Binging with Babish: Pies from Waitress


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  • Alessandro Moraldo
    Alessandro Moraldo 20 minutes ago

    that chocolate cake is one of my proudest faps

  • munzie neekan
    munzie neekan 10 hours ago

    GREAT PIE. From the backyardigans 😄

  • Tobias Valinski
    Tobias Valinski 12 hours ago

    In case someone needs metric measurements for the cheesecake:
    101g crackers
    66g brown sugar
    71g AP flour
    Pinch of salt
    100g butter
    1134g cream cheese
    156g + 141g sugar
    1 tsp salt (~5g)
    77g sour cream
    juice of 1/2 lemon
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    2 large egg yolks + 6 whole eggs
    Brandy + pecans for topping
    This recipe is quite sweet (as usual for US recipes). If you're from europe 225g sugar for the cream is probably enough. Depending on the fat content of your butter the base might also be a bit oily. I read that US butter has less fat than for example french butter. Mine had 82.3% fat content and next time I'll try to use only 80g.
    Also keep in mind that this is a recipe for a 9 inch spring form. If your spring form is bigger or smaller you have to convert with the factor of the areas - not the diameter. For a 24cm spring form that is about 10% more of each ingredient.

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C 13 hours ago

    Just give the pans the old tappa tappa.

  • DunePanda
    DunePanda Day ago

    Roz Doyle is definitely hotter.

  • Meliza Magana
    Meliza Magana Day ago

    can you marry me?

  • shineegirlfan
    shineegirlfan Day ago

    It would be awesome if you can give viewers a written list and description of the pies you made. Especially the strawberry Oasis pie! I really want to make that one

  • avalanche
    avalanche Day ago

    you should have given the pies the ol tappa tappa

  • Evelina Sin
    Evelina Sin Day ago

    How wide is the chocolate tart pan? Could not find it in your website 😣

  • Charcola
    Charcola Day ago

    Can you make a Clean Plate Club Playlist?

  • mone luve
    mone luve 2 days ago

    Lol the part with the butter was me last week when I realized I got the measurements of flour wrong in my fudge brownies. Thank god I caught it early and the batter was pretty loose so i was able to take it out the oven and stir in the extra flour while it was STILL IN THE PAN ctfu! 😂😂

  • Mark Tiongco
    Mark Tiongco 2 days ago


  • Devyn Mortensen
    Devyn Mortensen 2 days ago

    Daphne, hands down. She has this quirky thing about her that's adorable and mid Season 8ish. The dating scene for Frasier just starts to get annoying with all the relationships and break ups. I understand everyone deserves love but after 8 seasons, and 15-20 girlfriends you just get so exhausted watching the same thing. And Niles and Daphne getting married was a huge relief for the show.

  • Victoria Flores
    Victoria Flores 2 days ago

    Daphne! I love Frasier. This is my favorite episode, so far!

  • Camron Wright
    Camron Wright 2 days ago

    you have now gained the favor of the feminist

  • Legendary Bizkit
    Legendary Bizkit 2 days ago

    Yet another amazing video! One note, it's not pronounced pea-cans. It's pronounced pa-cawns. Poor Yankees. I feel bad for y'all.


    Does anyone else hear an echo in the audio?

  • Isak Rökkvi
    Isak Rökkvi 2 days ago

    How are you more fit than me.

  • kevtron3000
    kevtron3000 2 days ago

    dropping in a week late to say Frasier never went downhill

  • da eagle boy
    da eagle boy 2 days ago


  • Giannie Garcia
    Giannie Garcia 2 days ago

    Its not pecans its pecans

  • Sam Swicegood
    Sam Swicegood 2 days ago

    I went and rewatched Waitress because of this...Babish, you forgot the nutmeg on the cheesecake.

  • Cassie Barns
    Cassie Barns 3 days ago

    I wanna join the cleaning plate club, how do I join and when do I get hazed?

  • Neil Vincent John A. Barral

    How did you get recipes like this

  • rayhan rahman
    rayhan rahman 3 days ago

    Please make curry of life from naruto

  • rayhan rahman
    rayhan rahman 3 days ago

    Please make curry of life from naruto

  • Edith Blas
    Edith Blas 3 days ago

    Do orange is the new black

  • DrSkullface8899
    DrSkullface8899 3 days ago

    I would love to see some Skyrim foods like boiled creme treats and sweet rolls, even some other weird ones.

  • Arielle Joy
    Arielle Joy 3 days ago

    Um excuse me but where were the songs from/references to the musical, Waitress?!

  • Julia Griffin
    Julia Griffin 3 days ago

    I love how into Fraiser you are!!!

  • Kaylee Quinn
    Kaylee Quinn 3 days ago

    Can you do recipes from musicals?

  • Little Stuff In Life

    Can you substitute with thin or double stuffed Oreos

  • hereticnasom
    hereticnasom 3 days ago

    Daphne, duh. The show started going downhill when they started pandering to the audience, when Niles and Daphne finally got together, but that was also when it got really good. Another aspect was the constant "someone did something and lied about it, then shit starts compounding making the situation worse"

  • همتارو :3
    همتارو :3 3 days ago

    BEST BIRTHDAY SURPRISE EVER to open USclip after a while to find the food of one of my favorite movies ever being made by you
    Thanks babish❤

  • sn0tkore
    sn0tkore 3 days ago

    Pff you Americans and your "pies".

  • Arielle Meb
    Arielle Meb 3 days ago

    What about her marshmallow mermaid pie!

  • Ron Mctrollington
    Ron Mctrollington 3 days ago

    because you keep talking about it, I started watching frasier

  • wyattcon11
    wyattcon11 4 days ago

    A brandy maple praline syrup might be just the ticket for the last one!

  • ingrid block
    ingrid block 4 days ago

    I LOOOVE this movie.

  • Jacob jacoby
    Jacob jacoby 4 days ago

    Does this work if you only have a white apron?

  • Unmesh Jadhav
    Unmesh Jadhav 4 days ago

    Because bubbles XD

  • amber.elaine
    amber.elaine 4 days ago

    There are so many reasons I love this channel.. which include Fraiser and admirable goofs

  • Jeahan Derampatun
    Jeahan Derampatun 4 days ago


  • Jeff Forrest
    Jeff Forrest 4 days ago

    Off Camera Club PogChamp CiGrip

  • james Stuart
    james Stuart 4 days ago

    It’s nice to know someone else watches Frasier. I thought I was the only one

  • razekBEAT
    razekBEAT 4 days ago

    hey babish do you have any recipes with mustard or mustard grains?

  • Panda king 2005 420
    Panda king 2005 420 4 days ago


  • Gringo Odyssey
    Gringo Odyssey 4 days ago

    if u did a watch sponsorship or affiliate marketing u would be a rich man. shit u prob are already rich from this channel so nvm

  • Shrek Wazoski
    Shrek Wazoski 4 days ago


  • ArcusofBrambles
    ArcusofBrambles 4 days ago

    Is the first one kinda not quite right cuz that's the metaphor or am i reading too much into it?

  • Jade Alexander
    Jade Alexander 4 days ago

    I want some “Bhad Bhabie” shoooooo

  • puppy neff
    puppy neff 4 days ago

    Is he getting his own show? Or is he just moving therefor he wont be in the same kitchen. First episode os on may 22? Sounds like a show?

  • Void Riften
    Void Riften 4 days ago

    Off camera just means "while watching Frasier"

  • Milena Solis
    Milena Solis 4 days ago

    I feel like every single video that I watched it involves cinnamon

  • Slurpy bighead
    Slurpy bighead 4 days ago


  • Pablo Gaytan
    Pablo Gaytan 4 days ago

    can you cook anything from Shokugeki no Sōma?

  • Levin
    Levin 4 days ago

    Dude this episode was full of tasty alliterations I love it=D

  • joke :D
    joke :D 4 days ago

    didn't it get a musical?

  • Opamigaaa
    Opamigaaa 4 days ago

    women filmmakers LUL

  • Sara Josipović
    Sara Josipović 4 days ago

    “I wil NOT have a cracked cheesecake.”

  • Dan _universe
    Dan _universe 4 days ago

    Yessss my birt days is all most here yesss is may 27

  • Souleater787
    Souleater787 4 days ago

    Legend has it that every time Babish says to "chill x for x minutes" he puts on a pair of sunglasses for the entire cooling process.

  • marye38
    marye38 4 days ago

    I love this because Babish's voice is like Alton Brown's but without the constant UM UM UM AH UM.

  • nicolas martin
    nicolas martin 4 days ago

    Could you make gumbo ?

  • imagineamoistplinth
    imagineamoistplinth 4 days ago

    You should do red dwarf! triple fried egg chilli chutney sandwich, the ‘full Lister’ breakfast, prawn vindaloo so hot a man with only three taste buds could still taste it, and of course beer milkshakes 🙌

  • Mystery Kitten
    Mystery Kitten 4 days ago

    you should make the goldfish soup (or whatever it was called) from tom and jerry
    from the episode jerry and the goldfish

  • mokajones74
    mokajones74 5 days ago

    I was under the impression water will cause chocolate to seize immediately

  • isabel arellano
    isabel arellano 5 days ago

    You could do Willy Wonka candy next!!

  • Taylor Harrison
    Taylor Harrison 5 days ago

    best way to cut a cheesecake: floss

  • famousfreind
    famousfreind 5 days ago

    Nice to see you on trending Babish, been watching since 20k

  • Bot0ninerX
    Bot0ninerX 5 days ago

    Make a series of dishes from ANY Studio Ghibli Movie(s)

  • Sparsh Kumar
    Sparsh Kumar 5 days ago

    Make the kelp shake from spongebob.

  • Plasma Dragon 53
    Plasma Dragon 53 5 days ago

    It’s pecans not pecans

  • Joseph Albrightson
    Joseph Albrightson 5 days ago

    If you wanna try more video game food, you could make things from Skyrim like sweet rolls or apple cabbage stew

  • 伍大郎
    伍大郎 5 days ago

    Hest explosion!

  • JustADayLate
    JustADayLate 5 days ago

    You should do Coop’s hangover cure from Twin Peaks, Season 2 Episode 18. You could even make a whole special on hangover cures from movies / tv shows.

  • Quia K
    Quia K 5 days ago

    Amy’s thanksgiving dinner from Brooklyn nine nine

  • Samuel Robins
    Samuel Robins 5 days ago

    Should do some things from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, like the Lemon Meringue Pie

  • Nicholas Gomez
    Nicholas Gomez 5 days ago

    Binging with babish Season 2 in the new kitchen ?

  • Forty
    Forty 5 days ago

    To avoid bubbles, you should try some of the ol tappa tappa.

  • in doggo we trust
    in doggo we trust 5 days ago

    You should make a weed brownie tutorial

  • PiousPuddle
    PiousPuddle 5 days ago

    I think the most challenging request for him would be to recreate the heart stopper 6 pound burger from gta 5.

  • gustustus
    gustustus 5 days ago

    Definitely Roz!

  • Julia Stevens
    Julia Stevens 5 days ago

    can I ask why you preheated the baking sheet for the first pie?

  • Nick M
    Nick M 5 days ago

    Hey dude could you show us how to make menudo. My grandfather gave me his recipe and I keep screwing it up

  • Jaelyn Porter
    Jaelyn Porter 5 days ago

    Make the pie from The Help

  • Gibz
    Gibz 5 days ago

    Baking with Babish is the best B to have with Babish

  • 1tychoma
    1tychoma 5 days ago

    Thumbs up just for supporting women tbh

  • Faith Abiola
    Faith Abiola 5 days ago

    Minnie’s pie from The Help!!!

  • D Hawthorne
    D Hawthorne 5 days ago

    Best sauce I have ever made for Patisserie is a chai sauce.
    Green mate, dried pineapple, dried papaya, anise, cardamom, coriander, orange zest, honeybush, pink peppercorns, and cinnamon as the tea base; dissolve in orange blossom honey and some white sugar, reduced to the consistency of cold (real) maple syrup. For a cheesecake, I would probably reduce to the consistency of black strap molasses and dust with candied lemon zest.

  • Connor Wenrich
    Connor Wenrich 5 days ago

    Any chance of getting foods from Ghibli films? :D

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 5 days ago

    Trick question. Frasier never went downhill.

  • Marwa Kiki
    Marwa Kiki 5 days ago

    How about the Joey's best meatball sandwich in the world from Friends?

  • ebebebebe eebbebebebbe

    Big Smoke's order.

  • Ivanriadi
    Ivanriadi 5 days ago

    can you do Stuck In Love's turkey?? it looks amazing!

  • Fresh_Water
    Fresh_Water 5 days ago

    I did the math on the chocolate tart and if you were wondering it has about 5,000 calories in the whole thing. I'm still gonna make it.

  • Hans Gajisan
    Hans Gajisan 6 days ago

    I wish babish was my father

  • Justin Tan
    Justin Tan 6 days ago

    Can you make the " Croquembouche " from One Piece? Its a dessert

  • morgeeshlee
    morgeeshlee 6 days ago

    Anybody know what size tarte pan he's using for the Chocolate Oasis pie? Hoping 9" because that's what I have..

  • Squidlove
    Squidlove 6 days ago

    Cant wait to see the new kitchen!