My Dinosaur Is a Service Animal (with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard!) | CH Shorts

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Just because it’s a Velociraptor with knives for teeth doesn’t mean it’s not my best friend.
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    Chris Pratt
    Bryce Dallas Howard
    Raphael Chestang
    Blue - Nick Celentano
    Airport Travelers -
    Ellie Panger
    Rorrie Travis
    Antonio Salgado
    Danice Page
    Steven Lee
    Andrea Clemons
    James Karroum
    Laura Johnston
    Ian Sollenberger
    Killian Sobel
    Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Writer - Raphael Chestang
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
    Editor - Sam Geer
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 131

  • Service dog Hazle
    Service dog Hazle 22 hours ago

    As someone with a service dog who goes on a plan a lot with my dog. This is some funny shit! Sometimes it feels like I'm traveling with a dinosaur because of the looks I get!

  • Ryan Stallard
    Ryan Stallard 4 days ago

    So, was he hoping to get the trankgun on the plane too?

  • Stephan McKinnie
    Stephan McKinnie 4 days ago

    What if this was a deleted scene in the movie they just sent this to collegehumor

  • Sharp Design
    Sharp Design 7 days ago

    Blue, go full beast mode! This is what I said Blue showed up against the Indoraptor.

  • Redneck Canuck
    Redneck Canuck 12 days ago

    BDH is a smoke show

  • Carrie Collins
    Carrie Collins 18 days ago +1

    As someone with anxiety and has certain things that calm me down during a panic attack, I fully support his need for an emotional support raptor! How do you know he's not an anxious flyer? Let the man have his Blue!

  • Harrison Fackrell
    Harrison Fackrell 29 days ago

    The movie that USclip is connecting this sketch to is _Lego Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape._

    Great job, USclip.

  • Luigi 7777
    Luigi 7777 Month ago

    Lol noice job Chris and Bryce!

  • Mr. Gramajo
    Mr. Gramajo Month ago

    how did you get Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt?

  • AceGaming
    AceGaming Month ago

    It would be a bigger cage for a raptor

  • Sebastian Poppell
    Sebastian Poppell Month ago

    Guys im not sure if anyone pointed it out but, Blue has shrinked alot, i like she's the size of a real raptor XD

  • LunkovichTromofski
    LunkovichTromofski Month ago

    I just want him to know I clicked everywhere but where he told me to.

  • The Collective
    The Collective Month ago

    Sadly this was better than the entire movie of Fallen Kingdom....

  • The Xplodenator
    The Xplodenator Month ago

    This better be canon. I will riot if it isn’t

  • Sir Unofficial
    Sir Unofficial Month ago

    Jarassic World: Raptor in a Airport
    Summer 2019

  • Christian Edwards
    Christian Edwards Month ago

    I'm glad these guys are still funny after all these years

  • Andrew Hart
    Andrew Hart Month ago

    Why did it take me song long to find this.
    USclip you have failed me.

  • the earl of gray
    the earl of gray Month ago

    1:57 ah yes the true horror begins and it's not the raptor

  • Chris Blankenship
    Chris Blankenship Month ago

    Love this video. Found it funny that the people in the background are still just standing around as if nothing is happening.

  • Abby Normal
    Abby Normal Month ago

    It is unbelievable that this video has 1400 dislikes.

  • Kevin's Chaotic Shuttle

    i've heard they're going to make a JW3 in 2021 called "JURASSIC WORLD EXTINCTION."

  • Kaleb Rants
    Kaleb Rants Month ago

    What park

  • SCP 939
    SCP 939 Month ago

    Is that Blue?

  • ウーシ・ルーシー

    Make more skits

  • Jonanthony Hernandez

    I can’t believe that CollegeHumor managed to have Starlord and Claire Dearing in this skit!

  • Meredith Richardson

    Now would be the time to try to get a dinosaur on a plane, you know?

  • Strange Horizons
    Strange Horizons Month ago

    I read about a guy who tried to say his squirrel was a service animal when trying to get on a plane. He didn't get away with it, but I imagine the end result would have been roughly the same: a frantic hunt with people screaming in the background.

  • Nic Boo
    Nic Boo Month ago

    I think that was better than the actual movie XD

  • Angelus Buzolic
    Angelus Buzolic Month ago


  • AD Queen
    AD Queen Month ago

    Blue is bae

  • theGameReaper
    theGameReaper Month ago

    No this is just a sneak peek of the next movie

  • Dave Adams
    Dave Adams Month ago

    ive got a direwolf as my service animal

  • Green Zac 4TW
    Green Zac 4TW Month ago

    Go full beast mode

  • The Dinosaur Experience

    Love it!!

  • Marc Riopel
    Marc Riopel Month ago

    "Blue, full beast mode" I don't think it would help XD

  • Saint matthias
    Saint matthias Month ago

    Service animals are a joke. They are for people who are paranoid about being in public alone. Thinking that everyone is out to get them.

  • Markus Nävergård
    Markus Nävergård Month ago

    he needs her for emotional support. that sums up owen and blues relationship

  • Twofacedcarp2568
    Twofacedcarp2568 Month ago

    1:53 somebody arrests this man he has a gun in airport

  • Mars stars frolly
    Mars stars frolly Month ago

    This was the cutest thing ever I loVe yOu bLuuuuuuuu

  • SpartanPikachu
    SpartanPikachu Month ago

    This videos great

  • David stowe
    David stowe Month ago


  • Mario Portillo
    Mario Portillo Month ago

    Bryce Dallas Howard is so beautiful!!

  • Mike McConeghy
    Mike McConeghy Month ago

    Not a skit, actual footage.

  • CrossedOut Media
    CrossedOut Media Month ago

    It's so funny because this is really happening,
    There are suppost peacocks and crocodiles, it is so real out here

  • Rex90Pawprint
    Rex90Pawprint Month ago

    By far the best CollegeHumour sketch ever!!!

  • Mick Berry
    Mick Berry Month ago

    Now that was FUNNY😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trumpet Boi
    Trumpet Boi Month ago

    *O RLLY?*

  • Orrling
    Orrling Month ago

    The white guy in this sketch is pretty hot and I would definitely eat his pole.

  • ScionStorm
    ScionStorm 2 months ago

    That was better than the entire Fallen Kingdom movie. Sadly.

  • dark link
    dark link 2 months ago

    Wow! Chris Pratt at CollegeHumour! Real Chris Pratt!

  • Slytherin Son
    Slytherin Son 2 months ago


  • SonicsJoe2013
    SonicsJoe2013 2 months ago

    Jurassic and black mirror collide

  • Julie McKee
    Julie McKee 2 months ago

    Wow, the real actors

  • Nicolas Kim Bao
    Nicolas Kim Bao 2 months ago

    Is that Blue daughter

  • Discrete Loner
    Discrete Loner 2 months ago

    That's hilarious. Love it. I want to board that plane and pet that dinosaur.

  • WolfbloodWarrior Games
    WolfbloodWarrior Games 2 months ago

    Which then spawned the sequel dinosaurs on a plane another thing I like how they say Chris’s character is cowardly but then he grabs a gun to hunt down blue

  • Katherine Lynch
    Katherine Lynch 2 months ago

    When the CollegeHumor parody is more amusing than the movie it’s made to promote

  • Fierce Deity Link
    Fierce Deity Link 2 months ago

    You could speak with his supervisor, but he's probably going to be fired soon.

  • TheLilScarab
    TheLilScarab 2 months ago

    is there a blooper reel for this? I wanna see how hard it was for everyone not to laugh

  • TheLilScarab
    TheLilScarab 2 months ago

    what park?

  • Quinn Sinclair
    Quinn Sinclair 2 months ago

    “What park? I don’t know what your talking about?”

  • Sarah Sutherland
    Sarah Sutherland 3 months ago

    This sums up her entire character better than any review Ive ever seen: "can i speak with your supervisor"

  • Rick
    Rick 3 months ago

    Why is it letter- and pill-boxed?

  • Conscience ly
    Conscience ly 4 months ago


  • Evelyn M
    Evelyn M 4 months ago

    ACTUALLY airlines aren't required to allow reptiles on the plane

  • Nazael Rahl
    Nazael Rahl 4 months ago

    Bryce is such a cutie

  • Nena Yareli Rubio
    Nena Yareli Rubio 4 months ago

    This is funny

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master 4 months ago

    So funny 😂 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Ma. Luz Martinez
    Ma. Luz Martinez 4 months ago


  • TheLilScarab
    TheLilScarab 4 months ago

    Im a service dog handler and I love this Subb'd!

  • CelticVictory
    CelticVictory 5 months ago

    Jurassic Word 3: Dinosaurs on a Plane.

  • Barnacle Scum
    Barnacle Scum 5 months ago

    That crying at the end tho hilarious

  • ThatLazyLizard
    ThatLazyLizard 5 months ago


  • Arin Ray
    Arin Ray 5 months ago


  • bunny's rule SO CUTE
    bunny's rule SO CUTE 5 months ago


  • jm girl
    jm girl 5 months ago +1

    Wow XD

  • Mr. Flappy The Penguin
    Mr. Flappy The Penguin 5 months ago

    Owen LOL

  • the gravity falls and mlp queen

    this is funny

  • Lars Jensen
    Lars Jensen 5 months ago

    Chris Pratt!!!

  • Gacha Myxie
    Gacha Myxie 5 months ago

    Chris: ....wut?

  • 김수광
    김수광 5 months ago

    Owen and Claire bring dinosaur in airport

  • Jazz Espinosa
    Jazz Espinosa 5 months ago

    I need a velociraptor for emotional support. Someone make me a velociraptor!!!

  • Xeno Saurus
    Xeno Saurus 5 months ago

    That ending where you cr8ed waa funny😂

  • Junrung Sritrakulchang
    Junrung Sritrakulchang 5 months ago

    Wait is this before Jurassic World?

  • Junrung Sritrakulchang
    Junrung Sritrakulchang 5 months ago

    What about that park that’s keeps closing down
    Clare:What Park?
    The park that you are working in!

  • Neko Michaelis
    Neko Michaelis 5 months ago +1

    Best sketch ever

  • camryveer
    camryveer 6 months ago

    which movie is this

  • jaredloveless
    jaredloveless 6 months ago


  • Lusira
    Lusira 6 months ago


  • Kyra Carson
    Kyra Carson 6 months ago


  • Mr. T Rex
    Mr. T Rex 6 months ago +1


  • family and friend show
    family and friend show 6 months ago

    Lol great vid :3

  • Revali of the Rito
    Revali of the Rito 6 months ago +1

    This is definitely canon.

  • Shana Phillips
    Shana Phillips 6 months ago +1

    0:30-0:39 hahahahahahahahahaheh ha ohh why is that funny to me?

  • JTSharkAttack
    JTSharkAttack 6 months ago

    Wow a modern College Humor video that was actually funny

  • Lily Harrison
    Lily Harrison 6 months ago

    Criss Prat and bryes dalles Howard coll

  • Cristina Santos
    Cristina Santos 6 months ago +1

    Lol I See That Starlord Likes Claire More Than Gamora Lol

  • TheSoulFury
    TheSoulFury 6 months ago


  • The Fox
    The Fox 6 months ago