Is War Over? - A Paradox Explained

  • Published on Oct 9, 2014
  • We live in the most peaceful time in human history. Wait, what? Seriously? That can't be right, there are more wars than ever! Well, no and they're killing fewer and fewer people, even though the world population is at an all-time high...and the numbers prove it! We explain how we came to this conclusion, and why war might... go away.
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    Why War is Killing Less of Us Than Ever - a Paradox Explained
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    Sources used for this video:
    Steven Pinker: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined (book)

    Why War is Killing Less of Us Than Ever - a Paradox Explained
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  • Hero_DK
    Hero_DK 15 hours ago

    love your vids and the quarlity!!! keep it up bro

  • Kedi Hırsızı
    Kedi Hırsızı Day ago

    Okay the paradox is that we started war long time ago and everyone tried to protect theirselves everyone created war machines guns etc the day that the war started is the day that we got into a paradox because we need to create guns to protect ourselves from other bad people even if they stop being bad we won't be able to trust so we will have to upgrade our defense more and more and they will too because of we upgrade our defenses they will think we are bad people too and that's the paradox the war will never end because it started once

  • sekret 13
    sekret 13 Day ago

    What the hell?! Russia don't attack Ukraine!!

  • Cweikabjo
    Cweikabjo Day ago

    Biz 15 temmuz da vereceğimiz cevabı verdik

  • MrPapamaci88
    MrPapamaci88 2 days ago

    As long as people say "NO U" war will never end.

  • Аделия Манафова

    сейчас не идет война с применением оружия. сейчас идёт информационная война. даже смотря это видео, сколько было отсылок к агрессии со стороны России? хотя по-моему Россия проявляет агрессию только в сторону своего собственного народа

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 2 days ago

    War, war never changes......

  • Советская Финикия

    I hate this video 👎

  • Thoy
    Thoy 3 days ago

    Why the Headline is always German and the video is in Englisch?

  • Tortik
    Tortik 3 days ago

    Russia is not at war with Ukraine...

  • Bandziorski
    Bandziorski 3 days ago

    i' m not russian, but RUSSIA DIDN' T INVADED UKRAINE!

  • Ryan Boi
    Ryan Boi 4 days ago

    By the sound of it England will be having their next civil war.

    This time over Brexit.

  • MrUnseen
    MrUnseen 5 days ago

    Peace and democracy!

  • Texas Citzen
    Texas Citzen 5 days ago

    60 % of people imposing their Will on 40 percent is not freedom or liberty.

  • Texas Citzen
    Texas Citzen 5 days ago

    Us civil war was worse than all wars combined. Most casualties.

  • Tseer
    Tseer 5 days ago +1

    War. War -never- changes.

  • Просто человек

    Im from Ukraine and its very terible

  • Josimar Lopes
    Josimar Lopes 6 days ago +1

    The more they control your mind, there's no need for war. The modern war is on company slavery, fast foods, poverty.

  • Dharrun Singh
    Dharrun Singh 7 days ago

    This actually unpredictable

    • Dharrun Singh
      Dharrun Singh 7 days ago

      Since there is still development for war materials. And war may occur between terrorism and non-terrorism countries.

  • bbbuster
    bbbuster 7 days ago

    WW3 will come, when over population and taxation force communist factions to revolt against the state, uniting as an international movement. We've already lost ethnical nations in the 1st world, we're doomed to be an ethnically 3rd world species as man is treated as cattle for economic goals.
    We need spiritual enlightenment

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou 7 days ago

    you are having a laugh of course FA else

  • agh it's a plane
    agh it's a plane 7 days ago

    Nah we all to busy playing minecraft hunger games 2

  • Johny Drummer
    Johny Drummer 8 days ago

    What about war between PewDiePie and T-Series?

  • Shozloch ShadR
    Shozloch ShadR 8 days ago

    note that this was published a while before trump was president of cuckland lmao

  • Amelie Kenchington
    Amelie Kenchington 8 days ago

    so war does change...

  • Manuqtix Manuqtix
    Manuqtix Manuqtix 9 days ago

    War never changes

  • Albert-man
    Albert-man 9 days ago +1

    0:35 and Yemen?

  • FyWhy
    FyWhy 10 days ago

    The only way humanity is able to progress is through war.

  • Czech Paratrooper
    Czech Paratrooper 10 days ago

    So capitalism is bad?
    Yeah, this channel is communist. Shame!🤦

  • bacorable
    bacorable 10 days ago

    da calm before da storm

  • RT Blogger
    RT Blogger 11 days ago

    Copy - paste of Harari's Sapiens book. However Harari does not separate Capitalism from Colonialism.

  • RT Blogger
    RT Blogger 11 days ago

    RUSSIANS WHAT?? Who told you Russians are invading to Ukraine? Please, just make scientiffic videos about Universe and stop bother with issues you don't really know.

  • Nishikata Sitohang
    Nishikata Sitohang 12 days ago

    Wait, Indonesia did a war againts Estonia?

  • 1000 subs, No video.
    1000 subs, No video. 12 days ago

    Guys, don’t discuss politics in these comments, in terrible, trust me,

  • Benjamin Roeser
    Benjamin Roeser 12 days ago

    This is a comment

  • Milan Rybka
    Milan Rybka 12 days ago +1

    who 2023 ?

  • tomthedon51
    tomthedon51 12 days ago

    so basically the only reason its good now because the world being a fucked up place was the norm for all of modern history. wow thanks

  • Kayra Toprak
    Kayra Toprak 12 days ago

    Democracies don't fight each other because they are the puppet of the same country. And there is not much war because there is no balance of powers. USA is managing all the wars. If they dont want then there is no war. But if they want then there is.

  • max playne
    max playne 12 days ago

    the only probable world war I'm seeing is related to Korean situation

  • Nitesh Raju
    Nitesh Raju 13 days ago +1

    Me and my sister always have war over the front seat of the car

  • Edinburgers Are Tasty
    Edinburgers Are Tasty 13 days ago +1

    Russia are staying quite quiet...

  • kevin marmelato
    kevin marmelato 13 days ago

    good video.thank you...

  • Athar Karim
    Athar Karim 13 days ago

    What about the war on Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq? Not every person in a country is a terrorist but still they are being killed. I disagree that war is ending. It's just not shown openly as a bad thing.

  • Tryston Kincannon
    Tryston Kincannon 13 days ago

    Sadly there will always be some kind of war.

  • Karl
    Karl 14 days ago

    No war will not end. This is human nature steming from the dawn of men. The first half of teh 20th cemtury was fascism, the second communism and socialism and now radical Islam and Rising China. Each generation jas it's own great evil. It is the millanial generation that is ignorant of the evil nature of man and the delusion of "lasting peace" There is never peace for humanity. There is only near perfection but NEVER perfection. We are all envious, jealous, seekers of evil power.
    There is there is the possibility of the Middle east being the center conflict in the future war. I am talking about Sunni vs Shias conflict or Saudi arabia vs Iran. The saudis backed by the US and western countries and Iran by Russia, China and Turquey.
    Of course the world has gotten better but major war is not ending.

  • Solarchos
    Solarchos 14 days ago

    Nope. Never. There will always be war in some form or another. As long as aggression, envy, hatred, and scarcity exists, then violence will always follow. Wars may be less lethal NOW, but that can easily change when the tools and/or conditions change.

  • Jakub Bláha
    Jakub Bláha 14 days ago

  • JMR
    JMR 14 days ago

    This is kinda boring...
    *Goes playing Battlefield again*

  • JMR
    JMR 14 days ago

    This is kinda boring...
    *Goes playing Battlefield again*

  • Norton Gartino
    Norton Gartino 14 days ago


  • Tien Dung Nguyen
    Tien Dung Nguyen 14 days ago

    Nice music :))

  • Sorin Doban
    Sorin Doban 14 days ago

    The romanian flag appeared first at 3:12 yay

  • Wyvern Apalis
    Wyvern Apalis 14 days ago

    America: no war? *laughs*

  • TheRealZekiah Blanco
    TheRealZekiah Blanco 14 days ago

    I never saw a war that when you die you quickly become a Skelton

  • seacucumberable
    seacucumberable 15 days ago +1

    War is not over - but it is less necessary. :)

  • RED mind
    RED mind 15 days ago

    Hahahaha! ! Who mad this video don't know anything about what kind of war is happening now , people die in a dark room where no one can see them because they can speak and say things that the world will be shocked by it 😦

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 15 days ago

    Russia isn't invading Ukraine... Ukraines president doesn't wanna loose power so he is starting a war so he wants to start a war so elections can't take place

  • Josif Vissarionovich
    Josif Vissarionovich 15 days ago

    War is not Ower. When USA run out from weapons buyers they will make something up.

  • Redone
    Redone 15 days ago

    If one wants peace, prepare for war. Were only human.

  • Dr. Fidel Ulin-Montejo Consultor

    And México? I'M MEXICAN

  • Zeke2p9
    Zeke2p9 16 days ago

    When you and your enemy pause the game for the longest time is history.

    History of the Koreas.

  • Z 7IEDA
    Z 7IEDA 16 days ago

    Wars for resources will be the new the goal here is to become self-sustainable.

  • Abhishek A R
    Abhishek A R 16 days ago +1

    Really loved the page and that voice's body because of it ....

  • 롤케익
    롤케익 16 days ago

    North Korea

  • Muhammad Suzairi
    Muhammad Suzairi 16 days ago +1

    War will never stop because the dam criminal they keep having war

  • Wise Ekrem Selim
    Wise Ekrem Selim 16 days ago

    War will never end untill war endustry is shot down

  • Jeremy Dirr
    Jeremy Dirr 17 days ago

    Who the fuck downvotes this video?
    Concise, informative, positive, optimistic, truthful, well-made, points easily demonstrated, great visuals, and that awesome narrator voice. What's there to dislike?

  • G Dhammo
    G Dhammo 17 days ago

    What a brilliant title:) the idea of even beginning with a gut instinct, balls to the wall question like that will spread like wildfire. I hope you have an idea of what you just did, or not whatever, anyway it works, so keep pumping pieces like that out there and people will more than likely believe it.

  • Pratgaming DERDEN
    Pratgaming DERDEN 17 days ago

    Ime Belguim

  • Egorence
    Egorence 17 days ago

    The problem is "Little man"

  • Joe Jug
    Joe Jug 18 days ago


  • Xcorefire 34
    Xcorefire 34 18 days ago

    Maybe if you think 🤔 nukes aren’t nessicarly a bad thing

    LOGofANIME 18 days ago

    I feel this topic should be revisited in a new video with all the shit thats been going down in 2018.

  • thesupergreenjudy
    thesupergreenjudy 18 days ago

    Any time looks peaceful compared to WW1 and 2. The last 70 or so years have literally only been a blip in time. No reason why this couldn't change again. It's not just about the amount of dead people that make a world a better/worse place to live in.

  • BlueFedora
    BlueFedora 18 days ago

    Lol this channel, I would like to make the same video this year.

  • I SEE!
    I SEE! 19 days ago

    I love democracy

  • Sohom Chatterjee
    Sohom Chatterjee 19 days ago

    We don't have all out war cause we're afraid of loosing it......

  • wsaucey 1
    wsaucey 1 19 days ago

    War didn't ended. It has just changed.

  • Tobias Taylor
    Tobias Taylor 19 days ago


  • V Balázs
    V Balázs 19 days ago

    Woow perfect video dude.😀

  • Zmachine
    Zmachine 19 days ago


  • thomas Jørgensen
    thomas Jørgensen 19 days ago

    most of africa diamond trade is stil on British hands today.The colonialism ghost and after effects is still there

  • pranav kombe
    pranav kombe 19 days ago

    end England is so shameless
    it's not giving Kohinoor diamond back to INDIA until now

  • KZProX Entus
    KZProX Entus 19 days ago

    The war never ends
    The battlefield just changes

  • david sabillon
    david sabillon 19 days ago

    I hope it's true but I think man will find a reason for war. The thing is that we now have a way to kill all humans with nukes.

  • Flakeleey
    Flakeleey 20 days ago +1

    This has restored my faith in humanity! :)

  • Gerbils4Life
    Gerbils4Life 20 days ago

    You KNOW Humanity Is Getting Better When Kurzgesagt Makes A Video Not About the Depressing and Inevitable End of Everything!

  • Adam Delonge
    Adam Delonge 20 days ago

    Congo was first the private property of King Leopold II ( Congo Vrijstaat).

  • Proud Kamerade
    Proud Kamerade 20 days ago

    We need more war!

    • Konayo
      Konayo 19 days ago

      Are you fucking stupid?

  • Carter Chambers
    Carter Chambers 21 day ago

    Israeli's and Palestinian's aren't "slugging it out," one is partaking in active genocide of the other

  • TheDropdeadZed
    TheDropdeadZed 21 day ago

    "Acts of aggression are illegal under international law"
    US: new phone who dis

  • Mr. Orange
    Mr. Orange 22 days ago +3

    4:47 *Who wants cupcakes?*

  • DeadGuests
    DeadGuests 23 days ago

    *”I’m a HORRIBLE human being. Look me up after watching the video!*

  • Arseny Semin
    Arseny Semin 25 days ago

    it's hard to hear when Kurzgesagt says the Russians are attacking Ukraine. most of the younger generation of my fellow citizens do not support this aggression.

    • Konayo
      Konayo 19 days ago

      It's really horrible - especially regarding the happening this sunday.

  • Phaire Couchpotato
    Phaire Couchpotato 25 days ago +1

    Major wars don't happen anymore between major world powers because of nuclear bombs. If we took away all nuclear bombs on the planet expect WW3 to break out that second.
    Also globalism is a horrible thing that do NOT work, just look at Europe and you'll see how shit it has become over the past 10 years


    *I guarantee you war will never end*

  • thisisanalt
    thisisanalt 26 days ago

    The real reason we have no massive scale wars anymore is because one superpower came out triumphant in the coldwar and rules as hedgemon with an alliance made up of the ten next most powerful countries, all of which have American bases in them. No, we didn't outgrow war, we are not more enlightened (how can anyone possibly be so arrogant?), we're living in the shadow of a global empire that rules through both hard and soft power whose hedgemonic rule is slowly, shakily, coming to an end. We won't have another globe spanning hedgemon like the United States, or the British Empire ever again and thank God for it. It will mean more wars in the future, but I would honestly rather that than soulless rule as vassal to someone else's empire, no matter how 'good' it is.
    Another point: Definition games are fun, but civil wars and 'regional conflicts' are still wars. This is the no-true-scotsman fallacy applied to concepts rather than people, a bit like saying 'democracies don't declare wars on eachother' and then stating that every cited example of democracies or democratically elected governments that declared war on eachother 'weren't real democracies' either. Its insulting and condescending. Wars happen even today and will happen again in the future and always will, its a reality of Human Nature and the only thing that will stop it is a globe spanning empire that enforces peace through force. A bit like what the Globalist movement is attempting to create out of naive idealism that will inevitably end in disaster because it ignores human tribalism, both its good and bad aspects and will provoke rebellion and conflict at the base level never mind wider scale rebellions with ideological motivations.
    Because Humans. Don't. Change. Not ever. And no amount of ideological quackery of philosophical handwaving is going to result in human nature itself being changed. It this upsets you, then I am sorry, you should really toughen up your mindset and see the beauty and goodness are worth fighting, dying, and yes, killing for. Evil exists, it exists in all of us to some extent, even the best of us and war is a consequence of the reality of evil. Its why you can get wars like WW1 where no side was truly the 'bad guy' but all sides committed horrific atrocities, and why you get wars like WWII where one side is almost comedically evil, but the 'good guys' still get the show started on mass firebombing and terrorbombing civilian targets and unleashing ungodly weapons like nukes. War doesn't make us evil, we make war because we're evil, and the sooner everyone starts to accept that, the sooner we can get back to reality based politics and actually start making real progress again rather than just coasting on the momentum of the last two centuries.
    Note: Also, bold of you to assume Colonialism has ended. I mean thats basically what China is doing to Africa right now.

  • Dr Jordan
    Dr Jordan 26 days ago

    The world didn't achieve peace ,simply its controlled Mostly by a single power ,the usa, wich does whatever it wants , a dictatorship disguised as a democracy, doing whatever is needed to stay this way, proxy wars,assassinations, controlling countries economies,declaring econmic sanctions on so called. Rogue nations,rtc,,,,, and now Russia is on the track of becoming a superpower again,the return of the cold war wich could become hot at ant minute

  • Agathius
    Agathius 26 days ago

    Imagine outrulling a possibility of war at a time when global resources are comming to a standstill and when humans will likely not be able to colonise other planets and gather resources from them before Earth's basic resources, such as drinkable and usable water run out

  • Alan Adam
    Alan Adam 26 days ago

    I don't know about it... What I know is that war about me and my friend will never end cuz we calling each other gay