Mental Health: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Oct 5, 2015
  • John Oliver explains how our national system of treating mental health works, or more often than not, how it doesn’t.
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Comments • 7 704

  • John Mack
    John Mack 52 minutes ago

    What is sad is that in just about any crime the act itself is a form of mental illness.

  • Saiyan ForLife
    Saiyan ForLife 4 hours ago

    Republicans don't like making plans. They'd rather blame it on something else, and be done with it. If the Democrats come up with a plan they shot it down, no pun intended. They wan't all the credit, but unwilling to do the work.

  • Soulvigilante
    Soulvigilante 22 hours ago

    The reality of ACT in practice: social workers and addiction counselors running around town taking care of their clients' responsibilities so bipolar schizophrenics suffer no consequences for not taking their medication, blowing their SSDI checks on meth and violently assaulting their neighbors. No joke; this describes about 75% of my community's ACT roster. Yay, deinstitutionalization!

  • Doctor Edward Potter

    I made an entire presentation formed from well researched information on mental health in school systems and wrote a paper that called out our school systems for being so shitty when it comes to mental health and I got one of the worst scores and didn’t get credit for it.

  • Winston Bracken
    Winston Bracken 2 days ago

    When I first got diagnosed with isolated left ventricular non-compaction. I seriously thought about going out and buying an 8 ball then walking into the police station getting busted just so I could have health care.

  • Deforce
    Deforce 3 days ago

    when it’s a white guy performing an atrocious act, it’s a mental health problem. when it’s a black or brown person its a terrorism problem. hmmmmmmmm

  • Jessica Hicking
    Jessica Hicking 3 days ago

    Well done John Oliver!!

  • xtension xward
    xtension xward 4 days ago

    this is so actual ! mental illness has alot of physical / financial triggers and consequences
    just chatting with a person with clinical depression who is about to lose his house to pay a dept does not HELP ! you have to get your shit straight people ! mental issues are 100 % physical related issues ! .

  • hrs1414
    hrs1414 4 days ago

    Completely insane people go outside, suck on a rock and bark at the moon

  • Noah Zork
    Noah Zork 4 days ago

    Eh, if you commit gun violence, not in self defense, how are you not mentally ill? Shouldn't it be, the vast majority of gun violence is committed by mentally ill people? Most people don't do that, if you have it in you to do that, your not stable.

  • Cheshire Kat
    Cheshire Kat 4 days ago

    It's funny how Republicans only seem to believe in evolution by means of natural selection, when it comes to the mentally ill and/ or poor people dying.

  • Darren Spohn
    Darren Spohn 6 days ago

    I think America is the only country on the planet that allows mentally ill people have unrestricted access to guns.

  • Lahlem
    Lahlem 7 days ago

    I've had the shit beat out of me in a mental health facility, and then literally dragged out, begging for help, and was left alone on the side of the road. I called the cops, who dismissively said they can do nothing. People truly don't care anymore. (I was not helped, and ended up back in a hospital days later, having driven down the wrong way down an interstate with my dog in the car, no idea what was going on. Thank God--seriously, thank God--nothing happened other than $4000 worth of tickets.) I'm an intelligent, normal person. People don't believe these things can happen to them, and they avoid discomfort at the risk of their, and everyone's, safety and well-being. As for people who beat up someone weeping alone on the floor of a "mental hospital"--FUCK YOU.
    /rant over

  • What Ever
    What Ever 7 days ago

    The mental health system is totally fucked. Therapy is expensive as shit, my sessions are about $110 per hour. And most of the time you go in at least a couple times a month. That’s not even including medication(s). And even though the asylums have been closed inpatient and residential systems are still not great most of the time, regardless of whether or not their state or privately funded. So not only is mental health care really fucking expensive it is not great most of the time. Also the stigma around mental health can prevent people from getting help. Even though I was suicidal, homicidal, barely eating, cutting, depressed, and almost too anxious to function it still took me two years of suffering in silence until someone realized something was wrong to forced me into treatment. This doesn’t even go into how so many things affect someone’s mental health. Abuse, experiencing violence, threats, genetic predisposition, chronic disease, injury and so much more goes into someone’s mental health. A lot of times when i see it brought up it’s just “oh they’re just crazy just cause”, when so many times it isn’t “just cause”. Mental health treatment is also treated as a one size fits all. And as anyone who has ever tried anything one size fits all things can tell you that one size fits all things are bullshit. Mental health treatment is so much more than talk therapy and medication. We need to fix everything about our mental health system. We need to make mental health covered more commonly by insurance. Please as someone who has suffered from multiple anxiety disorders, depression, occasional psychotic episodes, disordered eating, paranoia, and suicidal idealization I’m begging you to help me help the system.

  • Robert Lisboa
    Robert Lisboa 8 days ago

    The scariest part is the comedians have to inform us with the truth & sensibility while the ones in charge worsen it.

  • שחר א.
    שחר א. 8 days ago

    2:01 So... Is Yigal Amir, who killed the prime minister because he was incited against, considered mentally ill? I’m asking for a friend. He thought he saw him being considered mentally ill. So is he? Is he considered mentally ill?

  • שחר א.
    שחר א. 8 days ago

    Hold on!! I rolled with you on ANY opening punchline, including A Star is Born being the Antonym for authoritarianism... BUT NOT ALL OSCARS ARE GIVEN TO MOVIES ABOUT MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE!!!

  • Daulton Horton
    Daulton Horton 9 days ago

    Mental health has nothing whatsoever to do with mass shootings, people don't kill because they are mentally I'll, they kill Because they are evil.
    Perfectly sane, but evil people, are just as likely to kill as mentally I'll, evil people...
    Mental illnes, evil, and violence, are all *separate things.*

  • Nettie Watkins
    Nettie Watkins 9 days ago

    crime is not mental illness. seen greyhound therapy, was a psych nurse, treatment is still disgraceful

  • jondeare
    jondeare 11 days ago +1

    Mike Huckabee has a house in Florida. And he wanted to own all the way to the shore....and Florida gave it to him for $400. And now....they say they can't do it. So Huckabee has to see people on "his" beach....and he can't do anything about it. So Sad. (Heard about it on NPR) 2:09

    • Chris Bucci
      Chris Bucci 9 days ago

      I think a large group of gay men need to go to that beach and proceed to oil each other up in speedos for Huckabee's enjoyment.

  • Eden Wolf
    Eden Wolf 12 days ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU AND YOUR STAFF DO. I have ADHD and PTSD and I am majoring in Special Education. There is so much stigma and ignorance toward mental different-abilities and I am going to fight it. I want to create outreach programs and educate in a fun way. This video is wonderful as are your others! THANK YOU! -Eden Wolf

  • Peddy Tendergrass
    Peddy Tendergrass 14 days ago

    The mentally ill have easier access to guns and heroin than psychiatric care, with less of a stigma. Yet, all anybody seems to be able to come up with as far as solutions when someone loses it and shoots up a public place is "thoughts and prayers".
    It would be better to say nothing at that point

  • Lupe Castillo
    Lupe Castillo 15 days ago

    Can someone please have this little piece of s*** contact me he's nothing but a piece of s*** rating cue cards

  • Lupe Castillo
    Lupe Castillo 15 days ago

    I still haven't seen your donation check to President Donald Trump

  • Lupe Castillo
    Lupe Castillo 15 days ago

    Your friends are waiting in the alley

  • Jayden Clarke
    Jayden Clarke 16 days ago

    The gun violence part. First, you start talking about mass shootings, then you quote GUN VIOLENCE statistics, which include (and is mostly comprised of) single victim shootings. THAT IS PURPOSELY MISLEADING.

  • Ryuzaki493
    Ryuzaki493 17 days ago


  • Rodger Page
    Rodger Page 17 days ago

    so they do everything possible to keep them in the community, do they pay your mortage? because financial troubles are excessive stress inducers and i can only imagine how many people would attempt suicide by police officer just to get out of it.

  • Pam Pond
    Pam Pond 17 days ago

    I think he's great....So right

  • s staners
    s staners 18 days ago

    It’s worse in the military. I had to suffer in silence for fear of reprisal.

  • first last
    first last 18 days ago

    I appreciate what you're saying about stigma, it's true, there is alot of stigma.
    But you got some of the rest of the issue wrong Oliver. Many of those "therapeutic centers" are typically refereed to as "treatment centers" and contain regular abuse. I know someone who spent most of their childhood abused in various such places and was finally let out after becoming an adult in part thanks to them closing down. Basically like prison with drugs forced on you but not needing to have been accused of any crime And those drugs forced them are not nice, have many nasty "side effects" and no benefits.
    Suicide was contemplated many a time and even half way attempts were made, not because they were suicidal in general but because being in such places was such hell, and serious new effort would probably have been given if they had to remain there their whole life. Also they get in one month via SSI to support themselves and live on their own, what roughly two days in such places cost. So "pay for themselves" you say... I'm not convinced.

  • first last
    first last 18 days ago

    4:00 Who is Yani?

  • Sakai Fitzgerald
    Sakai Fitzgerald 18 days ago


  • Fallen Feathers
    Fallen Feathers 22 days ago +1

    You address this so well, thank you for standing up for us! Watch these makes my anxiety fade for a while, I can’t thank you enough.

  • R Talking
    R Talking 24 days ago

    Don't drink the Coke!!

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G 25 days ago

    Is the guy in the coke ad oj Simpson?

  • Krista Oconnors
    Krista Oconnors 25 days ago

    He keeps accusing the Republicans of dodging the question, but if the mental health situation is really that bad, then aren't they right about the underlying cause of mass shootings?

  • Tamala Rovaris
    Tamala Rovaris 26 days ago +2

    I tried to get an appointment for my son who had had mental disturbances when they stopped his SSI claiming he was fine. During the period with no medication he hit someone with a skateboard almost killing him!
    When he was in jail they gave him his medication and treatment. When he came out they told me to get him immediate services at the public mental health clinic!
    Due to budget cuts people were lining up starting at 4:30 to 5 am and by 8 there were over 75 people in line and the majority of people had been there every day for several weeks! They were told that they were prioritizing appointments by severity of their issues so suicidal people were sometimes taken and they got the appointments available first!
    This would not have been so bad until you realize that there are only two appointments a day available because of the severity of the budget cuts. Without medication he ended back in jail again where he was given his medication and counseling!
    He also has been beaten so severely he still has memory lapses and bones that had been broken and unattended to!
    The worst part is that is the best place for mental health treatment! There’s none available where I live just outside San Diego!
    His SSI was stopped and they have a two year list for seeing a judge because even with this history we were told as long as he knew the date, who the president was and wasn’t in a wheelchair he was fine!
    This is his third time being reintegrate into society with no mental health care! Social Security told us that we have to appeal even with him having been treated for mental health issues since 4 years old!!!
    After 18 even with none of his issues having been changed they stated he was cured! At the hearing to reinstate his benefits so he can get medication we had to pay an attorney and when the judge saw how he was behaving in court it took him seven minutes to reinstate his benefits for SSI so he’d qualify for mental health care and medication!
    The judge also said that he wanted to apologize for the actions taken by SSI to terminate his care because if they had done an interview of more than three questions they should have been able to see the obvious! He said that they have been mandated to cut the rolls so for people who don’t have the ability to engage an attorney or get assistance from their family to get them reinstated that they have a massive amount of wrongful termination of benefits! He told me he understood what he was seeing and said that he wished us the best!
    My son is off medication again and for the safety of the other kids in the household we had to evict him! He is supposedly getting assistance with mental health issues because he qualified for them when we put him out because now he has a situation that is more perilous!
    Why does it take me having to evict him from his home away from his family for him to be eligible for mental health assistance?!

  • Paul Makinson
    Paul Makinson 26 days ago

    The only reason the US government ever implements any kind of policy is that corporations are set to make a profit out of it. Lives are irrelevant as perpetual wars demonstrate.

  • Joseph LaFrance
    Joseph LaFrance 26 days ago

    I have ptsd from serving in Iraq and fucking tired of people looking at me like i'm some kind of wack job. walk in my and my veteran brothers and sisters shoes , its nothing to brag about believe me.

  • Joseph LaFrance
    Joseph LaFrance 26 days ago

    Phil is an idiot

  • Mary T.
    Mary T. 27 days ago

    What I know about mental illness comes from my therapist, my own anxiety+depression, and the years I had to live with my sister. My sister has seen so many doctors and they all say something different. It’s autism, it’s bipolar, it’s schizophrenia. She’s had eating disorders, body dysmorphia, auditory hallucinations, she’s been psychotic, depressed, manic, and for years now we’ve had to take her from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor, psych ward to psych ward. She’s been on so many medications that have done so many things but nothing fixed her, they barely even helped her. She’s doing better now, but not because of anything we’ve done. No, she’s 19 now, and around that time people like her calm down on their own. Why? Who knows, not the doctors. My mom didn’t sleep when my sister was home, but whenever we’d get her somewhere, they’d hold her for a week, put her on a new medication, and send her home. People who haven’t experienced mental illness or seen someone experience mental illness in the real world have no idea what it’s like, and how hard it is to get them help. Not only that, but how little doctors actually can help, because there’s not enough research or knowledge on it, and many doctors aren’t even willing to help. My sister went through all that and has not had one brain scan to see if there’s a problem in her brain (very possible) despite our Mom asking every doctor she went to. That’s just my two cents, thanks.

  • sean callahan
    sean callahan 28 days ago

    It's the same as we only talk about guns during mass shootings, yet never hear a word when used in self defense. There was no news reporter by my door when my GF shot at a home intruder two years ago. I guess because it won't play to the narrative needed that guns are bad. plays the narrative they want to support. Should we be shocked?

    AGENT X SECURITY Month ago +1


  • ZuRriX
    ZuRriX Month ago +1

    Man, this is amazing.

  • ZuRriX
    ZuRriX Month ago +1

    2:17 - John went full Ali-G.

  • b w
    b w Month ago

    I'm sorry but no. If you're committing mass murder you definitely have mental illness.

  • John Tatum
    John Tatum Month ago +1

    John Oliver needs to talk about his own mentality...narcissism...classic narcissist....etc.

  • Georgia 2019
    Georgia 2019 Month ago

    I like psycho and wacko...Bipolar schio fake science with ABSOLUTELY no medical evidence is the SCARIEST threat to our country today.And if you read PHARM packet it says these mind altering drugs cause violence,mania and psychosis...Mental Health is nothing but a well oiled money machine and an absolute WITCH HUNT...Mental health is a CULT and they will drugged their victims to exhibit the signs of mental illness for PROFIT AND is NOT A BRANCH OF SCIENCE,HEALTH OR MEDICINE!!!! IT IS A VERY DANGEROUS CULT AND IF THEY CAN'T BRAINWASH A PERSON ...THEY WILL POISON THAT PERSON AND LOCK AWAY WITH NO TRIAL WHATSOEVER..Now they have pamphlets selling parents that a new born crying is a sign of mental illness...Naive America is getting slammed and a new political system of absolute HELL for every American is being put in place. ✌

  • Getapetahome
    Getapetahome Month ago

    WAIT!!! By the 80s we gave AWESOME CARE!!!!!
    Napa State Hospital 🏥 was a shining star 🌟 of highly educated people, who cared and were a deeply committed staff- THEM the FIUNDS WERE SHUT Off!! REAGAN and every single white man to whom he passed the storage and this is been a relay race to help for the mentally Ill.

    Believe in small government and middle-class having to live side-by-side with raging stinking crapping peeing on the streets naked mentally L people because they didn’t want their money going into a state hospital filled with qualified nurses were getting extensive training from University. This all was shut down during these hospitals golden years of holiday care. But you know it’s such a big priority to put a CEO into a Maserati and a Rolls-Royce and at least one luxury liner. For God sake! Enough already
    Let’s get these people take it in and taken care of and *cared about*
    Physical and sexual abuse are rampant in the highly profitable residential settings!

  • Jemppu
    Jemppu Month ago

    2:35 "rarely is the question asked: is our children learning"

  • Zoe Kirk
    Zoe Kirk Month ago

    You should make a segment about the abuse and excessive relinquishment of autonomy that can occur in group homes and state supported living facilities for the intellectually and developmentally disabled

  • Damien Gonterman
    Damien Gonterman Month ago

    I have bipolar type one with psychotic features. I struggled all through my teenage years with it but it wasn't until I turned 18 that I was seen by a psychiatrist. I have been almost hospitalized a few times and I was intimidated by security guards whom there were at least 5 of in the room while I was being given my official diagnosis. Ive been called crazy and treated like a black sheep by my family and by friends. People assume I'll be violent and evil because of my illness. Mental illness stigma is very much alive and ive been one of the lucky ones

  • Fab Elger
    Fab Elger Month ago

    it's so sad that the biggest part of the subjects john Oliver points out here never change or are reviewed or are ANYTHING they should be in the US and their political system. AS a German I feel just sad for all these people in prison and out in the nowhere just because they got ill in the US and not in Europe...:( and then they are criminalized and made responsible for horrible things because they can't defend themselves against these insults of them being the reason for gun violence and what not....DISGUSTING! and there are just SO MANY subjects on the John Oliver list that are simply UNTHINKABLE in any other First world Part of this planet...that people really still think they have it better than others for living in the US...RIDICOLOUS!

  • Pizzapocalypse
    Pizzapocalypse Month ago

    I'm really getting sick and tired of people saying mass shooting is mental health is are fault but it's more likely we wana hurt are selfs this shit is dumb man

  • smmydvr
    smmydvr Month ago

    It is 2019 and nothing has changed.

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius Month ago

    Liberalism is a mental disorder!

  • Beth Finne
    Beth Finne Month ago +5

    This was a great episode. One of the best I've seen. But John it's now April 2019 and I think you should do a follow-up.

  • Brad Wilson
    Brad Wilson Month ago

    For any active duty, or veterans watching


  • Nathan McCartney
    Nathan McCartney Month ago

    I have to deal with a mental illness: My ex

  • svenm sandity
    svenm sandity Month ago

    Every Psychiatrist ive been to prescribed me harmful drugs i have one kidney because i was born with it but these harmful drugs for kidneys and livers that effect me more then these other people with no tests as blood work and one was clearly in the pocket of big pharma

  • No-Conspiracy No-Jobs

    I think these snake oil pitchers, who sell fake disease, like Dr. OZ, Dr. Phil should disclose they have honorary degree like they do within United Kingdom. This way consumers can know there as good as sponsored as far as their authority on that subject goes, especially dangerous with mental health - fake conditions such as RCA Bipolar. Truth is they read script on teleprompter like rest of Hollywood
    Same as those actors inside your mental health or addiction clinic, who dress lab coats, stethoscope, medical equipment everywhere, fake degree on wall, yet they're just as eligible 4 an Oscar as those well known celebrities. They sell religion you believe is disease because you saw on the media
    Comedians who claim they have Bipolar, such as Stephen Fry, reinforce their idea is if it's true. They're just actors who lie & should bee ashamed, causing so much damage upon another innocent men or women life

  • Ashley A
    Ashley A Month ago

    First comment was a fucking mic drop haha

  • Robert Cunningham
    Robert Cunningham 2 months ago

    I love Jonh Oliver!!! 💗

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn 2 months ago

    Every society is mentally ill because of patriarchy and all the poison that it brings to society esp. toward females with sexism, misogyny, bigotry, the mental illness of religion, narcissism, sociopathy, depression, anxiety, violence, war, genicide, double standards, and blaming females for everything even for crimes males commit against them as opposed to the male criminals!

  • austincarter812
    austincarter812 2 months ago

    I'd love to be a part of a study into the effectiveness of these types of programs. Lord knows I could use it.

  • Michele P
    Michele P 2 months ago

    awesome, John Oliver! Thanks for this!

  • Xellos Kaczor
    Xellos Kaczor 2 months ago

    yea, i mean, at this point i wouldnt be opposed for you americans to actually pay for bunch of professional psychiatrists to visit school and forcibly check if kinds arent actual ticking timebombs.

    Coz what the fuck. You say gun control gun control, but if your kid picks up a fucking gun, that irresponsible owner left in the open, takes it to school and murder bunch of motherfuckers, id say problem is not the gun, it's the retarded kid.

    And should your dad whose gun you used to shoot up your class go to jail? Yes. He should. because he is a fucking moron, leaving the gun around children. But "gun control" is actually dodging a conversation about bad parenting and idiot children.

  • TwistedF8
    TwistedF8 2 months ago

    Thank you 🙏

  • Thomas Call
    Thomas Call 2 months ago +1

    I struggled with anxiety and depression and I got help. 1 year later, I’m already weaning off my medication. I support people who struggle with mental illness and I believe that they deserve all the help/support that they can get.

  • Abdullah Hamad
    Abdullah Hamad 2 months ago

    People with mental health issues are often times abused by family and ignored by friends, whilst the pharmacy "professionals" who are supposed to help them suppress their very lives and attempt to exterminate them based on a set of misdiagnoses from a psychiatrist who is just fishing for insurance money and kickbacks. Most problems in mental health are environmental, but "care" focuses on changing the mentally ill, which allows environmental issues to strike again. Police mental health units jump to conclusions, shoot, and don't ask questions. They rely again on misdiagnoses from judgmental psychiatrists out for blood and ignore the facts on the ground. I once was arrested for calling the police on neighbor's domestic violence, because I have virtual reality visual problems misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. The police questioned me on whether I was taking my meds, on zero input from me (it was the first thing they asked) and then put me in a squalid detention center for several months. They probably see the person with a red outline for targeting and attack purposes if the person is diagnosed. Another time a police officer arrested me for a traffic stop, because we were on the highway and there was no shoulder to pull over so it took me a while to stop. They took me straight to jail, and from there, to a state run hospital, where I was assaulted multiple times and the conditions caused me to become very ill. I was appointed a guardian as condition of release, and she sold my car, sold my house, took my life savings of $570k, and refused to give me enough money to run my home business, shop for food and clothes, and make do. Mental health treatment is a hoax and the only solutions they ever have to offer are sedatives and ante, yes ante, psychotics that make people sick as fuck.

  • B Miller
    B Miller 2 months ago

    I can only think how sad it is that Cosby probably got royalties from showing that commercial, which makes me a bit sick to my stomach.

  • Kedrick the Head Trip
    Kedrick the Head Trip 2 months ago

    Get off the air, bully! There are other ways to get attention.

  • Kenny Mobley
    Kenny Mobley 2 months ago

    How can we comment on a real and serious issue while making it relevant the cool show!? Keep the political jokes active! Why can’t you comment only on mental health without including jokes? So sincere

  • Pedro Afonso
    Pedro Afonso 2 months ago

    at 2:38 he sounded just like that awesome policeman from Allo Allo...

  • Conrad Werner
    Conrad Werner 2 months ago

    I'm on your side, even if you don't wanna share my bed. The current establishment is trying to repress everyone who is not already a monied individual, and has their genitals on the outside. Women have been marginalized and treated as second class citizens for too long. I've suffered, greatly, and I only wanted to feel normal again. I'm just trying to remind every Eve of their strength, even if we never share one together.

  • Kara Zor-El
    Kara Zor-El 2 months ago

    I gave this a like for "I'm not a real esnake agent"
    Literally the moment he said that I pressed like lol

  • Angel Velasquez
    Angel Velasquez 2 months ago

    I’m a victim fighting the mental system who care only about prescription deals. I just wish they cared but psychiatric doctor wants to brand me like cattle 😫

  • xo catgirl
    xo catgirl 2 months ago

    Wonderful !

  • James Haney
    James Haney 2 months ago

    Yes I agree when you see horrible organizations doing horrible things to people they need to be shut down AKA get rid of the Catholic churches

  • James Haney
    James Haney 2 months ago

    Coca-Cola only tastes good because of the roofies you added

  • Magickid
    Magickid 2 months ago +1

    Tayler LOUTner

  • Nic DeGrave
    Nic DeGrave 2 months ago

    A competitive cheer team came to perform at a venue in my city after some big wins. A company known for its charitable giving always buys about 30 seats so that mentally ill people served by the local chapter of NAMI can get a private show.On this occasion, the team, which consisted of college students, had crafted a special number that had earned them raves at practice. They were--brace for the lulz--ESCAPED MENTAL PATIENTS! Complete with tangled hair, wild fingernails, contorted faces, mock-seizure moves, and stylized violence, they concluded with a fun bit about forcible straitjacketing.I SHIT YOU NOT.Sorry about the tl;dr but if you want to do something really important? Ask your local police department (or your local chapter of NAMI) if they do, or are interested in doing, mental health first aid and crisis response training. Imo it results in officers better able to react flexibly in *every* situation and a lower likelihood of violent, traumatic encounters. My meds can cause life-threatening hypoglycemia (I act falling-down drunk, slurring and confused), and I felt safer in my community when I saw NAMI volunteers explain to officers how to make evaluations rather than snap judgments about behavior.

  • André / Pyroghoul
    André / Pyroghoul 2 months ago

    2:05 got it, everyone with a gun is retarded.

  • Noah Toy
    Noah Toy 2 months ago

    Fair, but do you truly believe that anyone can commit a mass shooting without being mentally ill? I do not believe that sort of behavior could be committed by a person who exhibits good mental health.

    • EnderA
      EnderA 2 months ago

      Ideology is powerful. I would assume there are many people on another part of the political spectrum whose beliefs strain your credibility, yet do not suffer from mental illness. The Nazi's committed atrocities, yet we cannot claim the majority of the population to have been mentally ill. Or the Crusades, or other wars. If people believe killing others to be either in their own interest or for the betterment of society, they don't need to be mentally ill to do so.
      The rise of the internet (and it's plentiful echo chambers) makes it easy for people to adopt radical ideologies compared to their neighbors. The prevalence of mass media adds publicity as a further motivator. The vast majority of murder by gun violence is not with "assault style" rifles in mass shootings, but with handguns in private.
      But roughly two-thirds of gun-related deaths (in the US) are suicide. *This is where mental illness is a major factor.* Often people with mental illness believe the world would be better off without them, and the stigma surrounding it makes that worse.

  • Melanie Evans
    Melanie Evans 2 months ago +1

    Thank you John Oliver! I was put on an illegal hold by my therapist because she was mad at me for being overwhelmed and needing to talk after I was sexually assaulted.
    I was abused in several ways, physically assaulted and raped by staff at College Hospital in Cerritos, California!
    Our Rights Are an Illusion!

  • Qiming Ye
    Qiming Ye 2 months ago +1

    I have schizophrenia and I live in China. Not so many people care about my condition, I feel hurt whenever people say 'psychopath'.

  • Alicia Tur
    Alicia Tur 2 months ago

    It backfires sometimes too because in my State we don't have funding for normal people just down on their luck - we throw people doing well into the mental health garbage bin and that includes DV (domestic violence which really is another matter).. if you shove it down somebody's throat when they DON'T need it - you CREATE trouble. I'm not sure what to suggest but it's either underdone or overdone

    • Alicia Tur
      Alicia Tur 2 months ago

      Domestic Violence and mental illness can be the same but not always- sometimes DV "looks like" other things, and treating it like mental illness causes other problems the person did not have in the first place.

  • Alicia Tur
    Alicia Tur 2 months ago

    Some mental health in patient treatment is still horribly abusive and awful - ask Wyoming for one. The West is especially bad. (And the West has our highest suicide rate)

  • Alicia Tur
    Alicia Tur 2 months ago

    I don't know how you educate people really, but the general public is just stupid about this

  • Alicia Tur
    Alicia Tur 2 months ago

    Cray-cray? That's a new one for me, unfortunately.

  • Scott Carlass
    Scott Carlass 2 months ago

    Very troubling indeed...this is the second old clip from Last Week Tonight that I've watched where John has given a mention to Trump, which, let's be honest, should have never been involved in the discussion because that means people were taking him seriously which is the number one reason why people can't enjoy things: Donald Trump...or the fact that they take things that should not be taken seriously serious...seriously.

  • Paul Effinger
    Paul Effinger 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for this video.

  • Randy Gillett
    Randy Gillett 2 months ago

    I love you John Oliver you're doing god's fucking work

  • Scio Arête
    Scio Arête 2 months ago

    Foucault anyone?

  • Noel Logan
    Noel Logan 2 months ago

    So once again the US is exposed as a completely fucked up country

  • SquallNN
    SquallNN 2 months ago

    1:37 Wolves can bark?

  • PhoenixAngel429
    PhoenixAngel429 2 months ago

    I have work in the morning. I should be going to bed but I'm watching John Oliver.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 2 months ago

    He’s hilarious, but I’m conservative and he’s liberal, so…

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me 2 months ago

    Worried about mental health while pushing so many delusional public policies that have the same, "what are you going to believe, me or your own eyes " dynamic.