How to Cure Aging - During Your Lifetime?

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • What if we could stop aging forever?
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    How to Cure Aging - During Your Lifetime?

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    • Joseph Parkes
      Joseph Parkes Day ago

      Looking at this... You explained cancer as "I don't want to die" cells that keep on splitting. Wouldn't it be ironic then to cure aging with cancer? Know what I mean?

    • Blueyandicy
      Blueyandicy 4 days ago +1

      Posting this on such a old video? Nice determination man.

  • Silt
    Silt Day ago

    1:13 This is a wrong image of a Chromosome. it is more like }{ than an X

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus Day ago

    I'd like to die of old age in my sleep, ready, without diseases or pain but still look young. I just don't want to live forever, forever living in an imperfect society.
    God bless, Proverbs 31

  • Crescent Blade
    Crescent Blade Day ago

    I 100% think that during my lifetime, and since I’m only a kid, that there will be stuff like immortality will be available, and if they don’t, we don’t die, just our souls go into a different vessel on another planets
    , no death, just a different life

  • Rin
    Rin Day ago +2

    If you want to help speed this up so that we have a cure for aging sooner, I recommend that everyone donates 1$ daily to SENS research.

  • raph
    raph 2 days ago

    It would be fun to live forever to see how humanity changes and advances

  • just Z
    just Z 2 days ago

    This guys voice and the sad soft musis makes everything sad

  • just Z
    just Z 2 days ago

    This guys voice and the sad soft musis makes everything sad

  • Devron Mania
    Devron Mania 4 days ago

    2119 here I come ;))))

  • Максим Коротич

    Incredibly cool!!!

  • UnableToChoose
    UnableToChoose 5 days ago

    Great Video :)
    Looking for the studies, but cant find the sources page.

  • Gertjan Koolen
    Gertjan Koolen 5 days ago

    Great vid. However: eat healthy, exercise regularly,band you have gained 30% of your health span. Unfortunately people want to have a pill instead of doing the investment.

    • Jochen Schütz
      Jochen Schütz 2 days ago

      This is not about gaining 30%. This is about gaining way longer life spans.

  • Ivan Klochkov
    Ivan Klochkov 5 days ago

    I believe that secrets of the eternal life or at least significant lifespan extension have been discovered long time ago. Simply they can't be revealed to the public. Nor used for any celebrity person ( we'd already have noticed if someone stopped again). Revealing the information would cause terrestrial overpopulation and a war for the resources.
    However, in further future... if we start colonization of other planets and migration out there becomes a global tendency, then why not? Our descendants will be able to live much longer lives, if not even perpetually.

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 5 days ago +2

    remove cheetos from diet

  • Amy Müller
    Amy Müller 7 days ago

    can someone tell me the sources of the mice-trials please

  • Ksjdjd Nmxmz
    Ksjdjd Nmxmz 7 days ago

    I Will be so fucking sad if my parents Die a Day before this is posible

  • ༺ĤƳקØ༻ PyRo
    ༺ĤƳקØ༻ PyRo 8 days ago

    Use all of dat... BoOm ImMOrTaLiTy

  • Angel
    Angel 8 days ago

    to cure something is to see it as something bad, aging is natural and to become immortal is to no longer be of this world

  • Caleb The Tiger
    Caleb The Tiger 9 days ago

    I say the best way to tell if these would work oh humans is trials on something similar: monkeys, chimps, or apes.

  • Ujjawal Panchal
    Ujjawal Panchal 9 days ago

    It's been some time since the video came out. It discusses how human trials were being tested at the time of it's release. Does anyone know anything regarding it?

  • MaxPSVR
    MaxPSVR 9 days ago

    Can I volunteer for human testing?

  • vovan1989
    vovan1989 9 days ago

    This Crowdfunding as badly created as always, Instead of useless promo rewards, you should give people wat they want a hope of getting 1 of the first antiaging pils

  • Fortnite Geek
    Fortnite Geek 10 days ago +3

    If we live longer we will be able to watch this channel longer.

  • Alex H
    Alex H 10 days ago

    I am 14 so many more years of my good comments.

  • Tc
    Tc 11 days ago

    1:24 Do you mean aglets?

  • Jack BlazeBurn
    Jack BlazeBurn 11 days ago

    Mice share a lot of the same DNA as humans, but the tiny bit that's different is very important. Therefore those trials they did on mice might not work the same on humans. Sorry, science!

  • Władca Wymiaru
    Władca Wymiaru 12 days ago

    5:16 - usually that way create monster cancer...

  • Osiris Eiite
    Osiris Eiite 12 days ago +1

    And yet there are still somehow people against stem cells. Mindblowing.

  • Weeb Wizard
    Weeb Wizard 13 days ago

    Maybe fucking around with the natural processes of our cells is how we accidentally start the zombie apocalypse...

  • Jerrell Hill
    Jerrell Hill 13 days ago

    0:40 🍑😉

  • best PKER
    best PKER 14 days ago

    when can i use this

  • OzonGames :D
    OzonGames :D 14 days ago

    I dont think we can do this because of overpopulation, or if its expensive, it is not fair, but im in it

    • Şahin yaşar
      Şahin yaşar 11 days ago

      for overpopulation humanity need Suicide booth from futurama
      If humans get sick of living more longer then they can choose to die

  • Dino World
    Dino World 14 days ago

    I personally dont want to live forever but Im afraid of being a failure in life, and 80 years, only 50-60 years of it being the only time I can have a great job, a great marriage and be a good father. Then I have 20 years either pondering about whether I had a good life or not, while I decay slowly. So, I would want to prolong my life, so that I have time, and there is room to mess up sometimes.

  • Arunava chakraborty
    Arunava chakraborty 14 days ago

    If universe basic income ...ubi give me money to live.. i will be become study about curing .but why government can't give us free we can become scientist and cure aging and many thing in human life.... because I want to live I want to study and curing aging... even in automation time. We are still working on regular stuf..rather than become scientist ..that's pathetic

  • Kilyén Balázs
    Kilyén Balázs 15 days ago

    I wish to add, that i read a lot on these trials, and right now the max is 30% extended life span, but also have to add, these mice are regulated to have a healthy diet and movement. AKA : Sports and food are atleast as important as the therapy itself.

  • Geefiasco
    Geefiasco 15 days ago

    ...or eat a whole-food plant-based diet with

  • marcin majewski
    marcin majewski 15 days ago +1

    Exploding tnt is happy from knowing that all mouses live longer

    Check his channell

  • Edwardo the American
    Edwardo the American 16 days ago

    If there a cure to aging then the population won't go down it be booming,yall think is going to create more problems?

    • Şahin yaşar
      Şahin yaşar 11 days ago

      for overpopulation humanity need Suicide booth from futurama
      If humans get sick of living more longer then they can choose to die

  • Emmanuel Landwehrle
    Emmanuel Landwehrle 16 days ago

    Just take Soma, lol

  • 김상우
    김상우 16 days ago

    그래서 운동하면 노화방지가 되는구나. 자살하지 못하는 노화세포에게 단백질을 공급하여 자살하도록 명령 -> 노화세포 수 줄어듦 -> 젊음 상태 유지

  • Banana
    Banana 17 days ago

    I love how kids watch these complicated as fuck videos. (I’m 11)

  • Salty
    Salty 17 days ago

    Why does NAD+ look like a Cheeto?

  • Salty
    Salty 17 days ago

    It’d be pretty gangster to live forever.

  • Hassan salad
    Hassan salad 17 days ago

    Yes, let’s try to CURE something that is natural to the human body lol

    • Rafa Cuadros
      Rafa Cuadros 5 days ago

      None of nowdays technology is "natural", but you don't stop using it because of that.

  • Rusty XD
    Rusty XD 18 days ago

    I dont wanna live for ever but living 10 quintillion years wouldnt be long.

  • Viryl Lucas
    Viryl Lucas 19 days ago

    How old Philippine politicians stay alive.

  • Abdoh Ash
    Abdoh Ash 20 days ago

    Poor mice.

  • Graeme Gunn
    Graeme Gunn 20 days ago

    If it's good enough for mice, it's good enough for me. Sign my family up.

  • xXDelta KillerXx
    xXDelta KillerXx 21 day ago

    Just inject some cocaine directly into the brain and you will be able to travel in time

  • Wyatt Unrue
    Wyatt Unrue 22 days ago

    Ok some one tell me when this is all ready for the public

  • DrJay Craft
    DrJay Craft 22 days ago

    i want that seneson cells to die!!!!! 😂 *so i can regrow ma hair* if i get old hhahahahah, and those cells to be in me

  • XXXcrystalXX _XD_
    XXXcrystalXX _XD_ 23 days ago

    I used to know Only duck in your videos

  • XXXcrystalXX _XD_
    XXXcrystalXX _XD_ 23 days ago

    Is it all about mice mice mice mice mice mice mice mice?

  • make me Famous
    make me Famous 23 days ago +1

    I hate science!!!
    *Afterwatching videos of kurzgesagt*

  • Mateus gama
    Mateus gama 24 days ago

    Eu quero é imortalidade como a lagosta ou então como a água viva que se desenvolve do zero quando chega ao fim da vida

  • Nor Adrenalin
    Nor Adrenalin 24 days ago

    If we really find a cure for aging then science will have kept every promise religion ever made.

  • Zoe Moonlight
    Zoe Moonlight 24 days ago

    This video released on my birthday lol

  • Tarang Patil
    Tarang Patil 24 days ago


  • Viktor von DOOM
    Viktor von DOOM 24 days ago

    These cells are straight outta Slime Rancher

  • IndirectConnect
    IndirectConnect 24 days ago

    This is how you get zombies

  • Tactics 'n' Bacon
    Tactics 'n' Bacon 25 days ago

    What do you mean "as a consequence" wasnt it the idea that the mouse should be more active when they injected it?

  • just some guy
    just some guy 25 days ago

    Finally something I can actually look forward to

  • Jvzim Gueimespray
    Jvzim Gueimespray 25 days ago

    So, cancer cells can be senescent cells?

  • ItzCoreyPlayz
    ItzCoreyPlayz 25 days ago

    If we stop aging, earth will be so so occupied by humans

    • Şahin yaşar
      Şahin yaşar 11 days ago +1

      humanity need Suicide booth for overpopulation from futurama
      If humans get sick of living more longer then they can choose to die

  • Mike B
    Mike B 26 days ago

    We're already overpopulated if we figured out how to live forever overpopulation would become an epidemic the governments of the world wouldn't want that we need people to die for population control

    • Brian Diehl
      Brian Diehl 22 days ago

      We aren't over populated, we just don't distribute properly. Another thing is why keep increasing the efficiency that we grow food faster then the population. I think the netherlands is now doing smart farming

  • เมธาสิทธิ์ พุ่มสําเภา

    So we just need to kill some babies?

  • haydon fisher
    haydon fisher 26 days ago

    I absolutely love your channel guys not overly complicated, not really simple, gives the sources in your videos and also following up with animation absolutely fantastic

  • Bv's Animation
    Bv's Animation 26 days ago

    if the scientist are wrong ask ash from pokemon

  • The_gamer_guy19 19
    The_gamer_guy19 19 27 days ago

    So I live if my religion is correct and I live if it’s not. That’s you genetic modification and god very cool!

  • kittysplode
    kittysplode 27 days ago

    i just take like 8 ambien a day and i'm pretty sure i'm immortal at this point.

  • Ana Luisa Tuplano
    Ana Luisa Tuplano 27 days ago

    thank goodness i am 7

  • Lasertag Master
    Lasertag Master 28 days ago

    You know you've become science-loving slightly-creepy weirdo (I'm not making fun of anyone, I'm just describing me right now) when you start gushing to your mom about how cute and tiny the mouse's lungs are.

  • Omar omre
    Omar omre 28 days ago

    Request:about eyes

  • ronny192 Villalobos
    ronny192 Villalobos 28 days ago +1

    Every president just spends money or the army, and a small part goes to science and stuff

    • Brian Diehl
      Brian Diehl 22 days ago

      "spends money or the army" Sorry what?

  • jay dejesus
    jay dejesus 29 days ago

    how about trying all 3 on the same specimen?

  • aapjes fan
    aapjes fan 29 days ago

    It's amazing how the music makes the video beautiful yet so more serieus, the fact that it's full of information that is actually interesting, I love it!!

  • Faraz Ahmad
    Faraz Ahmad 29 days ago

    Make a vedio on nanotechnology
    And how we can use it to increase
    Healthy span

  • showdof
    showdof Month ago

    You could talk about mind upload

  • Clint Beck
    Clint Beck Month ago

    But what Kurzgesagt doesn't realize is, MICE are the ones actually running the experiment and we are the test subjects. One day they will reveal their over-lordship and that they need to remove our brains to find the answer to life, the universe and everything in it.

  • an hung
    an hung Month ago


  • Conner Smith
    Conner Smith Month ago


  • monick Verma
    monick Verma Month ago

    I don't know about humans but mice shall certainly evolve

  • Brain Scoop
    Brain Scoop Month ago

    Medical procedures for mice are way ahead of ours.

  • Gisellie Regalado
    Gisellie Regalado Month ago

    These are some pretty healthy mice.

  • pizzaslize
    pizzaslize Month ago

    Bunnys jump and live 15 years maximum
    Turtle do literally nothing and live 150 years
    Laziness is the key

  • Dasha Sunweb star stable

    a conversation with my mom:
    Brother: Mom, why are some of your hairs grey?
    Mom: Every time you are bad, one more hair turns grey.
    Brother: why are some of your hairs still black then?


  • Gruntuk Ishtant
    Gruntuk Ishtant Month ago

    implanted memory coordination among majore groups of the public

  • Cole Park
    Cole Park Month ago

    You can slow down aging a lot right now with healthy diet, exercise, intermittent fasting, proper sleep and calorie restriction. You can also just avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices like drinking, smoking, and skin damage from the sun. If you are in your 20s now and practice this lifestyle, then take advantage of stuff like metformin and NMN in the coming decades then you will be well on your way to being extremely healthy even in old age. At that point you will also be able to undergo advanced therapies that will make you look like you're 25 again.

  • Mark Grechko
    Mark Grechko Month ago

    I need it in at least 23 years.

    NEON WARRIOR Month ago

    This channel is one of the only non-boring ways to learn

  • Young DRyan
    Young DRyan Month ago +1

    Aging isn’t a disease’s a blessing.

  • Peeled Guavacados
    Peeled Guavacados Month ago

    I dont see any way this could go wrong....

  • Liu Dave
    Liu Dave Month ago

    i can forsee a future that only the rich will be able to afford these treatments

    • Brian Diehl
      Brian Diehl 22 days ago

      But when the anti biotics was invented, everyone got some, not just the rich

  • Jose Adolpho Brandao
    Jose Adolpho Brandao Month ago +1

    What if we applied the three of them as a full treatment against aging ?

  • Rolex R.
    Rolex R. Month ago +1

    I'm worried about the stem cells part; not being negative but I hope the old humans don't take a children's stems cells really...

  • I Make Musical Noisings

    In short: Our future is uncertain, but mice are gonna be A-OK.

  • Dwight 105
    Dwight 105 Month ago

    Some time in the future.
    But when do you think ?
    What year can you calculate?

  • 123LetsDance
    123LetsDance Month ago

    God Says "Go Live your Life fully"
    Hell's God Says " Come To me Fast And Become my servants"
    What do we Learn here?
    Live your life Fully Because we Only Live once and Once We're dead There is no Going Back Just RIP

  • Kiki
    Kiki Month ago

    I really hope it becomes reality and that my daughter (our children) will be able to benefit from it.

  • Gaurav Rana
    Gaurav Rana Month ago +3

    One tiny planet would have huge population 😂