how i do my nails at home | DIY fake nails *no acrylic*

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • read the description for details! ♡
    ☆ products used ☆
    - nail clippers
    - nail buffer
    - cuticle remover (optional)
    - orange stick (optional)
    - 100% acetone
    - kiss nail tips (curve overlap style)
    - coarse nail file
    - alcohol or gel cleanser liquid
    - lint-free wipes
    - gel primer
    - gel nail color (i used made him blush by sensationail)
    - gel clear coat
    - UV curing light
    **i recommend buying a gel nail kit! you can buy any gel kit, the one i use is the sensationail gel kit! i got it from target for $25 and it includes the gel cleanser, gel primer, lint-free wipes, UV light, a gel nail color & a gel clear coat. both the gel kit and nail tips will last you multiple manicures, which ends up saving you a lot of money! *AKA CHEAP*
    p.s. i wouldn't recommend doing this technique with classic nail polish. if you want to use a polish, i would still do at least 2 coats of a clear gel, wipe clean with the gel cleanser, wash your hands and then paint over the cured gel! the gel acts as a structure to hold the tips in place!
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  • sophia camarda
    sophia camarda  2 months ago +1958

    lmk if u guys have any questions!! all products i used are in the description 💕

    • Stitchthecollie 7
      Stitchthecollie 7 7 days ago

      If I put the fake nail to the the back of my normal nail is that okay?

    • Laxed Laxed
      Laxed Laxed 13 days ago

      Beoogtieieoetoezoeortoezofogoeod eorofoeodofgo eofofoeofgo dofofoeoc😙😙😙😙😙

    • Laxed Laxed
      Laxed Laxed 13 days ago


    • Deconte Lewis
      Deconte Lewis 21 day ago

      How do you get it off

    • Yagirlasmr Slime,ASMR,fun,silly
      Yagirlasmr Slime,ASMR,fun,silly 23 days ago

      Thank you so much cause my mom won’t let me get the acrylics with the chemicals but she said I can get this and I’ve been looking for a video like this for a while and now I found it and I’m gonna try it!!! Thank you so much lol you don’t know how happy I am 😂

  • Shaniya Campbell
    Shaniya Campbell 18 hours ago

    The only reason why I have most of these products is because of my sister I want to do mine butttttttt I’m lazy so I’ll have my sister do it

  • Shannon Collins
    Shannon Collins 18 hours ago

    I loved this tutorial, thanks so much! Lol "5 million hours later, I finished my nail shapes. You're like 'yayy oh my God we're done filing!' YOU ARE WRONG. WE NEED TO FILE SOME MORE."

  • What’s that challenge
    What’s that challenge 21 hour ago +1

    Ok so I have those nails but before I even watched this video I was wearing these nails but I put it over my whole nail. So what do I do? Is that bad or no?

  • **
    ** Day ago

    do you have feet videos

  • Comet
    Comet Day ago

    Thx I am going to try this

  • Positive Vibes
    Positive Vibes 2 days ago

    Can I just use that metal nail filer thingy instead of that black one you used? I suck with regular nail filers. 😭

  • irie garland
    irie garland 2 days ago

    for some reason, you look like Courtney Kardashian

  • Laureeni9 לורינוש

  • Heav Feliz
    Heav Feliz 3 days ago

    Um Joking

  • Heav Feliz
    Heav Feliz 3 days ago

    Do you still wasting our time🤩🤩🤩

  • Elia Bzl
    Elia Bzl 3 days ago


  • Minerva Rotatori
    Minerva Rotatori 5 days ago

    This is so good and It seems not so difficult to do but I have a question: "How do you take It off?"
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • jessie xx
    jessie xx 5 days ago

    Omg this works

  • It's Nano
    It's Nano 5 days ago

    will it still last up to 2-3 weeks if i paint them with a regular nail polish instead of gel??

  • Taya gilb
    Taya gilb 5 days ago

    Is the uv light necessary or is it just so it tries fster

  • Maaaleya A.
    Maaaleya A. 6 days ago

    she looks like danica o. physical and the way she talks hahaha

  • Lolo Ali
    Lolo Ali 6 days ago +1

    Watching this at 2am and damn ma’am you did a great job 😫

  • african booty scratcher

    Youre so good at instructing and teaching.

  • african booty scratcher

    I don't have any nails

  • Swathi Kiran
    Swathi Kiran 7 days ago

    Very cool nail hack ,maybe I have to try it because I love nail polish

  • jessica tellez
    jessica tellez 8 days ago

    What if the nail folds how do you fix that ??

  • chloe
    chloe 8 days ago +1

    but how do you remove it? 🤔

  • lauren ‘
    lauren ‘ 9 days ago +1

    do these come off as easily as fake nails that go on your whole nail?

  • Raquel L
    Raquel L 9 days ago +1

    You’re so pretty! 💖😍 gorgeous

  • April De La Torre
    April De La Torre 9 days ago

    Can you do more of these vids

  • dz RED S
    dz RED S 9 days ago

    Can you do another tutorial cause I was focusing on something else man it's hard tho

  • lσlα вunnч :3
    lσlα вunnч :3 10 days ago

    Bruh it said no acrylics. Your using acrylics 😑

    • Jazz Yianni
      Jazz Yianni 10 days ago +1

      they are not acrylics, its simply nail tips with gel :)

  • Emalinu
    Emalinu 10 days ago +3

    bro her nails are so pretty 😭😭

  • Maham Mahmud
    Maham Mahmud 10 days ago

    Small tip: start doing your nails from pinkie to thumb so that it is easier to do the rest of your nails

  • jailyn eddy
    jailyn eddy 10 days ago

    i’ve never watched a video on how to do nails myself and this is exactly how i do them baha

  • Harriet Curnow
    Harriet Curnow 11 days ago +1

    Girl, your nail beds are so long and beautiful! You totally don't have to, but if you grew out your nails then they would be so pretty❤️

  • Angry Puff
    Angry Puff 12 days ago +2

    The only thing I would want to know is how you remove them

  • Abby Buck
    Abby Buck 12 days ago

    I did this to nails following your instructions and they look so good I love! It took me like 3/4 hours though 😭 definitely practice makes perfect

  • Iconic Brianna
    Iconic Brianna 12 days ago

    This helped a lot tyy ♡

  • Name Last Name
    Name Last Name 13 days ago

    Where s your file from?

  • Naomi_
    Naomi_ 13 days ago

    i loved that video and i made these nails... I‘M OBSESSED tysm for the tutorial, ma obly question is about the removal how do i remove them? i wanted to ask you bc i also did these nails by you! tysm already for the anwser! :)

  • Nakatani Kamei Yuka
    Nakatani Kamei Yuka 14 days ago

    Beautiful Nails ♡

  • Tears
    Tears 14 days ago

    Omg this is soo hard

  • anasol espinal
    anasol espinal 14 days ago

    Nice job ms what ever 5 millions hrs lat8r

  • Olivia Cabrera Montoya

    They look soo goood ! ✨

  • Galaxy Mustache
    Galaxy Mustache 15 days ago +1

    do you think stores have pre-shaped nails at a sane size? i understand that these are long because everyone likes a different size and shape, but i am absolutley terrible at filing. so im jw if they have some that are already shaped for you. thanks

  • Ellie Hillman
    Ellie Hillman 15 days ago

    BY FAR the best video i have seen so far on fake nails. going to do this right now!!!

  • Mollee Kerr
    Mollee Kerr 15 days ago

    good job, just make sure to "go in"

  • starrr fann
    starrr fann 16 days ago

    Guys by the way if u don't have a UV lamp use ACRYLIC because acrylic can dry without a UV lamp you can use a blow dryer on COOL. To dry just put a normal nail polish top coat or/and clear acrylic.
    Poly gel uses light to cure while acrylic doesn't . xox

  • Elaina Sta Maria
    Elaina Sta Maria 16 days ago +1

    when i just finish filing my nails, they look clean and nice. yet somehow the next day, they wind up crooked 😂

  • Sleepy Little Mochi
    Sleepy Little Mochi 16 days ago

    im a nail biter ... what am i doing here...

  • Diamond Frazier
    Diamond Frazier 16 days ago

    "i know this isn't professional and nail people are gonna get annoyed" ahaha lowkey facts

  • Maya Winicale Drealino

    i watched the whole nail for my fav ytber :)

  • ava squared
    ava squared 17 days ago

    omg growing out ur nails is shorter than this process

  • Enikő Varga
    Enikő Varga 17 days ago

    One thing i noticed that next time maybe you could set up your camera a different way so your chest isnt the background...
    so lately ive been watching these videos and so far yours is one of the bests.
    keep doing them girl, your good at it.
    i have done it, like tips and just gel polish, but it lasted me for like 4 days becasue gel polish didnt hold it in place enough i guess.

  • Daniella Estrella
    Daniella Estrella 18 days ago +1

    btw, you shouldn’t keep your gel polish bottles that are opened near the uv light cause they might cure i was really getting scared for your polishes there HAHAHA

  • Weendy Lry
    Weendy Lry 18 days ago +1

    Gosh you're very pretty ❤ this tutorial is very helpful too

  • ListenWithMyHeart
    ListenWithMyHeart 19 days ago

    This is perfect! Thank you for this....

  • Fausto Sanchez
    Fausto Sanchez 19 days ago

    Great job

  • Mooshie03
    Mooshie03 19 days ago +3

    I have no idea why but I just love her voice

    It's calming in a way.

    This girl is so easy to relate too... I feel like I *know* her.

  • Julie's World
    Julie's World 19 days ago


  • Fata lui Florin Salam Și nepoata lui Nicolae Guța

    Can you do a tutorial of u getting ur toes done by urself pls?

  • Jessa Laurent
    Jessa Laurent 20 days ago

    Hi Sophia! I’m a licensed nail technician, all around you did absolutely amazing you show an extreme natural talent for preforming nail enhancements. Here are a few things you misunderstood, you definitely do not have to make your natural nail short every time you do a new set simply shape your free edge or the end of your nail to fit in the well of the tip, this will allow you to constantly grow your natural nail and eventually the use for glue on tips will be unnecessary as the length you want will be completely natural nail, what you referred to as a gel primer would be considering an acid free primer or a protein bond. These will dry sticky where as acid based primers will dry chalky, and that sticky little layer called the inhibition layer or tack layer allow gel to bond together without constant etching or filing ! Try using a cuticle oil to keep those pretty babies moisturized and keep killing it girly !!

  • Liz Hickey
    Liz Hickey 20 days ago +3

    Instead of using the gel cleanser you can just use rubbing alcohol!