How Smart Are You? (TEST)

  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
  • Are you actually a genius? Test your intelligence.
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    Are You Smarter Than Average?
    Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
    Written by: Rachel Salt, Greg Brown & Mitch Moffit
    Illustrated by: Max Simmons
    Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot
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    Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
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Comments • 5 011

  • Emil Guldmann
    Emil Guldmann 10 hours ago

    I just scored 194 in a test with 15 questions and it told me i was in the top 15.6 percent.. basically, there is something wrong with IQ tests .b

  • cristiano ronaldo
    cristiano ronaldo 12 hours ago

    got all right

  • anony bro
    anony bro 14 hours ago

    All Correct! Even those first question which wasn't included in the test!

  • Christian Rupprechter

    I am not even embarrassed.

  • Anthony Raffael Tanski

    Well i passed it. well maybe not for athletic part. I'm an indoor guy 😗

  • GloryKlaw
    GloryKlaw 8 days ago

    I only failed the emotional one.

  • sharp937
    sharp937 9 days ago

    Passed them all the first time except for the emotional

  • Tonislav Furlanski
    Tonislav Furlanski 10 days ago

    *sigh* could've neurogenesises been reversed ?

    • Tonislav Furlanski
      Tonislav Furlanski 10 days ago

      i mean could've neuron cells been restored ? i know i shouldn't be asking these questions but I'm just here to KILL time

  • GTNOfficial
    GTNOfficial 11 days ago

    Got everything right!

  • Exenon
    Exenon 11 days ago

    So which of these 3 did you already C?

  • LibbyRoseITM
    LibbyRoseITM 11 days ago

    I got every one right :D ;D Still can't do the whole of the 3 times table though...

  • Liberty Lar
    Liberty Lar 11 days ago

    I got all of those right... but I still am managing to only pass my classes at school with a 62??

  • deidara _
    deidara _ 12 days ago

    To be honest, your ability to recognize the pitch of a musical score is quite a stretch to call "intelligence". Intelligence traditionally implies metal capacity which soly relies on your brain's ability to process information into an appropriate response, I thus like to catogorize intelligence into 3 archtypes: Social, Creative and Cognitive. The former being you ability to understand others as well as recogize emotion, creative being your ability to form new and original ideas and solutions to problems, and cogitive being your ability to understand and operate with logical rules (the one IQ alludes to most). Each archtype branches off into serveral subtypes. That's just my view on things though.
    I also honestly thing IQ tests are bs because people can train theselves into being good at IQ tests without actually increaing their intelligence. Don't think you're smart just because some free test on the internet told you so, even if it's Mensa.

  • perropolinas
    perropolinas 13 days ago

    im dumb :(

  • Xforce Killergames
    Xforce Killergames 13 days ago


  • Xforce Killergames
    Xforce Killergames 13 days ago

    I have like 2 friends

  • Xforce Killergames
    Xforce Killergames 13 days ago

    I am really social

  • Sharon Efee
    Sharon Efee 13 days ago

    I got them all!

  • Candy Corn
    Candy Corn 14 days ago

    actually it was very easy. even the 1st one. wow so many people with low emotional intelligences .

  • Fuanteina Nightcore
    Fuanteina Nightcore 16 days ago

    I've failed at just music one. People say I am an intelligent person. But I am so stupid/dumb/idiot in my opinions ,-,

  • Keilana Andaya
    Keilana Andaya 18 days ago

    Emotional intelligence test:
    Man: what expression is this man showing?
    Me: amuseme-
    Man: embarrassment!
    Me: oh

  • Joshua Salazar
    Joshua Salazar 20 days ago

    Iq really only measures how quickly someone can learn a new skill not really how much you know

  • Yume Hoshi
    Yume Hoshi 20 days ago

    I got every single test correct, but I can say IQ is the easiest for me so far lol

  • orange you glad i didn’t say banana?

    1:37 - *barney is a dinosaur from our imagination!*

  • RobloxWith Creeperfaith

    What the heck i got all correct usually when i take test i would at least fail 1

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 25 days ago

    eYe GuT aVeRy SeEnGuL wOn RuNg

  • seasong
    seasong 26 days ago


  • Κατιαννα Ιατρου

    passed all of them

  • ZoeyGacha _
    ZoeyGacha _ 27 days ago

    I got them all right exept for the emotion one

  • Israa AbdelHamed
    Israa AbdelHamed Month ago

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  • Haya AlNaimi
    Haya AlNaimi Month ago

    I got everything right!!! Am I the only one who got the emotional quotient test right?😂

  • Combative_Kitten27
    Combative_Kitten27 Month ago

    I passed all of the tests

  • Him Anshu
    Him Anshu Month ago +1

    Anyone who passed all the test ?

  • Elias Piirainen
    Elias Piirainen Month ago

    For some reason, i gringed at the song 3 in the pitch test

  • kahrlee
    kahrlee Month ago

    lol i got them all right except emotional

  • Cass Porteous
    Cass Porteous Month ago

    I got all of them right lmao
    Didn’t know I was that smart

  • Crazy Bros Cael
    Crazy Bros Cael Month ago

    Every one I was right

  • Lord_Trumoo
    Lord_Trumoo Month ago

    failed the visual test

  • cyvilleish13 _
    cyvilleish13 _ Month ago

    ok that emotion one was hard but in my defence, i usually rely on context clues, not just facial expressions

  • Tiny Tim
    Tiny Tim Month ago

    You're shit about multiple intelligences is bullshit there is a difference between intelligence and talents you can't just say being good at music is a form of intelligence just to make stupid people who can make good music feel good about themselves because it just makes the word intelligence less meaningful and there's no point in using that word for it when we already have words for things like that like skills and talents

  • Sunriser
    Sunriser Month ago

    I thought the guy in the emotional test looked like he was about to face palm

  • bella jolie
    bella jolie Month ago


  • Percy Gallagher
    Percy Gallagher Month ago

    Fails the emotional one, passes the IQ one.
    Thank you for confirming my Asperger’s syndrome.

  • Valkyrie Tarantino
    Valkyrie Tarantino Month ago

    I already know I'm a dumbass in every way.

  • ElNico5
    ElNico5 Month ago

    I don't know why call "inteligence" something aready called "talent" really people need so much that someone tells they are inteligent with something at least?

  • Coral Maynard
    Coral Maynard Month ago

    The part at the end with all of us are intelligent made me think of a quote I had seen (which I just now realised was by Einstein)
    "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it's stupid"

  • Donald Dank
    Donald Dank Month ago

    I sucseeded in all of them

  • joeythatone phanloser

    I got all but 1 question right

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh Month ago

      JoeyBowie Canoli emotional

  • username1nmillion
    username1nmillion Month ago

    AsapSCIENCE I *TOTALLY LOST IT* laughing at the thumbnail of this video as both {pictures} look like a device of bong crossed with a dildo. 😂

  • Sloth FPV
    Sloth FPV Month ago

    I missed the forst one only

  • tears
    tears Month ago

    I got everything right... I don’t know how. I am not that smart and I have problems paying attention. Why is that?

  • Piper Deelo
    Piper Deelo Month ago

    Got em all right!! EASY

  • jeudy guzman
    jeudy guzman Month ago

    it looks a combo of amusement and embarassement to me

  • EthanDoezWhatever.
    EthanDoezWhatever. Month ago

    Well, I guess I am smart then, I got all of those correct!

  • Park Myeong
    Park Myeong Month ago

    You know your dumb if seeing this is the first time you find out what IQ stands for.

  • delia vazquez
    delia vazquez Month ago

    Failed the EQ one...

  • Ahmed Nabil Al-ErYani

    got them all and still a lame way of measuring your whatever..

  • If you don't eat your Jam Cold I dont want to talk.

    We are gonna start with emotional intelligence...

    Me - Emotio-What?

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh Month ago

      If you don't eat your Jam Cold I dont want to talk. Emotional

  • Millymurph Vlogs!
    Millymurph Vlogs! Month ago

    I got all but the emotional.

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh Month ago

      Millymurph Vlogs! Lol

  • unicorn gamer
    unicorn gamer Month ago

    I won't where's my prize

  • Magnus Schwerdtfeger

    We all win! Everyone is happy..

  • am cosmonaut
    am cosmonaut Month ago

    *well i'm smart because my mom said i'm smart*

  • Falcon Shield
    Falcon Shield Month ago

    I fail in the last test
    But the rest was right

  • AliciaTH1
    AliciaTH1 Month ago +1

    Passed all of them, now I DO have confidence on my intellectualism

  • rude
    rude Month ago

    I would’ve gotten a perfect score if not the pitch test

  • s zoé
    s zoé Month ago

    what’s the tune from song three called

  • Olivia's crazy Corner

    I got all the questions right.

    JOSEPH ASWATH Month ago

    None of them were hard !!

    So moving on to the next test

  • Giovanna Broderick
    Giovanna Broderick Month ago

    Song three legit made my most invert when I heard it lmao


    I passed all of them except the face one

  • Irenz Eunice Maloto

    Answered them all correctly except the emotional intelligence one. 🤔😂

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh Month ago

      Irenz Eunice Maloto you guess amusement?

  • nurin_ OSU!
    nurin_ OSU! Month ago

    I got them all rigt
    EDIT : right*

  • Nabeeha Saeed
    Nabeeha Saeed Month ago

    I thought i was dumb but i got all the tests answers right

  • MrNinjaGaming
    MrNinjaGaming Month ago

    Isn't embarrassment and shame the same thing?

  • Ascended
    Ascended Month ago

    Theres more than one way to be smart but but certain types of "intelligence" are way more important than others.

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh Month ago

      Ascended what will that be?

  • TheVintageKing7
    TheVintageKing7 Month ago

    i failed every one

  • Shep
    Shep Month ago

    I was jamming to song 1 and 2 then song 3 hurt my SOUL

  • Disney Lioness [ Semi Hiatus ]

    Um got them all right? Hello? AM I SMART? Plz answer?? i u i

  • River Clan
    River Clan Month ago

    Amusement? Nope
    5, Correct~

    Why can I do most of these? Im dumbb ;-;

    • River Clan
      River Clan Month ago

      Htoo Doh idk, he just looked like he was kinda laughing

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh Month ago

      River Clan How did you guess amusement?

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh Month ago

      River Clan You can do?

  • Raske Svenne
    Raske Svenne Month ago

    Lol i got them all! Am i autistic?

  • Bram Bovens
    Bram Bovens Month ago

    got all of them right :D

  • Katrina Stringer
    Katrina Stringer Month ago

    Passed all of the questions.

  • Just Mead
    Just Mead Month ago

    Got em all

  • Miles Allen
    Miles Allen Month ago

    that first guy looked like he was thinking about a joke that someone told him a week ago, he did not look embarrassed

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh Month ago

      Miles Allen What other option do you got? It is certainly not the other 3. You can think about a joke a week ago and still get embarrassed. Well, anyway choose the most likely. More generally.

  • MertUzumaki
    MertUzumaki Month ago

    This was easy got them all easily

  • Uganda Nipples
    Uganda Nipples Month ago

    1 + 1 = 3

  • ajay kumar
    ajay kumar Month ago

    Got all correct

  • 3_Pancakes
    3_Pancakes Month ago +1

    Got all of them right

  • bendy x boris
    bendy x boris Month ago


    I'm not smart...

    Well I guess it was only a matter of time till I figured it out

  • Mauro villegas
    Mauro villegas Month ago


  • Kayla M Fassett
    Kayla M Fassett 2 months ago

    The first and second songs were bad, but the third was just death to my ears.

    • Htoo Doh
      Htoo Doh Month ago

      Kayla M Fassett How? It is not really bad.

  • Julia Chernov
    Julia Chernov 2 months ago

    I got them all right besides the emotional one lol

  • Yona Abdo
    Yona Abdo 2 months ago

    I got all of them right 😁

  • ايماني حياتي

    I failed 😂😂😂 nice test
    I am the 1st human with 0 intellegence .😂😂😂

  • harshit babbar
    harshit babbar 2 months ago

    I got nothing right

  • xxx21-Gavin Perkins
    xxx21-Gavin Perkins 2 months ago

    Got all of ‘em right 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Abigail Aldridge
    Abigail Aldridge 2 months ago

    I’m 10 and i only got one wrong

  • Jazmine Sansalone
    Jazmine Sansalone 2 months ago

    got em all

  • Jefferson Winfrey
    Jefferson Winfrey 2 months ago

    Dude with the glasses needs to chill😐

  • Sans
    Sans 2 months ago +1

    How about making a video on if someone can increase his/her intelligence and if yes how?