Binging with Babish: Pies from Waitress


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  • PopGreen_Master
    PopGreen_Master Day ago

    Roz is way hotter than Daphne no question

  • Castia B
    Castia B Day ago

    How did you learn all this? Did you attend culinary school? What made you love cooking?

  • kedem dan
    kedem dan 2 days ago

    you might as well open the “ of the camera “ clean plate club 😉

  • Cure Ruby
    Cure Ruby 2 days ago

    B e c a u s e
    B u b b l e s

  • Calculated
    Calculated 2 days ago

    is homogeneous his favorite word now?

  • benblexbenblex
    benblexbenblex 3 days ago

    Props for the donation

  • Lucky Fish
    Lucky Fish 3 days ago

    I actually made the chocolate Strawberry oasis pie
    It was amazing

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker 4 days ago

    You are the bob Ross of food

  • Jennifer Murray
    Jennifer Murray 5 days ago

    That chocolate pieeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Saldana
    Jennifer Saldana 6 days ago


  • BMass TV™
    BMass TV™ 6 days ago +2

    Why do women need a foundation for everything? Support of women filmmakers? A woman making films makes enough to support herself.

  • Ashley Wymer
    Ashley Wymer 6 days ago

    Love that you’re helping to support female directors 🙏🏼💙

  • RedRoterOne
    RedRoterOne 7 days ago

    Because Butter. No Other Reason. because Butter.

  • jess g.
    jess g. 7 days ago


  • Kristina Baker
    Kristina Baker 7 days ago

    You said pecans correctly the second time. Google the pronunciation, it comes from a native american word for the tree nut which is the only one native to North America... also,
    Check out "How does it Grow Pecan" with Ms. Jolly on TrueFoodTV

  • MixedbyAnteek
    MixedbyAnteek 8 days ago

    It looks slightly eggg like a quiche when you forked it? Couldn’t think of another word haha

  • ejoejin
    ejoejin 8 days ago

    Challenge: do the pie from the help:)

  • Tobias Jensen
    Tobias Jensen 9 days ago

    That chocolate pie would've benefited from an oool' tapa tapa. Just sayin'.

  • Hayden Haas
    Hayden Haas 10 days ago

    I have a new idea for you! The lamb dish that Matthew Mcconaughey "made" in how to lose a guy in 10 days, that looked great. but I truly believe you could do it better.

  • Katrina Looney
    Katrina Looney 10 days ago

    Daphne seasons 5+ as she starts to balance out Roz the rest of the time 😉

  • Becca Moyer
    Becca Moyer 11 days ago

    For the Chocolate Strawberry Oasis pie's crust, can I use double stuffed Oreos instead of regular Oreos?

  • mr.gieniwinniebombinnie

    "What are you doing with those pies boys"-Security guard from killer clowns from outer space

  • Zach Anamor
    Zach Anamor 12 days ago


  • Melissa Govender
    Melissa Govender 12 days ago

    That chocolate pie 😍

  • Matt Gainey
    Matt Gainey 13 days ago

    Daphne is hot but I’m a rozz guy.
    Also am I spelling that right?
    I throughly enjoyed all seasons of Frasier and how dare you even suggest it went down hill, Babs.

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G 14 days ago

    My brother told me to check out your channel. I love this movie and had years ago tried googling recipes for them, with no luck. Looks like I need to make some pie.

  • Emerald Shine
    Emerald Shine 14 days ago

    *My hands pluck the things I know that I'll need...*

  • Mac Crowe
    Mac Crowe 14 days ago

    caramelized brandy pecans would have also been acceptable

  • harmdotcom
    harmdotcom 14 days ago

    Why not go with the salted butter for the chocolate pie?

  • Darkxeno
    Darkxeno 14 days ago

    Dead in 2006 ey hmm

  • Ella Nguyen
    Ella Nguyen 15 days ago

    Could be a but redundant but maybe you could do some of the pies from the musical. Ik this is a movie/tv based show but the musical has some fun, sex themed pies, like in the dark dark chocolate pie or other fun ones like mermaid marshmallow dream or deep shit (dish) blueberry pie

  • Soullynatural
    Soullynatural 15 days ago

    Every time I heard pee-cans my mind auto-corrected to puh-cons 😂

  • Syeda Asma
    Syeda Asma 15 days ago

    Beignets from Princess and the frog pleeeease

  • Max De La Ossa
    Max De La Ossa 15 days ago

    Can you do the hot chocolate from chocolát.

  • Joe Cambo
    Joe Cambo 15 days ago

    So much butter this episode

  • Supreme Pkn
    Supreme Pkn 16 days ago

    80000000000IQ cook ,

  • As Sassin
    As Sassin 16 days ago

    Roz is hotter but I prefer daphne

  • Jasmine Alexis
    Jasmine Alexis 16 days ago

    why does the first pie look so damn good

  • Reilly Len
    Reilly Len 17 days ago

    So I think instead of Brandy, Amaretto would be an amazing substitute.

  • Tkforworld
    Tkforworld 18 days ago

    i don't accept any clean plate club done off camera. pics or it didnt happen

  • L. T C.
    L. T C. 18 days ago

    I'll take your advice and add some caramized onion to bad baby pie.

  • Haley Holmes
    Haley Holmes 18 days ago

    I suggested this ur welcome

  • The legend 27
    The legend 27 19 days ago

    Has the manliest voice I’ve ever heard where’s a kitchen apron and makes pies

  • fandude666
    fandude666 20 days ago

    I have to say that I tried to make a different version of the chocolate strawberry pie, and it went up side down on my kitchen table. I stared at it for 5 minutes before slicing it. Luckly the strawberries kept the pie slices in shape while cutting.

  • JCLegoMan
    JCLegoMan 20 days ago

    cheesecake > all other forms of cake

  • Nicholas Froats
    Nicholas Froats 20 days ago

    Roz is hotter, and Frasier never went downhill

  • scarabbi
    scarabbi 20 days ago

    I'm not a huge Frasier fan, but Daphne is orders of magnitude hotter than Roz. Oh, the pies look good too.

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 21 day ago

    what kind of chocolate for the strawberry chocolate oasis pie? dark, milk, semisweet, unsweetened??

  • Aura Buntinx Torres
    Aura Buntinx Torres 21 day ago

    You should make a TWIN PEAKS episode!

  • Xavier Brenner
    Xavier Brenner 21 day ago

    Roz, and Frasier started to go downhill after Daphne and Niles got married.

  • Sandrothepielord2
    Sandrothepielord2 21 day ago +2

    Coconut cream pie from iCarly!!!!

  • DawnoftheKeats
    DawnoftheKeats 21 day ago

    If you like musicals, you should make the coffee cake from The Spitfire Grill musical

  • Emily Lian
    Emily Lian 22 days ago

    Waitress the musical is based off of a movie????? What????

  • That White Girl
    That White Girl 22 days ago

    Do you have a website with print outs of these recipes?

  • Sarah Rae
    Sarah Rae 22 days ago

    I love watching these videos at 1am

  • Johnathan Smith
    Johnathan Smith 22 days ago


  • ZiMRA
    ZiMRA 23 days ago

    STOP USEING METRIC like a savage!

  • Tianna Cruz
    Tianna Cruz 23 days ago

    * makes crust puts it in the fridge*
    Wait a. Four minutes
    OK how is this doing
    *Crust is on fire*

  • alex
    alex 23 days ago

    every time i see oreos i just;

  • Abby Boehning
    Abby Boehning 23 days ago

    I love this!! I'll take a slice of each, please. Also, if you're taking fan girl requests, I would love to see a recipe from Rose from the Golden Girls, and the gray stuff from beauty and the beast 😊💁🏻

  • Zack Cano
    Zack Cano 23 days ago

    Are you using dark or milk chocolate

    THEDXFAN28 23 days ago

    Oooooooo I want some BWB oven mitts

  • Andrew Montoya
    Andrew Montoya 23 days ago

    Do the huge order from Phantom Thread!

  • Morgan Manigold
    Morgan Manigold 23 days ago

    I appreciate you so much for making this video. Now we just need more broadway shows to include recipes so you can make them

  • Elucidator
    Elucidator 23 days ago

    What if you don’t have a food processor or Stan mixer

  • Amber Morgan
    Amber Morgan 23 days ago

    do the Fool’s Gold loaf from What If

  • Staci Mathura
    Staci Mathura 26 days ago

    Wait what about the mermaid pie from the movie?!

  • Phillip Smith
    Phillip Smith 26 days ago

    Daphne 100%

  • Борислав Веселинов

    video idea: the blue soup from bridget jones' diary.

  • Christian
    Christian 28 days ago

    please don't ever change the background music for your videos, I really enjoy listening to it while you talk and cook, very catchy :D

  • Amaco
    Amaco 29 days ago

    Holy fuck... I love your voice.

  • The Hentai Connoisseur

    That first pie looks disgusting

  • seasonallover
    seasonallover Month ago

    My mom and I are watching and she’s screaming at you about the cheesecake. She loves making cheesecake.

  • fajar ahmad setiawan
    fajar ahmad setiawan Month ago +1

    Oh my god. Waitress !!!!!! Thank you so much for making demonstrating these recipes. And, of course, RIP the great Adrienne Shelly.

  • Rosana Monteiro
    Rosana Monteiro Month ago

    I'm brazilian. Wonderful recipes . Bye.

  • Orin Anthony
    Orin Anthony Month ago

    Why don't you want air bubbles in the chocolate?

  • Joseph McGowan
    Joseph McGowan Month ago

    > pies episode
    > makes a quiche, a tart, and a cheesecake
    > mfw

  • Bseroj Trbsr
    Bseroj Trbsr Month ago

    I hate to be this guy because I love this channel but be careful how much you support any charity that is blatantly sexist like that. Society is already getting scary

  • TheAlmighty GSMON
    TheAlmighty GSMON Month ago

    Warning:Don't watch chef.This demon has cursed me gaining 30 pounds

  • Waiting for Wonder Woman

    Would the chocolate be? Semi-sweet? Milk?

  • Burke Tinsley
    Burke Tinsley Month ago

    Please do the spaghetti taco from ICarly

  • Thomas Estes
    Thomas Estes Month ago

    When you say "high-quality chocolate" do you mean bakers chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, etc.?

  • Wake Archus
    Wake Archus Month ago

    have a few pecan trees in my yard it is pecan not pecon

  • SuperAdamska64
    SuperAdamska64 Month ago

    Bro I thought you were lactose intolerant how can you even?

  • Shy famless
    Shy famless Month ago

    That chocolate pie had a death sentence

  • Guh uh Huh
    Guh uh Huh Month ago

    2 pounds or 5 whole things

  • Kadiriye B
    Kadiriye B Month ago

    Because bubbles

  • dalekkiller
    dalekkiller Month ago

    Yeah with my allergy to eggs leaves me not wanting to go near these pies.

  • Joy Mamey
    Joy Mamey Month ago

    What about that Mermaid Marshmallow Pie yo?

  • Leslie Holloway
    Leslie Holloway Month ago

    Dude bhad bhabie pie

  • Lucy Sosa
    Lucy Sosa Month ago


  • Malchi Gamboa
    Malchi Gamboa Month ago

    Is the BWB Clean Plate Club and the BWB Clean Plate Club Off Camera, two different things?

  • Brad Hunter
    Brad Hunter Month ago

    During the chocolate pie he called it a cake not a real cook

  • Judde Oive
    Judde Oive Month ago

    I've made a modified version of this numerous times. I toast the pecans slightly, then instead of brandy, I use Yukon Jack spiced with a vanilla bean and cardamom (or mace / allspice) as a base for caramel sauce cooked just below softball stage as the glaze. Sprinkle on the toasted pecans, let it set in the fridge, and serve.
    (ginger snaps make a great crust base too)

  • Dahlia Walton
    Dahlia Walton Month ago

    Made a NY cheesecake topped with strawberries following your video :3

  • Ineedaholiday Plz
    Ineedaholiday Plz Month ago

    You know I’ve only known this channel for like two weeks. So I hadn’t heard the guy speaking (that was not a voiceover) until a recent video. I was so disappointed. BECAUSE I had invented this whole story in my head that he’d hired another guy to do his voiceovers cause he’s got a weird voice. Not that disappointed cause the food’s super good and he’s fun to listen to but still. Baby voice.

  • spamjam
    spamjam Month ago

    waitress is SUCH a good movie/musical. thank you for blessing me babish

  • Dafoodmaster
    Dafoodmaster Month ago

    Every time you do a chocolate-centric recipe you seem to use cinnamon, which as a combination has never really worked for me. While i feel both salt and coffee do enhance chocolate flavor, cinnamon just seems to be a bit distracting or clashing. Would you happen to know of any way to combine cinnamon in a more harmonious way? Also, is this something more people experience or is it just my palate?
    Any way, great video as usual.

  • emilio gilliam
    emilio gilliam Month ago

    5 whole THINGS of cream cheese

  • l l
    l l Month ago

    Waitress is SOOO underrated. Classic movie