Is Your Phone Listening To You?

  • Published on Jun 7, 2018
  • Feel like your phone is spying on you? Find out if it's real!
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    References/Further Reading: Amazon's Alexa Hacked To Surreptitiously Record Everything It Hears A couple says that Amazon's Alexa recorded a private conversation and randomly sent it to a friend #109 Is Facebook Spying on You? That Game on Your Phone May Be Tracking What You’re Watching on TV “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services Eavesdropping Google Home Mini Units Are Igniting Privacy Concerns As G Suite gains traction in the enterprise, G Suite’s Gmail and consumer Gmail to more closely align FBI Webcam Surveillance: What You Should Know FBI’s search for ‘Mo,’ suspect in bomb threats, highlights use of malware for surveillance The Right to Keep Personal Data Private: Carpenter v. U.S. The NSA Gathers Almost 200 Million Texts Every Day
    Phone listening to you FBI watching you facebook listening to you phone spying on you is alexa listening to you is google home spying NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden Mark Zuckerberg facebook stalking us how online ads work how cell towers fin your location hackers Mark Zuckerberg
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    AsapSCIENCE  6 months ago +483

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    • Danielle Dan
      Danielle Dan 3 months ago

      AsapSCIENCE there way 83 over has tr2x cut to g the Ali for brififi a,
      People ñwever heard of thaf sañd righ groil. And no, I'm trying to cpnfjnced. Ww2oo pqqq s

    • Super Minion
      Super Minion 5 months ago

      AsapSCIENCE can this hide syuff from internet provider

    • James Suraci
      James Suraci 5 months ago is good. Been using it for a couple years and have had no problems with it.

    • Sky Nicole
      Sky Nicole 5 months ago

      AsapSCIENCE dude when u said hey Google it popped up! I'm a female!!! Tf!?

    • Zuyos
      Zuyos 5 months ago

      They're still gona getcha.
      Just sayin'

  • Andy Okus
    Andy Okus Day ago

    If I told you people what the brainless dipshit at the ASN does to you you will either laugh hysterically or get paranoid or start turning into the

  • lilliannasahara
    lilliannasahara Day ago

    I don't have a phone so ha! Take that!

  • Anime Lova
    Anime Lova 2 days ago

    Everytime I watch USclip and it suddenly pause by itself I will point the middle finger at the camera 😂

  • jiri vyslouzil
    jiri vyslouzil 2 days ago

    “ KO GOOGLE „ ? I KNOW IT WELL . !

  • Nyla Nicoline
    Nyla Nicoline 2 days ago

    Ohh that happened to me i want to buy BTS merch. Then boom lot of ads in yt,facebook and google is on.

  • CreatorsCloud – No Copyright Videos

    I personally use It’s unbiased and ads free.

  • Trish
    Trish 3 days ago +1

    I'm not paranoid about it, but yes. Google does indeed always listen to you. Look I can just talk from my own experiences but more than 3 times a week definitely is in the territory of "NOT A COINCEDENCE". I'll be speaking about anything, and I'll even get sms adverts in that moment. I'll get the first option from Google searched of something I was speaking about 5 seconds ago. It's all the time.
    Look I understand, these companies they can't exactly come out and freak everyone and say yes, our alorithyms pick up key words and light up on advertisers lists. That would be an outrage, people would be fuming.
    But Google definitely does listen to what you're speaking about. I'm not being paid by Google, I'm not working for Google, I'm going to speak the truth.
    No, it doesn't freak me out. Because for me it's harmless. It's advertisers using consumers in their most vulnerable points when they are speaking about buying something, they'll more likely buy it. I get it.
    I do see however, it can be creepy to some people and maybe even dangerous. Let's not forget, Mark Zuckerberg himself tapes and closes his laptops camera and microphone. So obviously, I mean let's just for one second stop being in denial. They listen to you. But let's not freak out about it either because right now it's just used for advertising. Not spying or whatever (well at least that's what I think). I honestly don't think there's someone recording every word you say, that would be so much data to store on the servers and unnecessary.
    I mean if the technology gets into the wrong hands they could probably be using it to listen to VIP's conversations. Maybe that's something to worry about. But I'm your average Joe. I don't really need Google to stop listening to me speaking about The Bachelor. It's whatever for me.

    Also if you've made it this far down by now, hello to you good sir/ma'am don't take me seriously or to heart because I really don't know what the HELL I'm speaking about. (Why are you even still reading?) But I do hope you have a good day and much love to you. Happy belated birthday. xx

  • Harry Lynch
    Harry Lynch 4 days ago

    *quietly whispers*
    .... u smel.

  • nick mora
    nick mora 4 days ago

    12-11-18 Three days ago, i mentioned to my girlfriend remember when doc brown used to be on that old taxi to show? Was he ever not on drugs in that show? She didn't know and someone walked up to us changing the subject. Today, you tube showed this in my feed...
    I don't have Facebook or any sites like that.

  • crippling depression

    Close to my last name..
    Im not stalking y’all

  • Niall the Potato
    Niall the Potato 7 days ago +1

    I never read the privacy policy, i just scroll down till i see the "I agree" and click it

  • Abbie LovesButter
    Abbie LovesButter 8 days ago

    I regret watching this now

  • Kyli B.
    Kyli B. 11 days ago

    Wanna hear a creepy story that happened to me last night?
    Okay so last night I was talking to my mom about how amazon alexas are creepy because they are always listening to you. I also happened to mention that the "Hey, Siri" feature on iPhones is creepy because if it hears you when you say that, it must be listening to you all the time. I was holding my phone while I was talking about this. Just to prove the point, I said "Hey, Siri!" and siri did not activate. I tried it a few times. It Would Not Work. My phone has never had problems with that feature before. Just out of curiosity, a few minutes ago I decided to try it again without talking to anyone. It worked perfectly fine.

    • happy hare
      happy hare 9 days ago

      welp guess we're being controlled by large corporations noww

  • So much Fandoms
    So much Fandoms 11 days ago

    Bro I was talking about henna tattoos with my friend and then a crazyy amount of henna tattoo ads came up

  • It’s just Humphrey !

    Me: puts tape on my camera

  • mrs mozzarella sticks
    mrs mozzarella sticks 15 days ago +9

    Me: clicks on this video
    Mr fbi man: * sweats *

  • Be The Mii
    Be The Mii 15 days ago

    NordVPN is going to get a lot of users now

  • DreamerUnicorn 16
    DreamerUnicorn 16 17 days ago +1

    I started watching bts on youtube. And now its all over my instagram. Im getting freaked out 😨😨

  • Jamaine Sparkes
    Jamaine Sparkes 18 days ago

    I’m scared now.. help

  • 5,000 Subscribers Without a video

    I took a CPR class, never ever had my phone, never talk about it, as soon as I got a new phone a bunch of ads came up for protection masks (Help prevent spread of diseases via saliva)

    • igspal
      igspal Day ago


  • Sambuddha Ranabhat
    Sambuddha Ranabhat 19 days ago

    I talked about walmart 2 mins and got an ad on facebook. Try it yourself

  • chris
    chris 20 days ago

    So much for freedom huh mfs watch u 24/7 smh ..

  • FBI Agency
    FBI Agency 20 days ago

    This is not our work.. Hmm..
    Smart Apps...

  • Sasha Bagdasarow
    Sasha Bagdasarow 21 day ago

    Do you know, that you can turn off microphone use or GPS. And... That's all!!!

    • igspal
      igspal Day ago

      WHY are those features ALREADY ON BY DEFAULT?!

  • Twin Pandas
    Twin Pandas 21 day ago +1

    So... Is my hentai safe?

  • DespacitoBurrito
    DespacitoBurrito 22 days ago

    One time when I was at someone’s house joking about how this makeup looked like drugs literally the Alexa was sitting there and it came up then went away.

  • FaZe CrAzY626
    FaZe CrAzY626 23 days ago

    With marshmellow you can deny your phone's mic

  • Camerine Robinson
    Camerine Robinson 23 days ago

    Can you explain where life started with science?

  • Campbell Karismatic
    Campbell Karismatic 23 days ago +1

    Your best friend is your worst enemy.

  • CanYouSmellWhatISee cocobutterjankens

    i get adds and vedio rec of things i was thinking about

  • Floating in Clouds
    Floating in Clouds 24 days ago

    Now I have to look cute in front of my phone.......great

  • JPW
    JPW 24 days ago +1

    Fuckin millenial assholes caused all of this. Go straight to hell.

  • Carolus Red
    Carolus Red 27 days ago


  • demi l
    demi l 29 days ago +2

    Cool. cool, cool. Cool.......Privacy is dead.

  • Che Che Djom
    Che Che Djom Month ago

    *Google wants to know your location*

  • Adnan Mustafa
    Adnan Mustafa Month ago

    I feel important now

  • Andy Okus
    Andy Okus Month ago +1

    I'll be having a phone call with a friend about a totally obscure subject and then on utube that obscure subject will come up on videos. Same thing; something I'm watching on TV will come up on utube. What they are doing to me on FB is unbelievable!

  • Lee Ho Yeung
    Lee Ho Yeung Month ago

    My mom force me to only use my phone at home...

  • Amira B
    Amira B Month ago

    Yo all they’re gonna see is my cursing at my chemistry homework 🤷‍♀️

  • the things i do for kh ux

    Dude I was considering that if I could buy a new instrument apart from my drums I would and for the past few days i have been getting ads for guitar center, electric pianos, and even DJ setups...creepy XD

    • happy hare
      happy hare 9 days ago

      same thing! and it's not just happened once for me... its happened multiple times. ill be thinking about how i need a journal app or something and ill see an ad for one as soon as i go on insta, youtube etc.
      it's not only this. my yt feed use to just have same videos about funny memes and stuff like that. but recently i once went on snapchat to read the news cause i was bored... the next day i go on youtube and im seeing "BBC, Foxnews" and various articles about whats going on.
      i guess we're just being monitored by large corporations now... lol theres evidence that suggests this everywhere. it is creepy.

  • PandasHateGrizzlies
    PandasHateGrizzlies Month ago +1

    Internet you scary

  • Fefy Gdgg
    Fefy Gdgg Month ago +1

    Tbh I don't care if I see a thing I like and they wanna show me more stuff like it i say oi keep hitting me up with that good shit

    • happy hare
      happy hare 9 days ago

      you can agree that it is still kinda creepy? i know its silly to think we're anything more to these ppl than just consumers/ numbers but it is still creepy.

  • Primy Corn
    Primy Corn Month ago

    This is terrifying

  • MarkyTube
    MarkyTube Month ago

    Even though I don't wanna expose my privacy, I still have to ACCEPT the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service because I can't use the app without accepting it. If I don't accept it, it would say, "Please hit accept to continue.".

    • MarkyTube
      MarkyTube Month ago

      Can y'all relate to me???

  • Maria Allyana Lagutan


  • Salome Janjghava
    Salome Janjghava Month ago

    Other voice seems so strange 2 my ears. .

  • Dan The Tall Lesbian

    Why is greg trying to get himself killed???

  • kar oma
    kar oma Month ago

    Vpns are only good for unlocking content from another country, it doesn't help with spying

  • Ninja4Hire
    Ninja4Hire Month ago +1

    Endorsed by the fbi gang

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago +1

    Delete this

  • d Conner jr
    d Conner jr Month ago

    Yes it listens to me

  • Buttercup Estes
    Buttercup Estes Month ago

    Me: I love Will Estes.
    Phone: *Doesn’t move at all.*
    Me: I love chocolate chip cookies.
    Phone: *Still doesn’t move.*

  • baengtaengee
    baengtaengee Month ago

    I'm scared

  • Keira Keira
    Keira Keira Month ago

    Now I know why even though my phone is always off location it has on this certain website ads for my town and like 50 and it's tiny my town! I'M SCARED!!!!!!!!!

  • NX14
    NX14 Month ago

    Well screw this phone ima throw it on themhghfrwwyyy🔕Swffc•●□|○•□■■|\|

  • Leonora Puplampu
    Leonora Puplampu Month ago


  • Liberty Court
    Liberty Court Month ago

    Like the different voice :) also this is an amazing channel!

  • Huge autistic Idiot that shouldn’t be alive

    3:00... did the guy just.... ok then

  • VorteXArtz
    VorteXArtz Month ago

    Alexa, play despacito

  • Nate D. Higgers
    Nate D. Higgers 2 months ago

    Guess there is no secret for my smartphone that Im a Nazi then

  • The Robot Guy
    The Robot Guy 2 months ago

    Keep your friends close and ur enemy even closer

  • Cuteness Meow meows
    Cuteness Meow meows 2 months ago

    T H A T S C R E E P Y

  • Interdimensional Clout Boi

    Right-Accelerationists Dream

  • Jojozz PlayzzGames
    Jojozz PlayzzGames 2 months ago +1

    Yes,Siri talks and listens to me XD

  • ThisISclickBAIT
    ThisISclickBAIT 2 months ago

    I was talking about throwbacks about the show jessie with my sister this morning and now a video about jessie comes up

  • Cameron Harris
    Cameron Harris 2 months ago

    Human cent-iPad

  • Airborne Star
    Airborne Star 2 months ago

    If my search history was filled with conspiracy video (like this), would Facebook show ads about Illuminati or something?

  • Earth Chan
    Earth Chan 2 months ago

    Your channel is the best, you never clickbait, your songs help me study and I learn new stuff! If I could, I would subscribe a thousands times
    EDIT: Cool thumbnails btw:)

  • Moriah P
    Moriah P 2 months ago

    I'm not even finna watch this bye

  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther 2 months ago

    ..... *hello *911*? Yeah my phones stalking me that’s y I’m talking In a pay phone ....

  • Tarantula guy
    Tarantula guy 2 months ago

    Remote access tool = R.A.T.

  • cc splat
    cc splat 2 months ago

    When I was looking for a place to charge my phone, right after that an ad about a portable charger came on O_o

  • AAnnxiety
    AAnnxiety 2 months ago

    I literally spit out my water when I got a ad for ice breakers on instagram which my instagram has NOTHING to do to ice breakers. I brought a pack of ice breakers earlier that day as I had a school trip to Philadelphia and I get sick on buses. Even though it was a coach bus, I would still get sick. But the thing is, I wasn’t allowed to bring a phone to the trip. So, I didn’t bring my phone at all. Help me.

  • Androidy
    Androidy 2 months ago

    At least its someone that will listen to you're stories

  • Gift of God
    Gift of God 2 months ago

    If the government's going to watch me fap, they better send money.

  • Gift of God
    Gift of God 2 months ago

    I just hope whoever's listening to me knows I'm an actor.

  • sweg
    sweg 2 months ago

    Well, it never did, I feel do sad that even a phone ignores me :(

  • Azor Davis
    Azor Davis 2 months ago +1

    Yeah your phone is listening to you it’s called Siri well she’s not listening to you but she listen when you press your home screen bottom so Siri is technically your phone so all the time and you see the microphone in the kinda corner of your screen? Yeah that’s her because on the home screen she’s a microphone and that’s a microphone there so that’s technically Her

  • Cheese of CHEDDAR
    Cheese of CHEDDAR 2 months ago

    Dame facebook no one can trust you now

  • Snigdha Sarkar
    Snigdha Sarkar 2 months ago

    You guys are stupid

  • Queen Nsuccess
    Queen Nsuccess 2 months ago

    Lol recommend for you

  • José Ghaleb
    José Ghaleb 2 months ago

    I started watching money heist on tv now i am getting ads abt it on instagtam.... DAYUM

  • Cristina Valencia
    Cristina Valencia 2 months ago

    Good thing I have a tablet instead of a phone

  • Lily Schuller
    Lily Schuller 2 months ago

    *since I’m low key rlly scared about crap like this so I was hoping that the answer would be no, and that it would make me feel better...*

    *my mistake*

  • That Boi
    That Boi 2 months ago


  • Guy who tries to get a Life

    So your telling me to say NO to Privacy policy?

  • Guy who tries to get a Life

    Pffft... i dunno

  • Jade Damboise Rail
    Jade Damboise Rail 2 months ago

    This video gave me anxiety.

  • Gatcha Luna
    Gatcha Luna 2 months ago

    *_flips off my webcam_*

  • Oofer Mc Ooferson
    Oofer Mc Ooferson 2 months ago

    *FBI open up!*

  • Jojo Alshaigi
    Jojo Alshaigi 2 months ago

    So an fbi has a computer and fbi's watch u one ur computer and phones and electronics so can a fbi waich one another fbi did the watcher become the watched and can they watch eachother

    SANDER LANDER 2 months ago

    Sounds like humans are slowly losing democracy😉

  • Hey its Andreia
    Hey its Andreia 2 months ago

    *I regret taking my phone in the bathroom...*

  • Caitlin Sonner
    Caitlin Sonner 2 months ago

    Wait so they can see us through the cameras?

  • spicy blue
    spicy blue 2 months ago

    Great, now I'm paranoid

  • christian hernandez
    christian hernandez 2 months ago

    At the end of the day, if you need to use whatever you need to use why would you wast your time to read the terms of service? It’s not like you won’t hit agree at the end. Even then now days it doesn’t matter what you use... if you have a phone even that’s not connected with service, you’ve technically already agreed to any and all privacy policies around the world

  • Hayzen
    Hayzen 2 months ago +2


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  • PoopBroccoli
    PoopBroccoli 2 months ago

    *Breaks phone*

  • Shadoku Exia
    Shadoku Exia 2 months ago

    ... my porn 😢😖