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  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
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    In today's episode, Sapphire shares a true story about a young boy whose art talents might be more than what he expected...
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Comments • 5 814

  • Dreki Thor
    Dreki Thor 6 hours ago

    Turn this blue if u love scary videos

  • Infi12345
    Infi12345 6 hours ago

    Patrick the star?
    Holy shit

  • TheBlackWolfsSoul62
    TheBlackWolfsSoul62 14 hours ago

    God am I glad the most graphic thing I've ever drawn was a girl with spikes going through her eye sockets

  • Sketchtastrophe
    Sketchtastrophe 16 hours ago

    lol I draw scary emo stuff with blood. its how I vent

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II

    This reminds me of the episode of “The Amazing World of Gumball”, that Banana Joe’s mom. Paints stuff the happened to Gumball.

  • Kitty Vanstead
    Kitty Vanstead Day ago

    Why I do not do art school shows them this video ok friend time to quit art school

  • Nokoltian Z
    Nokoltian Z Day ago

    OOF That ending is scary

  • Esther xox
    Esther xox 2 days ago

    What's his number !!?I need him to draw me a big castle filled with money .

  • Bacon Hair
    Bacon Hair 2 days ago +3

    So many jump scares I was alone in the living room btw

  • KayLeigh S
    KayLeigh S 2 days ago

    Helll no to the no no no to the no hell to the no

  • akiyama
    akiyama 2 days ago

    Patrick has the mind of miss banana from gumball.

  • Kenneth Anson Lee
    Kenneth Anson Lee 3 days ago

    I love the face munching noises

  • Late Sleeper
    Late Sleeper 3 days ago

    I got a heart attack when those art stuff came up

  • May Sam
    May Sam 4 days ago


  • LoopLife
    LoopLife 4 days ago +3

    SNARLED: "I dropped out of Art school and never touch a pencil again"
    ME: "Then Use a pen! :D

  • Mirvat Mansour
    Mirvat Mansour 4 days ago +1

    If I was that guy I would draw myself rich 😂

  • Namjoons Tiddies
    Namjoons Tiddies 4 days ago

    Draw tons of food and with you in the middle😂😂😂👌👌

  • Namjoons Tiddies
    Namjoons Tiddies 4 days ago

    Draw a mansion with you inside of it😂😂

  • Mm Gajudo
    Mm Gajudo 4 days ago +2

    well I am artiat but...I kinda scared drawing some scary thing. cause you said to me

  • ViYanni Gacha
    ViYanni Gacha 4 days ago


  • Average Dingus
    Average Dingus 4 days ago

    so when’s he gonna get ripped apart

  • patheorics
    patheorics 5 days ago

    Okay but this is based on real events...

  • Siennavsvdh_2301 :3
    Siennavsvdh_2301 :3 6 days ago +1


  • Japneet Kaur
    Japneet Kaur 6 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary

    Ur holidays are going on but Tom is extra class 😂😂

    SAM PLAYZ_YT 6 days ago

    "Wanna hear something scary"
    Getting graduate.

  • fuck kookie
    fuck kookie 6 days ago

    So is that person dead now or like what

  • Luis Franco
    Luis Franco 7 days ago


  • xXAstro AnnaXx
    xXAstro AnnaXx 7 days ago

    For the intro, the captions said
    “Hyaaaaah dings”

  • Jasmin Orellana
    Jasmin Orellana 7 days ago +1

    Wanna hear something scary SHOWING YOUR REPORT-CARD

  • BeautyMind Beautylifecrystalpink

    I like I guess what you draw in mind you can make it come to life....

  • -Anxious Potato-
    -Anxious Potato- 7 days ago


  • Cory Keny
    Cory Keny 7 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary?

    Placing 2nd in fortnite

  • fortnite playa
    fortnite playa 7 days ago

    9/10 out of this series we don't hear "something scary" we see it dont hate me I love this series

  • Taija Bartrop
    Taija Bartrop 8 days ago

    I think this was going to a “his car broke down and he was attacked by animals” directions

  • Anna Perkuns
    Anna Perkuns 8 days ago

    I got an actual heart attack at - 3:49


  • Rieka Okami Wolf
    Rieka Okami Wolf 8 days ago

    This gives me chills... The one from the story and I are just the same when I am doing some drawings it's just like someone else is controling me...
    BTW I'm from Philippines🇵🇭

  • Darryl Arriesgado
    Darryl Arriesgado 8 days ago

    Death note: coloring book version

  • rose lavender
    rose lavender 8 days ago

    Are these stories real cause I don't believe in demons

  • SunnyBee
    SunnyBee 8 days ago


  • Gladys Gamez
    Gladys Gamez 9 days ago


  • UnicornLoverXOXO Sings and plays

    If Pat was a boy and it said BOYFRIEND does this make him gay?I mean Im fine with it Because im lesbian But im just wondering

  • Finley Hiser
    Finley Hiser 9 days ago +2

    *want to hear something scary*
    My room...

  • William Humphrey
    William Humphrey 9 days ago

    This is a cool channel

  • PuppyLover 2019
    PuppyLover 2019 9 days ago

    I'm an artist....

  • Oh Noes
    Oh Noes 9 days ago

    Oh SHIT, he's going to be eaten by cannibals in the desert. How does he not realize all of his art hasn't come true yet?! There are still drawings of his car in the desert and one of him being eaten alive by humanoid monsters, COME ON Patrick- do the math, UGH!
    I was wondering why he didn't just start drawing GOOD things instead, maybe draw his dad back to life... but that wouldn't work, would it? Because if his "body/ the silent voice" isn't making him draw it, it's probably not going to amount to anything.
    You'd just think that after everything that's happened he'd at least avoid going anywhere and doing anything resembling anything he's drawn.

  • Red Rim
    Red Rim 10 days ago

    3:50 that scared me

  • joonsdd _
    joonsdd _ 10 days ago


  • Melty Moonie
    Melty Moonie 10 days ago


  • pineapple jam
    pineapple jam 10 days ago

    who else realize that banana joe's mother from the amazing world of gumball also can draw the future

  • pap yrus
    pap yrus 10 days ago

    In the world of gumball banana ju's mom drow something that is gonna to happen

  • Maniac O
    Maniac O 10 days ago

    Wish me luck I’m going full screen mode

  • Sadiya Yonas
    Sadiya Yonas 10 days ago +1


  • photoshoop8
    photoshoop8 10 days ago


  • Name Holder
    Name Holder 10 days ago

    Scary my ass

  • Todoroki bnha
    Todoroki bnha 10 days ago

    Who else is actually scared because they are an ACTUAL artist and got freaked...

  • Mikkayla Jakes
    Mikkayla Jakes 10 days ago

    *help* -help- trying to get bold
    Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssss I did it! *I have little or no Deal with the children*

  • Mikado Mikaela
    Mikado Mikaela 10 days ago

    Gayness? Yaz

  • AkaJiminzLiar The Anime and KPop Freak

    can he please draw me a good report card

  • Oof
    Oof 11 days ago

    He should draw my report card with all a’s on it

  • MxdnightEditxz
    MxdnightEditxz 11 days ago +1

    maybe you could make an animated story of our nightmares?

  • SaucyHakkdogg
    SaucyHakkdogg 11 days ago

    Wanner her somdin skaree?

    Mei spalleing

  • Sophia OSheaf
    Sophia OSheaf 11 days ago

    Pretty sure pat is dead now because of the painting of the monsters eating at him

  • em xx
    em xx 11 days ago

    how do i submit my experience, i would love to it’s always scared me😬☕️

  • Saray Gomez
    Saray Gomez 11 days ago

    Hey waht do you wnat to do taody

  • Jacob Currie
    Jacob Currie 11 days ago +1

    Listening to this soundless sound

    How can you hear a sound if there’s no sound lol

  • HD Gamer
    HD Gamer 12 days ago

    you drew yourself being torn apart by monsters, and all your pictures happen in real life.

  • Gicells Laraikiji
    Gicells Laraikiji 12 days ago

    Mexican hot cheetos+scary stories =perfect combo

  • Crayteru Pao
    Crayteru Pao 13 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary?

    Asian parents seeing B-

  • Maricela Chaidez
    Maricela Chaidez 13 days ago

    Patrick from SpongeBob

  • Hailey Barnette
    Hailey Barnette 13 days ago

    So draw you a life

  • Chris Lenarcik
    Chris Lenarcik 13 days ago

    The sound of the man drowning in blood sounds like a tie fighter from Star Wars

  • ItsAdam
    ItsAdam 13 days ago +1

    So if he vowed to not touch a pencil anymore, then how is he gonna write and is he gonna write ever again?😂😵

  • Elincia Montoya
    Elincia Montoya 13 days ago

    i jumped and spilled my Hawaiian Punch all over my white sweatshirt when she showed that sudden monster art piece-

  • Watermelongamer22 #lol

    The story of filipino Monsters

  • Sarah Rozuan
    Sarah Rozuan 13 days ago

    please dont do any more paintings jumping at me :'(

  • Maggie McDonald
    Maggie McDonald 14 days ago

    Why dosent she draw stuff like world peace?

  • Hojo Ma
    Hojo Ma 14 days ago

    Saphhire- hi adings
    Me- hi manang


    *hi ate flipino din ako (please pin nyo po)*

  • GachaLee
    GachaLee 14 days ago +3

    Patrick: That's not blood
    Art teacher: What is it then?

  • Carde Fontenot
    Carde Fontenot 14 days ago

    Ok that is sad

  • Janiah T
    Janiah T 14 days ago

    Advertises to help us sleep better
    Tells stories to help us (have insomnia and) not be able to sleep

  • Cotton Jedidiah
    Cotton Jedidiah 14 days ago

    Yes I’ve seen the commercials about the purple mattress. 😒

  • Annie Hunt
    Annie Hunt 14 days ago

    All I did in art is color pictures of holidays and watch a movie we had to stay silent :^

  • Da Gey Squad
    Da Gey Squad 15 days ago

    6:43 pat gets a job
    Boss: ok pat here’s some rlly important assignments. u better do them real careful. Make no mistakes or be fired
    Pat: u got it boss!
    *Pat grabs pen*
    Boss: oh ye forgot to tell u u must use pencil for dis.
    Pat(remembers his vow): NOOOOOO

  • doughnut weasel
    doughnut weasel 15 days ago

    foreshadowing 101

  • Crystal Hearts_playz
    Crystal Hearts_playz 15 days ago

    Can he draw me getting a magical mansion and being a millionaire

  • i want die
    i want die 15 days ago

    No. He... His face... The future... No...

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez 15 days ago

    I just realized something: he's a guy he has a boyfriend I'm pretty sure you can figure out the rest for yourself --__--

  • Marco Aldrete
    Marco Aldrete 15 days ago

    um i do and this happen

  • Maj Tolentino
    Maj Tolentino 15 days ago +1

    i was supposed to go to art sch too but its only available on prestigious sch and we couldn't afford it :(

  • Gracie Boen
    Gracie Boen 15 days ago +2

    7:12 his shirt is the same color as the shirt in the drawing 7:15

  • Neon De Golderp Fruddy

    Ok, that car is REALLY similar to a car my dad had. The blue tint, body frame, and gold rims

  • mini toons
    mini toons 15 days ago +3

    Me:*remembers that patrick drew a picture of him getting torn by monsters*
    Also me:*remembers that what he draws happens in real life*
    Also Also me:OH SHI----

  • Universe_potato
    Universe_potato 16 days ago

    Psst!! Hey kid!! Wanna hear something...

    *SCARY* ?

  • Daisy Sarma
    Daisy Sarma 16 days ago +1

    *runs to guy and aggressively asks for drawing of Taehyung talking to me*

  • Priya Adhikari
    Priya Adhikari 16 days ago +3

    Wanna hear something scary?

    First day of school.

  • Zainab Ashfaq
    Zainab Ashfaq 16 days ago

    im so sad from this story

  • Dannia Meim
    Dannia Meim 16 days ago +10

    Okay, this is like the one of the ep World Of Gumball where Joe’s mom drawing the future damn

  • Shreya Sinha
    Shreya Sinha 16 days ago +3

    *wait what about the self portrait where her face tears apar-*
    NONONONONONONONO don’t scare yourself Shreya
    *Fineeee -.-*

  • Shreya Sinha
    Shreya Sinha 16 days ago +2

    3:51 taht scared me but made me laugh lmao