Full Face of New DRUGSTORE MAKEUP Tested

  • Today I'm doing a Full Face of NEW Drugstore Makeup Tested.
    xo's ~ Tati
    😇 HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE » » » halobeauty.com/pages/halo-glow

    ✔ C H E C K O U T T H I S V I D E O
    😱 $3000 GUCCI ... Designer Makeup Remorse 🔥
    LOW RATED FOUNDATION ... Redemption???

    ✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D & M A K E U P W O R N
    Col-Lab Primer + Skin Booster // Pep Talk
    Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer
    Almay Best Blend Forever Makeup // 140 Beige
    Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer // 032
    MUA Contouring Palette
    Col-Lab Contour & Glow Cream Sculpting Palette // Light/Medium
    MUA Illuminating Powder
    Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer // Sunset Bronzer
    Milani Shimmering Face Palette // 01
    Profusion Mattes Eyeshadow Palette
    Kokie Crystal Fusion Liquid Eyeshadow // Star Light
    Kokie Crystal Fusion Liquid Eyeshadow // Galactic
    Profusion Waterproof Eyeliner // Espresso
    Profusion Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner // Espresso
    Covergirl Exhibitonist Mascara // Very Black
    Kiss Ever Ez Lashes // #11
    Profusion Mattes Eyeshadow Palette // Fuse
    Kokie Retractable Lip Liner // 517 Nude
    Kokie Retractable Lip Liner // 518 Wine
    Almay Lip Vibes Lipstick // Go Wild
    Almay Lip Vibes Lipstick // Skip The Gym
    Sleek Shattered Glass Lip Topper // Bad Moon
    Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit // Send Nudes

    ✔ S N A P C H A T
    ✔ I N S T A G R A M
    ✔ T W I T T E R
    ✔ F A C E B O O K
    ✔ E M A I L

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  • alta farias
    alta farias 41 minute ago

    Does anyone know what paint pods she’s using for her eyeshadow primer!??!
    Beautiful as always Tati!!!

  • Jessica Bailey
    Jessica Bailey Hour ago

    You are cracking me up in this video!!!!!

  • Halli Burchett
    Halli Burchett 4 hours ago

    Ooooh Tati I am not even gonna lie... this is my favorite eye look I have ever seen on you! That eyeshadow eyebrow trick really really really really really works for you so well!!!!

  • Оксана Казакова

    Way too much makeup on your face,- imagine how it looks in a day light!!!!

  • Samantha Weiss
    Samantha Weiss 10 hours ago

    Tatiiii don't tell them about the concealers!! It keeps selling out everywhere and I need my catrice concealer! 😭. Love you, though! ❤️

  • _sugarbunny_
    _sugarbunny_ 15 hours ago

    Loving this goofy version of Tati coming out lately! Taking the pressure off your posting schedule seems to really be a good change for you. So happy to see you happy.

  • Samantha Patterson
    Samantha Patterson 16 hours ago

    This finished look makes you look like Kelly from Saved by the bell!! So pretty on you!

  • Alyssa L
    Alyssa L 19 hours ago

    Uhmm they sell butter bronzer at Ulta Beauty

  • Mirna Felix
    Mirna Felix 20 hours ago

    Hello model off duty!!! 😍

  • Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly

    That was not her first time saying “who me” 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Skylar Larkin
    Skylar Larkin 21 hour ago

    Love how this turned out!

  • Ernestina Dominguez
    Ernestina Dominguez 22 hours ago

    Feeling the J.Lo vibe!!! 💕💕💕

  • sweet0dementian
    sweet0dementian 22 hours ago

    Profusion and alot of other drugstore brands are just as good as Tom Ford maybe not in packaging. But they perform amazing(not all the products) maybe just not in your opinion I think people just have it in there head that high end Is always better ( although in some instances they might be ) you just got to experiment and see what works more expensive doesn't mean better-not for everyone at least.

  • clara ao melody
    clara ao melody Day ago

    tati is just the sweetest

  • clara ao melody
    clara ao melody Day ago

    I use that catrice concealer because tati once recomended it and it´s one of the only shades that i can find that´s light enough for my skin

  • Justine G.
    Justine G. Day ago


  • Serafema O
    Serafema O Day ago

    You look gorgeous

  • Lynne Pryde
    Lynne Pryde Day ago

    Please do a full face of profusion!! Xxx

  • alexandracalifornia

    Tati! I want a hair video! In depth about your hair...do you color it? How often? What kind of shampoo and conditioner? Sulfate free? Silicone free? How do you style? Lol just would love to knock w your hair is sooooo gorgeous!!!!

  • Donna Reiss
    Donna Reiss Day ago

    nice nose contour tip. i have a crooked nose.

  • J
    J Day ago

    "Oh my god are you guys seeing that?! Looks the worst oh my god!"
    ***puts more on***

  • Terri Depardo
    Terri Depardo Day ago

    Why does anyone follow you? You aren't even good it's all PRODUCT

  • Terri Depardo
    Terri Depardo Day ago

    Hello huge EAR

  • Michele Schulz
    Michele Schulz Day ago

    Sometime the antics in these videos are too much...what was with the hair?? Yep you have long beautiful hair..we see you play with it non stop...

  • Gayle Cappelluti

    Tati, you are soooo pretty!!

  • Mimi Nang
    Mimi Nang Day ago


  • B A
    B A Day ago

    I wish Milani was that cheap in Canada! At one of our drugstores, their Pure Passion eyeshadow palette is $28 🥺😩

  • Megan Reams
    Megan Reams Day ago

    Re: foundation sunscreen - you breakout from chemical sunscreen and you’ve said that the It! Cosmetics foundations don’t work for you for that reason (like myself) and I am wondering if you have a problem with ALL foundation containing chemical sunscreen or is it just high SPF types? Also, have you found an all-over primer that prevents the chemical sunscreen from those little dermatitis bumps?!

  • Cassie Ladd
    Cassie Ladd Day ago +1

    Love you, Tati, but that lip look is not working for you... or any one... ever. XOXO

  • HeavenlyZanny
    HeavenlyZanny Day ago

    Never been an idiot but cute and funny

  • Ali Clare Arnold

    Dang it Tati! Kiss #11 lashes have been my go to favorites for years and now they’ll be sold out forever thanks to you 😂

  • amshirah83
    amshirah83 Day ago

    What about the brushes Tati?

  • Kimmie Romero
    Kimmie Romero Day ago

    Tati!! 🙂
    You should do a review on Avon makeup. Something different 🙃

  • Kymmie Johnson
    Kymmie Johnson Day ago

    What self tanner did you use? I am Really white and can not tan at all

  • Hayden Peebles
    Hayden Peebles Day ago

    oh my gosh she looks like A QUEEN ! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL

  • Jean Nesmith
    Jean Nesmith Day ago

    Your hair always looks amazing

  • Silsang Kharlukhi
    Silsang Kharlukhi 2 days ago

    Tati look so beautiful..... 😍😍

  • Brittney Tucker
    Brittney Tucker 2 days ago

    would love for you to include which self tanner you are using!! absolutely stunning!

  • Natashia McCamey
    Natashia McCamey 2 days ago +1

    Will you do a full face of Avon make up?

  • Gabrielle Gonzaga
    Gabrielle Gonzaga 2 days ago

    I love this video Tati!!! Your personality is glowing just like you wanted it to and I'm such a supporter of it.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 2 days ago

    Tati -- where's your little chain from?

    Also, mega anxiety with those swatches and white clothing.

  • Nora Gharib
    Nora Gharib 2 days ago +1

    BFF: Best Foundation Forever?
    I want real friends tooooo 😂😂😂
    Love your personality!♥️
    Kisses from a moroccan girl in Belgium💋

  • tek Taloy
    tek Taloy 2 days ago

    Keep on putting junk on yourselfs girls when you start to age you will age super fast

  • Hannah Alden
    Hannah Alden 2 days ago

    I've been using the eyeshadow for brows for years lol

  • D Smith
    D Smith 2 days ago

    No links? Sigh...

  • Gio Gonzalez
    Gio Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Tati you are my guilty pleasure I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS😍

  • ale mart
    ale mart 2 days ago

    You should do a makeup look using only paint brushes!!!

  • Chachy Sandyven
    Chachy Sandyven 2 days ago

    Tati, what's the name of your nail color? So beautiful! Please always mention that, you wear beautiful hues!!!

  • MakeupBy KaitRae
    MakeupBy KaitRae 2 days ago

    I love your personality lol :) some of these brands need to chill with their prices lol

  • Fernanda Santos Caramuru Joaquim

    Omg you look like a expensive fairy 🧚‍♀️

  • makeup lover
    makeup lover 2 days ago

    Hi tati can you say hi ☺

  • Mich Plu
    Mich Plu 2 days ago

    Ugly lazy girl 😤🙈🙉🙊

  • Sherry Crane
    Sherry Crane 2 days ago

    So feisty...made me laugh out loud...love the salsa stained PJ's...too funny

  • kImbErLy DiTTy
    kImbErLy DiTTy 2 days ago +1

    Please zoom in. We can barely see the makeup looks. Thanks!!

  • Latiki Reese
    Latiki Reese 2 days ago

    Anyone else thinks she looks like Tiffany Amber Thissen?

  • Heather Hernandez
    Heather Hernandez 3 days ago


  • th1smomentisfate
    th1smomentisfate 3 days ago

    Am I really the only one that thinks all the pounds of make up that youtubers use is excessive? Her cheeks look like she's been repeatedly slapped.

  • Pinky May
    Pinky May 3 days ago

    Tati try the juvias place palettes

  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee 3 days ago

    Hi Tati, can you put the nail color you are wearing in the description box? I love your nail color.

  • Katie Beth Lupton
    Katie Beth Lupton 3 days ago +2

    What?! Its starting already?! I love your 10 minute intro. NNNOOO!!

  • jinny kim
    jinny kim 3 days ago

    I got good vibes from this vid

  • Sadie Enal
    Sadie Enal 3 days ago

    You are just like the USclip's who like to show off

  • Celina Marquardt
    Celina Marquardt 3 days ago

    I love you're voice is very relaxing

  • Everly Lynn
    Everly Lynn 3 days ago

    This looks the worst!
    *proceeds to put all over face*

  • PinkyChiChi
    PinkyChiChi 3 days ago +3

    I’ve also learned that lipliner will save the day when you buy a nude that is waaay too light for me.

  • PinkyChiChi
    PinkyChiChi 3 days ago

    I feel better because illuminating powder. WHAT is it? Good to know that Coty will save the day. Love that stuff. It’s vintage, it’s ladylike, nostalgic aroma.

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 3 days ago

    That nail color tho 😍

  • cousineau211
    cousineau211 3 days ago

    The sephora lipsticks are actually barely more than the Almay..just fyi

  • Klea Gjona
    Klea Gjona 3 days ago +1

    Tati : That's the worst
    Tati: "puts more on " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jazmin L
    Jazmin L 3 days ago

    I'm not in kurtis town :/

  • Jess Ives
    Jess Ives 3 days ago

    Bonzer is also kinda harsh

  • Jess Ives
    Jess Ives 3 days ago

    Not loving the lips to be honest

  • Linnea Ekman
    Linnea Ekman 4 days ago

    Your voice is super calming!

  • Claire Trevenen
    Claire Trevenen 4 days ago

    LMAO !!! you make me laugh ! I bet you'd be fun to hang out with lol

  • Katherine Parton
    Katherine Parton 4 days ago +2

    Tati,What do you use for your hair?! I love how naturally voluminous and bouncy it is.xoxo

  • Kymberly Adams
    Kymberly Adams 4 days ago

    I have been wearing #11 lashes for a few years. Hands-down my favorite

  • Andde Mendez
    Andde Mendez 4 days ago

    Tati just made my Monday morning 😂👏🏽

  • Jessica Leonard
    Jessica Leonard 4 days ago +1

    If anyone is wanting to buy those Kokie liquid eyeshadows I found a coupon code for kokie to save 25% off their entire site, it's JEN25

  • Erica Yarnell
    Erica Yarnell 4 days ago

    Tati..."I just drenched myself in sunless tanner."....... Doesn't tell anybody what she used. Or, how she got it so even. Even her armpits look good! 😒

  • Dona Petrović Delalić

    Oh I love the end result!

  • Talar Kevorkian
    Talar Kevorkian 4 days ago

    Hey Tati I saw a comment saying you should allow captions on your videos because you have some deaf subscribers! I am not one of them but I wanted to speak up on it because I feel like it’s important! Love you mami

  • Марк Мяги
    Марк Мяги 4 days ago

    Стрёмная пиздец

  • Espi Maienfisch
    Espi Maienfisch 4 days ago +1

    Dear tati did you ever tried the tomford eyeshadow primer? I have seen it online, and as always tomford beauty is sooo expensive. But some of their products are really good. I think it might be a real cool wtf?! To do as you haven't this type of video in a waihle.

  • Miss Sunny Dee
    Miss Sunny Dee 4 days ago

    I saw that Milani palette last week on their Instagram and have been obsessed ever since. Now I want it even more... but I can't find it anywhere!! (I'm in Europe. Anyone a tip?).

  • Jinju Kim
    Jinju Kim 4 days ago

    Your nail polish is gorgeous in this video again! ❤

  • Rikki Lee
    Rikki Lee 4 days ago

    You’re more goofy and playful personality came out in this one and I loved it! Whatever you’re doing or not doing..exp:sleep-I know that always brings it out of me, keep it up! 😂😂... jk, sleep.. but yea, loved this review 🤗🤗

  • Vanessa Ayala
    Vanessa Ayala 4 days ago +2

    Absolutely stunning. Got a 90's Pam Anderson vibe.

  • Denise Zacarias
    Denise Zacarias 4 days ago

    Omg Tati you're inspiring! You're videos are always amazing! Lol "I want my personality to glow" anyways I've been watching you for years and now I decided to do youtube to see my progress on how I learn to do my own makeup. Let me tell you favorite youtuber of all time. ❤️

  • Dawn Paschal
    Dawn Paschal 4 days ago

    What is the polish you have on your nails?

  • Dutchgram
    Dutchgram 4 days ago +1

    . Is this a spoof video.?
    She's pulling our leg, right?

  • Lizzie Smiley
    Lizzie Smiley 4 days ago +1

    Tati! You look like a modern Tiffany Amber Theissen back on Saved by the Bell. Love the look! Sooo impressed that it’s all drug store.

  • Ash Nicole
    Ash Nicole 4 days ago

    1:55 Kurtis Conner who?😂

  • Ly Tea
    Ly Tea 4 days ago +1

    Let’s be real, do you even need makeup?

  • Beth Simon e
    Beth Simon e 4 days ago +1

    Giving me Jaclyn Smith/Charlie's Angels/70's glow vibes. I like it :)

  • repellomuggletumify
    repellomuggletumify 4 days ago +2


  • Summer Dayz
    Summer Dayz 4 days ago

    Who else thinks Tati is pregnant?

  • Megan Krauss
    Megan Krauss 4 days ago

    Omg I love you so much 😂😍😂😍

  • Béatrice Groulx-Russell

    OMG I LOVE YOUR EVERYGY!!!!!!! I never comment, but damn! Every since you've cut back on the amount of videos a week, your energy is just wonderful!

  • Kristen DeGroot
    Kristen DeGroot 4 days ago +1

    How did you get those curls?!?! I can't get over your hair. So pretty!

  • Lauryn Nickole
    Lauryn Nickole 4 days ago

    Hi Tati so good to see you tan and glowing!! I'm jealous what did you use???