Is War Over? - A Paradox Explained

  • Published on Oct 9, 2014
  • We live in the most peaceful time in human history. Wait, what? Seriously? That can't be right, there are more wars than ever! Well, no and they're killing fewer and fewer people, even though the world population is at an all-time high...and the numbers prove it! We explain how we came to this conclusion, and why war might... go away.
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    Why War is Killing Less of Us Than Ever - a Paradox Explained
    Justin Degenaars, Andrew Jagasothy, Russell Common, jordan gardner, Derek Loa, Christopher Lang, Chris Kitching, Jeff Le, Devir Islas, Andrew Connor, Francesca Monteiro, Duncan Cheong, Derek, Kyle Chapman, Ryan Le, Scott Zell, Ben Nunan, DragonVoyd, Tanya Smirnova, Patrick Eyrich, J.J., Chris Linardos, Tony Morley, Moe Levin, Pholpat Durongbhan, Raphael, Caroline Andrewes, Alex Kaplan, KokLiang Lim, Thomas Borg, trefmanic, Adam Smith, Dean Herbert, Giovanna Cardoso, Adam Primaeros, Rory Bennett, Gaëtan Duvaux, Ghitea Andrei Paul, Larry Bunyard, Sebastian Laiseca, Andrzej Rejman, Kevin Yapaola, Alexander Heavens, Dario Pagnia, Sara Shah, Eduardo Barbosa, Jeroen Koerts, Fabricio Godoy, Charles Kuang, Maximilian Ritter, Yousif, Jesse Powell, Eliud Vasquez, Igor Benicio de Mesquita, Siddharth Bajaj, Greeny Liu, Tibor Schiemann, dante harper, Bünyamin Tetik, Joe Pond, Stephen Morse, Dario „liquid TLO“ Wünsch, Matthew Macomber, Ziggy Freed, Chase Gotlieb, Alejandro Liechty, David Davenport-Firth, Michael Ren, Peter Schuller, tBinger, Brandy Alexander, Alexander Kosenkov, Scott Laing, Gizem Gürkan, George Chearswat, oscar gautama, Bruno Araújo, Pascal B., Eric, Carlos Bohorquez, Christian Lyster Blæsbjerg, Brandon Liu, David Harbinson, Rikard Nyberg, Tim, Justin T., Florian Guitton, Ajay Shekhar, Martin, Ryan Nai, Daniel OCL, Eugene Cham, David Garcia Quintas, Renaud Savignard, Heemi Kutia, Valerie Brunet, somersault18:24, Javier de la Garza, Peter Žnuderl, Randy Knapp, Benoît Graham, Jeff Churchill, Jonathan Velazquez Gore, Daniel, Roman Zolotorevich, Pol Lutgen, Seona Tea, Daniel Fuchs, Thomas Lee, Finn Edwards & Thanks to Maximilian Heitsch for the help with thumbnail and titel!
    Sources used for this video:
    Steven Pinker: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined (book)

    Why War is Killing Less of Us Than Ever - a Paradox Explained
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    • The real not fake FBI
      The real not fake FBI 7 days ago

      “Half of the population was killed”
      Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be

    • Walison Garcia
      Walison Garcia Month ago

      I should say, not democracy, instead of that Libertarian ideas can give us more peace.

    • Sam Barrett
      Sam Barrett 2 months ago

      ISIS is dead now you might want to update this video

    • Emm Kay
      Emm Kay 2 months ago +1

      So given your announcement about the philosophy of Kurzgesagt, how do you feel about this video?

  • Oliver Hardy
    Oliver Hardy 13 hours ago

    3:19 Why is the Czech flag upsidedown?

  • Sandy Baggy
    Sandy Baggy 17 hours ago

    I appreciate your usual research and objectivity, but Russia did not invade Ukraine, Ukraine is still in the map, it would take less than a day to remove Ukraine off the map if Russia did invade Ukraine. There is a civil war raging in Ukraine, corruption and radicalism, you could say that Isis is ruling Ukraine at this point!
    How do I know? I dun no, maybe I'm from there and have couple hundred relatives and friends in Ukraine? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Please correct that!

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams 20 hours ago

    You know thus video is already pointless. It's like a volcano. Looks peaceful but deep down something glowing to burst. Edit: still liked the vid.

  • Денис
    Денис Day ago

    3:18 where is the Russian flag?:)

  • Trolleroskar
    Trolleroskar Day ago

    Everybody eilse: how? Hea the fuck???

  • BurakkuHishou
    BurakkuHishou 2 days ago

    For a time, we believed that a world war was going to start with North Korea. With China and Russia backing NK, if we were to attack them, then Russia and China would get involved. The thing was NK was a linchpin: If they stayed stable, then there was no war, if they decided to attack, that would've put the pressure on USA to either defend themselves or allies.

  • BurakkuHishou
    BurakkuHishou 2 days ago

    "We seem to be living in the most peaceful time in human history"
    Tank on screen is seen firing rainbows.
    'sees current state of things with people who fly those colors'...Yeah, that's not happening.

  • kasra Shabahang
    kasra Shabahang 2 days ago

    what about iran iraq war ?

  • emil merenheimo
    emil merenheimo 3 days ago

    War won't be over until humanity has another enemy to fight than itself

    ALBER PAJARES 3 days ago

    As simple as if you don't accept the peace terms we proceed to the destruction,..

  • Chibi Uchu
    Chibi Uchu 3 days ago

    War is never over between A the yin and yang clan in some roblox GAME or B between the anime lovers and hhaters.

  • NitroPlay
    NitroPlay 3 days ago

    Russia did not invade Ukraine. Ask a Ukrainian, it is propoganda by the news and the government. Every country has it, no exceptions.

  • Hat to a kitten
    Hat to a kitten 3 days ago

    what about war on drugs?

  • Hemang Agrawal
    Hemang Agrawal 3 days ago

    Love the baground music

  • Pungey
    Pungey 4 days ago +1

    maybe its better that war doesnt go away as it directly opposes overpopulation and overpopulation would lead to lack of resources

    however its debatable especially since theres lunatics with nuclear warheads (i.e kim jon un)

  • Lh Lh
    Lh Lh 4 days ago

    We cannot stop the war.

  • Ningen sama
    Ningen sama 4 days ago

    EUROPEANS (colonialists) are to be blamed for everything!!
    They killed millions and looted everything from us and now they live rich lives over others misery.
    They can never pay enough!
    What does this tell us?

  • Swagking Gameing
    Swagking Gameing 5 days ago

    We also learned that ww1 and ww2 killed around 120 million soldiers humans totally wanna have millions dead totally

  • Lol 347
    Lol 347 5 days ago

    Remember ww1 then you probably know where this is going

  • Richard Jamada
    Richard Jamada 5 days ago

    war will end

  • Brian Rivera
    Brian Rivera 5 days ago

    There where 40,000 gun deaths in the US last year. There's your war.

  • John Rhett Laureles
    John Rhett Laureles 5 days ago

    War is happeng in Internet.

  • John Rhett Laureles
    John Rhett Laureles 5 days ago

    War is not over.
    Your dont see it but its happening.
    Battles is in us or out side of are BODY.
    Did you get it.

  • Anti-Weeb x
    Anti-Weeb x 5 days ago

    War, War never changes

  • Zachary Kowalewsky
    Zachary Kowalewsky 6 days ago

    these laws are still broken Russian anthem intensifies

  • GreenTea23
    GreenTea23 6 days ago

    In times of peace, prepare for a major war

  • Dis a Bird
    Dis a Bird 6 days ago

    I’ve come form the future isis is DEAD

  • Arduino Uno
    Arduino Uno 6 days ago

    THE MUSIC 👌👌👌

  • Gfriend Buddyyy
    Gfriend Buddyyy 6 days ago +1

    "When most countries pledged to accept international borders."
    *china left the group*

  • Eduardo R'Oneil Jameau

    I'm so surprised that you guys didnt mention nuclear deterrence.

  • The Crimson Axe Axeflash

    I think that since we have more connection with other countries than ever, it's harder to just attack them. We used to communicate less, and other countries where more alienated. Now we're kind of like neighbors. Violent neighbors who kill eachother.

  • efe Karaca
    efe Karaca 7 days ago


  • Слава Славие

    This topic could be discussed for ever. The nature of war is changing, wars are not over and will be present for humans all the time. As for Russia, what conflict ia going on in Russia, except the elimintion of scum mussies allahu akbar shieet?

  • Kamil Biało
    Kamil Biało 8 days ago

    Its a silence before... big boom 😊

  • kami megurine
    kami megurine 8 days ago

    what was the incident that happend in mexico that took over 10,000 lives? I'm from mexico and don't remember any... or is it just the usual casualties due to insecurity that exists in mexico?

  • Jonas Mejer Pedersen

    1:01 cough american or spanish civil war cough

  • Gytis Bačanskis
    Gytis Bačanskis 8 days ago

    media has left the chat

  • Fjuanatas
    Fjuanatas 8 days ago

    Russia:Usa I declare War On You
    2 years later,400 Nukes Were Launched
    Philippines:I Join war
    Japan:I will join ww3
    Canada:us i will help you
    Germany:Invade Poland!!!!
    Congo:Dont KILL US
    AFRICA:we will join ww3
    Asia:In my contienent 1,234,000 people died
    S/America 250,000 died in me
    N/america:well im safe theres 234 people died in me
    Europe:I declare war On N/America



  • Fjuanatas
    Fjuanatas 8 days ago

    China:philippines!!! Give me pag-asa island.
    Japan:Leave Him alone!!!!
    Usa:i will protect you philippines
    Philippines:Thanks Launch The Missles
    1 year Later 250,000 Died Philippines and Usa are bombing china

  • Ivan Vranic
    Ivan Vranic 10 days ago +1

    Unbelievable to use word WAR and never mention USA in this brainwashed video. Very cute fairytale

  • Max Steel
    Max Steel 11 days ago +1

    *"Vulture Capitalism is better than colonialism"? No. No it's Not. The fact is that almost no country on this planet keeps statistics on the deaths of homeless people AT ALL. And those that do only give vague estimates which are not accurate and lean toward reflecting their countriy's modernity so those stats are BIASED. The truth is that colonialsim still exists and the death toll is in the MILLIONS if it hasn't hit a BILLION already.*

  • Andy Frost
    Andy Frost 11 days ago

    There is plenty left to fight about. As long as global disparity exists there will always be another war. As long as countries wrong others there will always be another war. Until we learn the value of the collective we will always fight and people will always die.

    • Andy Frost
      Andy Frost 11 days ago

      There is value in democracy but until we learn the value of one another we will only achieve compartmentalized peace.

  • tj bluejay
    tj bluejay 12 days ago

    But war never changes

  • StavroGavro
    StavroGavro 12 days ago

    This video is a joke. In all honesty, keep it at science, not politics, since you, kurzgesagt have no actual idea what is going on, on earth, or, you are a sponsored company by CBS/Bilderberg.
    Since 2014, we are in an open WW3, and till today, it didnt stop. 5 years since this release, but the war is just getting hotter.

  • Zeljko Komlenovic
    Zeljko Komlenovic 12 days ago +2

    Of corse America is yust perfect and it will never start a war. 😑

  • Top Snoop
    Top Snoop 12 days ago

    I'm from Israel, it's right. 0:08

  • FBI
    FBI 13 days ago

    *laughs in mexican*

  • Sean Vikoren
    Sean Vikoren 13 days ago

    Thank you. In the face of all the 'news' it can be hard to maintain optimism.

  • Archock Encanto
    Archock Encanto 13 days ago +1

    0:03 Funny you didn't mention the US which kills more than all 3 combined every decade.

  • Tương Nguyễn Lương
    Tương Nguyễn Lương 14 days ago +2

    Irseal still invation Palestine and when Palestinese fight back they take more land. US army at Middle-East, invation other in name of Democrasy, Do you realy think Sadam dare to attack US ship, people...etc? And where the heck Iraq's mass destruction weapons?
    War still there, we just call it "conflict" instead for "war". Why? Cause now a POWERFUL country attack WEAK(s)

  • mattkepp 29
    mattkepp 29 16 days ago

    5:00 demonetized!

  • Kamelskih
    Kamelskih 16 days ago +16

    The United States invades Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan. Libya, Syria .... Soon and to Venezuela

  • PoisonedPC
    PoisonedPC 17 days ago

    Only the dead seen the end of the war. -George Santayana

  • Woogoo336
    Woogoo336 17 days ago

    Thought they would mention nuclear weapons. They basically make large scale war impossible, if you make a nuclear nation desperate enough, you have missiles launching and no one wants that. Not only is war more expensive than trade, it got exponentially more expensive since the nuclear age.

  • duccio
    duccio 18 days ago

    Incredibly tendentious.

  • BlueWindGTR
    BlueWindGTR 18 days ago

    Now main's war form is not hurt other people body , is hurt people's spirit. Like money, information and etc. War never changes, war always hurting other people.

  • ZombieCorp.
    ZombieCorp. 19 days ago

    Civil war will be the game until major countries collapse, then open war, maps will be redrawn, prosperity, welfare system and open borders. repeat.

  • رضا عماد
    رضا عماد 21 day ago

    Peace, democracy, not with Israel

  • matias dratler
    matias dratler 21 day ago +1

    What you said in the video Is wrong. Why? Because war, war never changes.

  • Coolwoobyër
    Coolwoobyër 21 day ago +1

    Yay! the dutch have a warcrime building
    i'm so proud of my country!

  • Cleeon Virlief
    Cleeon Virlief 22 days ago

    Please, You must not see how war is happening, but what the purpose of Warmonger ? gain more riches, make their ideology win than other, legally make other as their slaves, being the master of the world. You do not need to kill, the main purpose of the war is not to kill or destroy, that only one or just an options along many options, the purpose of war still happening everywhere, except.....

  • Jupp Soetebier
    Jupp Soetebier 23 days ago

    As long as religion drives the masses and oil/arms drives governments, there will always be war.

  • Paul Byers
    Paul Byers 23 days ago

    That was very positive. Thank you.

  • Greased
    Greased 24 days ago

    Veteran when war comes
    "Awwe shit, here we go again."

  • DiamondLuc
    DiamondLuc 25 days ago +1

    No there is still war
    Pewdiepie vs T-Series

  • Jay J
    Jay J 26 days ago +3

    Easy to say the world is getting better when you don't live in one of the nations that are being devastated by our "democracy". Besides that, death tolls alone do not encompass the entirety of the devastation of war (call it what it is, conflicts = wars). There are injuries, civilian displacement and high levels of stress for all involved. Less may be dying directly, but it wouldn't surprise me, given the world population, that more people are suffering overall.
    Also, these are not all civil wars. These are mostly proxy wars. Fought locally, funded globally.

  • Margret_error
    Margret_error 26 days ago +2

    3:20 the Czech flag is upside down :') flag, no

  • Simon Ludendörf
    Simon Ludendörf 27 days ago

    4:59 everysingle war you just mentioned were european.

    JEŇÝK KOŇÝK 27 days ago +1

    War won't stop until we blast western spies!

    JEŇÝK KOŇÝK 27 days ago

    3:19 Czech flag is wrong xd

  • Whovian Music
    Whovian Music 28 days ago

    War. War never changes.

  • Gut Eater
    Gut Eater 28 days ago

    You forgot nuclear weapons . People dont want to go to war with that after what we witnesed in WW2 . Thays why no major conflicts anymore , because we are more afraid of eachother and respect the peace ..

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 28 days ago

    nuclear weapons are the number 1 reason, but world is not getting any better, it just looks better i personally come from a devastated country produced by a communist dictatorship, i don't see any sigh of change.

  • Justin An
    Justin An 29 days ago

    Korea was one of the former colonies from 1910 1945. Several people were killed and raped by Japanese

  • hijo de puta
    hijo de puta 29 days ago

    democracy sucks dick

  • Vladimir Vigier
    Vladimir Vigier 29 days ago +1

    What a desinformation video

  • Vladimir Vigier
    Vladimir Vigier 29 days ago

    Au contraire on vit la période la plus meurtrière, entre l’intoxication alimentaire/ de l’air/ de l’eau, les ondes, les OGM et les vaccins il n’y a qu’à voir les chiffres

  • CinemaDemocratica
    CinemaDemocratica 29 days ago

    I love this channel -- I really, really do -- but if you start with a premise as faulty as saying that war casualties per million head of population is an accurate measure of how much conflict is happening, you can come to any conclusion you want. So let's please do be clear about this much, because it makes the rest of your video highly, highly, *highly* suspect: The reason there are fewer casualties now is most assuredly NOT because war between states is going out of fashion; it's because it's being fought much more cleverly and generally by proxy. For one thing, many of the civil and "local" conflicts you mention (and what, exactly, is a "local" conflict if not a civil one, never mind I guess) are actually the result of intentional destabilization of one or both sides by outside powers. And for another, the reason that there are fewer casualties is because the technology of warfare has evolved to focus less on un-telegenic civilian casualties, and more on inflicting lasting and much more sanitary damage to the other side's capacities. There were fewer deaths per 1,000,000 in World War Two than in the US Civil War, but that doesn't mean it was less of a war, friends.

  • lin
    lin Month ago

    Although it was five years ago, as a person from Taiwan, I can only say that the Western world is really optimistic.

  • Snick
    Snick Month ago +1

    Dang, that was some much needed motivation

  • Kyle Laducer
    Kyle Laducer Month ago

    Here's hoping

  • SinGenesis
    SinGenesis Month ago

    3:27 Good Doctor Who reference

  • Vedant Chaudhari
    Vedant Chaudhari Month ago

    War should only exist in video games!

  • three gamers
    three gamers Month ago

    And... Malvinas Argentinas????

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago


  • Aziz Karatekin
    Aziz Karatekin Month ago +1

    Kurzgesagt forgot one thing... As long as USA’s greed exist, wars will never end.

    • Sabyasachi Datta
      Sabyasachi Datta Month ago

      What about Russia, China or any other countries? They can themselves be a substitute of US if US stops being greedy et cetera.
      I am not supporting US btw

  • Arno De Pauw
    Arno De Pauw Month ago

    As a Belgian i’d like to apologize for king Leopold || exploiting Congo. Our other kings were much nicer!

  • Alessandro Guarda
    Alessandro Guarda Month ago

    War should be over, unless some idiotic country want to steal other nations' goods by putting in charge there a telecontrolled puppet under the excuse of "exporting democracy"...

  • Jiří Pechman
    Jiří Pechman Month ago

    3:19 if that is suppose to be a Czech flag then the red part is suppose to be downwards and the white part is suppose to be upwards. Thanks for reading.

  • Alexey Baal
    Alexey Baal Month ago

    haha Mexico does not have war with another country and neither civil war, still is classified as a red warzone. Mehico whaaat a shithole.

  • Divy Gupta
    Divy Gupta Month ago

    I can see a Great War approaching but we can escape it if we just threw all the religion and great beliefs.If we are successful we would have thrown all the nonsense out there because of religions.

  • Gamer X
    Gamer X Month ago

    4:46China and russia. Huhhmmm

  • Feruna Lutelou
    Feruna Lutelou Month ago

    The war is coming.

  • FrozenRoxas
    FrozenRoxas Month ago +1

    Just because a country is officially a democracy, does not mean it operates at all democratically or has fair elections.

  • Megumin
    Megumin Month ago +1

    Old and pretty badly done video. Biased too.

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV Month ago

    war is never between men, but among nations of men

  • WolfRunner64
    WolfRunner64 Month ago +4

    2014: war is stopping

    2019: WW3 starts with pew die pie vs T-series

  • Sheldon RuizEy
    Sheldon RuizEy Month ago


    Read more

  • Cameron scott
    Cameron scott Month ago

    All I took away from that is we are long overdue