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  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  11 months ago +252

    300k is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER FOLKS! Better get all of your friends and family to hit that subscribe button! I've got something good coming up!

    • Esteban Gonzalez
      Esteban Gonzalez Month ago

      There is A&W in certain parts of California

    • David Mitchell
      David Mitchell 3 months ago

      I wish I had money to eat I am lucky if I get to eat once every few days

    • The Randomizer
      The Randomizer 3 months ago

      Your at 600,000 now

    • sophia kuriyama
      sophia kuriyama 3 months ago

      ErikTheElectric Ches

    • Ryne Cetroli
      Ryne Cetroli 3 months ago

      i dip my french fries in mayonaise, yes i know it sound gross but you'd be suprised, its german thing and i love it.

  • Dark_ Bain
    Dark_ Bain 3 days ago +1

    Wdym A&W is Canadian

  • Nash Smith
    Nash Smith 4 days ago

    That a&w looks trash Canadian is better and I’ve had both

  • Terrance Jae
    Terrance Jae 4 days ago

    Ranch and Honey mustard and chick fil A sauce

  • Austrian
    Austrian 6 days ago

    damn the american a&w looks much different from the canadian one

  • La chola princessa
    La chola princessa 9 days ago

    Gravy 🍟

  • Makayla Tarrant
    Makayla Tarrant 9 days ago

    Ranch and ketchup

  • Haider 123
    Haider 123 11 days ago


  • Muhammad Nabil
    Muhammad Nabil 13 days ago

    Going to a&w and getting normal Fries instead of onion rings is just straight up crime

  • Chance Gaming
    Chance Gaming 17 days ago

    7:26 Casually dips fries in root beer float

  • :丿『Simon』
    :丿『Simon』 18 days ago

    Hot dog

  • Ethan Bost
    Ethan Bost 18 days ago

    Nothing I’m very picky

  • Shadow gang
    Shadow gang 19 days ago


  • Sophia Edits
    Sophia Edits 20 days ago

    R u in Cortland? My dad owns the Cortland A&W 😂

  • Fernando Cuahuizo Aca

    Hot dog

  • Ryan Stephen
    Ryan Stephen 21 day ago

    long jon silvers is yummmmmmmy af

  • Kristen Toliver
    Kristen Toliver 21 day ago


  • Vansh Kalia
    Vansh Kalia 22 days ago

    You are not electric you are thunderstorm⚡

  • Mohamed Otoum
    Mohamed Otoum 22 days ago

    I think u take the food out of ur mouth and u make it by speeding the video

  • Jaime Nunez
    Jaime Nunez 23 days ago

    I dip my fries in hot sauce

  • Orion Wade
    Orion Wade 23 days ago

    I dip my fries in Ranch, BBQ and choclate shakes.

  • Bobby Parso
    Bobby Parso 25 days ago

    Hot diggiedie doowg

  • Malik Bessent
    Malik Bessent 25 days ago

    Erik you need to do a Wendys challenge

  • Meghan R
    Meghan R 26 days ago

    I’m glad to share a love of ranch with you😂❤️

  • Brennan Hatcher
    Brennan Hatcher 28 days ago

    Anw I'm Canada is way better

  • CaneCarder
    CaneCarder 28 days ago

    Pickles and tomatoes are disgusting and don’t belong anywhere near a burger

  • Nikki Bales
    Nikki Bales 29 days ago


  • Let's see yo
    Let's see yo 29 days ago +2

    That's a lot of napkins

  • Tristan Garden
    Tristan Garden Month ago +1

    I love ranch too

  • Michael Castillo
    Michael Castillo Month ago


  • Zion Mills
    Zion Mills Month ago

    Hot dog

  • Zion Mills
    Zion Mills Month ago

    I dip my fries in ranch

  • Jayden Binns
    Jayden Binns Month ago

    Searched 2 different types of videos an this legend delivered both... atta boy

  • Jayden Binns
    Jayden Binns Month ago

    Let's go baby

  • zepole87
    zepole87 Month ago

    Theres an a&w/kfc together where i live in Ca.

  • Nick Hosn
    Nick Hosn Month ago

    You should do jack in the bix

  • Amiee nuttall
    Amiee nuttall Month ago

    What even is ranch?? 😂😂😂

  • Amiee nuttall
    Amiee nuttall Month ago

    Hot dog

  • Emerald Green
    Emerald Green Month ago

    Why their workers don't wear gloves in the kitchen ???????????????? It's disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!! I don't go there any more.

  • Dan Henry
    Dan Henry Month ago

    How come those A&W fries are in a long John silver's box

  • Brandy Calvert
    Brandy Calvert Month ago

    Fries are dipped in either ketchup, ranch or in some cases a chocolate milkshake for me!

  • NDE Venom
    NDE Venom Month ago

    I dip my fires in siracha mayo

  • Tlangelani Mashaba
    Tlangelani Mashaba Month ago


  • trevor smith
    trevor smith Month ago

    All Canadian u mean

  • Rose dowling
    Rose dowling Month ago

    Why can't Nashville have a&w! Love it! Do sonic challenge

  • marisol calderon
    marisol calderon Month ago +1

    Ketchup and some pepper spray

  • William Jacobsen
    William Jacobsen Month ago

    Hot dog

  • Abby Dignard
    Abby Dignard Month ago


  • Daoud Saadeh
    Daoud Saadeh Month ago

    I dip my fries in the blood of vegans.

  • I’m that Epic Gucci Gamer

    I thought it was a rootbeer only thing. Lol a&w rootbeer is ass tho

  • Joseph Gutierrez
    Joseph Gutierrez Month ago

    He’s missing chicken strips, they’re bomb af

  • queyah Quya
    queyah Quya Month ago

    Gila r kau makan semua tuu 👍

  • Beepbeep
    Beepbeep Month ago +5

    not gonna lie i thought a&w only existed in canada lmaooo. they’re so common here though (only a little less common than mcdonald’s)

  • Jaylen Gordon
    Jaylen Gordon Month ago


  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm Month ago

    Are you that dude in Lord of the Rings?

  • Sara Soto
    Sara Soto Month ago

    Hi @eriktheelectric just wanted to let you know that although southern California doesn't have A&W's central California does ( Fresno to be exact) it is also combined with Long John so love A&W loved this challenge

  • Youngin 97
    Youngin 97 Month ago +5

    Why was the food in long john silvers bags ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kayleigh Hastings
    Kayleigh Hastings Month ago

    Hot Dog 🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭

  • Kayleigh Hastings
    Kayleigh Hastings Month ago

    I dip fries in curry

  • Frederick Reid
    Frederick Reid Month ago

    Pickles is what makes the burgers

  • tropicalnogales
    tropicalnogales Month ago +16

    Bro A&W was founded in california, there's more A&Ws in California than anywhere else in the us 💀🤠

    • Bandit plays Games
      Bandit plays Games 8 hours ago

      They are litterally everwhere in cali they even have a burger named after the state where it was founded

    • Eddy Grey
      Eddy Grey Month ago

      I thought I heard wrong, but yess I agree. There is a couple of A&W locations in my area and im from CenCal.

    • Joseph Agredano
      Joseph Agredano Month ago


  • Mr. P
    Mr. P Month ago

    1:47 Snoop Dogg undercover

  • Marco Lazzari
    Marco Lazzari Month ago

    You crazy cool 😎

  • Marco Lazzari
    Marco Lazzari Month ago

    You are the best

  • Hadi Alwaaly
    Hadi Alwaaly 2 months ago

    Hot dog

  • Star Wolf
    Star Wolf 2 months ago

    Hot dog

  • Raven MoonChild
    Raven MoonChild 2 months ago

    I dip my fries in mayo and ketchup sometimes adding a lil horseradish

  • MissNoNameシ
    MissNoNameシ 2 months ago

    God his eyes are amazing

  • Game man360
    Game man360 2 months ago

    Bugers suck

  • Jeff Jacob
    Jeff Jacob 2 months ago +5

    You made your Uber driver wait that long.....& didn't offer to get him anything? Then you spilled your drink all over his back seat? You're all class aren't you?

  • trudi lewis
    trudi lewis 2 months ago

    fries in mayo and ketchup mixed together

  • Nutter YT
    Nutter YT 2 months ago

    1:43 he said he was getting it for a few people


  • corina karr
    corina karr 2 months ago

    I live in Cali and there is an A&W like 20 mins away

  • Makayla Capolino
    Makayla Capolino 2 months ago

    what are cheese curds?

  • vvbbhhhh
    vvbbhhhh 2 months ago

    I don’t dip my fries in nothing

  • Emma Rae
    Emma Rae 2 months ago

    ok the A&W food in canada is way diffrent sooo..

  • Daniel Hamilton
    Daniel Hamilton 2 months ago

    French fries get dipped in gravy or ranch dressing

  • Green Bean
    Green Bean 2 months ago

    I dip my fries in mayo

  • ManPanda11 Panda
    ManPanda11 Panda 2 months ago

    Hot dog awwwww yea you a best

  • FuesiYudo LnS
    FuesiYudo LnS 2 months ago

    I eat my fries with ketchup and bbq

  • Marcus vlogs
    Marcus vlogs 2 months ago

    I thought a&w was only in Canada 🇨🇦

  • Nicholas Nathaniel Yuka

    In my country A&W also sold fried chicken, curly frise and also waffle

  • Rosie Graf
    Rosie Graf 2 months ago

    To be honest I can’t eat a burger without pickles I don’t get how to take off

  • R N
    R N 2 months ago

    Tf u talking bout there's hella a&w's in cali

  • مضحي البصمان
    مضحي البصمان 2 months ago +1

    I dip my french fries in ketchup

  • Roberto- kun
    Roberto- kun 2 months ago

    tem br aki?

  • swat46201
    swat46201 2 months ago

    i dip in everything

  • TheMuffinman
    TheMuffinman 2 months ago

    I dip my fries in ketchup and sometime ranch but my family says that it's weird to do that sooo...

  • JRGNRG 1
    JRGNRG 1 2 months ago


  • Samuel Werre
    Samuel Werre 2 months ago +1

    Hot dog

  • Lynn Mixon
    Lynn Mixon 2 months ago

    Honey mustard

  • David Williams
    David Williams 2 months ago

    I dip my fries in ranch or bbq

  • Gabriela Hernandez
    Gabriela Hernandez 2 months ago

    Yo quiero tu salchicha

  • Pokey Minch
    Pokey Minch 2 months ago

    im not gonna lie, american a&w looks gross. the canadian one is amazing

  • justin carpenter
    justin carpenter 2 months ago

    Sweat and sour

  • Makayla Tarrant
    Makayla Tarrant 2 months ago

    Ketchup and ranch

  • Makayla Tarrant
    Makayla Tarrant 2 months ago

    How is their food

  • Makayla Tarrant
    Makayla Tarrant 2 months ago

    Hey I want that protein bar please

  • Brian Kyle
    Brian Kyle 2 months ago

    Does no else realize that all his food came in a long John silver bag