Is War Over? - A Paradox Explained

  • Published on Oct 9, 2014
  • We live in the most peaceful time in human history. Wait, what? Seriously? That can't be right, there are more wars than ever! Well, no and they're killing fewer and fewer people, even though the world population is at an all-time high...and the numbers prove it! We explain how we came to this conclusion, and why war might... go away.
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    Why War is Killing Less of Us Than Ever - a Paradox Explained
    Justin Degenaars, Andrew Jagasothy, Russell Common, jordan gardner, Derek Loa, Christopher Lang, Chris Kitching, Jeff Le, Devir Islas, Andrew Connor, Francesca Monteiro, Duncan Cheong, Derek, Kyle Chapman, Ryan Le, Scott Zell, Ben Nunan, DragonVoyd, Tanya Smirnova, Patrick Eyrich, J.J., Chris Linardos, Tony Morley, Moe Levin, Pholpat Durongbhan, Raphael, Caroline Andrewes, Alex Kaplan, KokLiang Lim, Thomas Borg, trefmanic, Adam Smith, Dean Herbert, Giovanna Cardoso, Adam Primaeros, Rory Bennett, Gaëtan Duvaux, Ghitea Andrei Paul, Larry Bunyard, Sebastian Laiseca, Andrzej Rejman, Kevin Yapaola, Alexander Heavens, Dario Pagnia, Sara Shah, Eduardo Barbosa, Jeroen Koerts, Fabricio Godoy, Charles Kuang, Maximilian Ritter, Yousif, Jesse Powell, Eliud Vasquez, Igor Benicio de Mesquita, Siddharth Bajaj, Greeny Liu, Tibor Schiemann, dante harper, Bünyamin Tetik, Joe Pond, Stephen Morse, Dario „liquid TLO“ Wünsch, Matthew Macomber, Ziggy Freed, Chase Gotlieb, Alejandro Liechty, David Davenport-Firth, Michael Ren, Peter Schuller, tBinger, Brandy Alexander, Alexander Kosenkov, Scott Laing, Gizem Gürkan, George Chearswat, oscar gautama, Bruno Araújo, Pascal B., Eric, Carlos Bohorquez, Christian Lyster Blæsbjerg, Brandon Liu, David Harbinson, Rikard Nyberg, Tim, Justin T., Florian Guitton, Ajay Shekhar, Martin, Ryan Nai, Daniel OCL, Eugene Cham, David Garcia Quintas, Renaud Savignard, Heemi Kutia, Valerie Brunet, somersault18:24, Javier de la Garza, Peter Žnuderl, Randy Knapp, Benoît Graham, Jeff Churchill, Jonathan Velazquez Gore, Daniel, Roman Zolotorevich, Pol Lutgen, Seona Tea, Daniel Fuchs, Thomas Lee, Finn Edwards & Thanks to Maximilian Heitsch for the help with thumbnail and titel!
    Sources used for this video:
    Steven Pinker: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined (book)

    Why War is Killing Less of Us Than Ever - a Paradox Explained
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    • Wolf Gamer
      Wolf Gamer 4 days ago

      I have a question in 1:46 why is malaysian Borneo is floating

    • IAmDaniel Gymnastics
      IAmDaniel Gymnastics 8 days ago

      Ken no ur not lol

    • fafa
      fafa 9 days ago +1

      I love all the design Kurzgesagt was made. They're incredibly beautiful!

    • Ken
      Ken 9 days ago +2

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I feel special being the only person to like this and comment on it

  • Mrblondezilla The great

    In my mind a nuclear war is very unlikely if anyone nukes anyone (especially the US) everyone will probably die anyone with a brain in their head knows this so I feel most countries probably will judge to not use them the closest we got was in the Cold War after that however both US and Soviet Union agreed to limit nuclear weapons

  • Luis Leal
    Luis Leal 14 hours ago

    (if you want it)

  • riwdyr rowdy
    riwdyr rowdy Day ago

    Definitely no. If you hear about the story of two Prophet Adam's sons, it will pass down through generations until Day of Judgement.

  • I Don't Care
    I Don't Care Day ago

    That background music sounds like the Metal Gear Solid theme

  • TrashAnimates
    TrashAnimates Day ago

    Well we can all agree that communism is evil

  • Ultra Crap
    Ultra Crap Day ago

    Hope for humanity

  • Allan Linton
    Allan Linton Day ago

    I got an ad to be a communist before the video started

  • MitsssPlayz yeah
    MitsssPlayz yeah 2 days ago

    To be honest wouldn't the lack of war lessen human advancements? Since war is the key that thrive humanity to keep progressing in order to survive, so wouldn't this so called "peace" bad for us if this keeps on going?

  • Guy
    Guy 2 days ago

    I really can’t imagine 2 first world countries ever fighting each other again. I don’t think it will happen.

  • ocelot48gaming
    ocelot48gaming 2 days ago +1

    This is not a civil war in Ukraine!!!
    russia invaded us!!!!!!

  • jodysin7
    jodysin7 2 days ago

    I live in a representation republic, not a democracy.

  • André Rebola
    André Rebola 2 days ago

    Wait until the overpopulation and u Will see the worst war Ever... Bullets will be cheaper than Rice, everybody will kill for food, for house etc

  • En gray
    En gray 2 days ago

    Do a History on the War at Korea.

  • Jacob Sebek
    Jacob Sebek 2 days ago

    3:20 - Upside down czech flag ;)

  • trinity nuggets
    trinity nuggets 2 days ago +1

    Fucl this video and war

  • MangoMan Power
    MangoMan Power 2 days ago

    0:51 north korea is going to war against human rights against 25M people

  • Omar omre
    Omar omre 3 days ago

    Damai itu indah-Allahumma sholli ala Muhammad...alawiyah thayyeb

  • LosingLuke
    LosingLuke 3 days ago

    I’m getting an advanced wars days of ruin vibe

  • Nicolás _
    Nicolás _ 3 days ago

    3:18 those are not the right colors in the chilean flag, just saying...

  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

    all of these videos make me want to live forever

  • Maanya Shukla
    Maanya Shukla 3 days ago +2

    Looks at Syria.

  • Serat Aftab
    Serat Aftab 4 days ago


  • Dragma90
    Dragma90 4 days ago +3

    Leopold's defamation needs to end. The brutality in the Congo was committed by the Congolese themselves. There weren't enough Belgians in the country to either commit or prevent the violence on that scale.

  • Trevor Klinton
    Trevor Klinton 4 days ago

    Казалось бы, причём тут Украина?

  • Morrius07
    Morrius07 4 days ago

    My friends, I like war...

    No, friends, I love war!

    I love holocausts.

    I love blitzkriegs.

    I love defensive lines.

    I love sieges, charges, I love mop-up operations, and retreats.

    Wars across prairies, in streets, in trenches, in grasslands, in frozen tundras, through deserts, on the sea, in the air, I love every act of war that can occur upon this earth.

    I love blasting the enemy to smithereens with artillery salvos that thunder across the lines of battle.

    My heart leaps with joy whenever a soldier is tossed high into the air and cut to pieces by well placed sniper rounds. And there is nothing like a tank operator using a Tiger acht acht (88) to destroy enemy tanks. And the feeling that comes when a soldier runs screaming from his blazing tank only to be mowed down by heavy machine gun fire, is such an exquisite feeling. Like when ranks of infantry brandish their bayonets rushing into the enemy line. It moves me deep within my heart to watch a fresh recruit stabbing over and over into the bloated chest of a long-dead enemy.

    The sight of deserters being strung up from a street lamp is an irresistible pleasure. And there is nothing more arousing, than the sounds made by prisoners of war dropping like flies, screaming in agony as they're mowed down by ear piercing schmeissers!

    When a band of pitiful resistance fighters makes their final stand with nothing but small arms, only to have their city smashed to atoms block by block by 4.8 ton bombshells, (tone suddenly softens) I'm in ecstasy.

    I love it when my forces are ravaged by a Russian armored division. It's so sad to see towns and villages that were supposed to be defended at all costs, being laid to waste, their women and children being raped, and killed.

    I love to be squashed under the heel of the British and American war machines. The humiliation, as my men crawl around like vermin, ducking the jagdbombers flying overhead.

    Gentlemen... All I ask for is war, a war so grand as to make Hell itself tremble. Gentlemen, I ask you as fellow brothers in arms, what is it that you really want? Do you wish for further war as I do? (Voice begins to raise) Do you wish for a merciless, bloody war? A war whose fury is built with iron, and lightning, and fire? (Dramatically raises voice) Do you ask for war to sweep in like a tempest, leaving not even ravens to scavenge, from this Earth!?

    (The soldiers begin shouting/chanting "Krieg" meaning "War")
    ...Very well. Then krieg is what you shall have. We are a clenched fist, ready to strike down all who oppose us, with our might.

    But... After enduring over half a century wallowing in the darkness, for us, a simple "ordinary" war will no longer be sufficient.

    (Raises voice) We need a MASSIVE war! A war beyond any other that man's history has ever known!

    We are but a single battalion... The remnants of a defeated army numbering less than a thousand strong. However, I believe that each of you old warriors is equal to a thousand of their sickly soft children! We represent a force that could easily defeat an army of a million and one men!

    It is time for them to awake the ones who sent us screaming into oblivion, and who now lie sleeping. Let's drag them out of bed by the hair, and remind them of what we are! We will remind them of what it feels like to live in fear. We will remind them of the sound our jackboots make against their throats.

    (Cuts to scene of Alexander Anderson looking up at Millenium's Zeppelin and the blood-red moon, before fading back to The Major)
    We will remind them, that there are more things between Heaven and Hell than are dreamt of in their philosophy.

    (Cuts to soldiers shouting "It's Europe! We see the lights of Europe!" while looking out at scene below, and then meeting of Hellsing and Integra, before cutting back to The Major)
    Our Kampfgruppe of one thousand vampires is going to burn this world down to ash.

    (Cuts to window scene)
    Yes, my friends! Soon, Europe's charred remains will illuminate the night sky!

    (Cuts to window with Seras and Pip)
    I have brought you all back just as I promised I would. Back to our favorite battlefield. Back to our beloved war!

    (The Letzes Battalion hail the Major as their Battalion Commander.)
    ...At last, the sea lion has crossed the ocean and is heading up the hill. Attention, all soldiers of the Millennium Battalion! This is a message from your commander.

    …Friends... let’s bring them hell.

  • F Fh
    F Fh 4 days ago

    Not yet, we still need that crusade we've been talking about

  • Mehmet Efe Tokgöz
    Mehmet Efe Tokgöz 4 days ago

    pls no more war just sit your asses down be and go space you cunts

  • Oran Creagh
    Oran Creagh 4 days ago

    Managed to go the entire video without mentioning nukes

  • Max Barham
    Max Barham 4 days ago

    Country leader: next person to start a war has big gay
    *war rate drops to 0%*

  • LeHarfang
    LeHarfang 4 days ago

    Not even one single mention of the mutual destruction that technologies like atomic bombs would bring?

  • Flu vaccine 777999
    Flu vaccine 777999 4 days ago

    Video next to this is An AC-130 angel of death video.

  • vava EXE
    vava EXE 4 days ago



  • Abyan Hafiz
    Abyan Hafiz 5 days ago

    ok at least the goverment is doing their homework

  • Akihiko Hayashi
    Akihiko Hayashi 5 days ago +1

    War is different now. People sometimes don’t look at the war on LGBT people as a war because they aren’t LGBT. The Black Lives Matter cat doesn’t have as much of an effect of Asians because Asians aren’t black. The issue is relating to those who are suffering. Until we can connect with the starving kids in Syria we will forever be at war with ourselves

  • The Jolly Kangaroo
    The Jolly Kangaroo 5 days ago

    Hopefully I won't be around to see world peace.

  • Honey Cat
    Honey Cat 5 days ago


  • Spartan 1347
    Spartan 1347 6 days ago

    Its because of nuke even tactical nuke is worse.
    But what happens when heavens arrow falls on us ?
    Answer is never allow orbital weapon

  • Joe900x
    Joe900x 6 days ago

    5 years old and the politics already seem strange.

  • Stefan Savic
    Stefan Savic 6 days ago

    International Criminal Court is a joke

  • Don Lucchese
    Don Lucchese 6 days ago

    I guess that Dr. Evil was not in vain raised by the evil Belgians.

  • megasaurs robot 12
    megasaurs robot 12 7 days ago

    War is a Conflict,war may leave but conflict will forever stay.

  • randomDS
    randomDS 7 days ago

    And then comes bigboi kim and sends nudes to trump and everyones angry. And dead.

  • The Dark Void
    The Dark Void 7 days ago +2

    At least ISIS is screwed now

  • Mohammed Elmouhsine
    Mohammed Elmouhsine 8 days ago

    did i just a watch a In a Nutshell video without getting an existential crisis?

  • Dane O'Farrell
    Dane O'Farrell 8 days ago

    Finally, a Kurzgesagt video that didn’t scare the pants off me

  • Patrick Milewski
    Patrick Milewski 8 days ago

    Ww3: hold my beer.

  • Joshua Rizlan
    Joshua Rizlan 8 days ago

    The melody at the ends sounded so Chinese

  • Flake28
    Flake28 8 days ago +2

    War is changing. It's not over, it's just very very different. It's less about blowing each other up and more about controlling people.

  • Martin Garcia
    Martin Garcia 9 days ago

    ehhh, 4 years ago this was optimistic, but the conflict in Ukraine isnt over yet.
    and more countries are trading in democracy for their local alternatives.

  • Zachary Clifford
    Zachary Clifford 9 days ago

    1:51 Why is New Zealand listed as a colonial occupied country and Australia is not? Our constitution is an act of British parliament and we are therefore a colony. Our government has yet to stop the oppression of the native people... so why are grayed out?

  • Cleyson Lacerda
    Cleyson Lacerda 9 days ago

    War, war never changes.

  • barak Mental
    barak Mental 9 days ago

    i wish that's was right about my country (Israel) we always in war with our "neighbors" countries.

  • Ashtonian Gaming
    Ashtonian Gaming 9 days ago

    5: Nuclear weapons

  • 대장
    대장 10 days ago +7

    Actually, I 'm korean in South Korea . But our people don't think that the war is completely over. Because North Korea is aiming enormous missiles to our country. ..😨😖. BECAUSE OF DICDACTOR KIM JEOUNG EUN .😡🤬🤬🤬

    • 대장
      대장 4 days ago

      +Lord Do.No. It is not easy to get rid of Nk's missiles. KIN JEOUNG EUN is dictactor , not a rational person . His family's first priority is their safety . IN this situation sk and usa will not easy to get rid of missile if nk think they will be dangerous .Sk and Usa do not have lots of things to lead nk missile discard. And I think , to maintain peace we should get balance of force. So we are doing millitary drill together . We are doing only very necesarry things to protect our country. We are not provoking nk . Whereas Nk killed our soldiers which called Cheonan disaster few years ago . We required only nk missile discard . IF they do it , we promise economic support .

    • 대장
      대장 4 days ago

      +Lord Do.No. Because

    • Lord Do.No.
      Lord Do.No. 9 days ago

      but sk and his master US keep provoke NK right? just the moment of peace seems to built,, they start to join army training to provoke NK, why for? just dont get it..

  • Piracucu
    Piracucu 10 days ago

    this channel makes me feel like my brain isnt dead anymore haha

  • 3eye Guy
    3eye Guy 10 days ago

    Fuck USA

  • OAT351
    OAT351 10 days ago

    Nuclear weapons may have prevented "hot" wars between superpowers, but economic warfare is still happening.
    Russia used America's own social networks to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. They also interfered with the Brexit vote in England.
    China is using the Belt and Road Initiative to swing influence over dozens of nations formerly aligned with the West. They are financing and building major infrastructure projects all over the globe, and when the host nation can't pay its bills, the Chinese seize territory.
    Same thing is true in the South China Sea. The world is stupidly sitting on its collective hands while China builds military posts throughout the world's busiest shipping channel. What happens when they decide to deny access to it? Only the United States, and to a lesser extent, Australia and Japan, are standing up to the Chinese. There is going to come a time when America calls their bluff, and China is either going to have to risk a full-scale war, or back down completely. Will the authoritative central government in China have the sense to use diplomacy rather than violence?

  • JUminator
    JUminator 11 days ago

    This world is doomed and war and death will come

  • Bruno Di Cola
    Bruno Di Cola 11 days ago

    I wish. Perhaps this could be the case in an ideal world of everlasting economic growth. They seem to be forgetting/ignoring the incoming depletion of natural resources as well as overpopulation crisis and climatic change. Those issues could easily take democracy apart. And then again, war.
    At the moment, for most humans death by war has just been paused.

  • EnderWin
    EnderWin 12 days ago

    War, War never changes

  • Jake L
    Jake L 12 days ago

    "most peaceful period in human history"
    For 90% of human history, humans were hunter-gatherers. Not sure how violent we were back then but there wasn't war.

  • The Shacks
    The Shacks 12 days ago

    Slug it out when he describes the colonization of Palestine lol. Nice use of language

  • Martin Pierce
    Martin Pierce 12 days ago

    I think you're confusing 'peace' with 'quiet'.

  • EveryTimeV2
    EveryTimeV2 12 days ago

    War is absolutely in our future. But also absolutely not.
    Who knows? I'd rather that war didn't happen. I'd rather a lot of things, really. Wouldn't it be amazing, if you could get what you wanted, with no cost? Of course it fucking would. But even among the most idealistic ever that isn't happening.

  • infamous4141
    infamous4141 12 days ago

    Why is so hard to say your ABC and not sing the song while doing it?

  • Riley Stone
    Riley Stone 13 days ago

    *new oil is discovered*
    America : Hold my beer.

  • Lift us Up
    Lift us Up 13 days ago

    Maybe you should have a deeper look at all the proxy wars happening. Just because wars have changed their form doesnt mean that they aren't happening. My country alone has suffered millions of deaths due to America's war on terror. And I cant even imagine the situation of mideast.

  • T. Stimmell
    T. Stimmell 13 days ago

    You should update this video. Nationalism and economic protectionism seems to be on the rise in the early 21st century.

  • Ignacio Gomez Duran
    Ignacio Gomez Duran 13 days ago

    Are those soldiers and tanks pictures a motherfucking reference to Advance Wars? :0

  • TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha
    TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha 13 days ago

    This Videos make also the World better ❤️🤗

  • Sly Cullen
    Sly Cullen 13 days ago

    Send this to all the commies you know...

  • Hamza Taha
    Hamza Taha 13 days ago +4

    Then I will start a Third World War! Thank Kurzgesagt (:

  • ImmortalTyrant2
    ImmortalTyrant2 13 days ago

    Civil war in Northern Ireland is probable.

  • Slava Kovtun
    Slava Kovtun 13 days ago +3

    russia has always been lie and despicable

    • OAT351
      OAT351 10 days ago +3

      The people of Russia are good people. Unfortunately, they only seem happy under the jack boot of an authoritarian leader. The czars, the Communists, and now Putin and his oligarchs. Unless they're being subjugated by a fascist leader they are unhappy. I guess some people are just scared of being in control of their own lives.

  • Макс
    Макс 14 days ago

    Россия нападает на Украину? Мммм.. Что?

  • Ryan The bomb
    Ryan The bomb 14 days ago

    If that one guy didn’t throw the stone at the other guy we wouldn’t be having this conversation

  • Mauricio Diaz
    Mauricio Diaz 14 days ago

    Why Mexico? Because of the drug cartels?

  • Rodina Nevrla
    Rodina Nevrla 15 days ago

    3:20 you got czech flag bad

  • Dmitriy Voloshin
    Dmitriy Voloshin 15 days ago

    It's so naive video, expected more from you

  • I Don't Know What I'm Talking About

    This is one of the most important concepts I've ever seen on a USclip video.

  • Maximiliano Quintanilla

    Y porque no nombro a estados unidos al principio del vídeo? Lol gringos de Mierda, se nota a kilómetros la influencia del vídeo.

  • Michael Fernandez
    Michael Fernandez 16 days ago

    im sorry to tell you but you have 3:20 czech flag wrong

  • Anti Peanut
    Anti Peanut 17 days ago +6

    I feel bad for Africans. They've been suffering for years on end and even if some conflicts have ended, there are still a myriad of other battles going on incessantly. *AFRICA DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS*. I'm not saying other nations deserve to go to war, but can we just pay respect for the estimated 10,000,000 Congolese people who died to that wretched pig? And can we pray that fighting ends in not just Africa, but everywhere?

  • Sling Shot
    Sling Shot 18 days ago

    Not a single mention of those profiting from the wars. Incomplete.

  • Mustafa Fasil
    Mustafa Fasil 18 days ago

    This vid is wrong for one reason. In fact, we still have wars, proxy ones, because nations are just scared of nukes.

  • Leslie Williams
    Leslie Williams 18 days ago

    War in the information/automation era is the siphoning of taxpayers money by billionaire oligarchs, using it to fund, corrupt and destabilize our democratic institutions, now I'm not sure whether or not their reasonings are good or bad (entirely subjective anyway), but it's a new kind of war where at the end, there could be no government left at all. Average people vs average people, fighting to survive in a future where jobs are automated and people lose all sense of meaning, civil war will break out whilst the rich build their own way of life through new-age technology without the need for other humans to even lift a finger.

  • Sekko Tokko
    Sekko Tokko 18 days ago

    War has changed.
    It's no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines.
    War--and it's consumption of life--has become a well-oiled machine.
    War has changed.
    ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons, use ID-tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities.
    Genetic control, information control, emotion control, battlefield control…everything is monitored and kept under control.
    War…has changed.
    The age of deterrence has become the age of control, all in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction, and he who controls the battlefield, controls history.
    War…has changed.
    When the battlefield is under total control, war becomes routine.
    - Old Snake

  • Dinostorm 55
    Dinostorm 55 18 days ago

    the hague is rigged and the geneva convention is also rigged

  • Gustavo Gianotti
    Gustavo Gianotti 19 days ago

    commerce is the main reason!

  • julliu cesar
    julliu cesar 19 days ago

    war war never changes

    TREE MAN 19 days ago +1

    There's war going on in the media. Look at the comments of USclip. Lets face it, we can all be salty assholes to each other, hating others for who they are, thinking selfishly of themsleves. I myself can sometimes be an asshole to other people in the internet. It brings others down. I dont care how hard you may insult me right now but its just proving my point. Why not reason things out? Why not work together? Instead of being divided?

  • Walking Water
    Walking Water 19 days ago

    what about the war with the alien scum

  • Col.Glover 413
    Col.Glover 413 20 days ago

    Go watch Kent Hovind ✝️

  • Col.Glover 413
    Col.Glover 413 20 days ago

    Jesus is the only way to heaven ✝️

  • GoodGuy Twister
    GoodGuy Twister 21 day ago

    No war is not over pewdiepie is Fight thing whit his 9yr old kid army to beat half of india and t series

  • Eli Hatamof
    Eli Hatamof 21 day ago

    רק הפלסטינים פוגעים בישראלים.
    הישראלים מעולם לא היו רעים לפלסטינאים.

  • AlissonSv2
    AlissonSv2 21 day ago

    I hate the lgbt{lot more letters} visual id - but i want a irl version of that tank.

  • ma kl
    ma kl 21 day ago

    3:19 you flipped the Czech flag (red down, white up)

  • StarzzDrak
    StarzzDrak 21 day ago

    3:19 can you explain me why the hell is czech flag upside down ? !