My First Primark Haul

  • Published on Feb 25, 2017
  • I've been waiting YEARS. And yes, it was a wild ride! Happy Friday my bbs!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +6023

    happy friday bbs! next video coming at u soon - my top 10 favorite lipsticks ❤ look out for it on monday! :)

    • Yunha Park
      Yunha Park Month ago

      Safiya Nygaard you should do an Artbox haul

    • Olive R
      Olive R 2 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard yay I’m not alone In my pursuit of holding the ends of sweatshirts 😂

    • gogo unicorn
      gogo unicorn 3 months ago primarks home brand

    • Sylvie
      Sylvie 3 months ago +2

      Also consider the people that are not being paid a fair wage in order to make those clothes for you and/or are working under dangerous conditions. How else do you expect Primark to make money on those products? And how is that even worth it if it is often of bad quality anyway? I really recommend for you to do some digging around online because there are plenty articles about this issue.
      If not about human rights violations then about environmental issues.

    • Matdy James
      Matdy James 4 months ago

      fundamental difference for those living in the UK and those living in US.
      US: I finally get to go to Primark! I'll do a haul, I'm so excited!
      UK: $h!t, I have to pick something up from Primark. Come with me, I can't bear it alone.

  • Asmr Channel
    Asmr Channel 3 hours ago +1

    i loveeee harry potter im a griffindor

  • fantastic freaks and were to find then

    In Ireland it's called penny's

  • Alicia
    Alicia 4 hours ago

    I know this video is old but I just thought I would mention that the "Arm Pit moment" you talked about in this video is usually a sign you are in the wrong bra size and is actually migrated breast fat/tissue due to that.

  • Susanne Chipperfield
    Susanne Chipperfield 6 hours ago

    Who calls it Penneys?

  • Fredi.12
    Fredi.12 6 hours ago

    You forgot the best part the harry potter

  • Owen 99
    Owen 99 17 hours ago

    Love Primark!

  • Charlotte Lomax
    Charlotte Lomax 22 hours ago +1

    Uk’s favourite clothes shop (well mine anyway)

  • Jessica D'Aulerio

    i shit i work at that mall

  • aaron sebastian
    aaron sebastian Day ago

    Only liking this because safiya told me to with her sock hands and i couldnt deny those sock hands

  • H E
    H E Day ago

    I got my dupes from wish for oh about $4. I've had them forever they work and wash great.

  • Anneliese Rosenstiel

    Primark is only the best place ever. Although they take way to much money and time in the home goods area 😂

  • Fran Menghini
    Fran Menghini 2 days ago +1

    2019 anyone???

    Also anyone notice the sign dick when she walks out of Primark?
    No.. just me???


    If your from Ireland or England the you know EXACTLY what primark is

  • ayla park
    ayla park 2 days ago

    You should make a public goods video. I wanna know if I should do it. Need your opinion!

  • Jollie Ruiz
    Jollie Ruiz 5 days ago

    ~with the sounds of music ~

  • Dark World Of Horror

    This looks nothing like the primarks I go to in England

  • Hello_China
    Hello_China 6 days ago

    How does Tyler say water and bagel?

  • Gummy Bunny
    Gummy Bunny 6 days ago

    Did you notice that they blurred out a maniquen ? Lol

  • caitlin cat
    caitlin cat 6 days ago

    That's so crazy I live so close to the KOP mall!!!!! It's so crazy seeing one of your favorite USclipr s going to the same mall that you've grown up loving! The primary store is amazing! And I still cannot believe that you went there!!!! Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Logan Ainsworth
    Logan Ainsworth 7 days ago

    i always forget that primark is a newer thing in america unlucky for you its so cheap but good

  • OnE fAnCy pEnGuIn
    OnE fAnCy pEnGuIn 8 days ago +4

    I never knew that you were Ariana's Inspiration for the iconic
    *♪ (I see it) , I like it , (I want it) , I got it♪* 😆

  • Ella chan
    Ella chan 9 days ago

    It's pronounced preemark

  • caroline 7603
    caroline 7603 9 days ago

    Can we just talk about the axa red line advert for a sec I was in tears and so touched by how honest a transgender guy was and how his friend supported him only to figure out it was made by an insurance company.....

  • AngelPlayzRoblox
    AngelPlayzRoblox 10 days ago

    Who's from England that's been from Ashford designer outlet it's like that store there called Abercrombie & Fitch bc that store is really cool

  • AngelPlayzRoblox
    AngelPlayzRoblox 10 days ago

    Next vid I want: Safiya goes to Gravesend, Northfleet,Kent ,U.K and comes and meets fans
    *cough* Me *cough*
    Edit: this is from a fan that luvs primark and luvs ur channel

  • SunnySophie Xx
    SunnySophie Xx 10 days ago

    Omg I love Primark

  • Charlo One
    Charlo One 10 days ago

    I didn’t know what primark was until I went to London

  • abbie mcintosh
    abbie mcintosh 11 days ago

    We call it primarni when we're being chavy but it really is good to cover all your needs and for good prices

  • Charlotte Gratton
    Charlotte Gratton 11 days ago

    I live in England and apart from small towns there is literally a Primark at every shoppong destination you go to. Ever since I got my first paid job I have been spending money in Primark. It's an addiction coz like half my wardrobe is from Primark. In fact apart from accessories the entire PJ set im wearing now is from Primark. I think I've spent over £1000 collectively buying everything from jeans to bags to shoes to t-shirts in Primark. Although my favourite clothing item from Primark is my Freddie Mercury t-shirt. Coz I have so many clothes from Primark my wardrobe didn't close so I hauled it and donated a lot of old stuff to charity and now it still doesn't close because I bought more clothes from Primark and there are a lot of shoe boxes like Vans and Skechers and Nike in there too. IN short Primark is and ADDICTION. I think I've only been in a store like once and not bought anything-although there was that instance when I managed to completely stop myself from entering the store.

  • Kiera Butler
    Kiera Butler 12 days ago +4

    Fun fact: Primark started in Ireland but here we call it Penny's.It's a dangerous shop because there's so much stuff and it's all cheap so you just grab and buy and suddenly you've spent €127

    • Shila Trancy
      Shila Trancy 11 days ago

      Yeah I work at a primark in the UK and all I do all day is mentally shop ready for my shopping hual

  • Lotsoflovefromchloe
    Lotsoflovefromchloe 12 days ago

    I shouldn’t be allowed to shop in Primark, especially with my mum, we go in for like one thing or just to have a look and she ends up piling items of clothing, etc into my arms and I end up spending a lot😂

  • tracey swan
    tracey swan 13 days ago

    we have them in the uk but we call it primarney lol x

  • GachaVerse4Lyfe
    GachaVerse4Lyfe 13 days ago +1


  • vergiss meinnicht
    vergiss meinnicht 14 days ago

    Poor women in Bangladesh, who made these clothes under terrible conditions. What do you think they get for making a 2 euro shirt?

  • Littel Lea
    Littel Lea 14 days ago

    Primark is a Trap

  • Everything Hannah
    Everything Hannah 14 days ago

    Does anyone else pronounce it premark not primark

  • Emily Delamar
    Emily Delamar 15 days ago

    I feel you, I got 3 bags and clutches for 'partying' but I only 'party' 1 or 2 times a year so sometimes I'll just look very fancy at university or during shopping

  • Geno chara
    Geno chara 15 days ago


  • Tooty_Fruity 1975
    Tooty_Fruity 1975 15 days ago


  • Pixelator
    Pixelator 15 days ago +2

    Primark is pretty much the biggest clothes store in the UK
    (I am British)

  • Juliet Blue
    Juliet Blue 16 days ago

    My favourite penneys is the one in Madrid. It’s huge and beautiful.

  • Seaweedgirl1
    Seaweedgirl1 16 days ago

    should be titled I Buy All The Black Things At Primark

  • Asrar Rashid
    Asrar Rashid 17 days ago

    haha you americans r soo funny

  • minimissmixa
    minimissmixa 17 days ago

    You should’ve tried the makeup from primark they basically have everything and it isn’t too bad

  • minimissmixa
    minimissmixa 17 days ago

    omg i remember when i was in primark and a kid came up to me and pulled my hair. My mum went sick 😂😂😂

  • Tegan L
    Tegan L 17 days ago

    Why do I feel like that black and gold cami would look cute on top of the black T-shirt you were wearing before.

    Cold shoulder is adorable

  • Ehowie Howie
    Ehowie Howie 17 days ago

    But they're not that big or posh !

  • Ehowie Howie
    Ehowie Howie 17 days ago

    There are loads of these in the UK

  • AdeChoices
    AdeChoices 18 days ago


  • Marshmallows GoMeow
    Marshmallows GoMeow 18 days ago

    You didn't get the real experience. 10 year olds trying makeup to be "cool", screaming children,not everything organized, but girl, THE HARRY POTTER STUFF THERE IS THE BEST! And the makeup and nail polish!!!!
    Take it from a Irish

  • Robloxii Playz
    Robloxii Playz 18 days ago +1

    You went to Primark and didn't buy any fake nails?

  • Ceris Wiseman
    Ceris Wiseman 18 days ago

    I appreciate the it's always sunny nods

  • pEpPa PiG •_•
    pEpPa PiG •_• 18 days ago +11

    there's a Primark in every other town/city in the UK

  • Hannah Houlden
    Hannah Houlden 18 days ago +2

    Ps is the primark makeup brand

  • Cristina Dan
    Cristina Dan 19 days ago +1

    Its funny to see americas saying primark and they think that primark is big but its so small

  • lhandleylol
    lhandleylol 19 days ago +2

    I’m. British well welsh but primark is like heaven for us because it’s is so cheap so for children it so amazing

  • Lills
    Lills 19 days ago

    I live near 3 Primarks and there are 2 that are better than the other 1 so it does really depend on the staff and condition of the store

  • Good news everyone!
    Good news everyone! 19 days ago

    For some reason I think safiya isn't as funny as usual.................
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Lottie Cooper
    Lottie Cooper 20 days ago


  • suicidle potatoe
    suicidle potatoe 20 days ago


  • XCreative FanX
    XCreative FanX 20 days ago

    I’m a Brit kid and Primark is awesome

  • Kathryn Bingham
    Kathryn Bingham 20 days ago

    We pronounce it preemark

  • Kawaii_Cake12 Gaming
    Kawaii_Cake12 Gaming 21 day ago +1

    Literally all of my clothes are from primark 😂

  • Poppy Is The BEST
    Poppy Is The BEST 21 day ago

    Wut I’ve been to Primark a lot my mum loves primark!

  • Duncan Love
    Duncan Love 23 days ago

    You pronounce it wrong

  • MedinaLovesCats
    MedinaLovesCats 23 days ago +1

    2019 anyone? Where are the brits? I’m not British I just live in Britain 🇬🇧

  • Horse.gymnastics.swim.repeat

    The good old primark 🤣❤️

  • Family Critchfield
    Family Critchfield 23 days ago

    It's like how no Goodwill sell's the same thing

  • zara heads
    zara heads 23 days ago

    Love Primark 😍 still can never work out how £2 and £2 and £3 and £1 =£150😂 every time 🙈

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell 24 days ago

    Your to cute. Remind me of my self and my daughter. Kinda quirky kinda serious.

  • Lucy
    Lucy 24 days ago +1

    I feel like Primark is just British TJ Maxx

  • Luke James
    Luke James 25 days ago +1

    Omg I feel so special I live like ten minutes away from King of Prussia 😮
    Also I’ve never heard of Primark 😂

  • Keira ._.
    Keira ._. 25 days ago

    It’s really annoying me that she didn’t pronounce it Pree-mark 😂

  • Holo Unicorn
    Holo Unicorn 26 days ago +1

    Yeah I have wayyyy too many cold shoulder tops. I swear I have at least twenty. Is this a problem?

  • Briony Phillips
    Briony Phillips 26 days ago

    Primark is my land.its mainly in Britain where I live

  • Abbey Robinson
    Abbey Robinson 26 days ago

    I absolutely love primark like it's my fave shop

  • Maebh Xx
    Maebh Xx 26 days ago

    This is basically where every irish person goes to die u can go down a road and say someone asks you where you got your outfit alot of people will say primark /pennys (we call it pennys)

  • Kaja Skrjanc
    Kaja Skrjanc 27 days ago +1

    she saw it
    she liked it
    she wanted it
    she bought it

  • Libby Collins
    Libby Collins 27 days ago

    For the actually haul 4:03♥️

  • Michaela Deane
    Michaela Deane 27 days ago

    I do

  • Chrissella Demartino
    Chrissella Demartino 27 days ago

    I know Saf is wearing a Ravenclaw shirt but she always gives me major Pansy vibes

  • Ashley Bee
    Ashley Bee 27 days ago

    Hi Safiya , i really like your personality, its the number one reason i watch you, thank you for existing:3

  • Barbara Dixon
    Barbara Dixon 28 days ago

    Hey girl...totally agree about the HP merch! Nevertoo much! Always!

  • PsychicSylveon
    PsychicSylveon 28 days ago +1

    I see a lot of Harry Potter Primark hauls

  • salty icecream
    salty icecream 28 days ago

    Its also called penneys

  • Eytan Hammerman
    Eytan Hammerman 28 days ago

    love your shirt in the intro! GO RAVENCLAWS!

  • donottakemybread
    donottakemybread 28 days ago

    it's funny because the ones in the uk are actually terrible. normally it's packed and children screaming with clothes all over the floor

  • Ve Tea
    Ve Tea 28 days ago

    I'm thriving for Primark

  • Ve Tea
    Ve Tea 28 days ago

    I'm British

  • Celia Adams
    Celia Adams 29 days ago

    This was so fun to watch since that's my mall and it was awesome to see you walk through the same areas I've gone through!

  • Imaan Hussain
    Imaan Hussain 29 days ago

    I ❤primark

  • Kate Cullen
    Kate Cullen Month ago +3

    In the UK its primark
    In Ireland its pennys
    (Pennys is better)

  • Esmerelda Pinchon
    Esmerelda Pinchon Month ago

    Black and gold cami looks great on you!

  • Esmerelda Pinchon
    Esmerelda Pinchon Month ago

    There’s a Primark in Boston that’s not nearly as orderly and quiet as the one you visited. The socks and tights are --amazing-- along with the snuggly PJs and decent gym clothes. I have a few nice blouses also. It’s all fast fashion and if you look at the care labels there are often cautions about keeping clothes away from flames. 🔥

  • ChristineR
    ChristineR Month ago

    "you can shop online at Primark" wait what?? In the UK they don't have that!

  • Trippy Cloud
    Trippy Cloud Month ago

    You forgot the haphazardly thrown around clothes that don't belong there. And the items in which only some of them appear to be on sale. And the workers that look like they regret spending time there. And the disrespectful mothers with 20 children racing for the last pair of white socks. Yeah, you've missed out on a lot 😂

  • Belle Powell
    Belle Powell Month ago

    Have you ever done Ross? I would love to see you do a haul from them... I have to prepare before going because I could need like 1 dress and a shirt and then 6 bags and $200 later I have a whole new wardrobe!

  • Betsy Mills
    Betsy Mills Month ago

    I went to Primark yesterday lol

  • simply Tighe
    simply Tighe Month ago

    When she said the brush was from ps that means penny’s which is what primark is called in most of Ireland and prmark is what they call penny’s in Derry and I’ve been going there for years and I love it