I'm not afraid to say it... LWIAY - #0061

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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Comments • 69 583

  • Banana __
    Banana __ 16 hours ago

    Reference to Jaiden animations and Australian television

    *im so proud of this community *

  • Bert Wars
    Bert Wars Day ago +1

    First time I saw an *Includes paid promotion* in pewdiepies video

  • Karatee 44
    Karatee 44 Day ago

    But if it’s thin it can’t be thicc

  • Space Baby
    Space Baby Day ago +1

    I'm a new sub,what does LWIAY mean?

  • Nick Scheidt
    Nick Scheidt 2 days ago +1

    Jesus loves you

  • min yoongi infires me

    Pewds looks like a floating head because of his black shirt xD

  • Belal Kamara
    Belal Kamara 4 days ago

    The LWIAY intro never gets old

  • Elizabeth The 3rd
    Elizabeth The 3rd 4 days ago

    12:23 Our favorite cooking video by Swedish USclipr PewDiePie is Bitch Lasagna. Mine came out perfect, to die for! I recommend for large parties

  • R8-TV
    R8-TV 7 days ago +1

    Obamos looks like the rock

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo 8 days ago +2

    Yes DO THAT ☝️👇 BOOK COVERS TELL great stories .

  • Death Sagittarius
    Death Sagittarius 9 days ago +2

    omfg dats exactly what i thought. ....

  • ya boi
    ya boi 9 days ago

    Wow writing at 69k comments also when u think about it there was once a time where the sub count was 69,420,420

  • The rancid potato #5

    Me: *sees inro*
    Me: I tHoUgHt tHiS WaS A CrIsTiAn ChANnEl FeLiX

  • Amina mahomad
    Amina mahomad 10 days ago +1

    Ripped his a maverick boys and girls subscribe evethough i sub to both of them long time

  • Rap Algerien
    Rap Algerien 11 days ago +1

    felix : i want them to collab
    here u go felix

  • gregoryman11
    gregoryman11 11 days ago +1

    They collabed!

  • Igni Artemis
    Igni Artemis 12 days ago +4

    The video quality just....

    Killed me

  • maria eats tacos
    maria eats tacos 12 days ago +1

    this video has 69k comments


  • bocah unboxing
    bocah unboxing 12 days ago +2


  • bocah unboxing
    bocah unboxing 12 days ago

    Hey pewdiepie you Camera NO Thll

  • Seth anims
    Seth anims 13 days ago


  • KingChris Live
    KingChris Live 13 days ago +1

    I come from the future and Gloria borger is dead

  • Nikhil Vinod
    Nikhil Vinod 13 days ago

    A floating head intro!! You don't see that everyday👽

  • wells mood
    wells mood 15 days ago

    I'm poor felix

  • Frank
    Frank 15 days ago +5

    R.I.P Poppy Gloria .

  • Caelyn Crochet
    Caelyn Crochet 17 days ago +1

    they really edited a timer on the tv 😂😂😂

  • Ishita Garg
    Ishita Garg 17 days ago +1

    Now you have to upload commentary about cooking.

  • Philly's Finest Productions

    Hes almost at a 100mil now jesus christ

  • Pipmin The Piplup
    Pipmin The Piplup 24 days ago

    I didnt know the real pronunciation of toblerone until 5:10

  • Caleb Dehart
    Caleb Dehart 24 days ago

    Pewd actually makes entertaining ads....I mean UNORIGINAL CONTENT!

  • Arjun Arun
    Arjun Arun 25 days ago

    All the people who are talking about lp going gay...it wasn't even bad...he gets criticism for it BECAUSE he's logan paul...man get tour shit together...im going gay for a month...is that even offensive wtf is wrong with ya'll?...and calling our enemy t series t gay isn't bad?..i am sometimes ashamed to be a part of the 9 year old community...
    You know what?..im just a pewdiepie fan

  • meganpitt
    meganpitt 26 days ago

    Why is there a hypnotic design circling behind him while hes plugging a product?

  • Sealies Cooking Channel
    Sealies Cooking Channel 28 days ago +2

    Thin computers? Who wants that?
    We want, *THICC* computers.

  • Crystal Tyler
    Crystal Tyler 29 days ago

    Maverick for life

  • Marten van der Krift
    Marten van der Krift 29 days ago

    Obamos = 'the rock'

    JDX GAMING Month ago

    *sees "includes paid promotions"*
    Me: *aww shit, here we go again*

  • Vanessa Berberi
    Vanessa Berberi Month ago

    Tag yourself im the 9-year old contestant whos pissed he knew the right answer but didnt get that question

  • Matilda Ronay
    Matilda Ronay Month ago

    bacc to our fave quality w/ pewds

  • Lily Clem
    Lily Clem Month ago

    But does it have cheese and pepperonis? No- ..Little Cesar’s thin crust is still better!

  • anni
    anni Month ago

    Is he i front of a greenscreen? Is he in his office


    Sim esse é o luba

  • Diogo Lopes
    Diogo Lopes Month ago

    Here in May

  • DuoLingo
    DuoLingo Month ago +1

    Next laptop will be featured by Pewds:

    TON 618

  • SoloMaster 911
    SoloMaster 911 Month ago

    Brad 1:the worst quality ever
    Braddete 1:best quality ever
    Bowser:never catches mario
    Brawsette:never catches big chungus

  • Jonas Rosenberger
    Jonas Rosenberger Month ago +1

    That show,is in Australia, 😂 lol

  • Cold Biird
    Cold Biird Month ago

    Boi im too poor for that laptop

  • Parth Raj Khurana
    Parth Raj Khurana Month ago


  • Poot Poot
    Poot Poot Month ago

    i would legit like a pewds cooking show

  • Sophia Frantzi
    Sophia Frantzi Month ago

    I am not supposed to give my
    But I think he advertise everything
    Just to reach the ten minutes video

  • Ashlyn Weakley
    Ashlyn Weakley Month ago

    Do you still sign books? I didn’t make it in time for my book to be signed or even time to get there. I hope you do. And if you don’t, will you do it again?

  • William Crowley
    William Crowley Month ago

    felix! I want to buy the laptop! But my school has blocked originpc.com!!

    • William Crowley
      William Crowley 25 days ago

      @Sub 2 Pewds check your email.

    • William Crowley
      William Crowley 25 days ago

      @Sub 2 Pewds How can I PM you a screenshot

    • Sub 2 Pewds
      Sub 2 Pewds 25 days ago

      @William Crowley Its not tho

    • William Crowley
      William Crowley 25 days ago

      @Sub 2 Pewds tis indeed a lie. I do not want to buy the laptop, but originpc.com is blocked by US East Securly on my school internet

    • Sub 2 Pewds
      Sub 2 Pewds 25 days ago

      Thats a lie lol.

  • Cecelia Miller
    Cecelia Miller Month ago

    The laptop is over 2,000 my guy. I work at a gas station i cant do this pewds...

  • Huff Poster
    Huff Poster Month ago

    It's okay, Felix, I know you're not so good at Imperial, so I won't laugh at you thinking 17" is huge.

  • Mickle The Pickle
    Mickle The Pickle Month ago

    8:55 right when this video was posted pewdiepie's sub count dropped to 0

  • Definitely Not Ur Bae

    let just j u m p right into it gu0yas

  • Steph W
    Steph W Month ago

    This was posted on my bday

  • Dylan Dellaquila
    Dylan Dellaquila Month ago


  • Yusof Najm
    Yusof Najm Month ago

    k why does pewdiepie look buff in the logan merch

  • Kaneki
    Kaneki Month ago

    I love my india bros

  • Fran Cis
    Fran Cis Month ago


  • Ransored
    Ransored Month ago

    What is this quality

  • Ransored
    Ransored Month ago


  • Claire Rivera
    Claire Rivera Month ago

    This has nothing to do with your video but we have the same birthay 👏 lmo 😊

  • 小霸王
    小霸王 Month ago


  • Twenty.one.oofs.
    Twenty.one.oofs. Month ago

    We had that book in Swedish in our school (I’m from Finland) but the teachers REMOVED IT because it was too offensive literally all the nine year olds got angry asf lmao

  • Makayla Eric
    Makayla Eric Month ago

    You are not cool

  • iBeMaine
    iBeMaine 2 months ago

    Who is watching when king Felix is dominating in subs

  • the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    pewdiepie: “i’m gonna support Jake because he’s getting better”
    Jake Paul: “ya i’m going gay for a month”
    pewdiepie: ......

  • Magic Rainbow Elf
    Magic Rainbow Elf 2 months ago

    Andrew O'Keeffe need to hang tbh, hes one of the far left trash media personalities, Goliath knows whats up

  • King Of Games
    King Of Games 2 months ago

    Pewdiepie: I think Logan paul is getting better!
    Logan paul: *I think I’m gonna be gay for a month*

  • Louis Guilbeau
    Louis Guilbeau 2 months ago

    Hews Logan?

  • tayla collins
    tayla collins 2 months ago

    was that show the chase

  • Cri Lune
    Cri Lune 2 months ago

    He was eleven? Not nine?!

  • Ra Souldier
    Ra Souldier 2 months ago +1

    *_I'm not afraaaaaaaaaid_*
    *Read more*

  • Jacky Wiseman
    Jacky Wiseman 2 months ago

    Who else watching this at 90 mil sub

  • Lexano
    Lexano 2 months ago +1

    I want brad to host meme review 👀

  • Lexano
    Lexano 2 months ago

    Cant wait for 100mil

  • 冰凤Icy Phenie
    冰凤Icy Phenie 2 months ago

    you looks fabulous on the thumbnail

  • GeorgeGerard Palino
    GeorgeGerard Palino 2 months ago

    Nc pewds kill that brothers

  • Soundly
    Soundly 2 months ago

    The timer on the TV = Laugh Explosion

  • dabluegamerboii
    dabluegamerboii 2 months ago

    T series sucks

  • Olivia A
    Olivia A 2 months ago

    12:10 wtf is that my cousin..?

  • Sadie Barker
    Sadie Barker 2 months ago

    You should try horse riding 🙂

  • GE-Galaxy Emperor
    GE-Galaxy Emperor 2 months ago

    i legit threw up

  • Sadeezh CH
    Sadeezh CH 2 months ago

    Ada bahasa indonesia nya

  • Adnan Ashraf
    Adnan Ashraf 2 months ago +2

    I subscribed to your channel because Logan told the Logang

  • Ori Helman
    Ori Helman 2 months ago


  • Background noise
    Background noise 2 months ago

    How the mighty have fallen lol

  • Daliz TM
    Daliz TM 2 months ago

    Почему на русском название?))

  • Erlinda Gabriel
    Erlinda Gabriel 2 months ago

    My grandmother needs a laptop like that pewds

    ACE SWAG 2 months ago +1

    Tseries has a sub bot so teachnicaly PewDiePie is still the top

  • Hashan Sadaruwan
    Hashan Sadaruwan 2 months ago

    So Logan is good and also the logang very suprised Nice

  • Doctor Caslock
    Doctor Caslock 2 months ago

    I can’t believe I missed that episode of the chase!!! My residents watch that every dinner time at work!

  • Vivian Gobena
    Vivian Gobena 2 months ago

    long story short, I watched this video when it came out. Later I watched Bradette react to the video. I remembered how she thought Pewdiepie did not know how to pronounce Toblerone, so I decided to look up Pewdiepie toblerone. and Vuala. this video. THIS is why I like reaction videos. I would have not been able to enjoy Pewdiepie's way of saying toblrone if it wasn't for Bradette.

    G1MMEDATDOME 2 months ago

    why is pewds dressed like an early 90's movie extra?

  • The Blue Knight 345
    The Blue Knight 345 2 months ago

    And they were trying to get 80 million at its 90 million now

  • Natski Desacula
    Natski Desacula 2 months ago


  • Top 10 Countdown
    Top 10 Countdown 2 months ago

    I love the intro song! i wish it was longer

  • Tasnia Ava
    Tasnia Ava 2 months ago

    Felix do you have a phone