My First Primark Haul


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +5717

    happy friday bbs! next video coming at u soon - my top 10 favorite lipsticks ❤ look out for it on monday! :)

    • Lindsay talk
      Lindsay talk Month ago

      Safiya Nygaard I love you're vids

    • Sandra L
      Sandra L 2 months ago

      Oh the rabbit hole I have fallen into! I am living for ur videos, currently on day 4 of binge. The BEST thing I did was laser hair removal. In Glendale, there is a place called New Look, very clean, professional, and u can get Groupon on emailed monthly deals. Would be a fun video to watch. Buy the numbing gel on Amazon before if ur sensitive. They have TONS of options for Tyler too! We bought an at home laser hair remover, it sucked.

    • Crose498
      Crose498 2 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard ugh this is old and probs won’t be seen but I’m from like actually 15 mins from king of Prussia and I’m sorry you had to go there first it’s so overwhelming. Also Haugh Philly the best

    • purple tree
      purple tree 3 months ago

      Steve Perry video

    • Mischa182
      Mischa182 4 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard full face of primark makeup???? England is the best primarks

  • lucy warner
    lucy warner 4 hours ago

    Lol the casual “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” inro...


  • Tiúilip
    Tiúilip 4 hours ago

    Did you know that primark is an Irish store

  • melissa bond
    melissa bond 20 hours ago

    OMG WHAT ?! I LIVE 10 MINUTES FROM KOP TOO!!! I go to that primary all the time!!

  • zeldagoblin
    zeldagoblin 22 hours ago

    We call it Primarni where I come from

  • Barb Hayes
    Barb Hayes Day ago

    Did you ever review those leggings? I'd like to know if they were even close to long enough for you or if you have to keep yanking them up. (I am also of the ridiculously long appendage persuasion, so leg and sleeve length are the first things I check when shopping for clothes. Who needs more capris and 3/4 sleeves?) Cheers

  • Sara Abdulla
    Sara Abdulla Day ago

    Mannnnn all my clothes from primark but you are going for the very first time

  • leveleigh 26
    leveleigh 26 2 days ago

    'singlehandedly prove that correct' sorry meet thebakeey

  • leveleigh 26
    leveleigh 26 2 days ago

    As a British person, this is nothing like our primark. Yours is so fancy. And has so much more cause there is less of them.

  • Salma Hernández
    Salma Hernández 2 days ago

    FREE WIFI????????!!!!!!!!

  • Tredeen Newman
    Tredeen Newman 3 days ago

    ok then

  • Katie McAvoy
    Katie McAvoy 3 days ago

    You will never know Primark until you have had the British experience lol love this though

    • Tiúilip
      Tiúilip 4 hours ago

      You mean irish lol

  • Callie X
    Callie X 3 days ago

    U should come to Bristol’s primark because zoella goes there all the time

  • Madelyn Comella
    Madelyn Comella 6 days ago

    you at the very end lol!!!

  • Ruby Hart
    Ruby Hart 6 days ago +1

    I never knew they had primark anywhere but england

    • reni macintosh
      reni macintosh 4 days ago +1

      PRIMARK is also in Germany ! 👔👕👖🧣🧤🧦🧥👗👘👚👛👜👝🛍🎒👞👟👡👢📿💄💍

  • Surtu
    Surtu 6 days ago

    "I do know that my wingspan is almost exactly that... of the turkey vulture."
    :| Watching this is the least feminine shopping experience I've ever had, and that has liberated me. I might even give shopping a try for myself, now.

  • Ruby Hart
    Ruby Hart 6 days ago

    Omg people have never heard of primark??!!


    You have primark in the us? sis it looks better than in london oof

  • Purple ZEFR
    Purple ZEFR 7 days ago

    FYI Here in Northern Ireland, we pronounce it Pree-mark, cause we shun anything from the mainland. Also, in Ireland, the exact same store is called Penney's, cause they shun anything to do with Britain.

    • Purple ZEFR
      Purple ZEFR 7 days ago

      And yes, Northern Ireland is a different country from Ireland (depending on your political beliefs. We like to be awkward)

  • Purple ZEFR
    Purple ZEFR 7 days ago +1

    Wait, wait wait! You can buy online with Primark in the states?????? WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED - well that's what they would say if we had it online here in the UK. They would have no stock. Ever.

  • Jill B
    Jill B 7 days ago

    You could wear the glittery tank top over the top of a plain black t-shirt :-)

  • Jill B
    Jill B 7 days ago

    Oh no! I had know idea that Skidmark (As I always call it) had invaded the US! About time that some of our things came over to you as we have enough of yours! LOL!

  • Queen Of Cards
    Queen Of Cards 8 days ago

    I go to primark constantly here in Scotland. It's my favourite shop. Every time I go in for one item and spend a fortune haha x

  • Sahiba Dheri
    Sahiba Dheri 8 days ago

    Omg I have went to the same primark it is about 20 minutes from my house

  • Shayne Ashley
    Shayne Ashley 8 days ago

    Armpit moment! 😁😁

  • Kristel sil
    Kristel sil 8 days ago

    I loved the primarks in Ireland.they are called Penneys.I used to go every weekend👍🏻😍miss it so much

  • Ruby Ella
    Ruby Ella 9 days ago

    Primary where I live is like well better coz I live in England 😂😂😂😂

  • Patricia Stvartakova
    Patricia Stvartakova 10 days ago

    I have the same pillow, 10€ in Ireland hahahah

  • beresheethtrack
    beresheethtrack 10 days ago


  • Lisa Goff
    Lisa Goff 10 days ago

    I live in primark aka penneys ( Ireland ) love iiiiit!

  • beaut squad
    beaut squad 10 days ago

    We have primark at Inverness

  • Pour Some Suga On Me
    Pour Some Suga On Me 11 days ago

    It seems like Kmart, which he have in Australia, where they sell everything and you could live there.

  • Logan Ainsworth
    Logan Ainsworth 11 days ago

    primark is amazing its cheap but great

  • Tristin Hale
    Tristin Hale 12 days ago

    You should do a haul at one of the it's 5 dollars stores! They are crazy. Lol

  • Lauren Mullen
    Lauren Mullen 12 days ago

    I am wearing primark pjs rn

    • Lauren Mullen
      Lauren Mullen 12 days ago

      ps i dont live in the uk but my family does

    • Lauren Mullen
      Lauren Mullen 12 days ago

      and they are from only 52 miles away from the first primark (aka penneys).

  • Sarah Absher
    Sarah Absher 12 days ago

    Cute! I like everything you got!

  • Jessica De La Cruz
    Jessica De La Cruz 13 days ago

    I went to one in London (they have several...) and it was amazing! It’s like target and Walmart had a baby with targets style and Walmart’s prices.

  • R J
    R J 13 days ago

    Pooped out a baby! hahahahahahaha My son used to say that when he was little, too little to correct. It still slays me to hear that.

  • Fun Place
    Fun Place 13 days ago

    Primark In Ireland is called penny's

  • Sian Mcallister
    Sian Mcallister 14 days ago

    NOOOOO It is pronounced "premark"

  • Lion 54
    Lion 54 14 days ago +1

    If your Irish thanks hun penny’s

  • iiAutumn
    iiAutumn 14 days ago

    *Primark is also in Austria*

    Not Australia but *a* *u* *s* *t* *r* *i* *a*

  • Slime_Time
    Slime_Time 14 days ago

    Oh! I’ve been there! That’s so cool!!

  • Marwan Ali
    Marwan Ali 14 days ago

    Iove primark 😍

  • Alexandra M
    Alexandra M 14 days ago

    Heh. Belfast

  • Izzy The gymnast
    Izzy The gymnast 14 days ago

    Your at K O P ( King Of Prussia )

  • Emily
    Emily 14 days ago +1

    Compared to the one I have in jersey, this primark is fucking gorgeous. Ours is a dump

  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s 15 days ago

    I'm so happy there's atleast something we europeans have that y'all don't

  • pot blou
    pot blou 15 days ago

    I need Safiya's shirt but a Gryffindor one

  • dimsumcheeks
    dimsumcheeks 15 days ago


  • Marsha Neal-Williams
    Marsha Neal-Williams 15 days ago

    Or wonder woman!😁

  • Marsha Neal-Williams
    Marsha Neal-Williams 15 days ago

    I love that tank! You are making me want to go to primark again. Haven't been in a while😊

  • Marsha Neal-Williams
    Marsha Neal-Williams 15 days ago

    I love your shirt!

  • Gaming And vlogs/Megan Mccrindle

    my motto is that you can never have to much hp merchendise. to true saf to true

  • Kylie Henline
    Kylie Henline 16 days ago

    Bundle update: today my husband asked “are you really watching her again?”
    Why yes, yes I am ☺️

  • Ginny Weasley
    Ginny Weasley 16 days ago +1



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    7:34 and here’s the stupid portrait that I had to photoshop my face onto for class. I still remember how terrible it was

  • Mozzzagirl Xo
    Mozzzagirl Xo 17 days ago

    Literally the only clothes shop I go to... don’t know what I’d do without it

  • Kirstine Poulsen
    Kirstine Poulsen 17 days ago


  • Michelle Mah
    Michelle Mah 18 days ago

    1:39 dont know if I'm elated or gassy, but I'm somewhere in that zone

  • Mia Larby
    Mia Larby 18 days ago

    Whaaaat. You can not buy Primark online in the UK. Unfair.

  • Caroline Scott
    Caroline Scott 18 days ago

    “ they poop out a baby “ -Saf

  • Luiza De Musis Cardoso
    Luiza De Musis Cardoso 18 days ago +1

    Luckily I live in the first place primark appeared in the US!

  • Kierra Morgan
    Kierra Morgan 18 days ago

    It totally reminds me of Gordmans - Primark is the target of these kind of stores though

  • minecraftergirl12
    minecraftergirl12 18 days ago


  • Lola Bubbles
    Lola Bubbles 19 days ago

    oops up until now i never knew that tyler was your boyfriend, tbf i thought he was your gay best friend lmao

  • Adya Anwesha
    Adya Anwesha 19 days ago

    Black is Saf's fav colour 😃😃 she looks so pretty in everything 😍

  • P e a c h y
    P e a c h y 19 days ago +1

    In Ireland primary is called Penneys 😂 idk why

    • Tiúilip
      Tiúilip 4 hours ago

      Cause it organ ally started in ireland and they wanted to branch out but since JC penny's would probably sue them so they're primark outside

  • Cat in PringleTM can
    Cat in PringleTM can 19 days ago

    Should try their makeup it’s so good!!

  • Anisha Sangmor
    Anisha Sangmor 20 days ago

    Primark is every British person favourite place. You go in with the intention to buy tights and come out with two jumpers three tops a jacket and a new collection of makeup spending over £150 .....

  • Mariana Alves
    Mariana Alves 20 days ago

    First primark haul. Me: omgggg
    I didn’t realize primark wasn’t a thing in America by in Europe we have primarks everywhere you look

  • Ann Marmaduke
    Ann Marmaduke 20 days ago

    I love harry potter

  • Jhanvi Gupta
    Jhanvi Gupta 21 day ago

    Ik I'm so late but Ravenclaw Quidditch Team Keeper...I'm dying

  • Karina Odde
    Karina Odde 22 days ago

    I once witnessed two women get into a fight over a pair of £5 shoes at the Primark in Oxford Street and I'm pretty sure it gave me PTSD.

  • Kuhl Af
    Kuhl Af 23 days ago

    Primark is the most normal thing in Germany 😂❤️

  • Melanie Mota
    Melanie Mota 23 days ago

    Check out my haul, everything is black 🖤

  • tinaskyex
    tinaskyex 23 days ago

    Primark is my life I've been going there my entire life I'm English bitch 😂 and I live near a town with primark in ittttt primark is bae

  • Jess Ica
    Jess Ica 23 days ago

    I walk past a Primark every single day 😂 Seeing Primark is like seeing a tree in the UK

  • James Smith
    James Smith 25 days ago

    I like watching you, you rather distracting while I have to wait for my clients :) You also make me laugh. Thank you!

  • Take A Chill Pill
    Take A Chill Pill 25 days ago

    I love how she started the video in a Ravenclaw shirt and ended it with HP socks on her hands lol!!

  • Maddy Hinkle
    Maddy Hinkle 25 days ago

    Crusty crusty crusty crusty crusty here comes crusty dadna go crusty who's the boss crusty the boss liven 2 lives but he has 9 oh ya (lol crusty
    Them song)

  • Tâm Huỳnh Thanh
    Tâm Huỳnh Thanh 25 days ago

    Please make a video that you wear outfit as 4 houses of Hogwarts

  • Erika’s Music
    Erika’s Music 25 days ago

    You should do a video where you do drag queen makeup on Tyler (sorry if i spelled his name wrongly) like Simplynailogical did!!!!

    P.S. I LOVE your videos.

  • Julianna Gould
    Julianna Gould 25 days ago

    I love primark my favorite place to shop

  • ProMachineRider
    ProMachineRider 25 days ago

    Well, hello there ,my fellow fellow potter nerd 🤓

  • toilet time lol
    toilet time lol 26 days ago

    I'm English I love Primark it's so good stuff and cheap

  • sharon mulchay
    sharon mulchay 26 days ago

    this is so funny to me cause in irish and you cant go shopping without going to Primark

  • Isabel Carranza
    Isabel Carranza 26 days ago

    skrt yeet skrt yioeet

  • Ryan Kowalko
    Ryan Kowalko 27 days ago

    was this at King of Prussia mall??

  • July Rosiak
    July Rosiak 27 days ago

    Am I the only one that recognises everything in this haul? Uk

  • Nymph Lux
    Nymph Lux 28 days ago +1

    For an English human who pronounces it Premark, this was very entertaining to watch Sofia’s amazement at the most common store in England.

  • Mary O' Reilly
    Mary O' Reilly 29 days ago +1

    British ppl trying to take credit for PENNEYS (primark) like no hun it’s Irish x

    LMAOOO Month ago +1

    wait there is primark in America??

  • Lee Trevis
    Lee Trevis Month ago

    Nobody cares if you’re from the UK

  • Charlotte-Grace Xox

    Primark is so much more fancy in America than in England. Go to England and compare our Primarks to yours!

  • Charlotte-Grace Xox

    Primary is super popular in England I LOVE IT THERE SKMSJX

  • Sharon Ariella Levy

    Wow I didn't know there were Primarks in the US. I spent part of last year studying in Northern Ireland and I furnished my entire room through Primark and Poundland haha.

  • Chloe Brockbank
    Chloe Brockbank Month ago

    They do makeup to its amazing

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago

    If you want primark and Harry Potter, come to the UK and go to the primark in London in oxford street

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago

    ‘It’s bamboo memory foam... which seems like a good kind’😂😂😂