Fred Armisen Can Do Any Accent In The World - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Jun 16, 2016
  • CONAN Highlight: Fred's skill as a mimic is so thorough that Conan can name any city in the world and Fred can imitate their accent.
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Comments • 1 605

  • James McKay
    James McKay Day ago +1

    He can do any accent in the world... 4th one he fails... good one Conan

  • MrStensnask
    MrStensnask 2 days ago

    2:12 when your bullshit runs out

  • Rikke Toudal
    Rikke Toudal 3 days ago +1

    You try and do a Danish accent, see that's a challange!

  • John Mark Pelismino
    John Mark Pelismino 4 days ago

    Manila English... try it

  • The Teacher
    The Teacher 5 days ago +2

    His father is Korean/German. And his mother is Venezuelan.

  • Hiya Harry
    Hiya Harry 5 days ago +1


  • Cheezeburger Walrus
    Cheezeburger Walrus 8 days ago +1

    Slappin' me bass, mon!

  • Paige Madison
    Paige Madison 15 days ago


  • CatsandPugz
    CatsandPugz 19 days ago

    The typical American stereotype: Obese people eating cheeseburgers while wielding machine guns.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 24 days ago +1

    well, no he can't

  • Sheer Clear
    Sheer Clear 25 days ago

    I dare him to attempt the Corkonian accent (Cork, Ireland) sometime!

  • Lovely Kay
    Lovely Kay 28 days ago

    Lol love him so underrated

  • dsanchez1313
    dsanchez1313 28 days ago

    wow he`s brilliant !

  • Theodor Teppo
    Theodor Teppo 28 days ago

    So Mlepnos is russian.

  • Brovan The chinchilla
    Brovan The chinchilla 28 days ago

    The end .!! Lol 😂

  • Harry Shawyer
    Harry Shawyer 29 days ago

    This should be called 'Guy can do Fargo accent and nothing else'.
    His Minsk one was just him repeating the words 'Minsk' or' Russia'. It's like asking someone to do a Toronto accent and just saying 'Toronto, Toronto, America, Toronto, it's not America it's Toronto, Toronto.' Rubbish.

    And no offence, but how would an American audience know what a good Minsk accent, or Hamburg accent sounds like.

    Hi Jamaican one sounded Irish! I could do a better job,

  • Bob
    Bob 29 days ago

    This guy is a genius

  • Deywid Rabelo
    Deywid Rabelo Month ago


  • Marcello Mercuri
    Marcello Mercuri Month ago

    What a coward.

  • Goldie Lemmon
    Goldie Lemmon Month ago +1

    Minsk is Belarus, not Russia

  • neonnights
    neonnights Month ago

    There’s no way this guy is straight. And there’s no way Natasha Lyonne is straight

  • Gaming For A Day
    Gaming For A Day Month ago +1

    That Germany accent sounds like korean language😂

  • Crocs Go Snap SNAP
    Crocs Go Snap SNAP Month ago


  • Carl Brehmer
    Carl Brehmer Month ago

    Conan's ass should have never left

  • BubblyVanilla.
    BubblyVanilla. Month ago

    1:02 when he said "more open" he sounded like Pinoy there and there 1:04 when he said "Tighter"

  • BubblyVanilla.
    BubblyVanilla. Month ago


  • Dennis van Santen
    Dennis van Santen Month ago

    but minsk is in belarus, not russia

  • Betty Vasquez
    Betty Vasquez Month ago

    If they would ever remake Wayne's world Fred would be a shoe in for the role of Garth.

  • Anuta d.
    Anuta d. Month ago

    Minsk is capital ob Belorussia!!!!

  • Carlos Sierra
    Carlos Sierra 2 months ago


  • Jacob Helgeson
    Jacob Helgeson 2 months ago

    As a dude who lived in Fargo for 6 years n grew up in MN... gotta day his Fargo accent needs work. Not NEARLY enough OAAHHH. But not bad🤟

  • Samahri Jordan
    Samahri Jordan 2 months ago

    To be fair, the "Jamaican accent" is actually patois and considered a different language...

  • Wizzle Dizzle
    Wizzle Dizzle 2 months ago

    This was just annoying.

  • Alex Heyre
    Alex Heyre 2 months ago

    I mean he can do the accents.. he just can't do it well

  • boogie pep
    boogie pep 2 months ago

    hamburg was totaly wrong

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson 2 months ago

    my favorite person

  • Danicp014
    Danicp014 2 months ago


  • Saria Bartholomew
    Saria Bartholomew 2 months ago

    This is exactly what happened in that vine of the girl trying to do a Jamaican accent

  • Caitlin Laing
    Caitlin Laing 2 months ago +1

    i cant believe he plays mlep(clay)nos cause he is so dumb and stupid and funny but fred is so smart and so cool

  • K W
    K W 3 months ago

    Jamaican 😳

  • If you use dark mode im john cena


  • Peter Kaplan
    Peter Kaplan 3 months ago


  • SirAaron29
    SirAaron29 3 months ago

    Copying other people's accents..

  • mj4lyfe2009
    mj4lyfe2009 3 months ago

    Most of it is just stuttering

  • o_O #!?
    o_O #!? 3 months ago

    Bullshit with all due respect 😁

  • Getfallin
    Getfallin 3 months ago

    Wtf isnt this the guy from the dictator

  • Shubham Dasgupta
    Shubham Dasgupta 3 months ago

    North Dakota: Billie joe accent (Green Day)

  • KrilinPT
    KrilinPT 3 months ago +1

    Dude first of all Minsk is Belorussia. Entierly different country. Second, that was more stuttering than anything else. This dude doesnt know wtf he chatting about

  • Eleven X
    Eleven X 3 months ago

    Fred is a GENIUS! I love him 👏

  • Levi Rebancos
    Levi Rebancos 3 months ago

    His best one was ... "me scusi" 🤣

  • Fadi Hegazi
    Fadi Hegazi 3 months ago

    The German was terrible lol

  • Sofees Mehdi
    Sofees Mehdi 3 months ago


  • Landon Followstheroad
    Landon Followstheroad 3 months ago

    This guy is fake

  • Oscar Moo
    Oscar Moo 3 months ago

    So, let me get this straight. Your guest is an extremely talented comedian who can speak in any accent of the thousands in the entire world, yet you only ask him to do 4.

  • AJyfm700R
    AJyfm700R 3 months ago

    Not impressed

  • AL Lee
    AL Lee 3 months ago

    It sounds good. Well kind of.

  • Will G
    Will G 3 months ago

    Funny American humour

  • Daniel dore
    Daniel dore 3 months ago


  • Oisin Mullins
    Oisin Mullins 3 months ago


  • Andy  Briglin
    Andy Briglin 3 months ago

    Bet you can't do a Corby accent 😁

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter Jensen 3 months ago

    he sucks ... no hamburg accent detected ...too much noise for nothing...but what would the audience know

  • Adhaar Sharma
    Adhaar Sharma 3 months ago

    He went home and practised his Jamaican accent.

  • NoireVerite
    NoireVerite 3 months ago

    I'm Black and can't master the Jamaican accent lol

  • Kallie Lynn
    Kallie Lynn 3 months ago

    I’m from Fargo ND and we don’t sound like that at all

  • Robert Kennedy
    Robert Kennedy 3 months ago

    Minsk Russia????? WTF

  • Emily Dutton
    Emily Dutton 3 months ago

    But can he do an Australian accent ?? 🤔

  • brucenator
    brucenator 3 months ago

    I want to hear Amsterdam.

  • Klay Moore
    Klay Moore 3 months ago

    Nah.... not good

  • Bondgirl Watson
    Bondgirl Watson 3 months ago

    Not one non native person from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne..England ..can do a "geordie" accent...not one!

  • fmdxua
    fmdxua 3 months ago

    Minsk is not Russia. It belongs to Belarus. The accent of Minsk was not similar to real belarussian pronunciation in English

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 3 months ago +2

    For an Australian accent say “rise up lights” and it’ll sound like your saying “razor blades” with an Australian accent.

  • Jocelyn Bill
    Jocelyn Bill 4 months ago

    Hi KVN! 🤖❤

  • Jeremiah Moorow
    Jeremiah Moorow 4 months ago

    That’s a lie! If his so good. Then I want him to do chuukese accent ! Chuuk FSM! Or Yapese accent the islands of Yap Federated States of Micronesia ! Prove it!

  • TheKingmagger
    TheKingmagger 4 months ago


  • Kevin Law
    Kevin Law 4 months ago


  • EmmaBridgeman
    EmmaBridgeman 4 months ago


  • Kameron Pinkett
    Kameron Pinkett 4 months ago

    Bet my whole check he can’t do New Castle Delaware bruh

  • Iflex 90s
    Iflex 90s 4 months ago

    This guy a fraud lol

  • Darby O'Connor
    Darby O'Connor 4 months ago

    Jamaica? Really? He was way too uptight for that one. Every-ting all right! 😁

  • RGpuppy3
    RGpuppy3 4 months ago

    I love his Lawrence Welk impression! I tried it myself ...

  • Arcus103
    Arcus103 4 months ago

    Any kind of Asian accents are really rare to hear impressions.

  • StarzBornFromLightning Youtube Channel

    0:47 Minsk is in Belarus guess Americans know no geography plus people in Minsk don't sound like that

  • Cubic Man
    Cubic Man 4 months ago

    Well a lot of Americans have no reference to most foreign accents at all so they believe them to be true. They're not, btw.

  • Michael Matveev
    Michael Matveev 4 months ago

    Guys Minsk is not in Russia. Grow up. I think that's a shame to do these kind of mistakes on TV

  • Patrick Tejas
    Patrick Tejas 4 months ago

    Duh duh duh eh eh eh eh duh duh duh, he doesn’t even speak anything clear..

  • The BlackBird
    The BlackBird 4 months ago

    Hamburg, Germany is really not accurate Lmao.

  • real frog
    real frog 4 months ago

    minsk is in belarus

  • Bubbz
    Bubbz 4 months ago

    These are so painful to listen to. Especially the split second "Moscow" accent...oh please

  • guess •86•
    guess •86• 4 months ago


  • Frau V
    Frau V 5 months ago

    He is dead-on about Hamburg.

  • Kit
    Kit 5 months ago

    hamburg was bad. he has no clue of german accents.

  • Basti D.
    Basti D. 5 months ago

    sry but you got that hamburg accent wrong lol basically just saying some german words without any accent

  • Joe Lackey
    Joe Lackey 5 months ago

    Title correction: "Fred Armisen Can Sort Of Do Any Accent In The World"

  • Ulfhedinn Norsk
    Ulfhedinn Norsk 5 months ago

    Minsk isn't even Russia. But whatever. It all sounds the same to an American.

  • Turkz
    Turkz 5 months ago

    He can’t do Toronto slang

  • Manasvini Balakrishnan
    Manasvini Balakrishnan 5 months ago


  • Nano 02
    Nano 02 5 months ago


  • movie updates
    movie updates 5 months ago +1

    Where is Indian akcent