Macky Gee, DJ Phantasy & DJ Fresh - Civilization

  • Published on May 24, 2018
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    Celebrating 15 years of Breakbeat Kaos with a collab from DJ Fresh, DJ Phantasy & Macky Gee!
    Macky Gee
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    DJ Phantasy
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    DJ Fresh
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    Breakbeat Kaos
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  • MusicMusic

Comments • 733

  • UKF
    UKF 6 months ago +495


    • Cill Kommies
      Cill Kommies 6 days ago


    • Jura 4756
      Jura 4756 2 months ago

      pure madness.

    • nash nash
      nash nash 4 months ago

      Áno na tebe myslím že je tam

    • KR4ZY 420
      KR4ZY 420 5 months ago

      Alchemy Ghost get the fcuk outta ere wid ur noise😂

    • Alchemy Ghost
      Alchemy Ghost 5 months ago

      get da fuck outta ere wwith this "madness mainstream noisy music"

  • MrandMrs Yahya
    MrandMrs Yahya 4 hours ago

    Love it!!!

  • Teet J
    Teet J 6 days ago

    Everyone saying this is shit is probably a little butthurt kid that only listens to one genre of music

  • Владислав Чернишов

    great music!tnx for chanal:)

  • DistinguishedSkiller

    Is this macky gee - tour?

  • Tinne
    Tinne 8 days ago

    This is fucked

  • Petr Měkyna
    Petr Měkyna 18 days ago


  • Ferdinand Madsen
    Ferdinand Madsen 18 days ago

    Primitivists favorite song

  • Kougou
    Kougou 18 days ago

    Out of tune, bad bass line, failed grip, soft hit, blurred snare... disappointing

  • The boi 2267
    The boi 2267 19 days ago

    1:06 did Optimus prime just fart ?

  • Timi Verbesselt
    Timi Verbesselt 22 days ago

    Sounds a little like Tetris anyone?

  • Roland Varga
    Roland Varga 23 days ago

    az anyámot

  • Nucky LP
    Nucky LP 23 days ago

    this drop is the best drop i've ever heard wow.

  • Karolis Leonavičius
    Karolis Leonavičius 23 days ago

    This melody reminds me of tetris theme song

  • Motarded Marshall
    Motarded Marshall 24 days ago

    Cheahhhh boiiiii 👌👌👌👌

  • Maruš Čečová
    Maruš Čečová 25 days ago

    Top ❤️

  • Dominic Bryan
    Dominic Bryan 27 days ago

    Where can I find a longer version of this ?

  • Matt Haslam
    Matt Haslam 28 days ago

    Look too much of the jump up synth sounds can get annoying but this tune is HUGE! :)

  • Silas XtheLucker
    Silas XtheLucker 29 days ago

    Koks und nutten ohne nutten

  • Rxb1n
    Rxb1n Month ago

    this is the shit.

  • F. Schoonmaker
    F. Schoonmaker Month ago


  • jimmyhackers
    jimmyhackers Month ago

    not a patch on the Justice song of the same name. still a tune though

  • Curt Bowz
    Curt Bowz Month ago


  • fin.p Penny
    fin.p Penny Month ago

    Sick 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • Blameful
    Blameful Month ago

    this tune perks

  • #CALEB# BEST #
    #CALEB# BEST # Month ago

    Sick man

  • Milky
    Milky Month ago

    xQc needs to hear this

  • steven sanderson
    steven sanderson 2 months ago

    Fuxk you man hating jump up i live for this shite its so skanky how can you not love it

  • A S T R O.
    A S T R O. 2 months ago

    Still listening to this day saying fuck the haters of jump up👍🏿

  • Jack P
    Jack P 2 months ago


  • ToxicBlend
    ToxicBlend 2 months ago


  • Jayson Huckaby
    Jayson Huckaby 2 months ago

    To all the haters just lay down.... close your eyes.... wait for the drop... and let us jump up on your face real quick ;)

  • The jungle VIP
    The jungle VIP 2 months ago


  • Rebecca Friedl
    Rebecca Friedl 2 months ago


  • trauma dnb
    trauma dnb 2 months ago


  • MinerTech_HD
    MinerTech_HD 2 months ago


  • Pascal Sittig
    Pascal Sittig 2 months ago +3

    so sad jump up gets this much hate :( macky is one geniuos and a god for me. listening to dnb for over 15years now, heard every subgenre, love every subgenre but this macky style of dnb is 100% my style. I LOVE IT

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson 2 months ago

    If you say that you hate Jump Up you’ve defo never listened to it in a club/on big speakers.

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy 2 months ago

    Macky gee you done it well played GEE

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy 2 months ago


  • Octávio Silva
    Octávio Silva 2 months ago

    Absolute banger 🔥

  • Mothman nuts
    Mothman nuts 2 months ago

    Poggers dude

  • Carlos Andres Barrios Ramirez

    que buen tema malanina que calor ;)

  • Crystal coruzzi
    Crystal coruzzi 3 months ago

    i wanna see the starz

  • Dexil
    Dexil 3 months ago

    1 Million, that's not enough

  • morty ytrom
    morty ytrom 3 months ago

    This shit is up and down lol love this bitch 💗⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • LethalGaming
    LethalGaming 3 months ago

    omg this is another level just come out my earneed help !!!!!

  • Michael Kociubinski
    Michael Kociubinski 3 months ago

    Macky Gee is nutty.

  • D E S N Y M G O O O
    D E S N Y M G O O O 3 months ago

    SKank for life

  • r4dio 7331
    r4dio 7331 3 months ago

    2d this with Dirtyphonics & 12th Planet - Freefall (High Maintenance Remix)

  • Joe Kony
    Joe Kony 3 months ago

    yall goofy if you think jump up even viable to be considered music. jump up straight trash.

  • Seismix Studio
    Seismix Studio 3 months ago

    Seismix - Ring Ring VIP • Seismix, Dualistic - Tripod (Insomniax & SpectraClose Remix) (05.09.2018)

  • Joe
    Joe 3 months ago

    yo anyone got an instrumental for this without the talking?

  • YTAK L
    YTAK L 3 months ago

    ... 😞😞

    Drop... 😜😜😜😜😜😗😙☺😊😃😄😀😁😃😄😄😀

  • Neil Hawthorne
    Neil Hawthorne 3 months ago

    Jungle drum n bass jump up smashes everywhere.

  • David Kartik
    David Kartik 3 months ago

    Takes a mature taste :) lovin it!:)

  • Josh Wood
    Josh Wood 3 months ago

    [Leaves tech house to see if Drum and Bass is good again]
    [Listens to this]
    [Returns to tech house]

  • ingrid oj
    ingrid oj 3 months ago

    pls dont delethe thinks hsha this ise the only othing thach keepers me awaikcthimk nogh

  • SyReeN D
    SyReeN D 3 months ago

    Nice stuff. Greetings from Germany

  • MaruGreen
    MaruGreen 3 months ago

    literal shit

  • Dark Mamaliga
    Dark Mamaliga 3 months ago

    A big warm shit

  • V4pori
    V4pori 4 months ago

    You can tell what parts is Macky and dj fresh (well to me anyways) but I don’t know dj phantasy

  • Snaz Attack
    Snaz Attack 4 months ago

    what shit is this

  • Azure76
    Azure76 4 months ago

    This is garbage.

  • Ad Block
    Ad Block 4 months ago

    All these Fortnite players listening to Jump up through their gaming headsets have no clue...

  • Thomas
    Thomas 4 months ago


  • EZP Jackson
    EZP Jackson 4 months ago

    People moaning about jump up, mugs! Drum and bass has massive sub genre without all of them we wouldn't have what we've got. Johnny come lately can suck one. Tunes a banger. I'll be playing it.

  • SD 123
    SD 123 4 months ago

    why does everyone hate DnB and jump up?

  • Tom O'Brien
    Tom O'Brien 4 months ago

    /o\ /\/0\/\

  • Chromer E1ite
    Chromer E1ite 4 months ago

    To all those haters go make a song better than this and link it to me and I want to see what trash you made

  • antonio fruscella
    antonio fruscella 4 months ago

    bruv this is the shit keep it up G

  • Daninc Naval
    Daninc Naval 4 months ago

    Esta cancion me recuerda al let it roll ✌🏻✌🏻

  • tranny
    tranny 4 months ago

    this one is dope bro 💥

  • Azeem
    Azeem 4 months ago

    Ayo pun you came up ! if you know you know

  • Lord Dogewells
    Lord Dogewells 4 months ago

    Macky Gee = 75%, Dj Phantasy = 24.999%, DJ Fresh = 0.001%

  • Enable Ivanon
    Enable Ivanon 4 months ago

    Good mixing with Noisia - Anomaly

  • Shripplez
    Shripplez 4 months ago

    MrDestructoid Clap

  • Smokey Smokerson 溍
    Smokey Smokerson 溍 4 months ago

    _Tetris anyone?_

  • Jersey Practical Shooter

    Is this actually what DnB has come to and the fact lovers below think it’s he best thing ever scoot back to the mid to late 90s for a history lesson

  • 1103 Musik Berlin
    1103 Musik Berlin 4 months ago

    your video is very good

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God 4 months ago

    Dope ass

  • Edward Halmarack
    Edward Halmarack 4 months ago

    Macky fucking g! All the boring cunts are like why have all the macky g chavs got their t shirts off signing along. Cos we dont give a fuck what u think, we’re out in these festivals and raves having a good time!

  • Карина Г
    Карина Г 4 months ago +1


  • tia smith
    tia smith 4 months ago +1

    I literally can only listen to the first minute...

  • Aiver Ots
    Aiver Ots 4 months ago


  • Doza Beats
    Doza Beats 4 months ago


  • clarke kennedy
    clarke kennedy 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this is 🔥🔥

  • K4g4m1
    K4g4m1 4 months ago


  • CaspianVll
    CaspianVll 4 months ago

    What a good tune from fresh after all these years!?!? How “re-FRESHING” ;)

    TBS PRODUCTIONS 4 months ago

    The only macky gee tune I acc rate. I think dj fresh saved it with the help of the samples and breakdown/buildup sections so its not the same bland shit.

  • KR4ZY 420
    KR4ZY 420 5 months ago


  • Alchemy Ghost
    Alchemy Ghost 5 months ago

    bringing back a massive label like bbk to release this cringey geaordie shore shit, would love to see goldie reaction to this - that would be gold. This guys are butchering dnb

  • Alchemy Ghost
    Alchemy Ghost 5 months ago

    dnb is just fucked up atm with macky gees and and guys like fresh or zinc pushing this rubbish to the masses, geordie shore music at its finest and ukf happilly spreading the disease instead of featuring new producers, mate music to blow to some hoes and coke :) well done guys... dnb with a great reputation atm right?

  • Halosha
    Halosha 5 months ago +4

    MrDestructoid Clap

  • tajgr man
    tajgr man 5 months ago


  • Bianca Gabriela
    Bianca Gabriela 5 months ago +1

    this song got me pregnant

  • sam burns
    sam burns 5 months ago

    What a filthy fucking tune in a rave! Jump up is the best type of DnB

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 5 months ago


  • Slamslung Pioneer
    Slamslung Pioneer 5 months ago

    Goes off like a bomb in an Andy C set

  • Lewis Hilditch
    Lewis Hilditch 5 months ago

    Mad tune🤙