Can These Unexpected Grandmothers See Eye-To-Eye?

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • Unexpected
    McKayla has a dramatic reaction when Shelley and Shannon finally confront each other face-to-face about their feud that unfolded throughout the season.
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Comments • 113

  • Vanessa Hills
    Vanessa Hills Month ago

    Her mom is so white trash 👀

  • Nicole Gomez
    Nicole Gomez Month ago

    BRUHH she the one who got pregnant and now she actin all grown sis they fighting cuz of you and your little boyfriend

  • Jeremiah Parker
    Jeremiah Parker Month ago

    Her mom is always fussing. With his mama, with her own parents, etc 🙄🙄

  • Doris Floris
    Doris Floris 2 months ago +2

    When two horrible people get mad at each other, this happens

    You can decide what "this" means because... Wow

  • tea
    tea 3 months ago

    Mikayla’s birth mom is a real stuck up, self-centered bitch.

  • Gabriel’s world
    Gabriel’s world 3 months ago +1

    the father looks like charlie puth

  • KareBear449
    KareBear449 7 months ago +4

    Omg someone help mackayla's mothers eye brows....please. thats all i see

  • dharmaangel g
    dharmaangel g 7 months ago

    Ewwww ricki lake on tlc unexpected...grossssss get som1 else!!!!!! Cuz last night im like...nope not watchg disgustg ricki lake

  • Angelica Bermudez
    Angelica Bermudez 7 months ago

    She couldn't get custody of her children is because she's an unfit parent!!! The law is above personal opinion, honey! In every state, the mother is the first and custodial parent, unless otherwise. Bitter pill to swallow.

  • zzevonplant
    zzevonplant 7 months ago

    Shannon is an idiot. So selfish and obnoxious. It's so obvious what her affect on her daughter has been if you just look at McKayla's face during this BS.
    I used to be an addict too, but the thing is, I don't act like a jackass. She's not being responsible for herself and her faults and the crap she's caused with her bad behavior. When you're in recovery, you have to take responsibility for the shit you did and the shit you messed up and fix it. You don't just act all self-righteous like you tried your best but the world just screwed you over. No, you screwed you over. You did this to yourself. So you need to fix it yourself and stop expecting other people to clean up your messes.
    What a joke.

  • Linda Haugen
    Linda Haugen 8 months ago

    Mclayla plz kick your birth mom to the curb she just wants on show for money plz.......

  • Linda Haugen
    Linda Haugen 8 months ago

    Shannon needs to go away period.

  • Maureen Doherty
    Maureen Doherty 8 months ago +3

    Mikayla's mother is a whack job. The grandparents are so sweet, but over spoil Mikayla!! Mikayla has a lot of growing up!!

  • Taylor Doyle
    Taylor Doyle 8 months ago

    Shannon needs to grow the hell up. She is way too old to be acting like this. She needs to make a good example for her "daughter" and the kids living with her. Whether she likes it or not, Mikayla and her boyfriend/his mom are going to be apart of each other's lives for the next 18 instead of wanting to be miserable and argue back and forth with Shelly, just try to be civil and get along for the sake of the baby. It's not that hard. You dont want the baby to grow up watching his grandparents (Shelly& Shannon) fighting 24-7, saying mean,hurtful things. Time to grow up and be the bigger person . I mean don't grlet me wrong, I can't stand Shannon..she makes every single thing ALL ABOUT HER. it's so ridiculous.

    • holiday 2406
      holiday 2406 2 months ago

      Taylor Doyle....what is really ridiculous is that McKayla can't take care of her own kids. GMA Cindy has been getting up in the middle of the night since Timmy came home from the hospital. McKayla didn't breastfeed either kid because she wants to be able to come and go as she pleases. She was friends with Hope Columbo of "Life Of Hope" but I think the friendship went south when Hope (with baby Willow) actually visited McKayla in July. I am positive that Hope was actually "shocked" by the way McKayla acts and treats her own son, and her grandparents.
      Hope is a GREAT Teen mom.....Now McKayla is friends with Dear Greyson's teen mom. I doubt if Greyson's mom isn't going to actually be friends of McKayla after she actually realizes what a terrible mom McKayla really is.
      Lastly, this is my opinion and I am entitled just like everyone else to voice my opinion. Don't come on here and bash me and tell me that McKayla is sooo young, and that's why she can't take care of her own kids. Sorry, but I have quite a few friends that had kids at 17-18 yrs old and they are AWESOME MOMS....they don't think their family should be raising their kids for them.

  • **
    ** 8 months ago

    I think if TCL is going to exploit these girls and use them as an example then the show should bring in proper therapy for the families. as you can see they aren't going in the right direction... They are repeating what got them on the show already!

  • **
    ** 8 months ago

    say what you want about all of them. The grand father is the only voice of reason in this bunch. He may seem disgruntled but if everyone around you is enabling this girl then you would be pissed off too. You can't change the fact she had a child but he is the ONLY one trying to redirect this train wreck of a situation by speaking up about moving, marriage and everything delusional the rest of the bunch is. He is trying!

  • Karla Miracle
    Karla Miracle 8 months ago +1

    That girl is gonna end up being a fat meth/ crackhead like her pig mother. History shall repeat itself

    • Trebby Catron
      Trebby Catron 8 months ago +1

      Just because her mom did drugs doesn't mean she will too and anyway her mom stopped and that is such a horrendous assumption to make if you don't even know them personally.

  • You Suck
    You Suck 9 months ago

    A lot of people who do drugs and lose their children and then get clean still can’t get their children back. Happened to my family.

  • Chloe Wilshire
    Chloe Wilshire 9 months ago +14

    I guarentee Mickayla is high off meth in this interview. Her eyes are black, the way she’s moving her hands and mouth. Unfortunately I can tell the signs from experience, she was hanging around her mom too much clearly.

    • Badd Bitchh27
      Badd Bitchh27 7 months ago +1

      An clearly ur not very educated bitch get a life ur prolly a crack head fuck off

    • Badd Bitchh27
      Badd Bitchh27 7 months ago +3

      Are u dumb meth doesnt make ur eyes black an her skin looks way to good for drugs.. Shes pregnant now so i doubt she was doin any drugs maybe she was moving her hands an mouth bc she was getting pissed off at them all arguing u sound mad dumb frr look up signs of a meth user sweetheart an educate urself mckayla is a great mom an also i doubt she would be using drugs when her mom had a drug problem

  • Chris Cook
    Chris Cook 9 months ago +6

    pathetic the host didn't stop the parents B.s. what a joke..

  • Riya Ali
    Riya Ali 9 months ago +39

    Makayla want that attention 🙄🙄 oh look she pregnant again

    • Brittney Nicole
      Brittney Nicole Day ago

      holiday 2406 caelans all over Snapchat drinking and partying with his friends but oh he’s sooo mature?

    • Brittney Nicole
      Brittney Nicole Day ago

      holiday 2406 and oh yeah I’m sure you know exactly why they left the old apartment. You’re so obsessed with her life I bet you follow her on every damn social media

    • Brittney Nicole
      Brittney Nicole Day ago

      holiday 2406 she definitely was at the time of my comment dumb ass. Do you really have that much time on your hands to write me a novel about how much you hate someone that doesn’t even know you exist? You’re calling me immature because I said she was 18 and it’s her life😂shut the hell up dude. Do you know her or do you just see what a tv show spins a scene to look like something else? If you think everything on that show happens the same way it’s shown then you’re delusional ass hell. I never idolized anyone so stop saying shit. Grow up and put your energy into something useful instead of replying to a comment I made MONTHS ago

    • holiday 2406
      holiday 2406 Day ago

      @Brittney Nicole I don't know where you came up with the idea that McKayla is living on her own??? She might be making good money on paper, but she seems to love spending it on make-up trips to the cosmetologist, the nail salon, etc. It actually doesn't matter, but Brittney Nicole, WHY are you here defending McKayla? It's pretty obvious from your comment that you too are really young and immature.
      McKayla & Caelan got their first apartment in April 2018. Did you know that McKayla & Caelan were asked to leave because the other tenants in the apartment complex were tired of listening to all the screaming/yelling and all the fights that McKayla & Caelan they really didn't have a CHOICE(although most of McKayla's immature fans/subs believe otherwise) due to the fact that they were kicked out of the apartment.
      If McKayla is doing so well financially, when didn't she keep the last rental they had? Nooooo poor little McKayla wanted Caelan to stay home all day instead of going to work to help support them.
      Brittney Nicole....I realize that you are young and all, but come on, the world doesn't revolve around McKayla. How many other teen moms & their BF's have apartments? McKayla is the only one on USclip that doesn't understand that if YOU get pregnant at such a young age, the responsibility for the child(ren) is your responsibility, not your grandparents, your mom, your BF's mom. I don't know a single USclipr who is a teen parent that realizes that when you decide at 15-16 yrs old to get PREGNANT on PURPOSE to keep your boyfriend YOU are responsible for your child's upbringing.....not your family.
      Lastly, It's pretty apparent that you aren't mature enough to realize what is going on here. PLZ quit idolizing McKayla she's nothing but a trainwreck at the crossroads of life waiting for the life train to hit her square in the face.
      It's not "poor little McKayla".....She isn't the mom of the year and for the most part Caelan's mom Shelly is absolutely right.....It's really immature of McKayla to withhold Shelly's grandbabies from her. That right there should show you that McKayla has the intellect of a 5 yr old kid. Hopefully, McKayla will take Caelan to court and it's going to be absolutely hilarious when the judge gives Caelan custody of the two kids and McKayla has fork over a certain percentage of her YT earnings for child support. OMG....I can just see it now, McKayla having a complete meltdown in front of the judge, etc. Had this happened 20-30 yrs ago, McKayla would have been awarded custody HANDS DOWN....but nowadays these courts look at your life, what kind of parent as well as what kind of person you are, how you treat your children and one of the things judges do know that they didn't do years ago, was to go on the person's Social Media accounts to get a better idea what type of person the teen mom is, and how she actually treats her children. A couple of years ago, Dr. Phil had a show about a couple who were doing all kinds of nasty things in hopes that the judge would just hand over custody to the mom and well, it isn't like it was 20-30 yrs ago, this is the 21st Century and I don't think a judge is ging to be all smiles for McKayla......McKayla needs to get her life in order before a summons arrives at the door. The sad thing is that all this bickering/fighting is already affecting Timmy and it will continue to be in Timmy's young life because McKayla and Caelan are FAR to Young have custody of Timmy.

    • Love Graham
      Love Graham 3 months ago +1

      What is her USclip

  • LaFrance Milbert
    LaFrance Milbert 9 months ago +2

    Stand your ground Shannon I like the way you word that they cannot stop your son for see his baby there's the court now or stop you you got grandparents rights

  • mady dotson
    mady dotson 9 months ago +6

    Poor McKayla. I feel so bad like this is not healthy. I think it’s just because both of these women are the exact same.

  • Adrianna
    Adrianna 10 months ago +7

    Shannon can’t seem to accept the truth - the truth is, parenting is not her forte.

  • Blair AlwaysWright
    Blair AlwaysWright 10 months ago +6

    Shannon is only wanting a relationship w/her daughter is because tv cameras are involved.

  • young beauty
    young beauty 10 months ago +68

    And none of y'all are good parents because your children had a kid at 16.

  • young beauty
    young beauty 10 months ago +5

    Three words. Poor. White. Trash.

  • celimar garcia
    celimar garcia 10 months ago

    They both make good points but damn shannon makes everything about her yes everyone knows you have a pass she is using it all to make herself the victim like shit grow up

  • Anne Pahlm
    Anne Pahlm 10 months ago

    I wanna slap both mothers selfish witches all they do t care about her at all stupid sluts

  • louve2727
    louve2727 11 months ago

    Shannon is a drama queen and needs everything to be about her she gave up her kids to her parents okay that was Noble however how you going to get jealous over the fact that your child has a bad relationship with her child's grandmother you need to get yourself together your mother already set it on camera you are someone that needs all the attention on you and when it's not you have a problem with that I've yet to see anyone call you a bunch of b****** whether it was hearsay or not but you have no problem saying it at the end of the day you should be ashamed of yourself you came to your daughters baby shower had a temper tantrum the entire time you were there because you were excluded I could not understand why until I realize you needed people to love you the way people would love it on your daughter and at the end of the day your daughter had already come to the conclusion that you just wanted to intrude on her baby shower to get stuff from people you didn't know or hope that your daughter will share her stuff with you when you should have been looking towards your parents to throw you your own baby shower separately or the father of the child that you carry and you are still carrying on in the same fashion you want everyone to look at you and pay some attention to you you have a new child why don't you try focusing on making your life better for that little girl so that you can be the mother that you claim to be .........

  • louve2727
    louve2727 11 months ago +1

    Shannon appears to be a drama queen to me all I see is someone who decided that life got too hard and checked out gave her kids to a parent's I commend her for that however doesn't seem like she really understands what it is when the situation concerning her grandchild I understand how all of the other adults that have been supportive and have been there from day one could see that they are tolerating her based upon blood relations to the baby but honestly how could you want to step into your daughter's life take over her baby shower and make it about the two of you if anyone has paid attention she said as much this is about me and her but no it isn't it was about your daughter having her son if you wanted someone to take the time out to pamper care and be excited for the birth of your new daughter that should have came from your child's father's family and your parents and your friends not intrude on your daughters just saying at that moment the baby shower was not for you it was for your daughter and your grandson what's so hard to understand your mother said it best that if it isn't about you you have a problem with that I've heard you call this woman out of her name on camera to her face what you want people to believe that she has so much to say about you but that's not how she's conducting herself she is conducting herself like a mother and a woman who has a problem with you as a person and your daughter shared things or entrusted things with her so she became very protective and wanted her to know that no matter who was around she cared and would still love her and be in her corner you can't see that........

  • Kid You
    Kid You 11 months ago +2

    sorry but all I can concentrate on is how gorgeous Mykayla is 😍😍 her skin makeup hair and outfit oooo a sis is poppin 😍😍😍👀💍

    • holiday 2406
      holiday 2406 2 months ago +1

      Kid You....your user name says a lot. Anyone can plaster on make-up to enhance their looks. Sure, she might be pretty, but the attitude and personality has nothing to do with her looks......she's got a nasty attitude and things everyone owes her.....that isn't beauty.....There's a lot more teen moms out there that are 100% prettier than McKayla is.

  • Crystal Rose
    Crystal Rose Year ago

    "You wanna know why"

  • Jean kamson
    Jean kamson Year ago

    The boy mom is a bitch

  • Emily M
    Emily M Year ago +19

    LOVE how he didn't go after McKayla .

  • Arelly Torres
    Arelly Torres Year ago +65

    Why do people (specifically young girls) idolize Makayla or however you spell it so much? There are plenty of teen parents out there who are 1793x more mature and admirable than these two. And her mom is a straight up drama queen.

    • holiday 2406
      holiday 2406 2 months ago

      Arelly Torres.....most of McKayla's followers are under 15 yrs old......this is why she has so many followers because her subs/followers have no idea what being a parent really is like. These subs have their priorities mixed up just like McKayla does.
      While her mom has some issues....let's at least give Shannon credit for getting off the drugs and having two other children. If she wasn't completely clean CPS wouldn't have allowed her to take her daughter Jayden (9-10 yrs old) or baby Lillian (Lilly) who is a couple of months older than Timmy.
      Sure, Shannon has issues.....however, she does deserve some credit for getting clean and staying that way.
      How would you like it if your parents basically ignored you and acted like your daughter is this amazing person who can't even take care of her own children? Not only that, but watch the video where Shannon is upset that GMA/GPA don't want McKayla moving in with Shannon. McKayla kept saying that her GMA/GPA couldn't stop her from moving out, but when it came down to the wire and GPA Tim said NO to the move, McKayla sat there on the couch and acted like she hadn't done a thing wrong....not only that, but she had to think up something really fast to make sure GMA/GPA didn't stop supporting McKayla (who gets $250 worth of supplies to take to the hospital that GMA Cindy paid for where you are only going to be there for 48 hours?)
      Of course, McKayla was going to say she didn't know where the $500 deposit money she gave to Shannon, that the $500 actually went most likely for drugs.......McKayla didn't lose the money, ($500) GPA Tim took McKayla and purchased a Washer/Dryer set......She lost nothing.

    • Adrianna
      Adrianna 10 months ago +2

      Because they have their priorities mixed up

  • bella chloe
    bella chloe Year ago +3

    how embarrassing

  • alexis cripps
    alexis cripps Year ago +15

    i don’t like her birth mom at all. it’s awful. poor sweet girl.

    • Elizabeth V
      Elizabeth V Month ago

      Mckayla seems to be exactly like her mom, a selfish spoiled brat, nothing sweet about her.

    • holiday 2406
      holiday 2406 2 months ago +1

      Poor sweet girl? Where? She's disgusting. She can't handle Timmy and she's going to be the same when her daughter starts crawling. She isn't sweet and she isn't poor either.

  • Gabriela s
    Gabriela s Year ago +56

    That lady with the funky eyebrows needs to get it together and realize that this whole situation is not about her. She just keeps looking like a giant baby that can’t have an adult conversation. It’s so sad.

  • Nicole Cater
    Nicole Cater Year ago

    His mom is fucking savage.

  • Chi Hulagirl
    Chi Hulagirl Year ago +3

    If you watch the show shannon makes herself look bad. She went on TV and told her story, we all know she didn't raise her kids. Shelly didn't go around telling people that. Her own parents sat in the interview and talked about the way she acts. She acts like a selfish child jealous of her own daughter. She has an obnoxious mouth and attittude.Shelly needs to just let her run her mouth,roll her eyes and make her slick comments on the show. Shelly can't say I make it about the children then turn around and say "I don't know why she didn't get her kids if she is sober for 8 years" That has nothing to do with these 2 and their baby. And in fact that is none of her business. They both need to own the bullshit and move on. They both wanna just talk over each other and be the quickest to respond instead of listening.

  • Diana Trejo
    Diana Trejo Year ago +2

    It's probably best that this ladies don't end up talking to each other all they do is bicker.

  • Diana Trejo
    Diana Trejo Year ago

    They should stop accusing each other and start listening.

  • Diana Trejo
    Diana Trejo Year ago

    Why does Shellu care if McKayla lives with her daughter?💁

  • AngelEye
    AngelEye Year ago +12

    Still acts like a selfish druggy.

  • June1708
    June1708 Year ago +16

    It's really sad how dysfunctional all these people are. McKayla and Caelen are like a lot of teenagers....McKayla thinks she knows everything....she thinks she is an expert mother.....and yet, she actually probably has a lot to do with the fact that neither her mom or Caelen's mom can get along. McKayla has to have her own way at all costs....She has broken up with Caelen more than most of us can count. It's clear that neither Caelen or McKayla will be a couple by the time this baby is ready for pre-school. McKayla is headed for a life exactly to mirror her mom......Monkey see monkey do. Timmy will have the misfortune of being in foster care when he's 6-8 yrs old....simply because McKayla & Shannon being Mommy/Daughter druggies in the future....there's going to be no one to care for Timmy....Caelen is to obsessed with his PS 4....and CPS would never hand Timmy over to Shelly either. Poor kid.

    • T Maxwell
      T Maxwell Year ago +1

      cps would give the baby to Shelly. you would be shocked at the conditions cps will allow a child to live in. my nephew was placed with my husband's mother at one point who lived in a filthy,falling apart two bedroom home that reeked of cigarettes and was overrun by roaches... we couldn't believe it. that was one time I truly wish the state took him.

    • Autumn Flynn
      Autumn Flynn Year ago +3

      That’s a little far to say. Just cause a family member had drug problems doesn’t mean McKayla will end up that way. And to get so heated about somebody else’s life when it has nothing to do with your own says a lot about your character. Plus she’s probably younger than you, so at this point you aren’t even picking on someone your own size.

    • Cansu
      Cansu Year ago +1

      You are little bit rude. She is younger than me and 16 years old mom? This is terrible but give her A chance. Why are u hating that much? Please dont judge anyone. Maybe someday you Will do terrible thing nobody knows...

    • Bethany Jex
      Bethany Jex Year ago +6

      June1708 that’s a little over the top

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User Year ago +2

    Is McKayla's mom the bio daughter of McKayla's grandparents? She seems so different in looks and temperament.

  • Christina Caballero

    Her “mom” acts like she is fucking 10 grow the fuck up

  • rhianna burrows
    rhianna burrows Year ago +3

    i hate shelly she needs to go to do something like move to a country were no one else can see her lol 😂😂

  • Brianna Molina
    Brianna Molina Year ago +13

    Why is mckayla so beautiful 👀

    • June1708
      June1708 Year ago +4

      U need your eyes checked. McKayla is average looking. You probably think that because you think she's famous....(what a thing to be famous for)

  • holiday 2406
    holiday 2406 Year ago +14

    Is it worth it TLC? You have a young inexperienced teen mom that thinks everyone should scrape and bow to her because she has this sick idea in her head that she is going to be FAMOUS for getting pregnant? Truth be known, she actually got pregnant on purpose so that she might get a shot at being on MTV's Teen MomOG.....
    It's sick that TLC thinks this type of show is entertainment......

  • peace on earth
    peace on earth Year ago +4

    this is why males are better....low drama.

  • Lonerwolf Adventures
    Lonerwolf Adventures Year ago +36

    That girl is a brat u should stick up for ur real mother. Just because that woman gave birth to u doesn't make her ur mom the woman who loves and cares for u is.

    • create with kimmie
      create with kimmie Month ago

      Complete lie if she gives birth to you a real mother takes care of her children

  • Catherine Valle
    Catherine Valle Year ago +5

    " we're gonna have to get McKayla back" how is she gonna go back when these " grown up woman" are fighting that's just stupid

  • Figger Naggot
    Figger Naggot Year ago +92

    Caelen's mom is a horrible human being. No wonder she ended up a single mom. McKayla's mom has major issues but she is at least trying to be a decent and good person.

    • Adrianna
      Adrianna 10 months ago +1

      Since when? Kids are only welfare paychecks to her.

    • June1708
      June1708 Year ago +7

      Like Mother ( Shannon) like Daughter....if the attention isn't on Mckayla.....everyone feels her wrath.

    • Rebecca S
      Rebecca S Year ago +35

      I have the complete opposite view, Caelen's mom is a bit judgmental, but McKayla's mom is a drama queen who should just own up to the things she's done wrong and move on. She makes everything about her...

  • Jords Wick
    Jords Wick Year ago +167

    when mikaylas mom stops making everything about her maybe then have the right to be a mother.

  • Louise Cole
    Louise Cole Year ago +6

    white trashhhh

  • Jenna Nunley
    Jenna Nunley Year ago +32

    I’m team shelly

  • Caitlin Schmitt
    Caitlin Schmitt Year ago +45

    I feel bad calen has to deal with mckayla and her family

    • June1708
      June1708 Year ago +3

      Wasn't there something on McKayla's vlog that she got pregnant on purpose ?

    • Leaping Flame
      Leaping Flame Year ago +8

      Red Star Styles she layed down and wasn't taking birth control don't act like his the inly one to blame

    • Red Star Styles
      Red Star Styles Year ago +8

      Caitlin Schmitt he got her pregnant🤔

  • M.S.S. 29
    M.S.S. 29 Year ago

    Shannon one ugly ass bitch.... I can't even handle it.

  • roxyroller120
    roxyroller120 Year ago +32

    Y'all need to growwww up

  • Kiera O'Neill
    Kiera O'Neill Year ago +184

    When mickaylas skin is glowing and perfect

    • ThatOneCapricorn
      ThatOneCapricorn Year ago +1

      ur profile picture is cute.

    • June1708
      June1708 Year ago +9

      Anyone 17 yrs old can look "perfect" caked in make-up

  • my reborn
    my reborn Year ago

    When does another one come on I've been losing track

    • Logan Martie
      Logan Martie Year ago

      my reborn the series is over. You can find the episodes on tlc website

  • Flooower Chiiild
    Flooower Chiiild Year ago +146

    They’re all some crack heads

    • Khrisi
      Khrisi Year ago +1

      Joannie Chorjel 😂😂

  • Emma Key
    Emma Key Year ago +6

    What show is this???

    • Gg Forcedme
      Gg Forcedme Year ago

      I too only just learned of this show.

    • Gg Forcedme
      Gg Forcedme Year ago

      Emma Key The show is called Unexpected and it is from the channel TLC.

    • Ben DiGregory
      Ben DiGregory Year ago

      Emma Key Not sure! You could go to her USclip channel and ask her! Have an amazing day!

    • Gg Forcedme
      Gg Forcedme Year ago

      Is this a new show?

    • Jasmine Washington
      Jasmine Washington Year ago +1

      Emma Key This was the season finale episode.

  • Ashley
    Ashley Year ago +167

    It's really sad how we can't just all get along and love each other. We have it in our nature, but it's rarely chosen.

  • Jana Palmer
    Jana Palmer Year ago +131

    dysfunctional doesn’t even begin to describe this lol

    • holiday 2406
      holiday 2406 2 months ago

      Hugely dysfunctional. McKayla's so great, she has a newborn daughter and has decided to bash her children's father while she is dating another guy and her baby daughter isn't 6 weeks old yet. It makes no sense that she wanted to have Caelan in her life he was as she put it "her person"......she isn't the smartest tool in the shed.
      So now that she's found another sucker, Caelan suddenly isn't good enough to see his own children? She really believes that by bashing her former BF on YT and other social media when she decides to take Caelan to court for child support and of course she is going to ask for supervised visits and all....which she thinks is going to be the best way to hurt Caelan.
      She also has said her "New" man is soooo good with the kids, etc.( So what do you have to do to be a great guy with a newborn and a toddler?)
      Sorry,but hopefully when it's time to go to court for a custody hearing things won't turn out in her favor. She isn't the mother of the year and hopefully, when she goes in front of a judge, she's probably not going to like the fact that the judge isn't going to be "Star Struck" because McKayla is a "Celebrity" for spreading her legs.
      I hope someone sees through McKayla's bull-sh*t and starts a Go Fund Me account to raise money so Caelan can hire a great attorney and take her to court for custody of the kids and hopefully he'll win.
      There's plenty of information out there to show the court just how unstable McKayla is and how GMA/GPA are actually raising the kids while McKayla is putting on make-up and being with her new "man." Sure hope this new "MAN" will be told that the only thing he probably is good for is to get her pregnant again......
      So, let's hope someone starts a GoFundMe campaign to get Caelan the funds he needs to take her to court and get the kids away from her.

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