Trumpdates: Murky Mexico Deal, Love Notes from North Korea & Bitter Words for Biden | The Daily Show

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Donald Trump keeps details of his Mexico immigration deal secret, touts a friendly letter from Kim Jong-un and continues to malign Joe Biden.
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Comments • 1 437

  • Antonio Sanher
    Antonio Sanher Month ago

    Lol. Good one. Good one.

  • Chris de Haan
    Chris de Haan Month ago

    Only Trump would take your kids to Mc Donalds and Biden would take their virginity.

  • macymace7
    macymace7 Month ago

    Whenever I feel blues or down or I'm having a bad day, Trevor is my go-to guy, I just tune in and watch a few and all is well and dandy again! Thank you, Trevor!!

  • Farid Arsitek
    Farid Arsitek 2 months ago

    this guy so fucking funny hahahahaha

  • zetta eon
    zetta eon 2 months ago

    This guy is so corny

  • Judith McTaggart
    Judith McTaggart 2 months ago

    Don! You stoke the anger and division. I would have been appalled had anyone treated President Obama like you treat, President Trump. I did not vote for either of them. I will be voting for President Trump this time. How are your ratings.? Not good, huh?

  • White Phoenix of the Crown

    All the USA citizens believe North Korea wants to nuke the USA, becaus the goverment sells propaganda about NK. I guess history has not tell them the satan they call goverment.
    The USA citizens r indeed as gibberish as their goverment..

  • H. Ellis
    H. Ellis 2 months ago

    dude biden is done and has been done before he entered...

  • Sara Åkerlund
    Sara Åkerlund 2 months ago

    Trever: “Well then maybe you should hold a debate with a mirror.”
    Me: “who’s Amira?”

    No hate, I love your accent XD

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell 2 months ago

    Trump is such a disgrace. What a lying piece of shit idiot

  • Hamid
    Hamid 2 months ago

    cant believe biden is actually winning, we're so fucked. rip. we'll never get the change we deserve, either have idiots like trump or corrupt fks like biden. Sorry world.

  • Amicable Hove
    Amicable Hove 3 months ago

    lately Trevor I don't like the style on your Tie...the previous was Cute

  • Flaffy Cheez
    Flaffy Cheez 3 months ago

    ayyy that jpoe biden HBO special might be pretty good. I'd pay perview it.

  • Loon E
    Loon E 3 months ago


  • Infernal
    Infernal 3 months ago

    our president is such an ass clown it hurts to be an american

  • Ibrahim Abdulazim
    Ibrahim Abdulazim 3 months ago

    The days of America are gone from the past. The leaders of the new world of China and the Russian Federation ... are enough to destroy America. from Egypt. Mother of the World

  • Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson

    Sometimes when trump speaks I can’t really follow because he seems to be on three different branching topics at any given moment.

  • Steven Bandes
    Steven Bandes 4 months ago

    How does it not bother conservatives more that the presidents closest allies on the international stage are all despotic communists?

  • Ivan Esquivel
    Ivan Esquivel 4 months ago

    Joe biden as a comedian:)

  • David Canatella
    David Canatella 4 months ago

    Trump is right about Biden, neck and neck tho

  • Eden
    Eden 4 months ago

    OMG there is nothing funnier than those animated puppets or whatever it is. The ones where the put the trump head on a douchbags body is killer, this one of biden was just as killer. They need to do one of these each week. We need one of SASSY KAMALA, SELF RIGHTEOUS WARREN, UPTIGHT BOOKER and OMG BARNDOG BERNIE.

  • Cathy Young
    Cathy Young 4 months ago

    How the hell could any Trump supporter make any sense of what he says and still support him? He did say he likes Stupid People.

  • mehrshadvr4
    mehrshadvr4 4 months ago

    How Biden will get owned by Trump and not because he suck at debates but because he's been on the wrong side. He's like Hillary.

  • KAB7020
    KAB7020 4 months ago

    So he’s afraid of Biden. He always picks what feeling threatened . The level corresponding to how scared he feels. And it’s all projections.

  • Tague Relyea
    Tague Relyea 4 months ago

    Can’t wait to watch all of you little sjws cry when he wins in 2020 cry and throw tantrums like a 2 year old the propaganda against him just makes it that much more appealing ty Trevor

  • NotoriousNoe
    NotoriousNoe 4 months ago

    I would watch Joe Bidden's stand up

  • Cynthia Lewis
    Cynthia Lewis 4 months ago

    Trump says he is going to cure cancer which is why he won't support wind power.

  • aspi rine
    aspi rine 4 months ago

    Is this whole show about Trump btw? All I ever see this guy talk about it is this, and perhaps in the beginning it was mildly funny, it is getting embarrassing now.

  • Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts 4 months ago

    I now want Russia to train pigeons to steal any paper the president holds up. Just so I could see that in real life.

  • Surud Patel
    Surud Patel 4 months ago

    In Trump's World Everthing is ' beautiful ' and the Economy is ' Great ' and the Deals I make are ' The Best Deals '.

  • Polo Sucks
    Polo Sucks 4 months ago

    Wat about if trump had to act raisist just to get elected shit I don’t blame him he nows thiers planty off raisist maybe his trynna show us all the real corruption n we just don’t see it

    TAQ SHORTCUT 4 months ago

    Why does he act like idiot?
    Is he the President of United States?

  • jed Tomczat
    jed Tomczat 4 months ago

    hah the pigeon flew back fast from the Kremlin

  • Blu Blue
    Blu Blue 4 months ago

    Biden looks like a Fallout he might be the last president .

  • RubeeRoja
    RubeeRoja 4 months ago

    Obama/Biden brofriendship was very cute very emotional and genuine during that administration… but I'm not into Joe Biden as president!! Please, American people let's vote seriously this time around. I know we want things to be different from the status quo, but let's make some reasonable decisions here!

  • 1 GMAN
    1 GMAN 4 months ago

    Anybody notice he has to have a commercial before he starts his what he thinks is funny little show. that there tells me he's a dumbass. I would love to see him get his ass kicked.

  • Trabajo en ser feliz Jesus proveerá

    The secret document from Mexico, yes like the Russian 🇷🇺 deal, real simple let's get ready for 2020 have the right person for the right job someone who has comment sense. No more lies

  • Shenly Jean
    Shenly Jean 4 months ago


  • Original Man
    Original Man 4 months ago

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm and slaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett
    Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago

    it is funny because those Z type agreement is how California judicial system looks.
    It has no rules but one page of write up blah.
    then it has some sub points tat the judges do interpret in variety of incoherent ways

    • Shawn&Inna Barrett
      Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago

      Ok, President trump does shaming of biden in accurate way or nt, if he thinks Bi dent is stupid he is angry with him but bi den is not stupid maybe the way to say it that bi den is a person with weak morals and creating appearance and pretenses that he is not a sincere person like president trump that constitutes a mental weakness of weakness of the spirit or hear t combination with promises
      so precedent think what exactly aside from bi den mental disability and had to phrase?

    • Shawn&Inna Barrett
      Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago

      hedge box?

    • Shawn&Inna Barrett
      Shawn&Inna Barrett 4 months ago

      but Noah it is Autsid elf the point long joke and we od not have spies and live in stone Edhge?

  • Pillow Jones
    Pillow Jones 4 months ago

    The weakest mentally? Lol.. yeah, ok.. 😂🙄

  • Ryk Son
    Ryk Son 4 months ago

    Go go gropey Joe!!

  • Ryk Son
    Ryk Son 4 months ago


  • Patrick Quenga
    Patrick Quenga 4 months ago

    OK, so the same promises they had made months before, were with who? Trump's administration? Because months before, they never followed through on those promises, to take more control of immigration moving through their country to ours.
    So, since they weren't acting on those promises they made months before (using Trevor's words), months before the Trump admnistration was in office, pretty much the only administration they could make a deal or promise with, and to use that live in border towns (San Ysidro, CA), we didn't see any change...but NOW there is about to be some changes.
    I don't understand.

  • April Kester
    April Kester 4 months ago

    Joe Biden being supported by people who support immorally treating

  • April Kester
    April Kester 4 months ago

    Peak capitalism demonstrates itself with weak leftism.

  • Charles Green
    Charles Green 4 months ago

    4:26 😎


  • marcofthedead1
    marcofthedead1 4 months ago

    4:11 bald

  • utnab champ
    utnab champ 4 months ago

    I'm cringing for his not to fly off. Jesus...

  • Jacob Prim
    Jacob Prim 4 months ago

    Trump: pigeon give that deal back!
    SS agent: sir it's heading toward the kremlin!
    Trump: oh wait that's fine
    SS agent: wait he has CNN press credentials.

  • Just Laugh Channel
    Just Laugh Channel 4 months ago

    this is something i like from US, you can make a joke and do the joke about ur president and get away with it. in my country right now if U said said something silly like "ur a frog" to the president and he said he doest like it u will get a vip ticket to 5 stars hotel..........for a criminal without proper trial in court. thats what happen to my country right now, literally

    btw "ur a frog" thing is true, more then half of the people of my country call him a frog

  • Indomees
    Indomees 4 months ago

    Trump holding that paper reminds me of Neville Chamberlain after the Munich Agreement

  • Werner Berg von Raven
    Werner Berg von Raven 4 months ago +1

    I‘m from Germany. I hope you get Trump for another 4 years. The relationship between my country and yours has never been that bad since WWII and I freaking love it.

  • D Mac
    D Mac 4 months ago

    joe would make a better stand up than a vp or potus... I'd rather him quit giving the tRump name more airtime... I'd rather him be sitting on the board of his son's russian oil company.

  • Jarvias Owens
    Jarvias Owens 4 months ago

    Why every play with the American ppl like that. He's full of shit. Sad,I love this country so much but he makes it so hard.

  • Sid
    Sid 4 months ago +4

    it's: you better come get your mans
    . Get it right trevor jk jk😂😂

  • Ramona Ray
    Ramona Ray 4 months ago

    He is lying I live in Mexico we made no secret agreement with that looney man-

  • SamWize Ganji
    SamWize Ganji 4 months ago

    🇺🇸 Tulsi Bernie 2020 🇺🇸

  • Kevin Huang
    Kevin Huang 4 months ago

    Truly a super Idiot that we never ever see before

  • Buckwheat
    Buckwheat 4 months ago

    Sooo....Trevor, are you going to speak on the Iran war the Neocons and corporate media are trying to bait us into?