Is Your Phone Listening To You?

  • Published on Jun 7, 2018
  • Feel like your phone is spying on you? Find out if it's real!
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    References/Further Reading: Amazon's Alexa Hacked To Surreptitiously Record Everything It Hears A couple says that Amazon's Alexa recorded a private conversation and randomly sent it to a friend #109 Is Facebook Spying on You? That Game on Your Phone May Be Tracking What You’re Watching on TV “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services Eavesdropping Google Home Mini Units Are Igniting Privacy Concerns As G Suite gains traction in the enterprise, G Suite’s Gmail and consumer Gmail to more closely align FBI Webcam Surveillance: What You Should Know FBI’s search for ‘Mo,’ suspect in bomb threats, highlights use of malware for surveillance The Right to Keep Personal Data Private: Carpenter v. U.S. The NSA Gathers Almost 200 Million Texts Every Day
    Phone listening to you FBI watching you facebook listening to you phone spying on you is alexa listening to you is google home spying NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden Mark Zuckerberg facebook stalking us how online ads work how cell towers fin your location hackers Mark Zuckerberg
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    AsapSCIENCE  4 months ago +473

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    • Kelby Schoen
      Kelby Schoen Month ago

      AsapSCIENCE there way 83 over has tr2x cut to g the Ali for brififi a,
      People ñwever heard of thaf sañd righ groil. And no, I'm trying to cpnfjnced. Ww2oo pqqq s

    • Super Minion
      Super Minion 3 months ago

      AsapSCIENCE can this hide syuff from internet provider

    • James Suraci
      James Suraci 3 months ago is good. Been using it for a couple years and have had no problems with it.

    • Sky Nicole
      Sky Nicole 3 months ago

      AsapSCIENCE dude when u said hey Google it popped up! I'm a female!!! Tf!?

    • Zuyos
      Zuyos 3 months ago

      They're still gona getcha.
      Just sayin'

  • Nate D. Higgers
    Nate D. Higgers Day ago

    Guess there is no secret for my smartphone that Im a Nazi then

  • The Robot Guy
    The Robot Guy Day ago

    Keep your friends close and ur enemy even closer

  • Cuteness Meow meows
    Cuteness Meow meows 2 days ago

    T H A T S C R E E P Y

  • Interdimensional Clout Boi

    Right-Accelerationists Dream

  • Jojozz PlayzzGames
    Jojozz PlayzzGames 4 days ago +1

    Yes,Siri talks and listens to me XD

  • ThisISclickBAIT
    ThisISclickBAIT 8 days ago

    I was talking about throwbacks about the show jessie with my sister this morning and now a video about jessie comes up

  • Cameron Harris
    Cameron Harris 9 days ago

    Human cent-iPad

  • Airborne Star
    Airborne Star 11 days ago

    If my search history was filled with conspiracy video (like this), would Facebook show ads about Illuminati or something?

  • abucubulee ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Your channel is the best, you never clickbait, your songs help me study and I learn new stuff! If I could, I would subscribe a thousands times
    EDIT: Cool thumbnails btw:)

  • Moriah P
    Moriah P 14 days ago

    I'm not even finna watch this bye

  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther 14 days ago

    ..... *hello *911*? Yeah my phones stalking me that’s y I’m talking In a pay phone ....

  • Tarantula guy
    Tarantula guy 15 days ago

    Remote access tool = R.A.T.

  • cc splat
    cc splat 17 days ago

    When I was looking for a place to charge my phone, right after that an ad about a portable charger came on O_o

  • AAnnxiety
    AAnnxiety 18 days ago

    I literally spit out my water when I got a ad for ice breakers on instagram which my instagram has NOTHING to do to ice breakers. I brought a pack of ice breakers earlier that day as I had a school trip to Philadelphia and I get sick on buses. Even though it was a coach bus, I would still get sick. But the thing is, I wasn’t allowed to bring a phone to the trip. So, I didn’t bring my phone at all. Help me.

  • Androidy
    Androidy 18 days ago

    At least its someone that will listen to you're stories

  • TheABlizzy
    TheABlizzy 18 days ago +2


  • Gift of God
    Gift of God 19 days ago

    If the government's going to watch me fap, they better send money.

  • Gift of God
    Gift of God 19 days ago

    I just hope whoever's listening to me knows I'm an actor.

  • T3k0F4rinn0
    T3k0F4rinn0 19 days ago

    Well, it never did, I feel do sad that even a phone ignores me :(

  • Azor Davis
    Azor Davis 20 days ago +1

    Yeah your phone is listening to you it’s called Siri well she’s not listening to you but she listen when you press your home screen bottom so Siri is technically your phone so all the time and you see the microphone in the kinda corner of your screen? Yeah that’s her because on the home screen she’s a microphone and that’s a microphone there so that’s technically Her

  • Cheese of CHEDDAR
    Cheese of CHEDDAR 20 days ago

    Dame facebook no one can trust you now

  • Snigdha Sarkar
    Snigdha Sarkar 20 days ago

    You guys are stupid

  • Queen Nsuccess
    Queen Nsuccess 20 days ago

    Lol recommend for you

  • José Ghaleb
    José Ghaleb 21 day ago

    I started watching money heist on tv now i am getting ads abt it on instagtam.... DAYUM

  • Cristina Valencia
    Cristina Valencia 21 day ago

    Good thing I have a tablet instead of a phone

  • Lily Schuller
    Lily Schuller 21 day ago

    *since I’m low key rlly scared about crap like this so I was hoping that the answer would be no, and that it would make me feel better...*

    *my mistake*

  • That Boi
    That Boi 22 days ago


  • Guy who tries to get a Life

    So your telling me to say NO to Privacy policy?

  • Guy who tries to get a Life

    Pffft... i dunno

  • Jade Damboise Rail
    Jade Damboise Rail 24 days ago

    This video gave me anxiety.

  • Barack O. Llama
    Barack O. Llama 24 days ago

    *_flips off my webcam_*

  • Oofer Mc Ooferson
    Oofer Mc Ooferson 24 days ago

    *FBI open up!*

  • Jojo Alshaigi
    Jojo Alshaigi 25 days ago

    So an fbi has a computer and fbi's watch u one ur computer and phones and electronics so can a fbi waich one another fbi did the watcher become the watched and can they watch eachother

    SANDER LANDER 25 days ago

    Sounds like humans are slowly losing democracy😉

  • Hey its Andreia
    Hey its Andreia 25 days ago

    *I regret taking my phone in the bathroom...*

  • Caitlin Sonner
    Caitlin Sonner 25 days ago

    Wait so they can see us through the cameras?

  • Alden Wang
    Alden Wang 25 days ago

    Then BAM

  • spicy blue
    spicy blue 26 days ago

    Great, now I'm paranoid

  • christian hernandez
    christian hernandez 27 days ago

    At the end of the day, if you need to use whatever you need to use why would you wast your time to read the terms of service? It’s not like you won’t hit agree at the end. Even then now days it doesn’t matter what you use... if you have a phone even that’s not connected with service, you’ve technically already agreed to any and all privacy policies around the world

  • Hayzen Channels
    Hayzen Channels 27 days ago +2


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  • HowManySubscribersCanIGetW/OAnyVideos?

    *Breaks phone*

  • Shadoku Exia
    Shadoku Exia 27 days ago

    ... my porn 😢😖

  • Dank Blazer
    Dank Blazer 28 days ago


  • Air Elegant
    Air Elegant 28 days ago +1

    That's is the main reason smartphone's battery dies that fast.

  • ϟ𖤐Zyphe𖤐ϟ
    ϟ𖤐Zyphe𖤐ϟ 28 days ago

    Nah, all you'll find on my phone is, porn, weed, dealers, and USclip. I ain't special lmao

  • Kalle Lellacévej
    Kalle Lellacévej 28 days ago

    Well, I better get out of the bathroom.

  • Villecor
    Villecor 28 days ago


  • Luna Oak
    Luna Oak 29 days ago

    Honestly I wouldn’t care too much if the FBI were spying on me. Like idk why they’d want to watch me sit at a Starbucks for 8 hours a day but whatever I guess

  • Pug Plays99
    Pug Plays99 Month ago

    Hen you said “ok google” mine turned on hahahaha

  • Super Dog Gaming
    Super Dog Gaming Month ago

    1:30 yhea good luck with that. I can't even use Google maps tracking system. And I always pay with change

  • Vasily Sukhov
    Vasily Sukhov Month ago

    There is a free vpn called Nesstool

  • RushyG
    RushyG Month ago +1

    1984 everybody let's get this ingsoc party started

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson Month ago

    This hurts my anxiety gland.

  • Randomness
    Randomness Month ago

    Thank you! Let me try... _Facebook ad shows up_ oh great! I hate Facebook! *Ad disappeared*

  • Remy Fagerstrom
    Remy Fagerstrom Month ago

    me: watches this video
    fbi guy: burn the phone, quickly

  • testt Games
    testt Games Month ago

    *drops phone on floor* NOT TODAY SPY-HACKERZ

  • Rokas Lankas
    Rokas Lankas Month ago

    Lol my phone allways says if a program asks for a microphone i mostly deny it becuz i wont use it

  • Petlemon
    Petlemon Month ago

    never happened to me, i only get ads to download fps games

  • Lps SugerCakes
    Lps SugerCakes Month ago

    That’s creepy

  • Creeper Catgirl
    Creeper Catgirl Month ago

    i think my pintrest is watching my other apps to see what i want

  • Goblinlight104
    Goblinlight104 Month ago

    I thought the fbi was good.

  • Goblinlight104
    Goblinlight104 Month ago +1

    **throws tablet out window**

  • blackrose5856
    blackrose5856 Month ago

    Whoa wait my phone is stalking me? 🤯😱

  • GG Fortnite
    GG Fortnite Month ago

    I use adblock

  • Power Point Pleb
    Power Point Pleb Month ago

    DUUU it does why is there such a concern on privacy you know it's dead why

  • Felipe Onni
    Felipe Onni Month ago

    You just gave me paranoia

  • tris almighty
    tris almighty Month ago

    I am amused by the Filipino captions.

  • Taetae
    Taetae Month ago

    Wtf so I went to watch another video then give me this cough medicine and how to the no I was sick. And have a cough?tf

  • Taetae
    Taetae Month ago

    That's why I don't use facebook

  • Actually Tragic
    Actually Tragic Month ago

    Long story short, yes. Both governments and companies do it and it's horrifyingly shady.

  • Leonardo Luiz
    Leonardo Luiz Month ago

    I do my part, my phone is extremely barebone, only have enough to perform it's job on a smartphone basis without stuff like Google Now. Smart TVs are off the plug when not in use and things that don't require internet connection to work stays offline, like my printer which came with the message on the box: "HP does not guarantee the reusability of cartridges (this is understandable, they make money selling cartridges, not printers) and the cartridge models that work today may not work in the future". That actually came labeled in the box, which means they can simply roll an internet update to the printer and make it (partially) unusable so I need to invest more money on expensive cartridges or even buy a brand new printer.

  • Funtime Will Ryan
    Funtime Will Ryan Month ago

    If they’re listening to me then I feel sorry for them.

  • Mike Ultrah
    Mike Ultrah Month ago +1

    1984 in the palm of our hands

  • Ingen som helst
    Ingen som helst Month ago

    I don't really mind this that much.

    • Ingen som helst
      Ingen som helst Month ago

      Grace Hong
      No. I use my phone basically all the time. It's just that I don't really mind someone doing this as long as they don't have ill intentions.

    • Taetae
      Taetae Month ago

      Why? Because you don't use your phone that often?

  • Refusal
    Refusal Month ago

    I was watching youtube, and i noticed my Alexa, recording the youtube video, and i hadn't used for about a week.. i kinda just slowly walked over and unplugged it.

  • TheAmazing Sidney
    TheAmazing Sidney Month ago +1

    What if I'm on tablet

    • Taetae
      Taetae Month ago

      Yah good question!!

  • windows 11
    windows 11 Month ago +3

    OMG... i recorded my voice on my phone... then i found a recording of my voice my phone is listening to me omg so scary 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • DanaDoodles
    DanaDoodles Month ago

    this is kinda creepy but it's actually pretty innocent i guess cause they're only trying to get you the best products... and make sure you don't break the law i guess?

  • dana cauliflower
    dana cauliflower Month ago

    i’m more scared of my phone now than mass murderers

  • Something
    Something Month ago

    Oh ho ho If my phone listened to me I would be dead right now

  • Extradoge
    Extradoge Month ago +5

    Uhhh I thought that was my FBI agent bill........ *calls bill the FBI agent* *I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS*

  • Kurayamiblack
    Kurayamiblack Month ago

    Why do the people in your thumbnails always look like literally anything negative in the title just beat them up and starved them in a basement? 😂😂

  • Antisepticeye DIE
    Antisepticeye DIE Month ago

    ...... so my phone is hearing me watching me and following me huh?...... *breaks phone* not anymore.

  • One Luv
    One Luv Month ago +1

    This happened to me before I was thinking about learning spanish and when I went to google play to download a game spanish was everywhere!!!

  • PandaGachaXX
    PandaGachaXX Month ago


  • Nicolas Demers
    Nicolas Demers Month ago

    The reason we skip privacy policy is because either way we have to accept it so why lose time reading it when the outcome is the same

  • sapphire Productions 2nd channel

    Fbi:this channel is onto us! Le people:no u

  • ღCanadianღ Canadian

    So if the fbi is listening me they probably heard me singing in the shower ;-;

  • Kim Snowden
    Kim Snowden Month ago

    but... how does that app know the difference between human speech and a tv advertisement containing human speech in it?

  • Heather Sawyer
    Heather Sawyer Month ago +1

    Me: *destroys phone*
    Me: *Goes outside* what kind of bird is this?

  • Mossy Gold
    Mossy Gold Month ago

    Me:watching the video
    FBI: Get of this video!

  • Shirley S
    Shirley S Month ago

    Scariest video i've ever seen...because it it a fact and its true

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat Month ago

    OK so i Got mario and Luigi super star Sauga and I haven’t played it in a while and the other day USclip recommended me five super star videos

  • MattP
    MattP Month ago

    Was rewatching Avatar the last Airbender with my brother. Went on USclip to see tons of recommended clips from the same show

  • random gaming/aka anime fan fan

    I don't trust my phone anymore

  • John Pederson-Bradbury

    thats so freaking scary

  • Max Rose
    Max Rose Month ago

    mfw when i grab my gun and point it to my webcam and my computer says "webcam disconnected" and im like holy shit like

    • Max Rose
      Max Rose Month ago

      help thereyer nocking on my do

  • My Channel
    My Channel Month ago

    Does FBI listen to you if you are out of America

  • naxel37
    naxel37 Month ago +1

    My phone absolutely listens to me when I don't know it than it makes USclip suggestions within 24 hour. I've had this happen a few time.