• Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! It's FINALLY here... the video you've been asking for for literally years now... my apartment tour. I live in Downtown Los Angeles in a beautiful loft that you guys see all the time on my Snapchat and IG Stories but I've never given you the full tour... enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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  • James Charles
    James Charles  18 days ago +13396

    HI SISTERS! I tried to color correct the video to make it ~*aesthetically pleasing*~ and make my walls look more white, but for some reason the color correction also affected some of my skin. I desperately need another sister spraytan because as you can tell, mine looks horrible and splotchy. The foundation matched the rest of my body but clearly not my neck. Please focus on the apartment tour, as I'm really proud of it and have worked super hard to decorate it over the past year, and not on my foundation because I am well aware that it doesn't look good. Thanks!!!!

    • Dan Asmr
      Dan Asmr 7 days ago

      I didn’t even sister spot it until you mentioned it.

    • Alaina Bland
      Alaina Bland 10 days ago

      James Charles Hi James! I also love to make my foundation a bit tanner than my skin tone as well and I’ve learned that blending it down the neck is obviously necessary but another thing that’s helpful is blending it all the way to the back of your neck. I’m truly not trying to be mean at all, it’s just something I do when my hair is up and my neck is exposed.

    • yelsses sue
      yelsses sue 16 days ago +1

      honey your whole face orange af, that shit doesnt even match ur spray tan lmao

    • Alexa Yanez
      Alexa Yanez 16 days ago

      I can’t even see it kween

    • Serene Rain
      Serene Rain 16 days ago

      hoestly you look amazing!!!! you are amazing!! The apartment looks so rad and elegant!!!

  • DollWithFangs
    DollWithFangs 44 minutes ago

    “This is where I sister sleep and occasionally, sister suck” I love you so much 😂

  • jn 98
    jn 98 Hour ago

    That apartment is bigger than meh sister house

    DIAMOND DUCK 2 hours ago +1

    Your spray tan is worse then when you drop icecream on the floor!

  • roary msp
    roary msp 2 hours ago

    The door mat is so cute! “Sisters, Welcome!” 😂💜love u James

  • Cece Rasheed
    Cece Rasheed 2 hours ago

    *19:17* *-* *19:40* *FRED IS QUACKING*

  • Sofia H
    Sofia H 2 hours ago


  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor 3 hours ago

    What is the best face wash?ps just asking the expert!🤞🏼

  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor 3 hours ago

    What is the best face wash?ps just asking the expert!🤞🏼

  • Tonia Lives
    Tonia Lives 3 hours ago

    Omg James where is that mirror from?? (The makeup mirror in his filming room) Does anyone know? 🙌🏻😍

  • Lily Club
    Lily Club 3 hours ago

    "This is where I sister sBLEEPt"😂😂

  • L8nly.
    L8nly. 3 hours ago

    I actually like the brick wall it’s like an accent nail except it’s a wall

  • Tauby Girl
    Tauby Girl 4 hours ago

    I lowkey love his outfit. Especially those shorts!

  • Alley Pepper
    Alley Pepper 4 hours ago

    I think I need to #sistercomeover to beat you in some #sistermariokart

  • Delilah Mast
    Delilah Mast 4 hours ago

    I just fell in love with you. Literally my dream apartment❤

  • Sia_ Modeling
    Sia_ Modeling 5 hours ago

    James: it's all ikea here...

  • katie52760
    katie52760 5 hours ago

    Omg I love plants in classy rooms they just make such a great contrast with everything love this and u

  • Aseroth Vadin
    Aseroth Vadin 6 hours ago

    i love you but wtf are you wearing

  • test test
    test test 6 hours ago

    James had so much makeup! And brushes

  • Sisi Creations
    Sisi Creations 6 hours ago


  • Phan in a nutshell
    Phan in a nutshell 6 hours ago

    I love that you showed your lighting and studio setup, definitely not something most youtubers would do x

  • Expressionsgal
    Expressionsgal 8 hours ago

    Did chu really not show me the bathroom?!?!? I'm mad 😭😭😭 btw keep up the good work i love your work 💗❤💗❤💗❤

  • Nabanita Kundu
    Nabanita Kundu 8 hours ago

    How can you be so tidy being a teenager... kind of shocking

  • Olivia Angel
    Olivia Angel 9 hours ago

    The Gucci belt!! We love a snatched sister!!♥️♥️♥️

  • ashlynn smith
    ashlynn smith 9 hours ago

    I am breaking into your apartment....JK no seriously lock your door

  • Ulzzang.Peach
    Ulzzang.Peach 10 hours ago


  • Amber Halley
    Amber Halley 10 hours ago

    Sister James is so smart

  • kiwi_Slimer_ Xo
    kiwi_Slimer_ Xo 10 hours ago

    James I am actually begging you , I am on my knees , please do a makeup collection 😩

  • ShotgunHuskyPvP Aj
    ShotgunHuskyPvP Aj 12 hours ago

    syke i just hate him

  • ShotgunHuskyPvP Aj
    ShotgunHuskyPvP Aj 12 hours ago

    for being so ridiculoussly amazing

  • ShotgunHuskyPvP Aj
    ShotgunHuskyPvP Aj 12 hours ago

    i hate this guy

  • Sanicca Devles
    Sanicca Devles 12 hours ago

    Is your favourite colour black?

  • Jamill Hunter
    Jamill Hunter 12 hours ago

    Rocking those shorts sister

  • Denise Vasquez Lemrick
    Denise Vasquez Lemrick 12 hours ago

    You don't have a boyfriend bc you're a BLABBERMOUTH!!!! GEEZ LOUISE!!!!

  • Denise Vasquez Lemrick
    Denise Vasquez Lemrick 13 hours ago

    If your gonna wear girlie shorts you could at least shave those legs! Whoa!

  • Denise Vasquez Lemrick
    Denise Vasquez Lemrick 13 hours ago

    Sister ceiling???? WTF?
    Sister salty???? WTFF?
    Sister siesta??? WTFFF?!!!!!

  • Denise Vasquez Lemrick
    Denise Vasquez Lemrick 13 hours ago

    Enough with every other fckg word's old.....real old...

  • aalya Ahmed
    aalya Ahmed 13 hours ago +1

    “This is where I sister sh*t” 😂😂😂

  • Aklema MSP
    Aklema MSP 14 hours ago

    why are the walls so long is it just like that in LA?

  • Haylee Hulme
    Haylee Hulme 15 hours ago

    i look your apartment it's so modern and lively. i literally play just dance and mario kart all day. i would battle you at mario kart hhaha.

  • BTS stole my jams
    BTS stole my jams 15 hours ago

    The times he said sister is more than the times lil pump said Gucci on his Gucci gang song :)

  • Brianna DeCarlo
    Brianna DeCarlo 16 hours ago

    Why does James look like my mother that Im about to come home to and she's gonna rip me a new asshole in his thumbnail 💛😂 love u

  • Cieara Marie
    Cieara Marie 16 hours ago

    Wait where your restroom😂

  • Isabela Boscolo
    Isabela Boscolo 16 hours ago

    I loved your house gz

  • The gymnastics101 Hunt
    The gymnastics101 Hunt 17 hours ago

    I want his closet

  • Kanyinsola Sotunbo
    Kanyinsola Sotunbo 17 hours ago

    I love your apartment James ❤️ but it’s lowkey a warehouse though cuz look at the ceiling.

  • Crystal kitty5
    Crystal kitty5 17 hours ago

    James Charles your so cute I love all your makeup 💄 makeup has no gender sister I love you

  • Carys Aucoin
    Carys Aucoin 17 hours ago

    It would take me an hour to pick out an outfit if I.were sister james

  • thaddeusjd
    thaddeusjd 17 hours ago

    13:05 wait is that all the weaves you've snatched?

  • Scott Rogers
    Scott Rogers 18 hours ago

    Yeah very IKEA.

  • Ané N3l
    Ané N3l 18 hours ago

    I love your decor❤👌

  • Edgar Romero
    Edgar Romero 19 hours ago

    If you spot the intruder where u gonna go

  • Be Truthful
    Be Truthful 19 hours ago +1

    I love this 💖😍

  • Lexi Goodman
    Lexi Goodman 19 hours ago +3

    James I love you so much I do not want to be mean so I am sorry if I am but can you PLEASE talk slower it is hard to understand when you talk fast luv ya ❤️😘

  • Kimberly S
    Kimberly S 19 hours ago

    You’re the only person I’ve ever heard of not liking exposed brick in a loft haha 😆

  • O Segredo da Esmeralda
    O Segredo da Esmeralda 19 hours ago

    Love the apartment!!!

  • Ava Womble
    Ava Womble 21 hour ago

    watching his makeup videos literally makes me want to start doing makeup...😂

  • Josey's page
    Josey's page 21 hour ago

    I wish my only challenge was that I couldn’t paint my wall white.

  • Ellie Nellie
    Ellie Nellie 22 hours ago

    Ok did he say “sister suck” I’m sister what

  • Mariane San Jose
    Mariane San Jose 23 hours ago

    Sister shit 😂😂😂

  • Kay Simms
    Kay Simms 23 hours ago

    May I just say.... I love, love, LOVE those high ceilings 😍😍
    Gorgeous!! But I cannot IMAGINE cleaning or putting those lights up. I love the modern, yet simple feeling of the apartment. There are a few pops of color, it is bright and not cluttered. I just... I ADORE your style. Later sister~! 😘

  • Rosegold 2007
    Rosegold 2007 23 hours ago

    Love u

  • Aria Panda
    Aria Panda Day ago

    when you're person who talks slowly and calmly hearing James talk makes my brain cells explode

  • Abby May Ventura Mezan

    Sister James I want to sister steal your apartment 😂

  • Luci CottonCandy

    gimme a dollar everytime James uses sister in any word lolollllloololloll

  • Mia Jax
    Mia Jax Day ago +1

    *sister shit*

  • Ashleigh Orndoff

    dude i really want an apartment now ripp

  • Michelle Gousios

    I love your apt I'm jelous😁 your so adorable . Good luck on your new house search. Wow u speak fast!!

  • Ana Gregnanin
    Ana Gregnanin Day ago

    I love it . Ur apartment looks so clear and chic it’s lovely. The thing with Black & white also grey it’s amazing i love it 😘xoxo sis

  • Nyla Broadwater
    Nyla Broadwater Day ago

    I don't like James Charles but I don't hate him either I'm not like that to judge people but like damn I'm a girl and he is a guy and he is prettier than me but that's ok I LUV your makeup videos bye the way also I LUV your outfits and the fashion statement you make for yourself and the world to express

  • Laney Hubbard
    Laney Hubbard Day ago

    sister james!!! i love your interior design skills!!! i love interior design too!! we are sister similar!! (oh my lord i just read that and that was awful😂😂) your apartment is so beautiful! i love everything about it!! i love you sister

  • Yvonne Miller Nixon

    I luv ur intro every time

  • Andrea
    Andrea Day ago


  • Kelly MSP
    Kelly MSP Day ago

    Notice how there’s no bathroom

  • tiffany holman
    tiffany holman Day ago

    love the apartment tour and ur makeup is so amazing #sisterforlife

  • Ella J.
    Ella J. Day ago

    May I use the sister selfie mirror?

  • Itz Syd
    Itz Syd Day ago

    Omg this is my dream apartment 😍

  • Keira Johnson
    Keira Johnson Day ago

    This video is old but i #sisterlove ur apartment it's sooooo modern and my style!

  • UnExplosion
    UnExplosion Day ago


  • Nora Salek
    Nora Salek Day ago

    OMGG this is ~sister~ CUTE

  • Fixeryes
    Fixeryes Day ago

    What’s its gender?

  • Tipsylou
    Tipsylou Day ago

    the fucking foundation line on his neck though....

  • pdoggs Pets
    pdoggs Pets Day ago

    Love the shorts ♥️

  • Daniella castillo

    Your apartment is awesome lots of love from Miami,Florida

  • Wendy Paulet Consults

    looove the loft bedroom.

  • A & R
    A & R Day ago

    Does anyone know what his pinterest is?

  • Girl Youlovetohate

    hey sister!

  • Theresa Grant
    Theresa Grant Day ago

    James i just love u. I know I'm new to ur channel and don't comment that much . But I just wanted to tell u thank u. Thank you for ur advice. I appreciate you

  • Queen Mar
    Queen Mar Day ago +1

    Glitter, more glitter

  • Queen Scarlatte
    Queen Scarlatte Day ago

    You didn’t show the bath or closet

  • Lucy Everett
    Lucy Everett Day ago

    im actually obssed with his apartment it is amazing

  • Queen Scarlatte
    Queen Scarlatte Day ago

    You need to do a video saying everything that you can get 10% off of when you use code James

  • Makayla aimee
    Makayla aimee Day ago

    omg your house is literally my dream house and why do you dress better then me haha you have done so well very proud of you xox

  • MJ
    MJ Day ago

    So this video popped up on my feed and anyone else think when he talks its like you are under water?

  • Make Up & Hair By Larissa

    I don't think you looked bad at all James ! You looked wonderful throughout the Entire video 😌

  • Make Up & Hair By Larissa

    Where do you get ready when your not filming 🤔

  • BTSFire Angel
    BTSFire Angel Day ago


  • Stitch Pikachu
    Stitch Pikachu Day ago

    Omg clothes r part of a house tour too XD yh im jelly XD

  • Jacala Renae'
    Jacala Renae' Day ago

    We would be besties. 😍❤️