Total War: Three Kingdoms Gameplay Reveal Trailer | E3 2018

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • It's 199 CE, the events of the Three Kingdoms era are well underway. Lü Bu sits in Xiapi, isolated, and the legendary commander Cao Cao sees an opportunity to strike and take Lü Bu down before his strength becomes too great.
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Comments • 835

  • Tank Jockey
    Tank Jockey Month ago +3

    *sees azure dragons deal massive friendly fire, and Calvary charge into SPEAR infantry.”
    Me: WHYYYY?!

  • 黄澄意
    黄澄意 Month ago

    So they didn’t include the country ‘Wu’ in this game? It’s the real power house of ‘three kingdom’ and should have get a lot more credit than dongzhuo

  • Do Nguyen Chuong
    Do Nguyen Chuong 2 months ago

    I need to know: can we flood Xiapi like in the book?

  • shifty11able
    shifty11able 3 months ago

    I taped "first very total war game" found this...not even reveald...thanks youtube

  • 周辰曦
    周辰曦 3 months ago


  • Bobby Ong
    Bobby Ong 3 months ago

    oh my god its so funny how he keep calling a wrong name over and over again

  • emil hennild
    emil hennild 3 months ago

    Fuck this game... do Victoria instead....

  • PerryDaBud
    PerryDaBud 3 months ago

    its fucking cao cao not ''xao xao''

  • Miroslav Sevcik
    Miroslav Sevcik 4 months ago

    There is something very wrong in this gameplay. Axe unit destroys Spear formation?
    Cavalery crushes Spearmen? WTF?
    I will be getting the game, but please I hope it is still total war game :)
    Graphics, features and soundtrack are amazing :)

  • 陸驍辰
    陸驍辰 4 months ago

    我觉得这游戏不太真实 但不知道游戏性如何 毕竟 真实不意味着好玩

  • Michael Photographer
    Michael Photographer 4 months ago

    With this schedule rum 2 will be cool

  • Michael Photographer
    Michael Photographer 4 months ago

    More heroes have created what's in Rome 2

  • Swordfish T
    Swordfish T 5 months ago

    c and q read as /ts/, not /k/.

  • HamaguriSensei
    HamaguriSensei 5 months ago +1

    Just say Cow Cow. I been calling him like this since I was 9. Now I'm 23.

  • Ruben Stevens
    Ruben Stevens 5 months ago

    Cao Cao= Chawo Chawo or Cow Cow.

  • Salex
    Salex 6 months ago

    This actually looks not a half bad, I'm interested. I'm hoping to buy this soon, when it's discounted of course :P

  • Wulf of Akina
    Wulf of Akina 7 months ago

    holy fuck i cannot wait for this fucking game

  • Angry Black Gamer
    Angry Black Gamer 7 months ago

    If your not a dymasty warriors fan your not a true fan of this....PERIOD

  • lolHiyoko
    lolHiyoko 7 months ago

    Total war still to this day bringing me the best gaming experiences in life.

  • Son Geki
    Son Geki 7 months ago

    I'd like to see more of the campaign and diplomatic stuff, and what is with navies, so far the combat is looking good, a bit too much blurr for my liking but, i hope that can be toggled.

  • TheFattyBoi
    TheFattyBoi 8 months ago

    Still think ROTK have the best 3kingdom element~

  • Dennis Ha
    Dennis Ha 8 months ago

    Its pronounced chao chao, not sow sow.

  • dave wright
    dave wright 8 months ago

    say cow cow ffs

  • Jay Rule
    Jay Rule 8 months ago

    The duels was the selling point. I'm a big fan of historical strategy war movies and after watching The Great Battle, I wanted to look for a similar type of game and this one is very impressive.

  • Maxim Sotsky
    Maxim Sotsky 8 months ago

    My youtube client was glitching and showing the Total war three kingdoms gameplay reveal as Ghost of Tsushima gameplay lmfao and I was so confused thinking why Total War became a third person action game XD

  • Michael James Agra
    Michael James Agra 8 months ago

    Question: can duels be interrupted? like another person would come up and stab him at the back and turns into a 2v1 or a rain of arrows swarming towards them?

  • h
    h 9 months ago

    shit men you can do duel fight. fucking awesome. Can't wait that shit out. Hurry up

  • Flawed
    Flawed 9 months ago

    This looks like it's lost the spirit of total war. This isn't about epic armies clashing in grand warfare, it's about fucking moba heroes leading their bands of merry creeps through this wonderful cartoon wonderland of China.

  • Youngmin Choi
    Youngmin Choi 9 months ago


  • Crimson
    Crimson 9 months ago

    Is it available for ps4

  • Lolm3ist3r
    Lolm3ist3r 10 months ago

    god this looks fucking awful. what happened CA?

  • DEE
    DEE 10 months ago

    how come lubu lose a duel?

  • Pirate Jack
    Pirate Jack 10 months ago

    Oh god. I hope the unit cards in total war warhammer 3 don’t look like these ones. So confusing.

  • Roman Torchwick
    Roman Torchwick 10 months ago

    I noticed that they were able to pause the game and issue individual orders to units, they sent them each after different units that were spaced out enough that it wouldn't show the playable units smushed up against eachother forming an incoherent mob ball.
    I wonder if they'll all just cluster into a mushed blob like they have since Rome 2 otherwise.

  • Roman Torchwick
    Roman Torchwick 10 months ago

    Will my massive army of Spearmen all mob up into a big smushed ball like in every Total War game since Rome 2?

  • Dwight Tyson
    Dwight Tyson 10 months ago

    Want to take over the world? Thousands of battles, against hundreds of different cultures and unit types? Strategy and Tactics? There can only be one to improve and expand. TOTAL WAR: MONGOLS Lets begin.....

  • 123 456
    123 456 10 months ago +1

    The name pronunciations are hilarious

  • Tobias Chou
    Tobias Chou 10 months ago

    Who is Sao Sao? I almost died laughing at the pronunciations...

  • Natasel
    Natasel 10 months ago

    Its like someone injected a Kung Fu movie into the Total War games. O_O

  • Andy Gong
    Andy Gong 10 months ago

    Go hire someone who can pronounce the names right.

  • Darwin Dacillo
    Darwin Dacillo 10 months ago

    looking forward to Total War Game of Thrones

  • Khiem Nhat
    Khiem Nhat 10 months ago

    Tào Tháo!!!

  • Teow Hai Way
    Teow Hai Way 10 months ago

    damn that city looks amazing!!!

  • MGel
    MGel 10 months ago

    Just gonna say, after Rome II and it's Battle of Carthage gameplay trailer which everybody will agree looked great and the release version not so much, I'm not saying anything until i see the release version, let alone pre-order.

  • unu alin
    unu alin 11 months ago

    they have detroyed total war, it's warhammer in china. no more military strategy needed .. looks like we're stuck with attila and shogun2

  • timothy1949
    timothy1949 11 months ago

    ahhhhahahahahaha Xiapi, its Xia Pi i think, not CRP xdddd

  • agentnevermore
    agentnevermore 11 months ago

    Aw come on, at least pronounce the character names right

  • Ma Daren
    Ma Daren 11 months ago


  • Insaint Bear
    Insaint Bear 11 months ago

    I wish there will be an expansion on the rise of Mongol Empire period so we get to see Jin Dynasty, Southern Song, Xi Xia, Western Liao, Khwarezm empire, Korean and Japanese kingdoms.

  • LostMyFinger
    LostMyFinger 11 months ago

    LMAO he pronounce as SAO SAO

  • TryHardTony
    TryHardTony 11 months ago


  • Timothy Strong
    Timothy Strong 11 months ago

    just make medieval 3 already

  • Shang-Hsien Yang
    Shang-Hsien Yang 11 months ago

    You've butchered the pronunciation of the names so much it took me 5-10 seconds to realize who you're actually referring to.

  • Alfred the Goat
    Alfred the Goat 11 months ago

    Give us Empire/Napoleon 2 plz

  • Victor Moniz
    Victor Moniz 11 months ago

    2018 and the armies are the same size as Rome 2. And the battle tactics are less complicated then an app from the App Store

  • Jie Li
    Jie Li 11 months ago

    this is a classic Chinese game (compared to game of thrones or lord of rings) or story we have played since very little age

  • Adamaxis
    Adamaxis 11 months ago

    The generals fighting each other isn't from Dynasty Warriors(though it does happen there) - it's from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Tactical leader-based combat has always been a staple of that series.
    I fondly remember burning rice bags in the original on the NES.

  • Adamaxis
    Adamaxis 11 months ago +2

    It looks like they've taken the ROTK series and adapted it to the Total War engine - Xiaohou Dun fighting Lu Bu is proof of that. Koei always favored Wei, likely because they got sick of the absurd Confucian cooked into a story where feeding your wife to guests was considered honorable.
    Mengde was the real hero of the Three Kingdoms, being the only leader who was able to see past traditional values while still paying respects to them, and build something better from that. Ce was a moron, Quan was too much of an academic, Bei was too entrenched in traditional values, Liang never really did much of overall importance.
    The duels are actually more historically accurate than not - most militias back in ancient times were not held together by any real bond. Kill the leader, and unloyal soldiers would usually scatter, surrender, or turn.

    • Puriu ruyu
      Puriu ruyu 8 months ago

      Yes, many things were adopted from koei, such as Zhangfei wearing red( in the book he actually wears black), and Xuchu using hammer as weapon ( in book he uses glaive)...

  • Bryan Holland
    Bryan Holland 11 months ago

    Not impressed. Seen all of this 15 years ago.

  • Caedmon Leung
    Caedmon Leung 11 months ago


  • No connection
    No connection 11 months ago

    Finally. Innovation. For the first time in awhile, I'm actually impressed with a total war game.

  • Nero Dreams
    Nero Dreams 11 months ago

    Ps4 ?

  • Anaris10
    Anaris10 11 months ago

    Advisor from the very first Koei cartridge-"Lu Bu is not to be trusted". Anyone remember that?.

  • John Kapp
    John Kapp 11 months ago

    i want so bad

  • Eschyles
    Eschyles 11 months ago

    so this is great sad that we didnt get all thoses nice features on warhammer and that we wouldnt need 280 € to play the full game

  • Ivar Sjögren
    Ivar Sjögren 11 months ago

    I loved Shogun, Medieval and Rome 1 but this game looks like a disgrace. I will never buy a Total War game after have seen this shit. I want strategy games not som fucking action movie with superheroes doing Kung fu.
    I am going to chill my nerves reading Art of War by Sun Tsu.

  • Purple Groundhog
    Purple Groundhog 11 months ago

    i see trebuchets i upvote.

  • M Bayrak
    M Bayrak 11 months ago

    Looks like I'll still prefer Medieval 2 over this. Too many icons, symbols and flashy things.

    • M Bayrak
      M Bayrak 11 months ago

      They also looked like battle, not some mobile game.
      Seriously, two commanders mocking eachother midst of a battle? Who the fuck came up with that?
      - I'm going to annhialate your entire army!
      - Well, yeah, your MOOOM!!!
      From assisinating the pope, in order to gain control of Papacy with your many many cardinals whom you were training for a long time for this particular goal, to two comical commanders hack'n and slashing eachother and throwing insults.
      Gosh, even politicians make better decisions than this.

    • Ivar Sjögren
      Ivar Sjögren 11 months ago

      They have screwed the series. There is no strategy, no battles against and overwhelming foes.
      Medeival, Shogun, Rome 1 was the best games of my life.

  • hmmm
    hmmm 11 months ago

    For those who read the manga Kingdom (even though it's obviously not historically true), Three Kingdom is some pretty underwhelming shit compared to it.

  • Iulian Oniciuc
    Iulian Oniciuc 11 months ago

    what a bullshit.

    • Iulian Oniciuc
      Iulian Oniciuc 11 months ago

      Ivar Sjögren i have the same feeling about this

    • Ivar Sjögren
      Ivar Sjögren 11 months ago

      What happened with strategy games. I feel cheated.

  • Eurgen7
    Eurgen7 11 months ago

    Interesting about changes on strategic map

  • MrDarqus1
    MrDarqus1 11 months ago

    I’ve got one guestion. This is PC game obly ? Or maybe ps4 and xone too ?

  • Backoo Trương
    Backoo Trương 11 months ago


  • alfyn
    alfyn 11 months ago

    I like this general/character system.

  • Aaron Jordan
    Aaron Jordan 11 months ago

    看得出来用了很多心思 把中国的三国文化推广到全球 ,这是好事 就是骚骚的发音 真的很骚

  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen 11 months ago

    Xiahou Dun beating Lu Bu in a duel ?

  • Snake Ops
    Snake Ops 11 months ago


  • John V. England
    John V. England 11 months ago

    Meh I prefer the European setting.

  • Blackrockmore
    Blackrockmore 11 months ago


  • Wayne Hou
    Wayne Hou 11 months ago


  • 黄少冰
    黄少冰 11 months ago

    Sao sao Cao cao

  • Angeal Contreras
    Angeal Contreras 11 months ago

    Hope there is a mission system for liu bei to recruit zhuge liang zhao yun pang tong etc. I like playing historically at least with the faction that im playing

  • lulu mink
    lulu mink 11 months ago

    it's not pronounced "sao sao". It's Tsao Tsao.

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 11 months ago

    Don't get me wrong, this looks badass and I'll buy it for sure. But rip any sense of realism and historical accuracy the total war series had. Moment of silence please.

    • Ivar Sjögren
      Ivar Sjögren 11 months ago

      This looks awful in my opinion. I want a strategy game not WOW or DOTA.

  • Grev Ron
    Grev Ron 11 months ago

    oooohh sao sao.. sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo
    sao saaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo saaaaaaaaaaaooooo saooooo!.. anyway i like the game :)

  • s1rk
    s1rk 11 months ago

    Samurai Conquest return?!

  • Arthur Herrera
    Arthur Herrera 11 months ago

    I'm Chinese and I have no idea who the fuck hes talking about

  • Hauptstadtgamer
    Hauptstadtgamer 11 months ago

    Have this game female heros?

  • Hunter G.
    Hunter G. 11 months ago


  • jc3akapreppykid
    jc3akapreppykid 11 months ago

    I wish i had a pc :(

  • Privacy's Important
    Privacy's Important 11 months ago

    FUUUCKKK lol I am so jealous. I am stuck on medieval 2 total war. I haven't even played the warhammer ones yet!

  • Антон Платонов

    Looks bad as all last total war games.

    • Антон Платонов
      Антон Платонов 11 months ago

      Yes. I have been playing in medieval 2 total war and M2TW kingdoms with mods for a long time a couple years ago. Pretty interesting and complicated. And last total wars are just low quality. Before Rome 2 total war games were good. After - low quality.

    • Ivar Sjögren
      Ivar Sjögren 11 months ago

      Shogun, Medeival and Rome 1 was the best games i ever played. Now look at this shit. Where is the strategy?

  • Stephen Pine
    Stephen Pine 11 months ago

    Your voice overs are always just a little too overly dramatic. "SaoSao the LEGENDARY commander" for example. Or I am going for "a TWO PRONGED approach" (well whoopy doo!)

    KRUSTY KRAB 11 months ago

    Total war wharamer was the best thank you good bye

  • Chris S
    Chris S 11 months ago

    Interesting to hear the names in English. Cao ciao...

  • Felix Hu
    Felix Hu 11 months ago

    Game looks not bad, but the English vocal that murders every Chinese name is killing me, and the size of the army is really unrealistic. The battles that took place in the Three Kingdoms era were usually on the level of over fifty thousand troops, I know it's most likely impossible for the game energy and PC to support that size of an army being displayed, but i just feel like pointing it out lmao. But i do hope they add in Chinese vocals then i would definitely buy this game.

  • SharkBait
    SharkBait 11 months ago

    Looking great! Still looking forward to Empire 2 though haha.

  • kwkwkwkw
    kwkwkwkw 11 months ago

    total war: dynasty warriors

  • Thebreedman C
    Thebreedman C 11 months ago

    It is said that Lu bus spear weighted 100 Kg. Imagine him destroying enemies with that. This game is going to be awesome

  • niezlykretik
    niezlykretik 11 months ago

    im tired with all the asian bullshit