Irish People Try America's Strongest Alcohol (95%, 190 Proof)

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • MERCH MADNESS: - We sat down our Irish People to Try some of the strongest alcohol from America - could they handle the (95%!!) grain alcohol??
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    People often come up to us on the street and say "Hey, The TRY Channel, you guys never try the HARD stuff. The really, strong, proper drinks. What's up with that?" Well, hypothetical street-man, we hope you're happy! We acquired some particularly american spirits of a high alcohol content, and put our Irish People to the test - the question is, did they pass??
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Comments • 34 908

  • Kaela Vinuya
    Kaela Vinuya 13 minutes ago

    8:20 me describing other people

  • rocky roy
    rocky roy Hour ago

    The green dress girl, is she the new 2019 humanoid robot or something or she spilling the shot over her shoulders ?

  • Gunther Moes
    Gunther Moes 2 hours ago

    We need more John sharpson singing and more alcohol video's with ciara

  • Noel
    Noel 2 hours ago +1

    You know the girl in green sweater doesn't gag when giving top. Downed all those shots, looks sober as a pickle

  • Noel
    Noel 2 hours ago +1

    The comment section is just as good as the video itself. Love how everybody is referred to by what they are wearing😂

  • Leftist Commentary
    Leftist Commentary 2 hours ago

    I just think it’s weird how the Irish call door handles, door cocks

  • EHolbrook_10
    EHolbrook_10 3 hours ago

    Should have made them take a shot of moonshine at the end. Just to throw them all over the edge.

  • Raptor man
    Raptor man 3 hours ago

    What does knob mean in Ireland?

  • Kanjozoku
    Kanjozoku 4 hours ago

    Who needs lipstick?! Hahaha

  • FullBenderTV
    FullBenderTV 5 hours ago

    NOOBz!! Anything out of a plastic bottle means you are in for a great night!!!!!

  • Jason Franklin
    Jason Franklin 5 hours ago

    Kentucky has plenty of round-topped hills with steep slopes called "knobs"... We have our fair share of the vulgar slang version too though.

  • alex burgess
    alex burgess 5 hours ago

    Yes , knob means knob .

  • Jack 235
    Jack 235 6 hours ago

    Green jumper wan has been drinking since she was 8

  • Tania Nicolas
    Tania Nicolas 7 hours ago

    Knob means the same tying....penis

  • Mandy Garduno
    Mandy Garduno 7 hours ago

    No salt or lime badadd

  • William Wright
    William Wright 7 hours ago

    Europeans and Great Britsh5. How's that

  • Miriam Macmillan
    Miriam Macmillan 7 hours ago

    “Its dangerous its fun it’s Americans” lmao

  • William Wright
    William Wright 7 hours ago

    What does lovely brassier mean??

  • Google User
    Google User 7 hours ago

    When exactly is half 7 in the afternoon??

  • Hanna
    Hanna 7 hours ago

    "We'll just end the video here" 🤣

  • Sash EX
    Sash EX 7 hours ago

    aaaand subscribed lol

  • Hanna
    Hanna 8 hours ago

    Sometimes I cannot understand what they are saying

  • Marissa J Lewis
    Marissa J Lewis 8 hours ago

    I could smell the vodka through my phone. So many bad college memories involving Smirnoff 😫

  • Steven Molash
    Steven Molash 8 hours ago

    This was amazing haha

  • dork5Rus5
    dork5Rus5 8 hours ago

    everclear is rocket fuel and the fact that green sweater chick didn't even flinch is fuckin impressive.

  • joshua jimenez
    joshua jimenez 8 hours ago

    "50 horse power" 😂😂

  • Natalia Henry
    Natalia Henry 9 hours ago

    Yall should try puncheon

  • Cara Campbell
    Cara Campbell 9 hours ago

    Knob is generally a hill top in the south, or a door knob, but most people that arnt like, over 40 would get the gist of it if you called them a knob.

  • Madison Albury
    Madison Albury 9 hours ago +1

    I’m low key in love with leather jacket guy

  • BallinV21
    BallinV21 10 hours ago

    Green girl in sweater is an alcoholic 😂😂😂

  • Aloha Gaming SHIZZLER73

    Dont trust the burp!!!!

  • Class tilton
    Class tilton 11 hours ago

    if 2:55 best part of the video hahaha

  • Class tilton
    Class tilton 11 hours ago

    john shaprson looks like Casey Affleck

  • littleserein
    littleserein 11 hours ago

    I absolutely love the Green Sweater Girl

  • Lori Delia
    Lori Delia 11 hours ago

    I like the guy in the black leather jacket.

  • ezc 600
    ezc 600 11 hours ago +1

    The lady in the green is hot

    GAHEC 12 hours ago +1

    best part is that they started drunk already ..... horsepower !!

  • YohXoX
    YohXoX 13 hours ago

    "I'm already hangover from last night", yep, Irish.

  • Andee P & Company
    Andee P & Company 14 hours ago

    Love how the black tape on the shot glasses allowed them to have just a sip instead of a full shot! 😂🤣😂

  • Tay Ban
    Tay Ban 14 hours ago +2

    😂😂leather jacket guy n his mate r the funniest😂😂

  • Tay Ban
    Tay Ban 14 hours ago

    Girl in the green must drink alcohol like an English nan drinks tea...5 bottles worth a day

  • DeMox
    DeMox 16 hours ago

    Slob on my knob like corn on the cob

  • brittybabe721
    brittybabe721 16 hours ago

    Wait is everclear not everywhere..?

  • F4Wildcat
    F4Wildcat 18 hours ago +1

    "It slightly tingles me tongue
    -Tingles?? THAT was 95% alcohol las!
    "Its only mouth water!

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller 18 hours ago

    Knob means knob

  • Jordan Humphrey
    Jordan Humphrey 18 hours ago +1

    "You're still dying... but you feel 'tingly'!"

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 19 hours ago

    Casey Affleck?

  • Iyrah Russell
    Iyrah Russell 21 hour ago +1

    I loveeee irish ☘️ people!
    The woman in the green and the guy in the leather are not affected by any of these drinks😂😂

  • Whicker Friesian
    Whicker Friesian 21 hour ago +2

    I am American.
    I have consumed most of those Brands at some point in my life.
    I threw-up, just WATCHING the reactions from you folks!!!
    (For the Record- I no longer TOUCH hard liquor. I want to keep my few remaining brain cells alive, for awhile longer!)
    Thanks for making and sharing this video, however!
    Lots of lulz were had!

  • Trent Blade
    Trent Blade 21 hour ago

    Irish people getting drunk. How surprising.

  • Leo Nugent
    Leo Nugent 23 hours ago

    Knob creek rockets it.

  • Morry Deed
    Morry Deed Day ago

    That brunette babe Ciara is amazing! Everyone else is weak

  • Venue A
    Venue A Day ago

    Knob.. I've only know the term doorknob

  • Dondada Fosho
    Dondada Fosho Day ago


  • al oberdorf
    al oberdorf Day ago

    and yet....Ever Clear....(in my neck of the woods...(The speak)is not it is the base on the West Coast for Most of...if not all... Homemade Spirit Concoctions.......With amazing consistency......time after......inebriation..........LMAO!!

  • Jugal Jain
    Jugal Jain Day ago

    "America youuuuuuu didit"

  • al oberdorf
    al oberdorf Day ago

    This side of the pond....65 years ago.....Green Sweater Gal...would have answered to..... Mom...I'm thirsty.....just saying....(Mom was Welsh/Native American.) Just saying....

  • rippen lips tv
    rippen lips tv Day ago

    If leather jacket guy wasn’t Irish, he would just be a creeper

  • Ocher Velvet
    Ocher Velvet Day ago

    "You've got the greenest eyes I've ever seen." 😂😂😂

  • Dorie McKay
    Dorie McKay Day ago

    Why didn't you use mixer? Americans usually don't drink this straight! The last 1 was poison.,, for sure. Keep the horse power under 60% 2nd gen american applauds ur bravery.

  • askanisoncable
    askanisoncable Day ago

    With the black electrical tape is it filled all the way? Doubtful...

  • atk_713
    atk_713 Day ago

    I would've loved to see the aftermath of everyone after the shoot haha

  • Meow Meow Kitty
    Meow Meow Kitty Day ago

    The guy in the black is blowing my mind. He is hysterical.

  • nerf 101
    nerf 101 Day ago

    Shouldn’t Irish people do better than Americans at this

  • Dragon's Armory
    Dragon's Armory Day ago

    Leather jacket is a CHAD

  • Seth Simpson
    Seth Simpson Day ago

    What does knob mean in Ireland?

  • Lonewolf 1970
    Lonewolf 1970 Day ago

    I want to see some of the redheaded ladies and the blonde who did the spicy beef jerky video drink these high octane alcohols.

  • Maribel V-B
    Maribel V-B Day ago

    Knob does not mean “knob” in the US

  • Samich Haze
    Samich Haze Day ago

    The brunette chick is a brute !! She never flinched !!

  • Junior Jr.
    Junior Jr. Day ago

    Charles Manson really enjoyed those horsepowers...

  • Lattetown
    Lattetown Day ago

    I hate the alcohol guys are better than this. =(

  • Billy De Melo
    Billy De Melo Day ago

    Holy Fuck. Green sweater girl is real Irish. She drinks like a champ.

  • Duck Twacy
    Duck Twacy Day ago +1

    In Belgium they used to sell Alcohol pure at the gas station. 96% and it was really cheap (15 euros)...

  • Nikko Jennings
    Nikko Jennings Day ago

    Girl in green sweater is down for whatever lol

  • Archie Cohen
    Archie Cohen Day ago

    95 horsepower

  • George Prchal
    George Prchal Day ago

    No exhale and light up a cigarette and you'll be fine. Also try Spirytus, it's 192 proof and pure awful.

  • Jacki Chain
    Jacki Chain Day ago +3

    Irish dude: *screams*
    5 seconds later: that’s a great whiskey!

  • Real life W Adam and winny

    omg 😂😂😂😂 best video ever. Y'all should do a vid like the cracked channel did where they try mind altering subtances. (Legal) love y'all.

  • Sue Cooper
    Sue Cooper Day ago

    Knob in the United States is what you use to open a door. It is not as widely used to describe a penis

  • HoundEquinox
    HoundEquinox Day ago

    That horsepower guy is amazing

  • Live Zombie
    Live Zombie Day ago +1

    Aww I take pride that the Irish love our booze lol

  • OxonHammer
    OxonHammer Day ago

    Is the girl in the green jumper even a little tipsy at the end? She rocks!

  • River Critter
    River Critter Day ago

    Oh she has a lovely brazzier

  • Brian McDowell
    Brian McDowell Day ago

    I feel this would be better if they didn't use these whimpy queer type of Irish people

  • Magic Man
    Magic Man Day ago


  • My Life is a Complex Pastiche

    So... Does "doorknob" mean "doordick" in Ireland? Asking from America.

  • Brandon J
    Brandon J Day ago

    Give black leather jacket guy a tv show. I was laughing my ass off.

  • Rishabh kumar
    Rishabh kumar Day ago


  • Valentina Borges

    Leather jacket guy is a fucking legend

  • Armpit Studios
    Armpit Studios Day ago

    Ugh. It’s better on mute.

  • ih8myfriends
    ih8myfriends Day ago +1

    " it's dangerous it's fun it's American" well said sir

  • Carol W
    Carol W Day ago +2

    You skipped the moonshine. They come in different flavors. Tennessee brand is best

  • Carol W
    Carol W Day ago

    They are getting redder and redder

  • demandred1957
    demandred1957 Day ago +1

    I want to hang out with the guy in the motorcycle jacket. I bet he is a riot.

  • Anisa Hashi
    Anisa Hashi Day ago

    They r getting drunker by the second.

  • NothingHereToSeeMoveOn

    I'd be willing to bet Ciara could drink LeatherJacketGuy under the table. As scared as she seemed at the beginning, damn this lady can hold her liquor. And as an aside, no don't use the word 'knob' when we talk about a dick.

  • William Searcy
    William Searcy Day ago

    8:16 .... GOLD!

  • Ya Boi Hover Twin

    Im underage why am i watching this

  • Josh Brellenthin

    Uhh, no. Knob does not mean knob in America.

  • kangaroonick
    kangaroonick Day ago +1

    i hate their accents