Is Your Phone Listening To You?

  • Published on Jun 7, 2018
  • Feel like your phone is spying on you? Find out if it's real!
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    References/Further Reading: Amazon's Alexa Hacked To Surreptitiously Record Everything It Hears A couple says that Amazon's Alexa recorded a private conversation and randomly sent it to a friend #109 Is Facebook Spying on You? That Game on Your Phone May Be Tracking What You’re Watching on TV “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services Eavesdropping Google Home Mini Units Are Igniting Privacy Concerns As G Suite gains traction in the enterprise, G Suite’s Gmail and consumer Gmail to more closely align FBI Webcam Surveillance: What You Should Know FBI’s search for ‘Mo,’ suspect in bomb threats, highlights use of malware for surveillance The Right to Keep Personal Data Private: Carpenter v. U.S. The NSA Gathers Almost 200 Million Texts Every Day
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    AsapSCIENCE  9 months ago +527

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    • Priyanshu Alok
      Priyanshu Alok 26 days ago

      The people who think that this video is for sponsoring Nord are wrong. Just check those apps that need permissions like to record audio. Think thrice (once for yourself, once for me and once for both) why they require such a permission. After getting to know that, I immediately complained the apps that require such a permission.
      But this is just the beginning. After I complained them, probably 12 hrs later I opened a website [where ads that you've never seen anywhere else (I guess those are malware only)] and found ab ad saying "France punished Google for spying". Unfortunately, the website didn't allowed me to screenshot.
      So literally we ARE being spied by internet even when we are revolting against them, while making it something which we cannot believe even if they guarantee that they don't spy on you and will protect you instead

    • Danielle Dan
      Danielle Dan 7 months ago

      AsapSCIENCE there way 83 over has tr2x cut to g the Ali for brififi a,
      People ñwever heard of thaf sañd righ groil. And no, I'm trying to cpnfjnced. Ww2oo pqqq s

    • Super Minion
      Super Minion 8 months ago

      AsapSCIENCE can this hide syuff from internet provider

    • James Suraci
      James Suraci 8 months ago is good. Been using it for a couple years and have had no problems with it.

    • Sky Nicole
      Sky Nicole 8 months ago

      AsapSCIENCE dude when u said hey Google it popped up! I'm a female!!! Tf!?

  • Clay Bradley
    Clay Bradley 6 hours ago

    When you said ok Google it activated Google assistant lol

  • swagyguy 101
    swagyguy 101 23 hours ago

    I was in the hospital for a asthma Attack, the next day that I got out I was getting a bunch of adds on USclip and Facebook about asthma inhalers.

  • namjoons rejected handshake

    if im getting listened to wheres my mental assistance because could really use it.

  • Некит Господин

    short answer - yes

  • NemoTive
    NemoTive 4 days ago +3

    Greg : Your phone watches you.
    Me: **covers webcam**

  • Sylvia Lenk
    Sylvia Lenk 4 days ago

    how do i know if a website or program is fbi or not? and also is there a way to delete malware if the app/site is fbi?

  • Orla O'Sullivan Roberts

    Ahhh! Heeeeelllp!

  • Donut The Frenchie
    Donut The Frenchie 5 days ago

    I had white tounge and when I went on USclip there was things about how to get rid of it or what it was

  • Danny Mc
    Danny Mc 6 days ago

    Its a psyop, dont use google or facebook and all these me....use vpns and other precautions...worth it :)

  • Party Van!
    Party Van! 7 days ago

    I never go to Target and never get Target ads. But the one day I went last December, I cam home and there Target ads all over USclip and Instagram. I was telling people about this and they said, “No! It’s just a coincidence.” I didn’t think so!

  • Party Van!
    Party Van! 7 days ago

    This stuff needs to be illegal! I also have an app that blocks this sort of thing plus ads.

  • Rational Bushcraft
    Rational Bushcraft 7 days ago

    So I am in the break room of a client the other day cleaning malware off the computer they have for employee use. A woman next to me was talking about her brother just bought a 70 something Impala low rider with air bags to make it bounce. The next three days my Facebook feed had adds for low riders. Now as you can guess I’m not exactly that target audience and had never seen ads like that before.

  • Samuel S
    Samuel S 9 days ago


  • rabbit care
    rabbit care 9 days ago

    I was talking about baking soda to and the different between baking powder and then my Google news had it and youtube I'm so scared 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • horror movies rock
    horror movies rock 10 days ago +1

    Dam it you triggered my Google Assistant 😤😂

  • Thomas clayton Hawkins

    Soy boy confirmed

  • Alaska 1429
    Alaska 1429 11 days ago +1

    This makes sense because I was talking abut it how I want to be an airline pilot and searched my safari browser for nearby flight schools and now the only add I get on USclip is about ATP flight school to become an airline pilot in 2 years. My USclip is followed with it and this is the only add I have been getting for like a month

  • NoBrokenUmbrella
    NoBrokenUmbrella 12 days ago

    the correct way to use your FBI agent:
    "hello FBI guy, can you remind me the last thing I told my mom yesterday?"
    "You said 'Eat your dinner before five and take that medicine.'"
    "Thanks, and what was the thing I told my friend that I want to buy? I can't remember it."
    "A lipstick of any color and a new tablet."
    "Do you know what brand it is?"
    "No you didn't say that."
    "Ok, thank you."
    "No problem, bye."

  • Kyla Dang
    Kyla Dang 12 days ago

    Wot about iPad...l

  • Adrian Balaj
    Adrian Balaj 13 days ago

    The problem is that even if you read the Privacy Policy you have to accept it so you can create an account or other things that require you to accept it if you want to continue, LIKE THIS IF I'M RIGHT.

  • Ender Xanderion
    Ender Xanderion 13 days ago

    Everytime I woke up, all notification appears

  • Sally Kd
    Sally Kd 14 days ago


  • LoL christian
    LoL christian 16 days ago

    I feel like my phone KNOW ME🤗🤗.

  • p u s s y destroyer31
    p u s s y destroyer31 16 days ago

    I know this one

  • Michael Lazzari
    Michael Lazzari 18 days ago

    Was that forst born child thing a joke or serious?
    I honestly can't tell anymore

  • Cameron Cook
    Cameron Cook 18 days ago

    *Huawei has left the chat*

  • EverNeverClever 11
    EverNeverClever 11 18 days ago

    I put duck tape on my computer camera

  • Noah
    Noah 19 days ago

    Lol when is it not listening to you amirite?

  • dermot Macarthur
    dermot Macarthur 22 days ago +1

    At least some ones Keeping an eye out for you

  • Real FBI
    Real FBI 22 days ago +1

    Dont mind me

  • Ghost CAT
    Ghost CAT 22 days ago +1

    Crap I need cover up my cam 😲😬😵😳

  • Threshold Pictures
    Threshold Pictures 24 days ago

    It has to record human speech bc i had my phone on next to be and my friend was showing me this food item on her phone snd talking about it must have been picked up by my phone bc later i had foods ads of that item on every app.

  • baekhyung
    baekhyung 25 days ago

    i always suspected this. most phones actually have this light next to the camera, which can mean low battery OR that they're recording you. also, on some phones there's this eye in the launch bar, which must mean it's spying. it's scary, i always cover up my phone when i'm changing or showering. you should too.

    i've never sent such a serious comment

  • My PreciousTae Bae-Ssiii Loves Me

    Congress needs to do their jobs and squash this crap❗️❗️❗️

  • My PreciousTae Bae-Ssiii Loves Me

    I'm Rewatching, thanks for informing us about cell phone hacking❗️❗️❗️I have lots of STALKERS, so this puts me at greater risk❕❕❕❕

  • Oreo Kat
    Oreo Kat 27 days ago

    I was eating Pringles and using my phone, out of nowhere an ad popped up on my screen and it was a Pringle ad

  • Andelu
    Andelu Month ago

    2:59 got em

  • Good Humor
    Good Humor Month ago

    This is only gonna improve in the future. Lol

  • Brant Zhang
    Brant Zhang Month ago

    I was thinking about this and this video suddenly appeared in my recommendation

  • Russian Badass
    Russian Badass Month ago +1

    FBI OPEN UP!!!

  • Nicole Pegues
    Nicole Pegues Month ago

    Me watching video wide eyed: Slowly places duct tape over all cameras and microphones. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Nickolas Humphery
    Nickolas Humphery Month ago

    It’s not

  • lord random
    lord random Month ago

    not surprising really, we live in a world where privicy is not a thing anymore. i'd even say that social media is one of our most useful but dangerous inventions. (ofcourse not as bad as nuclear bombs or guns, but its up there) earth certainly didnt get any better because of it. we got cyberbullying, the goverment spying on us and with the information you put on the internet, someone can ruin your life. yea its great you can talk to grandma who lives really far away, but at what cost?

  • Sara Agabani
    Sara Agabani Month ago +1

    That's actually straight up creepy. I'ma start actually start reading the privacy policy's 😖

  • Sara Agabani
    Sara Agabani Month ago


  • Victoria Moyer
    Victoria Moyer Month ago

    We were talking about resident evil, guess what resident evil ads came up, Then I said I'd cut and dye my hair like Ada's then a cosplay thing came up of Ada!

  • B3rry_Da_Worgi !
    B3rry_Da_Worgi ! Month ago

    I did the “I’m Watching You” fingers and face at my phone camera after watching this Lol

  • Lavender Snow
    Lavender Snow Month ago


  • Viel Jethro Moreno Pasal

    Welp this is creepy.....
    and freaky!

  • Delay_ed
    Delay_ed Month ago

    "watch through webcam"

  • Comicbookgirl __
    Comicbookgirl __ Month ago

    I cover my camera when I’m on the toilet

  • Sv4zer
    Sv4zer Month ago

    *FBI: No, it isn't.*

  • juicebox
    juicebox Month ago +1

    the other day I was with a few people near *their* computers (and I didn't have my phone with me) and one person started to tell me about a movie they just watched last night. When I got to use my computer later, I realised youtube was recomending me to buy/rent/watch THAT VERY SAME MOVIE. I didn't mention it, didn't search for it and it wasn't even a very well know/super hyped movie. I was confusion america.

  • John Wall
    John Wall Month ago

    Ummm sooo... who would like to buy a iPhone 6s from me

  • Tricia Fradrick
    Tricia Fradrick Month ago

    Who is talking

  • Edwin Zeferino
    Edwin Zeferino Month ago

    Stop watching me

  • The Shpee
    The Shpee Month ago +1

    I'm getting paranoid if the apps use certain permissions like calling or what ever

  • Maia The Crouton
    Maia The Crouton Month ago

    facebook knows more about me than I do about myself.

  • farah nouri
    farah nouri Month ago

    Me: * clicks on video*
    Me: immediately stares at my camera and starts swearing at it

  • soki
    soki Month ago

    y'all make this seem like everyone is out to get you. While big companies might listen in in some cases, they aren't listening to your personally

  • gaming dude
    gaming dude Month ago

    Thats why i dont login to Facebook

  • Not ItsMeMax312
    Not ItsMeMax312 Month ago

    The government watched this video with me ;)

  • Evan Clark
    Evan Clark Month ago

    *watches video*
    FBI texts me: No were not

  • Nonce_ _Gacha
    Nonce_ _Gacha Month ago

    I'm scared

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana Month ago

    Well I could always switch to a regular cell phone, and do my web browsing from a custom pc with no webcam or mic?

  • 14
    14 Month ago

    Pretty useless since I don't buy online lol

  • stylepaige02
    stylepaige02 Month ago +1

    Whose here from Shane Dawson’s video😂

  • Lana Joy
    Lana Joy Month ago

    ... my phone has seen me in the bath and pooping.

  • F.B. I
    F.B. I Month ago

    You guys know too much.

  • TheGamingCeljan
    TheGamingCeljan Month ago

    I get a lot of Quora questions about things we were hypothetically talking. We talked about moving to Portugal, BAM! QUESTIONS ABOUT IF PORTUGAL IS A GOOD COUNTRY TO LIVE IN!
    Or when I talked about Vienna, BAM! SAME THINGS APPLY!
    I think my phone is spying on me :

  • Jumpae
    Jumpae Month ago +1

    "Your phone is spying on you"

  • Red T
    Red T Month ago +1

    Thank you for this. I noticed some months ago the ads on my phone games were eerily in line with conversations I'd had recently... in person, not electronically. I even had ads in other languages after speaking that language to someone else! My settings are for English, so I was certain there was something fishy going on.
    I'm not sure whether to be glad I'm not simply paranoid, or upset my concern turned out to be grounded in fact.

  • Adam Saffell
    Adam Saffell Month ago

    That link joule be the fbi don’t answer it

  • mayad
    mayad Month ago

    Well now I'm really scared

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez Month ago

    Being two tabs in and watching this. Not gonna lie. Not my best moment.

  • hitormiss lol
    hitormiss lol Month ago +1

    I was talking to my self about something, when i opened youtube they suddenly recommend me a video about it..
    Im scared of my phone now

  • London
    London Month ago

    If you ever feel alone, just talk to your Mr. FBI Man. He’ll happily listen.

  • Aisling Fiona
    Aisling Fiona Month ago

    I’m scared...

  • Poker FloppityFlop
    Poker FloppityFlop Month ago

    FBI: You’re on thin ice buddy

  • Chloe & Rosco Random!
    Chloe & Rosco Random! Month ago +1

    If it can listen and see what I’m doing why am I not getting therapists

  • Cookee townsend
    Cookee townsend Month ago

    I have been saying this. But yesterday I was just watching Bob's burgers and on the episode the mom was singing a song "Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus, rock me Amadeus" and I thought.. I wonder if that's an actual song reference... never heard of it. No lie, 2 minutes ago I was scrolling my USclip feed and the music video for a band name Falco called "rock me Amadeus" is in my news feed. I wish I could insert a screenshot. I have been saying to my husband for a few years's funny I can mention something I haven't seen in years n boom it pops up on USclip while I'm scrolling down. There's been times I'd talk to him about something and when I go to Google something random.... something I mentioned a few days prior is in my search options....

  • Chloe K
    Chloe K Month ago

    nah the government knows i know that they be listening so they stopped lmao

  • Really Good
    Really Good 2 months ago

    Funny how I was thinking of this video and it came up

  • Big Chungas
    Big Chungas 2 months ago +1

    All it would hear is Fap. Fap fap fap fap

  • MarshallReads
    MarshallReads 2 months ago +1

    That’s what an FBI agent would say

  • Whale Cat
    Whale Cat 2 months ago +1

    I don't really care if they are

  • OwO _
    OwO _ 2 months ago

    Omg I was watching this then got an ad about bathing suits

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof 2 months ago

    FBI: stay right where you are

  • Rubin Bramich
    Rubin Bramich 2 months ago

    Make your name ASAP everything so you’re not restricted to just science vids 🤣🤣

  • Skelimanter
    Skelimanter 2 months ago

    Hopefully I don’t have a phone neither facebook (plz tell me if other places do it) Also I always read the term of serives but my friends get bored by doing it

  • Your car is Laughing at me

    Shhhh I'm the stalker 😂

  • uwu *nuzzles*
    uwu *nuzzles* 2 months ago

    who tf searches stuff on their tv

  • uwu *nuzzles*
    uwu *nuzzles* 2 months ago

    i dont even have a tv and i get ads of stuff im talking about

  • Safir
    Safir 2 months ago +1

    I deleted all spyware I know on my ipad. Even the advertising tracking thing they hide like assholes in the settings.

  • Spinup Records
    Spinup Records 2 months ago

    We are doomed just waiting for them to put microchips inside our bodies

  • Jackson Provenzo (Student)

    The part at 0:08 kinds looks like a scary bathing suit monster😂

  • Ethan Geiger
    Ethan Geiger 2 months ago

    I believe it is called "Spy Ware" not Malware

  • VeryVPlayz
    VeryVPlayz 2 months ago

    *H e y S i r i*

  • Just a random weeb yay
    Just a random weeb yay 2 months ago +1

    *FBI watches video*
    A few moments later
    FBI: Can we copystrike ASAP science?