The Science of Being Transgender ft. Gigi Gorgeous

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
  • What can science teach us about gender identity and dysphoria?
    Thanks so much to Gigi Gorgeous!
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Comments • 12 826

  • GreyLynx Splash
    GreyLynx Splash 4 hours ago

    That’s actually really cool

  • AshFig
    AshFig 5 hours ago


  • Borni Ekellem
    Borni Ekellem 9 hours ago +1

    I want to make this clear guys:
    Being trans but not being sure if you are truhly male or female is androgynous and NOT non-binary !
    Non-Binary is a word first used by trenders and queers, which are all just SWJ's, so there is no real reason to listen to them !

  • Danny Knight
    Danny Knight 9 hours ago +1

    Transphobe: you are ignoring basic biology 111!!!

  • Danny Knight
    Danny Knight 9 hours ago

    This same thing was said by Riley Janis and you people disliked the video before listening to her.

  • Block matts
    Block matts 10 hours ago

    They conflated so many biological extremes that still don’t result in being transsexual. This wasn’t scientifically truthful they chose only specific “facts”

  • 2014girl
    2014girl 12 hours ago +1

    This is beautiful! So much love and support for trans friends! ❤️👏🏼

  • Danielle Everhart
    Danielle Everhart 13 hours ago

    There's only 2 gender's! Lol😂

    • rosebud boy
      rosebud boy 8 hours ago

      This video never said otherwise

  • Zach M
    Zach M Day ago

    And here I thought gender was a social construct...

  • I have no life
    I have no life Day ago

    I'm gonna be honest here and I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this so please understand. I respectfully understand that not everyone is the same and that doesn't matter because where all human and we shouldn't be treated differently. But I think it's a bit odd for trans people to want to be accepted for who they are now but they can't accept what they were before. The definition of a boy and a girl is merely the biological and physiological. A boy can like flowers and pink but that doesn't mean he's trans though. I think the main problem is gender standards. Sorry if I offended anyone please feel free to correct me. It's just a question have a nice day 😊

    • I have no life
      I have no life 14 hours ago

      +Alkaizer thanks for helping me with that I appreciate it very much

    • Alkaizer
      Alkaizer Day ago +1

      I have no life No, not at all.

  • immortalfootballer26

    I have a three headed komodo dragon that is trans and xe's a great girlfriend

  • Catherine Gernetzke

    Even though I do not believe in this kinda of stuff, I still think that these are still people, living human beings. I still respect them even if they are different from me or have different thoughts or beliefs. You should respect everyone. No doubt about it.

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Not here to start a flame war or anything, but....that's the whole point that most conversatives make...? We are treating gender dysphoria like it's a good thing, NOT as to what it used be called, which was a mental disorder caused by this lapse in genetics (according the DSM-a compilation/encyclopedia of all known mental diseases/disorders created by the American Psychiatric Association). More recent studies have shown that people who have gender dysphoria are at the exact same rate of suicide, as people who've never been bullied or discriminated against (meaning that last statement made by Gigi factually false-there have been *no* such studies yet to prove that claim). This is (for me) why I have such a problem with what today's politics say, and it is also the reason why I *sympathize* with trans people; they are being taken advantage of, because THEY are being told they're 'special' "now give me all your money so I can perform a gender reassignment operation on you" as WELL as being put on numerous hormonal blockers/ hormones. (more $$$) They *should* be treating as a mental disorder like they had before, and try to help people with therapy and other drugs (usually ones that increase the amount of dopamine within your brain to counteract the massively low levels of a dopamine within you) If someone else can please link me research papers with facts stating otherwise, please do! I am in this for *SCIENCE* not, because of my race, background, nor religion!! Have a wonderful day everyone!!! :)

    • ElizabethRS
      ElizabethRS 4 hours ago

      We aren't treating it like a good thing, it is more that we are no longer treating it like it is a bad thing. Gender dysphoria is a horrible condition to have, but having it does not make you mentally ill or unstable or things like that. You are just a human being who feels uncomfortable in their own body, and there is nothing wrong with that. The only cure we have to gender dysphoria is letting someone transition.
      When you say that they are asking for others money to allow them to transition, that is basically like someone with schizophrenia or dementia wanting help to get medical treatment. Many people would believe it is cruel to make people suffer just because they can't afford it, but that is getting into political issues, which everyone has a different opinion on.

  • RandomEmoChild
    RandomEmoChild 2 days ago +3

    L- let’s
    G- get down to
    B- business
    T- to defeat the huns

  • Luke the gai boi.
    Luke the gai boi. 2 days ago

    Kill yourself

    • Alkaizer
      Alkaizer Day ago

      Luke the gai boi. no u

  • MissyMona
    MissyMona 2 days ago +2

    10,000 people disliked this, on a video talking about scientific facts that validate transgender peoples experience. There's nothing here to dislike, people are going to just have to deal that they can't keep calling transgender people"special snowflakes" and "Delusional" as a way to brush off their experience. They're here, they've always been here and anyone you know might be trans and dealing with serious depression because they're trying to work with you even when there's so much hate, negativity and outright hostility. If you dislike a video talking about scientific facts then that's a problem you need to work through.

  • Daniel August
    Daniel August 2 days ago

    Would love to believe this, but these “scientific studies” aren’t accurate. Go google studies backed by doctors and they de-bunk this. Primarily talking about the male and female brains.

  • Jay K
    Jay K 2 days ago

    I’ve done more research than this and I gotta say, you are biased assholes, lying to people because you think trans people are normal, it’s a disease and if you have it I’m so sorry what your going through, I truly hope you get help and find yourself as a person

  • richard bedford
    richard bedford 3 days ago +1

    I am MTF non transitioning. I feel that I am 1/2 my mother and 1/2 my father. As such I seek to keep the 2 spirits balanced within me. For it's own reasons the world has insisted that It is my duty to live as a male. This demand threw my psyche off balance. It deprived my mother of expression and created disharmony in my internalized family. Hence, "dysphoria". The cure lies in getting the male part to recognize that the female part needs acknowledgement from both him and the self. Surgery= big mistake! Why? because it vitiates the male.

  • milkshaketurtle79
    milkshaketurtle79 3 days ago +3

    Most people rejected her message.
    They hated her because she spoke the truth.

  • Im’a Show you How to Do It

    Being a trans is basically a mental disorder to put in a short sentence,hence you thank me later

  • Clod Rafferty
    Clod Rafferty 4 days ago


  • queen 69
    queen 69 4 days ago

    I’m only here for Gigi

  • Mushroom Frog
    Mushroom Frog 4 days ago +2

    Tucutes can die mad at this video. Knocking out yalls idiotic ideologies

  • Tiffany Barbaud
    Tiffany Barbaud 4 days ago +1

    REAL transgenders. Not transtrenders

  • Ribbium
    Ribbium 4 days ago

    It explains that there are two genders and trans people suffer from a variety of mental and physical disorders. The high depression statistics might also have something to do with their abnormal brain chemistry and structure. Also this doesn't explain tumblr genders and sexual orientation.

  • Maya Labuschagne
    Maya Labuschagne 4 days ago +2

    this was an awesome video!! can you maybe make one about non-binary or genderfluid stuff it would be great!

  • Annie Laster
    Annie Laster 5 days ago

    Ok what about non binary

  • Dallas Autry
    Dallas Autry 5 days ago

    lol 420

  • Miles Lee
    Miles Lee 5 days ago

    This this same same person who complained about not having the ability to have children

  • Ian Duke
    Ian Duke 5 days ago +1


    Brains like the rest of the body are created by the DNA males have XY chromos FEMALES DO NOT they have XX chromos! THE Y MAKES MALES MALE!

    • Walter Williams
      Walter Williams 14 hours ago

      Transgender is a mental illness nothing more than that. They believe they are a woman even though their physical characteristics and chromosomes scream man and that will never change

    • Ian Duke
      Ian Duke Day ago

      +Alkaizer There was a point? What was it then?

    • Alkaizer
      Alkaizer Day ago

      Ian Duke Congratulations! You missed the entire point of the video.

  • Agamjeet Singh
    Agamjeet Singh 5 days ago

    Let Ben Shapiro handle this libtards

    • Helen Lu
      Helen Lu 3 days ago

      This is facts, and science.

  • kīd
    kīd 5 days ago

    I'm called a "fake transgender person" all because I'm a trans male, yet I'm a femboy and I cosplay, people call me fake because they believe that's for "females"

  • Black P
    Black P 5 days ago

    my friend thinks that being Transgender is a mental illness imma make them watch this

  • Black P
    Black P 5 days ago

    my friend thinks that being Transgender is a mental illness imma make them watch this

  • Styneslad
    Styneslad 6 days ago

    I identify as an amputee

    • Walter Williams
      Walter Williams 14 hours ago

      I identify as a transracial Chinese black woman who also doubles as a cat and is totally on the gender-fluid scale. Even though I'm just a average man average heights and weight

  • BraverThanYouBelieve
    BraverThanYouBelieve 6 days ago +3

    Hey, if you're trans and feeling depressed after reading through some of these comments I just wanted you to know that you are valid and accepted. Okay, you can keep scrolling now :)

  • Peter parkers ass
    Peter parkers ass 6 days ago +4

    The amount of hatred and violence in this comment section is scary

  • Mitali Jain
    Mitali Jain 6 days ago

    so is it mandatory that a transgender person have a part of both "x" and "y" chromosomes?
    or a person with just "x" or just "y" chromosomes can also be a transgender after birth.. i mean when human starts to understand itself and society and gets to understand that he/she is a transgender

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 days ago +1

      The chromosomes don't really matter
      The y chromosome (or specifically the sry gene contained on the y chromosome) is what makes one develop into a male, but that has relation to whether a person is trans or not

  • Ewan McGibbon
    Ewan McGibbon 6 days ago +1

    Even if you are a man with a female brain, you are still a man ...... As well as the human race has variations of brain sizes through genetics and natural selection , so this theory in my opinion could potentially be false . ( I am not trying to discriminate :) )

  • Fucka You
    Fucka You 6 days ago

    Even if transgender isn’t mental, as said in this video with hard evidence, how do you cope. Surgery doesn’t help as the 40% suicide rate barely changes, their won’t be a definite solution but how do you cope with something that isn’t mental but is physical that can’t be fixed by surgery or medicine.

  • babbisp1
    babbisp1 7 days ago


  • Actual Trash
    Actual Trash 7 days ago +8


  • Samirah
    Samirah 7 days ago +1

    Okay so this is definetly going to sound ignorant and may be offensive but I'm not asking this out of malicious intent, just curiosity
    So is gender dysphoria an illness?
    And if so, is transitioning a cure?
    If transitioning is a cure, does that mean there's no other way to "treat" gender dysphoria like how people with adhd or ocd or other mental disorders take certain pills (not that I'm saying gender dysphoria is a mental disorders- again, I don't actually know).
    Like, why have we decided transitioning is the cure rather than other things? Again, not that transitioning is bad but it seems expensive so is it like the only way? And like, how would someone with gender dysphoria handle it if they couldn't transition, say if they put their religion as a priority or simply because they didn't have money?
    Again, I really don't mean to sound rude and sorry if these questions are insensitive

    • Peter parkers ass
      Peter parkers ass 6 days ago +3

      Hi! Im a trans person and id love to clear things up!
      There isn't actually a cure to gender dysphoria per say, you just minimize the impact. Like with uncurable cancers, they simply give patients pills and other things to lessen the impact, which is exactly what transitioning does. (Not saying that being trans and having cancer is the same thing lmao)
      Also, money wise, you dont always have to transition, some people use things like binders, packers, etc.

  • Funkydude71's Variety Channel

    This video has helped me educate many a transphobe. Thank u @asapSCIENCE !

  • jdave pnnu
    jdave pnnu 7 days ago +1

    Just because at some point in our primordial embryonic “gooo” state we were the same doesn’t mean the animals that develops after are genderless. The left also thinks these embryonic goo’s aren’t people- because they aren’t- that’s why abortion is not murder.
    There’s a lot of misinformation created by pro trans sources. There are two biological genders. You can make all the GENDER IDENTITIES you want.

  • Ethan Larsen
    Ethan Larsen 7 days ago +2

    Nope, its a mental illness. Only 2 genders

    • Alkaizer
      Alkaizer Day ago +1

      Trans women are female. Trans men are male. Transgender is not a third gender.

    • Peter parkers ass
      Peter parkers ass 6 days ago

      .... they aren't saying theres more than two genders???? Like??? At all????

    • Unity Flare
      Unity Flare 6 days ago +1

      Ethan Larsen Please stop being ignorant and close minded. Mental illness or not it’s okay to be transgender.
      ( Fyi it’s not a mental illness )

  • Aneek Makwana
    Aneek Makwana 8 days ago +1

    bleeding liberals

  • jarvis dueck
    jarvis dueck 8 days ago +8

    I too was once a boy trapped in a Girls body.......until my mom gave birth

  • Trump2020 Right winger
    Trump2020 Right winger 8 days ago +1

    It’s even worse when a tranny is teaching it

  • Nathanael Choo
    Nathanael Choo 8 days ago

    Who said that Gigi Gorgeous was transgender? If you said that you are CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    like if u agree

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 8 days ago +2

    There are only two sexes. There are only two genders. You are one or the other. There is no such thing as “transgender.” You are what you were born as and only what you were born as, no matter what you want to think or who you think you are. I’m sorry for having to be blunt but this is how it is. Get it through your head.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 7 days ago

      jessica jones thank you for being a voice of reason.

    • jessica jones
      jessica jones 7 days ago

      +anna pseudoscience is not factual science. regardless of how much plastic surgery or hormones transgenders get, they can never change their dna. get a grip

    • anna
      anna 8 days ago +2

      Did you even watch the video? There is literally a scientific explanation for it. What else do you need? Also, transgender people are considered Male or female so even if you believe there are only two genders transgender people are still valid.

  • Jakob Dreier
    Jakob Dreier 9 days ago +3

    haha this makes to much sense (i would know)

  • Kerim Etemaj
    Kerim Etemaj 9 days ago


  • a tribute to Yeah, Sure

    The real Science is here...

  • Valeria Co
    Valeria Co 9 days ago +2

    Gwow love this

  • Kunal Gulyani
    Kunal Gulyani 9 days ago

    How do they reproduce?

    • Unity Flare
      Unity Flare 6 days ago

      Kunal Gulyani It’s sad to think the only reason humans exist is to reproduce. With that comment I bet you’re homophobic too.

  • shoosh
    shoosh 9 days ago +4

    *ben shapiro has entered the chat*
    *asap science has entered the chat*
    *ben shapiro has left the chat*

  • Czar Island
    Czar Island 10 days ago

    All transgender people should be treated like the Jews were treated by the Nazis

    • uniegg
      uniegg 4 days ago +1

      that's like saying all people with the youtube username Czar Island should be treated like the Jews were treated by the Nazis

    • Unity Flare
      Unity Flare 6 days ago +2

      I can tell that even trying to reason with you won’t work.
      People like you who are biased, ignorant, and discriminative are what make this world shit.

    • Rogerio Lopes
      Rogerio Lopes 9 days ago

      Wanna be hanged.again?

    • Jerilyn Avise
      Jerilyn Avise 10 days ago +3

      Czar Island the fact that you would wish that upon anyone truly shows your ignorance about both the holocaust and this videos main point. I hope you can find help with your delusions before you actually hurt somebody

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez 10 days ago +1

    I learned a lot!! Thank you so much :D

  • Cruz S
    Cruz S 10 days ago

    only two genders sweetie!!

    • Human Being
      Human Being 5 days ago

      it wasnt talking about the other genders?

    • Cruz S
      Cruz S 8 days ago

      Yeti Just saying ONLY TWO GENDERS

    • Yeti
      Yeti 8 days ago +1

      I agree
      And trans people change to the other gender
      Not some third gender

  • Amber Salvatore
    Amber Salvatore 11 days ago

    This video makes me hate transTRENDERs

  • Mady- lynn
    Mady- lynn 11 days ago +2

    Louder for the people in the back

  • fake core
    fake core 11 days ago +1

    Ben Shapiro has left the chat

  • L 9
    L 9 11 days ago +1

    We need another crusade🤷🏻‍♂️

  • L 9
    L 9 11 days ago

    One day I will be in a field with an LMG and 100 transgender people in-front of me inshallah. It will be a good day for society.

    • phospelonagen
      phospelonagen 8 days ago

      Thanks for admitting to wanting to commit a mass murder in the name of “god!” Good day :)

  • DJ V
    DJ V 11 days ago

    This video would be great if it told the truth, but it doesn't. The fact is MOST cis men have a larger hypothalamus, and MOST cis women have greater density in their frontal lobes BUT many don't, yet they are still cis men/women. There have been no conclusive studies which have proven that ALL transgender people have brains which don't match their genitals. This video is not an objective presentation of the facts.

    • DJ V
      DJ V 9 days ago +1

      +dumpster Well then just watch the video again and listen carefully. They use words like "some studies", "generally", "findings suggest", etc. All these terms are not conclusive/ definitive. For example, by saying "men generally have a larger hypothalamus", it means "most but not all". There have also been studies which have found that some lesbians' brains have similarities with cis-men's brains, yet they still identify as women and are not transgender men. It's a worry that so many people in the comments section seem to think there is conclusive scientific evidence that ftm trans-women have brains like cis-women because there is no such evidence at all.

    • dumpster
      dumpster 9 days ago

      Yeah, I'd say so.

    • DJ V
      DJ V 9 days ago

      +dumpster Too lazy to read them yourself?

    • dumpster
      dumpster 9 days ago

      Have you done the same? Can you point out specific points in any of the articles where it doesn't support their claims?

    • DJ V
      DJ V 9 days ago

      +dumpster Read their own sources PROPERLY and you will arrive at the same result.

  • Ace
    Ace 12 days ago

    I'm trans FtM

  • socialoracle
    socialoracle 12 days ago

    Transgender means you spend money on surgery, hair and makeup and completely rage against people who don't accept your mental delusion.

    • socialoracle
      socialoracle 5 days ago

      +Unity Flare Regardless of what they think they are doesn't change reality or biology.

    • Unity Flare
      Unity Flare 6 days ago +1

      Not all trans people are like that and it’s ignorant to think so, in reality only a small percentage are like that.

    • jessica jones
      jessica jones 10 days ago


  • Cosmosian Entity
    Cosmosian Entity 13 days ago

    How do you recognise you're suffering from gender dysphoria? If depression and anxiety stem from some internal conflict, how would I go about deciphering what that conflict is? If an inability to make this distinction is present, is that madness?

  • micah khase
    micah khase 13 days ago +2

    transphobes: it’s against nature!!!!! you’re born male or female, its biology!!!!
    science: *literally backs transgenderism*
    transphobes: suddenly i’m jared, 19

    • dumpster
      dumpster 8 days ago +1

      +jessica jones you're saying that with the intent to make another person, a transgender person, feel uneasy and remind them that they're biologically a male or female when they already KNOW, you don't have to remind them they aren't stupid sis.
      you're doing it on purpose just to piss people off, and then back up saying "buhuhugbuh sciencE!!!"

    • jessica jones
      jessica jones 8 days ago

      ​+dumpster i'm not at all disgusted by transgenders actually. what i do think is disgusting, however, is that we now live in a society where facts are now being equated with "transphobia". regardless of feelings, scientific facts doesn't mean someone is being transphobic. and i literally just said how a biological man can never be a woman: under normal circumstances, a biological man can never reproduce like a woman does.

    • dumpster
      dumpster 8 days ago +1

      +jessica jones it doesn't matter if she was born as a man, she still has a right to be happy and comfortable in her own body and the least you can do is respect that. imagine wanting to bring other, mentally ill PEOPLE, just like you down because you're disgusted by the thought of a woman wanting to be a man or a man wanting to be a woman. What can a woman accomplish that a trans woman can't?

    • jessica jones
      jessica jones 8 days ago

      +dumpster not really and i just explained why. if science truly does back up transgenderism then people like caitlyn jenner would be able to encompass everything about what it means to be a woman, including reproducing like one. but he never will reproduce like the women he "identifies" with because he was born as a man. that's a fact

  • Maia The Crouton
    Maia The Crouton 13 days ago

    My sister/brother is trans (IDK whether to say sister or brother) and (s)he hasn't gotten treatment yet but we all accept it. They have the body of a female but the brain of a male. He is not mentally healthy though :(

    • Maia The Crouton
      Maia The Crouton 4 days ago

      +uniegg We all use male pronouns with him it's what he likes us to use

    • uniegg
      uniegg 4 days ago

      he would probably feel more at home if you called him your brother, but you should really ask him how he wants his pronouns to be. :)

  • Maia The Crouton
    Maia The Crouton 13 days ago +2

    The sry gene wants to apologise awww

  • Great Outdoors Wolf
    Great Outdoors Wolf 14 days ago +2

    I have height dysphoria. There's nothing I know that can make me increase my height by at least a few inches so I'm screwed.

  • itz. benjy
    itz. benjy 14 days ago

    Its a mental illness

  • Legendary Daphne
    Legendary Daphne 14 days ago +1


  • Legendary Daphne
    Legendary Daphne 14 days ago +2

    Haters 1...2...3...

  • that1weirdfriend lol
    that1weirdfriend lol 14 days ago +3

    Transphobic peope want proof that being transgender is a real thing. They get given proof. They ignore the proof. They are not nice people. I don't like not nice people :(

  • bearsemen
    bearsemen 14 days ago

    Being transgender is just a hobby

    • Spitz
      Spitz 11 days ago +1

      So being depressed to the point of suicide is a hobby? lmfao

    • phospelonagen
      phospelonagen 13 days ago +3

      Being a drag queen / king is a hobby. Being transgender is not a hobby, any way you look at it.

  • lily happy
    lily happy 15 days ago

    Take that transphobes!!!!

  • Anna Lantry BM - transgender voice coach

    It's awesome to see scientific evidence that explains and reinforces the experiences that many of us have had for so long!

  • Dru H
    Dru H 15 days ago

    800,000+ views and you haven't brought back battle toads? whats the point anymore.

  • Mikal Eastman
    Mikal Eastman 15 days ago

    Trans can't have kids cause they are males plain and simple.

    • kairenza
      kairenza 9 days ago

      Neither can infertile men or women, what's your point?

    • Spitz
      Spitz 9 days ago

      Dru H Now abortion insults? Typical insults from brain-dead millennials who aren’t satisfied with their own lives. Next, you’ll be resorting to mum jokes or telling me to kill myself. These are the only kind of comebacks you know. Also, get off my channel and videos. You and your MPD are not welcome.

    • Spitz
      Spitz 9 days ago

      Dru H Coming from someone who uses chromosomal disorders as an insult and requests that I speak to my missing chromosome, insults that don’t even require an iota of thought process to come up with. Next, you’ll be calling me autistic or something. You come out of nowhere bringing up nonsense like multiple personality disorder, which has nothing to do with the current subject, thinking you can get me to indulge in your pathological delusions. And I’m naive to “belief” that I’m making any sense? Oh dear. This is NOT the place to seek diagnosis for your multiple personality disorder. That’s the psychiatrist’s job. Now scurry along, confused one.

    • Dru H
      Dru H 9 days ago

      +Spitz Professor Handjob? what are you 10 yrs old? You're childish and naive to belief you're making any sense. Just another mutant that escaped the abortion clinic.

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson 15 days ago +1

    You cannot tell me that someone is one gender and expect me to pretend that they are what they feel they are. I'm not changing my definitions in order to suit your needs. People are choosing to look at people's feelings rather than actual facts, well sorry, I don't give any fucks about your feelings, you can't modify basic biology to make you feel accommodated in society.

    • kairenza
      kairenza 9 days ago +1

      +Arc Obviously not, typical transphobic idiot

    • Arc
      Arc 15 days ago +1

      did- did you watch the video?

  • WorstCriticEver
    WorstCriticEver 15 days ago +1

    I can't believe no one is mentioning the fact that theres a transgender women, explaining her own mental condition Soo casually . If your going to do this asap science, might as well have a crackhead explain what crack is .

  • THE Wicked Witch Of SE
    THE Wicked Witch Of SE 16 days ago +1

    Still laughing.

  • Romeo Tango
    Romeo Tango 16 days ago +1

    This video shows exactly the point that everybody already knows, there are two genders only. If you want to compare chromosomes in its early state we share many chromosomes with animals yet we don't say humans are killer whales. This video clearly shows two genders male and female transgender is a mental health issue.

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo 16 days ago

    Those who watch rusty cage are all thinking the same thing

  • J Nuy
    J Nuy 16 days ago

    Cool video 👌👌👌

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B 16 days ago

    Hey shit.

    • J Nuy
      J Nuy 16 days ago +2


  • It's A Seagway
    It's A Seagway 16 days ago +2

    Now I wanna check what gender my brain is like, but I'm afraid it's going to seem to match to my wrong gender
    (Y'know, if that made sense.)

    • J Nuy
      J Nuy 16 days ago

      I think I get it

  • Will Outcalt
    Will Outcalt 16 days ago +5

    i want to show this to ben Shapiro SO BAD

  • Harreh .S
    Harreh .S 16 days ago +1

    Gosh this comment section is one of the least negative group of comments I’ve seen from a video that has the word ‘trans’ in the title, thank goodness

  • mish s
    mish s 16 days ago

    this is so retarded im crying wtf

  • Mikal Eastman
    Mikal Eastman 17 days ago +1

    A person that was born a boy is a BOY you can't change DNA!

    • J Nuy
      J Nuy 4 days ago

      +jessica jones you have an open invitation to make a video showing YOUR research.

    • Cherrix
      Cherrix 4 days ago

      no, you cannot change dna. your point?

    • jessica jones
      jessica jones 10 days ago

      +J Nuy why are you blindly following a video with nothing but animated drawings? This video didn't even show actual brain scans to prove their "research".

    • J Nuy
      J Nuy 15 days ago +2

      +Mikal Eastman the video said that trans women and cis women have the same brain. Same with males.

    • Mikal Eastman
      Mikal Eastman 15 days ago

      Yeah it's confusion and a disorder. Only two genders male and female

  • hypothesised
    hypothesised 17 days ago

    *Raul from BBCAN4 (probably) screaming*

  • Katzthefirst
    Katzthefirst 17 days ago +6

    I love this a lot but can you please do this for non binary too?

    • Katzthefirst
      Katzthefirst 8 days ago +1

      +phospelonagen I'm really glad you respect your sibling! Even if you don't necessarily believe it, it's important to just treat people with integrity. And yes, there isn't much science to back it up at this moment. But not too long ago, there wasn't much scientific evidence for binary trans people. Once we started doing research we discovered how brain structures relate with the binary genders. Most non binary people (including myself) experience some sort of dysphoria, similarly to binary trans people. Knowing these two things, there very well could be structures that are more inbetween the typical male or female brain. Sorry for rambling, just thought I'd share my thoughts on this.

    • Katzthefirst
      Katzthefirst 8 days ago

      +Yeti Ah, I see. Not *yet* anyways. This was also said about binary trans people until more research was done. I believe we can find interesting discoveries if we actually seek them.

    • phospelonagen
      phospelonagen 8 days ago +1

      My sibling identifies as non-binary. I support them. I call them their preferred pronouns. But I know it’s not scientifically accurate. That said, respect all!

    • Yeti
      Yeti 10 days ago +1

      There isn't any science behind it
      so no, they really can't

    • Katzthefirst
      Katzthefirst 16 days ago +1

      +Capri Draws If the brain structures of binary transgender people are aligning with their identified gender, what's stopping there from being a brain structure in between the male and female brain? Also I was asking asap science.

  • Trenton Da Man!
    Trenton Da Man! 17 days ago

    You're either born a boy or a girl and then if u don't fit in with their crowd then severe bullying occurs then you go through dysphoria then u turn into a tranny

    • WangleLine
      WangleLine 17 days ago +2

      I wasn't bullied and had gender dysphoria even before meeting many other people. How do you explain this with your cute little theory?

  • Ian Caldwell
    Ian Caldwell 17 days ago

    all of this is true except that suicide rates decrease after surgery which isn't true