!!!

  • ohooof
    ohooof Day ago

    being vegan is only a way to feel morally superior

    • Clash of Streamers
      Clash of Streamers 22 hours ago +1

      If you truly think that you need to learn more about the reasons why people go vegan.

    • Prolific Pineapples
      Prolific Pineapples Day ago +2

      Or a way to not support this corrupt industry.

  • Wow4ik4ik
    Wow4ik4ik Day ago

    ...keep them alive, while they grow their tasty parts ^^

  • aurtura pal!
    aurtura pal! Day ago

    But why Bob's Burgers

  • T0WL1E 0B3Y
    T0WL1E 0B3Y Day ago

    Can I at least beat my meat in peace?

  • Flaming Icecream

    6:06 is that an eyebot i spot

  • kito109654
    kito109654 Day ago

    Interesting use of Bob's Burgers characters.

  • Calm Banana
    Calm Banana Day ago

    so basically dont change and keep eating meat because yummy yummy in my tummy ? ok good

  • Sonya Smith
    Sonya Smith Day ago

    If our ancient ancestors could see what we’ve done to our planet they’d be rolling in their grave😔

  • ManaNugget
    ManaNugget Day ago

    Why Bob's Burgers tho

  • Diana Dee
    Diana Dee 2 days ago

    But that's why God created them. They have purpose living in this world and it's for us to eat them.

    But fuck those evil humans who torture animals. They don't deserve life.

  • shounak kulkarni
    shounak kulkarni 2 days ago

    4:43 WHAT?!!! I NEVER KNEW THAT!! That's beyond cruel!

  • fijimini
    fijimini 2 days ago

    The guy on the right at 0:23 and at 7:32 looks adorable ^^

  • Roccaaa HD
    Roccaaa HD 2 days ago +1

    Every person on this planet should subscribe to this channel.

  • Michael Perez-Alicea
    Michael Perez-Alicea 2 days ago +2

    Blame Capitalism for this corruption of the meat industry.

  • RedWolf Howler
    RedWolf Howler 2 days ago +11

    “Hey Mum.... I’ll just have vegetables tonight”
    - Me, 2019


    Anyone else here for bobs burgers?

  • Andrej Andrejovsky
    Andrej Andrejovsky 2 days ago

    Our ancestors hunted and killed animals for food, this is how we evolved, what is so bad about it? Tell a lion not to kill other animals because they are living things, god i hate americans, they are the pest of this world with their stupid fucked up thinking, the animal gives a fuck about you, they stay around us because you give them food, nothing more nothing less.

    • Not Enough Horror
      Not Enough Horror 14 hours ago

      Thanks for calling me stupid mate...

    • Andrej Andrejovsky
      Andrej Andrejovsky 14 hours ago

      +Not Enough Horror I live on a farm, with a lot of space for them to live, i take good care of them every day, i also sacrifice some of them for living, i don t think this is wrong, but how they keep them in mass production farms is bad for them, i agree.

    • Not Enough Horror
      Not Enough Horror 15 hours ago

      Killing animals and keeping them in the conditions that we have them stay in is completely different killing animals is fine, but what we do to them is horrid

  • duttylin bhai
    duttylin bhai 2 days ago +2

    Thank you for your videos.

  • British Mapping
    British Mapping 2 days ago

    I don't understand animal sympathy, personally. No animal would hesitate to eat us, given the chance. Pets don't love us, it's just that they know the best way to survive is to act affectionately towards us so they get fed. We don't have a right to eat animals, but there's nothing stopping us from doing it, and they're delicious, so why not? The argument that it's wasteful has no grounding in reality either, because if we weren't throwing perfectly good meat and crops into bleach filled garbage heaps we'd be perfectly capable of feeding every human until they died of obesity. Besides, maybe it would be sensible to worry about real problems like the wealth divide between the upper and lower class before we worry about animals that can barely understand the fact that they're alive?

    • Not Enough Horror
      Not Enough Horror 15 hours ago

      Animals have feelings...
      You support this shit and its bad

  • Hdbbcb Xgxhxh
    Hdbbcb Xgxhxh 2 days ago +2


  • spitting cobra uk
    spitting cobra uk 2 days ago +2

    But u don't make friends with salad

  • Ricardo Kooter
    Ricardo Kooter 2 days ago

    Omg, the cognitive dissonance

  • R.E.N
    R.E.N 2 days ago

    Bob's burgers anyone ?

  • MegaRudeBoy69
    MegaRudeBoy69 2 days ago

    The universe consumes itself, so eating living things isn't the problem (even plants are living beings). What people are willing to do for money is the problem.

    • MegaRudeBoy69
      MegaRudeBoy69 17 hours ago

      +Clash of Streamers My point is, life lives from life. The fucked up part starts when people want to earn money and don't care how they do it.

    • Clash of Streamers
      Clash of Streamers 22 hours ago

      Plants do not have the neural connections to feel pain, so eating plants instead of eating meat is a wildly different story.

  • Logan Boxy
    Logan Boxy 2 days ago

    Vegans, and vegetarians disliked this video.

    TREE MAN 2 days ago +1

    Since meat eating and vegetable eating is already occupied. Im switching to a plastic diet. Plastic must be tasty.

  • TheBeardedBear
    TheBeardedBear 2 days ago

    Or u know go hunting. . .

  • liv3rpool92
    liv3rpool92 2 days ago

    I really like steaks... Especially ribeyes made from black angus, wagyu hmm...

  • MrMeti1
    MrMeti1 2 days ago

    D'habitude j'adore votre chaîne qui nous fais réfléchir mais là vous avez vraiment fais un très mauvais travail. Je m'explique il ne faut absolument pas 15000l d'eau pour 1kg de bœuf ce chiffre correspond a l'eau de pluie tombe en aucun cas a l'eau de pluie utiliser le vrai chiffres et d'environ 5% de celui là ensuite pour la nourriture des animaux c'est souvent des produits que l'homme de ne consomment pas qui leur ai donné notamment le foin par exemple ensuite pour les émissions de CO2 les cultures absorbent de 30% a 80% les CO2 émis par l'élevage et d'ailleurs il est impossible de comparer les émissions de CO2 de l'élevage avec ceux du transport car la méthode de calcul est totalement différente . Voilà je suis déçu par une chaîne qui se dit scientifique mais qui utilise de mauvaise donnees je ne sais pas si c'est de la mauvaise foie ou juste une erreur de votre part . ( Pour les sources vous pourrez trouver a peu près tout sur le site de l'INRA )

  • Acid
    Acid 2 days ago

    We all deserves to die.

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter 2 days ago

    You guys need to research. We don't all farm in California with irrigation systems. My cows drink about 60 litres a day of water but produce 25 litres of milk and maintain 350kgs of meat and grow a calf. They are fed 3kgs of grain a day and the rest is grass silage which is about 14kgs of dry matter per day. The young cattle I have eat about 500kgs of grain in their first 2 years of life, the rest of their feed is grass silage, about a ton per year average, which grows them to 300kgs of meat and produces a calf.
    The systems you talk your figures from are irrigated systems in places like California and Texas where they grow mostly corn silage and because it's a low protein feed they have to make up that deficiency by feeding soybean meal. As I'm a grass farmer in a humid climate grass is my main crop and produces as much feed per acre as corn at a much higher protein concentration so much so my grain has to be low protein to balance out the diet so I'm not wasting protein in the for of urea in the cattles urine.
    Anyways most of the world's cattle production is not from irrigated farms with corn as the main crop but with grass as the main crop, usually in land not suitable to grow grain crops and vegetables. The fact the cattle manure and bedding from the livestock system is spread on this poor land improves it and in the future it will support grain production whereas continuous grain growing areas deplete the soil.
    Actually know what you are talking about before making these types of videos.

    • Adam Porter
      Adam Porter 2 days ago

      Oh and you say pork and chicken are better converters of feed to meat, well that's because digestive systems are better designed for eating grains than ruminants, yet are poor on forages which is a ruminants speciality. It's not the cows fault if farmers won't feed them high quality forage and instead feed grains.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 2 days ago

    Please do choose beef or lamb over poultry or pork. Cows are almost always pastured, factory farmed beef is only a few percent of all beef, even in the US. Pastured cows actually benefit the environment, help sequester CO2 by building top soil, our biggest potential carbon sink.
    Methane is a red herring, CO2 is really the only addressable greenhouse gas that matters.
    And yes, factory farms are horrible, and so is feeding grain to cows. Your choices do matter, but veganism is not the answer. Industrially produced vegan foods are terrible for the environment and you can't just look at calories when you compare vegan vs, meat as a food source. Long term veganism ruins people.

  • Aizen Sousuke
    Aizen Sousuke 2 days ago +1

    Then im a cannibal atleast it stops overpopulation and saves the planet

  • Quarks05
    Quarks05 2 days ago

    How much did the vegans pay you to do the video Kurzgesagt cause I can't double cause I'm broke so carry on

  • memes ride the dankexpress

    There's sometuing called halal food, the animals are treated so much better than animals will be result industrial produced meat

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 2 days ago

      ROFLMAO! most countries refuse to send any live animals to any countries involved in halal slaughter, due to it's incredible cruelty! Do your research you fool!

  • Anime Moments
    Anime Moments 2 days ago +41

    im not a vegan but male baby chicken got grinded alive? that just too broken ;(

    • YUE3899
      YUE3899 18 hours ago +1

      Death for then come in a istant, is more what happen before death that is sad, living conditions are more important to my eyes. Those little one will still be use in the industy in another way.

    • Brenden Calliham
      Brenden Calliham 18 hours ago +1

      +Liam Cullins that's definitely not how most of them are killed. It's too costly and time consuming for factory farms. The majority of them are ground alive

    • Liam Cullins
      Liam Cullins 20 hours ago

      They’re not ground alive. The video clearly says they’re gassed first. I’m not saying this is good or ethical, but it’s certainly better than them being ground alive.

    • KhanDaPwner
      KhanDaPwner 20 hours ago

      +Tereza Rašovská It really doesn't change anything , but okay. You can boycott farms that do that, and, as the video said, more expensive and organic meat is usually the way to go.

    • Nandinho Cunha
      Nandinho Cunha 22 hours ago +2

      +Tereza Rašovská nah my pet dog love chicken

  • SebMeister
    SebMeister 2 days ago

    I am very aware that these simple animals suffer for my food. I like eating them more than I feel sorry for them though and would kill my own dinner easily. I am not a hypocrite, that's my rationalisation.

  • TechFrank
    TechFrank 2 days ago +1

    I was eating beef meat while watching this video