Melting 100 Lipsticks from Amazon


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  • Flight Of Doves
    Flight Of Doves Day ago

    *Safiyah Nygaard has entered the chat*

  • Hency D'souza
    Hency D'souza 2 days ago +1

    "Could we do an experiment"
    "Love that!! Melting lipsticks.."

  • Jessica Froelich
    Jessica Froelich 2 days ago

    Love it. Another fun experiment.

  • The Official BlackOut

    Were did the other dude go?

  • Camden Hernandez
    Camden Hernandez 2 days ago

    Straight outta USclip rewind

  • Sulma Rodriguez
    Sulma Rodriguez 2 days ago +1

    science love๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’“

  • Kira Smith
    Kira Smith 2 days ago

    Ok, Safiya Nygaard

  • Ellee Robb
    Ellee Robb 3 days ago

    Please keep doing more feminine videos! I love you guys and I love everything you do but to have more female aimed videos!

  • Leland Salcedo
    Leland Salcedo 3 days ago

    dehydrate the lip stick

  • Elijah Hatelt
    Elijah Hatelt 3 days ago

    Ah itโ€™s rewind timeu

  • Alyssa Salazar
    Alyssa Salazar 3 days ago +1

    who else thinks they shouldve worn ANY other color besides WHITE

  • Shadestorm
    Shadestorm 3 days ago

    Bad make up science

  • Raven gaming
    Raven gaming 3 days ago

    Try freeze drying the unhardened lipstick or try putting it in the vacuum chamber see what it does

  • Niko Simpson
    Niko Simpson 3 days ago

    the fact that they didn't insert the screaming r2d2 sound @ 8:54 really annoys me

  • Samanta Smith
    Samanta Smith 4 days ago


  • James Quall
    James Quall 4 days ago

    Is you guys brothers?

  • Streamer 4327
    Streamer 4327 4 days ago

    You should mix a ton of eye shadow together then see the average shade

  • PhoenixSlayer56
    PhoenixSlayer56 4 days ago

    I mean I love you so much but we already know whatโ€™s going to happen itโ€™s going to melt and itโ€™s going to cast
    The only random thing ur doing is casting different objects
    But I did want to put all of them on me XD

  • Tayla Preston
    Tayla Preston 4 days ago

    this has been done by Safyia Nygarrd (may have spelt that wrong) with every lipstick sold at Sephora

  • Julian Aguilar
    Julian Aguilar 6 days ago

    They shouldve used the Louboutin lipsticks

  • Megan Hunter
    Megan Hunter 6 days ago

    if you wanna watch the same thing but funnier watch Safiya Nygaard's video melting all of Sephora lipsticks

  • Quratz_Star Light.-.

    3:32 am i the only one to find that funny

  • Shane Cross
    Shane Cross 6 days ago


  • Reeka Padhan
    Reeka Padhan 7 days ago

    try mixing melted lipstick with ink and put it in vaccum chamber than freeze it

  • Craze AndreasRF
    Craze AndreasRF 7 days ago


  • James Bromley
    James Bromley 7 days ago

    Where are the moulds from?

  • Atinus8
    Atinus8 7 days ago

    y'all a rip off of safiya nyagard

  • fluffy nocturnal chinchilla

    Well someone watched Safiya's videos... o ,______ o

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 7 days ago

    What happens if you freeze dry lipstick?

  • Daluv Docta
    Daluv Docta 7 days ago

    No disrespect, but your wife is gorgeous.

  • Koa Klose
    Koa Klose 7 days ago

    Hut hike

  • Bhushan
    Bhushan 8 days ago


  • Buddhima dasun muthumala

    Lipstick deserve to be destroyed

  • Sleuthelle (Tasha Duncan)

    Grant: The King of random
    Nate: The Jack of trades
    Calli: The Page of Projects (?)
    I know itโ€™s kind of going along the lines of card suits but it works. XD

  • Jocey90
    Jocey90 8 days ago

    Nate: I think we should probably start with the lowest setting.
    Callie: The highest setting
    Nate: Oh No

  • Freddy FazCraft
    Freddy FazCraft 8 days ago

    No *grant* no happiness....

  • some dude
    some dude 8 days ago

    Ok but safyia nygaard??

  • dan the melon man
    dan the melon man 8 days ago

    welp there comes no starwars movie with ardudietoe id don't know hot to spell it :-)

  • Garrett Perkins
    Garrett Perkins 8 days ago

    they killed r2d2 murders

  • Garrett Perkins
    Garrett Perkins 8 days ago

    why is there random letters in the videos

  • JGaming
    JGaming 8 days ago

    YT rewind 2018..."MELTING LIPSTICKS"

  • sne 1235
    sne 1235 8 days ago

    Safia copy cat worst video. It's Just lipsticks they didn't have any other ideas for videos

  • Caitlin Wilson
    Caitlin Wilson 8 days ago

    Two seconds after I subscribe, and it already recommends an old video.

  • Cherryl Matalang
    Cherryl Matalang 8 days ago

    Can you make a Art work using lipsticks

    PACO THE TACO 8 days ago

    You're just burning things now ๐Ÿ˜’

  • Brynn Davis
    Brynn Davis 8 days ago

    Why isn't Kalie in the intro!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Kylie Medley
    Kylie Medley 8 days ago


  • Super Shy Guy
    Super Shy Guy 8 days ago

    Rewind needs more scieenncee. Great idea, melting lipstick.

  • rscharlier
    rscharlier 8 days ago

    her lips look like kim kardashian

  • LDB Games
    LDB Games 8 days ago


  • Oscar Milligan
    Oscar Milligan 8 days ago

    Who else thinks of rewind 2018. Melting lipstick. Anyone

  • Bigissis
    Bigissis 9 days ago

    Where do you put the translation?

  • Volt 56 the second time

    *Doot doot doot doot doot doot*

  • Adi Vengeance
    Adi Vengeance 9 days ago

    what is the name of the Instagram
    I want to follow it

  • Harumi Haru
    Harumi Haru 9 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard is *_SHOOK_*

  • Kenzie G
    Kenzie G 9 days ago

    *cough* bad makeup science *cough cough* safiya nygaard *cough*

  • yolomon9994
    yolomon9994 9 days ago

    We need more science

  • Emily Montgomery
    Emily Montgomery 9 days ago

    Safiya Nigaard did this with all of the lipsticks from Sephora and she got a really cool color, too

  • Drew The Real Dragon

    Use More expensive llipstick

  • KMZ
    KMZ 9 days ago

    you think that's a lot?
    then u should watch safya Nygard video
    she took every lipstick from Sephora and melted it

  • Raifrushdhy rough
    Raifrushdhy rough 9 days ago

    The kind of Makeup Tutorial TKOR does.

  • Ablek
    Ablek 9 days ago

    Imagine being in a dark ally way and a guy Robs you with a lip stick knife

  • T. M. S.
    T. M. S. 9 days ago

    Youโ€™re copying Safiya

  • DevilsMixup
    DevilsMixup 9 days ago

    Nate: lowest setting
    *immediately after*
    Cali: HiGhEsT SEtTinG

  • Adam's origami Productions

    Did you see a goat 4:41 on the left

  • Abdullah sardar
    Abdullah sardar 9 days ago

    Put wite out in vacume chamber

  • adam maybury
    adam maybury 10 days ago

    Wtf who is the girl

  • Cyberdragonis 1300
    Cyberdragonis 1300 10 days ago

    Rewind needs more science

    *MeLtInG lIpStIcKs*

  • Jerameel Corporan
    Jerameel Corporan 10 days ago

    Whereโ€™s the other guy?

  • Endergirl
    Endergirl 10 days ago


  • Qianle Au
    Qianle Au 10 days ago

    Cast molten eyeshadow

  • Brendan Pinnell
    Brendan Pinnell 10 days ago


  • Karlo . B
    Karlo . B 10 days ago

    Try casting a mold with plastic! PLEASE!!! ๐Ÿ˜

  • E21RuSt GaMeR
    E21RuSt GaMeR 10 days ago +1

    Is grant dead

  • Foushbag
    Foushbag 10 days ago

    This video sucked lol

  • BobMiniPekka
    BobMiniPekka 10 days ago

    where's grant

  • April Miskell
    April Miskell 10 days ago

    The king of random is not longer the king of random it's the king of predictable

  • Brett Beatty
    Brett Beatty 10 days ago

    You are gratt and fun

  • Tips and tricks with Ben Dales

    Grint and Nate with lipstick

  • ashleigh waters
    ashleigh waters 10 days ago

    If possible I think it would be really cool to mix the melted lipstick into some sort of acrylic or epoxy and turn it into a pen on a lathe

  • Sarena Huisman
    Sarena Huisman 10 days ago

    Have you seen Safiya Nygardโ€™s bad makeup science?

  • TheCrystalAvenger
    TheCrystalAvenger 10 days ago

    I miss grant

  • cadenwlego
    cadenwlego 10 days ago

    At 4:47 can Anyone else see the llama or horse head?

  • ElectroBOOM
    ElectroBOOM 10 days ago


  • JessieCatCake
    JessieCatCake 10 days ago

    its nates idea lmao

  • Little_TyTy
    Little_TyTy 10 days ago

    Is sand called sand because itโ€™s between sea and land?

  • Giggle Cake
    Giggle Cake 10 days ago

    Wow, Saf has changed so much since the last bad makeup science video.

  • Rosa Chang
    Rosa Chang 10 days ago +1


  • Adam Atkinson
    Adam Atkinson 10 days ago

    This already happened in USclip rewind 2018

  • Carlos Chen
    Carlos Chen 10 days ago

    Bad science

  • Gabriela Martinez
    Gabriela Martinez 10 days ago

    Nate ok i donโ€™t care if this was my idea

  • Cedric Hua
    Cedric Hua 10 days ago

    scraping off the lipstick is so satisfying

  • Martyn Kernighan
    Martyn Kernighan 10 days ago

    "I think rewind needs more science.... MELTNG LIPSTICK" I wish Nile Red or Martyn Poliakoff was in rewind.

  • Charles cress
    Charles cress 10 days ago

    Should have collabed with Sophia

  • SharkTech00
    SharkTech00 10 days ago


  • David powell jr
    David powell jr 10 days ago


  • Kiersten Kirkindall
    Kiersten Kirkindall 10 days ago

    Around 5:30 thereโ€™s a symbol that flashes on the screen HELP ME FIND ITTTTT

  • terry irving
    terry irving 10 days ago

    Shes hot

  • Kelly
    Kelly 10 days ago

    I love the fact that nates an artist

  • Pure depression
    Pure depression 10 days ago

    Did they get the idea from USclip rewind 2018?