Talking Tech with Elon Musk!

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • Talking Tesla, tech and the future with Elon Musk.
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  • 김하겸
    김하겸 5 hours ago

    "He is my real hero." from KOREA

  • Jeff Hargrove
    Jeff Hargrove 12 hours ago

    Do people honestly think alot of his time is spent on Twitter ? He’s a billionaire

  • AJTech
    AJTech Day ago

    And to think he is from South Africa

  • Sierra Levine
    Sierra Levine Day ago

    He talks really fast

  • ma jid
    ma jid Day ago

    Wtf is he the fastest man speaking?

  • John MacDonald
    John MacDonald 2 days ago

    30th version. This guy never fails. Biggest con job in the world. So hillarious. The sheep will buy it up everytime.

  • idressa katta
    idressa katta 2 days ago

    Remember this guy was immigrated from Sought Africa what do you think if Trump was the president by then..

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez 2 days ago

    Elon musk studerders too much

  • Cocoy Nohay
    Cocoy Nohay 3 days ago

    You should have asked him about who is the person that he thinks is as smart and driven as him in tesla and also is there a succession plan?

  • CustoMish
    CustoMish 3 days ago

    If some companies buy a load of tesla semis they will evetually get all their money back by not paying fuel take and also get concession, plus for all right?

  • Ping Olarte
    Ping Olarte 3 days ago

    On side mirror. I suggest put the side mirror inside to improve aerodynamics. Small cam outside, connected to your side mirror (screen/monitor).

  • Leon Hattingh
    Leon Hattingh 4 days ago

    The character of Tony Stark was basically a more flamboyant Elon Musk, so they gave Musk a cameo in Iron Man 2

  • Daniya Parvez
    Daniya Parvez 4 days ago

    why did i never watch this video before wtf

  • It's Alright
    It's Alright 4 days ago +1

    Elon is fucking awesome, simply put.

  • Asuka Sohryu
    Asuka Sohryu 4 days ago +1

    really good asmr tho

  • Jo d
    Jo d 6 days ago +1

    You are more serious than Elon😛

  • Pepper K
    Pepper K 6 days ago

    I think Elon Musk is full of shit honestly and Marques whatsup with this kissing ass attitude?

  • Andy #Hakz
    Andy #Hakz 6 days ago +1

    The way he struggling 11:35

  • Andy #Hakz
    Andy #Hakz 6 days ago +2

    I really need to be an employee under Elon Musk's control

  • Jan-Niklas Behlen
    Jan-Niklas Behlen 6 days ago

    Tesla should try to get the batteries environmentally friendly in terms of production

  • Akhil k
    Akhil k 7 days ago +5

    Did you ask any question off-camera ? 😁

  • Tanya Duckworth
    Tanya Duckworth 7 days ago

    Great interview, Awesome car, Thank you 😘😘😘😘

  • John deneau
    John deneau 7 days ago

    Mark ass brownley

  • Abobster
    Abobster 8 days ago


  • Fяσѕту Cнαи
    Fяσѕту Cнαи 8 days ago

    Came from k-391 :)

  • Señor Poodles
    Señor Poodles 8 days ago

    Elon is so damn boring to listen to.

  • Rakib Fiha
    Rakib Fiha 9 days ago +1

    Joke lmao... Owns the company and says "I even paid full retail price for my own car". Nice and funny thing to hear. Respect

    • Plofgans
      Plofgans 8 days ago

      So far Elon didn't earn a single dollar from Tesla

  • Nuckled t
    Nuckled t 9 days ago

    dude u black but genetic probable alot of arab as well.

  • jatin upadhyay
    jatin upadhyay 9 days ago

    Why Tesla doesn't have a hatchback? Long range ... Small size...

  • gelloyangster yang
    gelloyangster yang 10 days ago

    meme review!!

  • Aadee Here
    Aadee Here 11 days ago +1

    5 subscribers = 8 subscribers 👍 fast fast fast
    & 10 likes = 7 subscribers

  • I Make It Move
    I Make It Move 11 days ago

    uhhhhhhg that black panel on the right!

    ABE’S TECH 11 days ago

    You know he’s playing the long game which I admire

  • Thicc Onesie
    Thicc Onesie 12 days ago

    it’s rewind time

  • Cornelia S
    Cornelia S 12 days ago

    Great interviewer! He doesn't interrupt Elon and actually allows him plenty of time to answer questions. Well done!

  • Locutz M
    Locutz M 13 days ago

    everyone is excited about the tesla product but for most of us our wallets isn't as much

  • Jingo IT
    Jingo IT 13 days ago +1

    Two at a time sounds good! Oh what are we talking about?

  • Xoloitzcuintle
    Xoloitzcuintle 13 days ago

    Interview with a chocolate boy from the hood..WTF elon musk 😅😂😂"

  • Ovan Rasyidi
    Ovan Rasyidi 14 days ago

    good works 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    DAVID EM 14 days ago

    i wish i could meet him

  • Yannick Gleichauf
    Yannick Gleichauf 15 days ago

    pleeeeaaaaaase bring him back I love him I love him I love him .... I'll probs get a tattoo with something like most people are good when I get the job at tesla lmao

  • Frank Mack II
    Frank Mack II 16 days ago

    Good video. that mat paint is fresh

  • Gilang Ramadhan
    Gilang Ramadhan 16 days ago

    El Musk


  • Fatih Kan
    Fatih Kan 16 days ago

    Marques is like what the heck should I a be like while Elon musk speaks. He's kinda sitting there pointless.

  • Nevo Perez
    Nevo Perez 17 days ago

    *Listening to Elon Musk talk about tech*

  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan 17 days ago

    durrrrr stop zooming around. Just leave camera locked off on Elon. Filmer's a degenerate

  • Zorastorm 32
    Zorastorm 32 17 days ago

    Mark ass brownlee

  • jay patterson
    jay patterson 18 days ago

    For a genius he talks pretty normal.

  • GeronimO
    GeronimO 19 days ago

    Am I alone who has problem to understund what is he saying? He's a bit mumble

  • Jay Magee
    Jay Magee 19 days ago

    govt should be laissez fair on car autonomy change my mind

  • Jay Magee
    Jay Magee 19 days ago

    yo hook me up with the Tesla swag

  • Mister Albert
    Mister Albert 20 days ago

    Titles Of The Videos

    *White Man Vs N*gga*

  • SAM
    SAM 20 days ago

    Finnaly someone who can ask real question

  • Chris Lavender
    Chris Lavender 20 days ago

    @mkbhd Whilst I can appreciate the tech aspect of this video, a Tesla is way beyond the means of most ordinary people at the moment. How about seeing if he will sit down with you and talk about SpaceX... much more interesting.

  • cav cav
    cav cav 20 days ago

    Such a good interview thank you

  • Noah Rage
    Noah Rage 20 days ago +4

    I love how he says he pays full price for a Tesla, like he's struggling financially :P Great Interview though, Marques lets him talk. Tesla is the future!

  • Odak FLY
    Odak FLY 21 day ago

    Good background :-)

  • Byio
    Byio 21 day ago

    *Elon Chan, not Elon Musk

  • Nazih Jarrah
    Nazih Jarrah 21 day ago

    How the fuck did I miss this!

  • Ashish David
    Ashish David 21 day ago


  • TheaDragonSpirit
    TheaDragonSpirit 21 day ago

    You can never get carried away with art. You should have artists working on designs. But make sure you do a 3D model of any ideas and see how the public responds to them, before you develop them. :)

  • TheaDragonSpirit
    TheaDragonSpirit 21 day ago

    I'm looking forward to Tesla working with uber using automation. This to me is the best way forward. So long as it is more affordable then getting a taxi, and very cheap in general. Then to me it would be the best solution for most low income people.

  • Kekarot
    Kekarot 21 day ago

    I love how Elon has 6'+ people in mind when desigining these cars. As a tall guy it's massively important for me to have that leg space.

  • akia goldsmyth
    akia goldsmyth 21 day ago +1

    You got to hang out with ELON MUSK!!!??? may I please go with you if you go again!? Pleasseeeeee?

  • Niko P
    Niko P 22 days ago

    he is 47??? dude looks 35 wtf, even when tired

  • Janie Miller
    Janie Miller 22 days ago

    The only thing more impressive than the Tesla cars 🚘.... is Elon Musks brain 🧠. I’m grateful he’s on the planet 🌏!! 🤗 💕

  • Madhawa Niroshan
    Madhawa Niroshan 22 days ago

    i see Elon i press like

  • steve kno
    steve kno 22 days ago +1

    Elon so excited in this interview, loved it. Just by Elon asking "are we going to talk about track mode?" Just shows how excited he is

  • Brenden Knight
    Brenden Knight 22 days ago

    Elon stutters so much lmao his brain is going to fast for his mouth to keep up 😂

  • Joe P
    Joe P 22 days ago +2

    *This guy has iron man's brain, hulks hands and my dad's body*

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    He speaks like any normal guy not used to a camera, coupled with nerdy shyness.

  • Anton Gee
    Anton Gee 23 days ago

    neuroLink , is the future !

  • someways
    someways 24 days ago

    Marques please talking tech about space x instead and review the falcon 9 :)

  • Ventedswing 6295
    Ventedswing 6295 25 days ago

    Damn this Elon musk guy is pretty cool. He should start a company

  • Deepak Chauhan
    Deepak Chauhan 25 days ago +3

    "Marques Brownlee"
    Sounds like someone has written 'lee' on his ass using a brown marker.

  • Nick L
    Nick L 25 days ago

    Elon put on quite a lot of pounds, he had to go to the shop to switch to an XL Tesla T-shirt.

    • Mikayla Stewart
      Mikayla Stewart 25 days ago

      Well he's old his metabolism is slowing. Getting a dad bod

  • Diego Z
    Diego Z 25 days ago

    So will the Roadster have side windows

  • symetik
    symetik 25 days ago

    His mind is going faster then his mouth can.... This is why he is were he is in the world.

  • graypetcoyle
    graypetcoyle 26 days ago

    God I really hope they come out with a subcompact! But not one just for the sake of having a cheep car, one with the upgrades so it’ll have the features of a model 3 or whatever their top model is at that time

  • Roshawn Hardin
    Roshawn Hardin 26 days ago +1

    It’s refreshing to see an owner so passionate about his products. He wants to make excellent products for people and not caring about stock holders.

  • Amanda Panda
    Amanda Panda 26 days ago

    Is plaid a reference to space balls?

  • Janie Miller
    Janie Miller 26 days ago +1

    Elon Musk is beautiful - inside & out. Tempted to hug 🤗 his brain 🧠 ❤️

  • Fahd Ciwan
    Fahd Ciwan 27 days ago

    i wudn't mind heading a Company with a lot of problems and debt, as long as i know i have millions of dollar in my bank account and access of every luxury on earth

  • bpregont
    bpregont 27 days ago

    He looks like he just woke up.

  • CSI
    CSI 27 days ago

    Great interview questions Marques.

  • jokka83
    jokka83 27 days ago

    Why would you ask him about comparison to toyota? Tesla does not compete with that

  • Musk
    Musk 27 days ago

    Marq hahahaha your face funny moment

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 27 days ago

    Elon Musk is like a real life Tony Stark..
    he should try to make a functioning iron man suit with a jet pack lol

  • family friendly me
    family friendly me 27 days ago +1

    1:57 what i love about elon musk is that he's not a boss in a suit he's a teamplayer just like the other workers

  • Тимур Бабакулыев

    The moment when some Tesla's cars cost less than some red cameras)

  • ElektrobanK
    ElektrobanK 28 days ago

    I really, really like what Tesla is doing and want this company to succeed. Seems like things are finally on the up and up for them, but we'll see.

  • Nina Schenk
    Nina Schenk 28 days ago

    Great interview!

  • Dean Quinn
    Dean Quinn 28 days ago +7

    What I’d give to spend 30 minutes with that man and have a conversation with him. Such an interesting guy

  • Rob S
    Rob S 28 days ago

    Great questions, awesome interview!

  • Master Piece
    Master Piece 28 days ago

    And Mark ASS

  • Isaac William
    Isaac William 29 days ago

    8:20 are we gonna talk about track mode :)
    No I actually have to go thanks for your time

  • Think Different Today
    Think Different Today 29 days ago

    i enjoyed this interview

    MARKHAM COMICS 29 days ago

    Can u make a video that I can show my mom that can almost make it guaranteed that she buys one. Like a video like why u should buy a tesla

  • Karolis
    Karolis Month ago


  • Parker Wilkins
    Parker Wilkins Month ago +2

    What will they do when all the letters are used.