Talking Tech with Elon Musk!


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  • Speed299
    Speed299 Day ago

    Musk looked nervous to be interviewing with the great

  • Craig army soldier 235

    Still waiting for him to host meme review

  • R_oniix
    R_oniix Day ago +1


  • mybetterfilms
    mybetterfilms Day ago

    What's the deal with your camera #3 guy was he drunk?

  • Alibek Alymkulov

    He is very easy going person! I respect Elon so much! I will name one of my sons by Elon! God bless you Elon Musk!!!

  • Chris Hesseling
    Chris Hesseling Day ago

    Congratulations with the good interview(s)! I’m confident we will see many more in the future.

  • Dj Mig
    Dj Mig Day ago

    Get reaction from the highs right. ....right

  • Potenti4lz
    Potenti4lz Day ago

    That office backdrop 😮

  • AshkerTalks
    AshkerTalks 2 days ago

    well done Marques, talking tech with him who made PayPal,Tesla,SpaceX at least need a GitHub account

  • José Galeano
    José Galeano 2 days ago

    Real life Ironman

  • Ordell Chau
    Ordell Chau 2 days ago

    Thank you for the interview it was the really awesome and really awesome to see along Musk talking and some of the future plant what it's in his mind and what go behind the scenes of the what problem that he run into awesome interview thank you so much

  • Taaamas
    Taaamas 2 days ago +1

    Hopped off the battle bus to talk to elon

  • tomas sepulveda solar


  • WackTubeSK8
    WackTubeSK8 2 days ago

    Amazing video, really! My dream is to just do like you, sit down and talk with Elon but in a different way just about what's interesting! (not that none of this was interesting lol) Again, amazing video!

  • Henrik Westin
    Henrik Westin 2 days ago +1

    "Mark Ass Brownlee"- Will Smith

  • Henrik Westin
    Henrik Westin 2 days ago +1

    elon knows just about everything about tech from space to electric cars to overclocking graphics cards...

  • Henrik Westin
    Henrik Westin 2 days ago +1

    It looked like he really enjoyed having an interview with an interested fan instead of a short-sighted reporter. Very well done Marques!

  • Kelspeth
    Kelspeth 2 days ago +1

    I was just here to see *Mark ass brownies* talk with the future host of meme review.

  • Troy Laureyns
    Troy Laureyns 2 days ago


  • Archetype00
    Archetype00 2 days ago

    The interviewer isn't very good, he's not looking at the person he's interviewing a majority of the time which is both rude and throws them off - you can't think as clearly if you feel the person you're talking to isn't paying attention.

  • Tanishq Batra
    Tanishq Batra 2 days ago

    You're having so much trouble in eye contact

  • Electro Piggy
    Electro Piggy 3 days ago


  • NotChokezy
    NotChokezy 3 days ago

    Dude, god seriously sent Elon musk down to save humanity

  • Your_Bike_Is_Mine
    Your_Bike_Is_Mine 3 days ago +1

    Dude how did you get an interview with Elon Musk and he won't even do meme review??

  • Sjonae Wells
    Sjonae Wells 3 days ago +1

    I know they are focused on their cars, but damn do I want a Tesla moped. I feel like they would design a hella slick looking moped.

  • Diamond Rolls
    Diamond Rolls 3 days ago +1

    how is this helping out the economy??

  • PokerFaceTV
    PokerFaceTV 3 days ago +1

    love the honesty that the Model X was them getting carried away with the tech & art.

  • Chen
    Chen 3 days ago +1

    I only know him from the memes, didn't expect him to own TESLA

  • s cromly
    s cromly 3 days ago +1

    Awesome interview! Love seeing interviewers talk about actual advancements etc with Elon rather than pressuring him with ridiculous accusations. It’s so nice seeing him excited to talk about what he’s been doing!

  • David Blane
    David Blane 3 days ago +1

    It’s funny in the video with bill gates you say you don’t have the means to give to charity but you can afford to pre order a Tesla....

  • Rieaso
    Rieaso 3 days ago +1

    Marques: question
    Elon Musk: aa mmm okey so answ... aa and aa also

  • Alexander Lewis
    Alexander Lewis 3 days ago +1

    I want to know how Elon Musk is going to solve the issues of the lithium ion battery?

  • akashneelesh bala
    akashneelesh bala 3 days ago +1

    Here after the conversation with BILL GATES

  • error idk
    error idk 3 days ago +2

    Where's the joint?

  • swampthing401
    swampthing401 4 days ago

    having ideas is great. having means to see those ideas come to life is a dream come true.. i envy him so much

  • Grims Souls
    Grims Souls 4 days ago

    I'm a simple man.
    Elon Makes a phone.
    I buy.

  • tangentgolf 4516
    tangentgolf 4516 4 days ago


  • Interesting Facts
    Interesting Facts 4 days ago

    Elon seems high af

  • J79
    J79 4 days ago

    Musk looks all beat to shit.

  • KevinJR Egtberts
    KevinJR Egtberts 4 days ago +1

    Meme review

  • Remi Ostad
    Remi Ostad 4 days ago

    Elon did a comparison to computer in terms of pricing towards the newest Tech
    He mentioned GPU first
    He's a gamer
    *Taking on my shades, while CSI Miami theme songs starts*

  • makke
    makke 4 days ago


  • Mr MD
    Mr MD 4 days ago

    Love you musk

  • Victimvan
    Victimvan 5 days ago

    LOVE ELON MUSK! The man will get us to Mars and makes the coolest cars.

  • K-PAX
    K-PAX 5 days ago

    Back panel really suffocates me

  • Ken Yup
    Ken Yup 5 days ago

    I came from the interview with mr.bill gates,you’re incredible,you have interviewed a branch of tech business leaders

  • Jesus Jesus
    Jesus Jesus 5 days ago +1

    Good job Marques for keeping the control of the conversation and avoiding redundancy by not being scared to interrupt him.

  • Tristan Stomp
    Tristan Stomp 5 days ago

    Cuts off Elon hard core at 10:20

  • HettyPatel
    HettyPatel 5 days ago

    That camera is so clear I can stare into your soul....

  • grossdesign
    grossdesign 5 days ago

    Watching this video made me marginally excited about purchasing a Tesla.

  • rob lucci
    rob lucci 5 days ago

    now this is good stuff this helps us learn man it helps when some stupid ass journalist isnt asking dumb questions

  • JustAnotherPerson
    JustAnotherPerson 5 days ago +1

    Now get him on meme review

  • Seb Fury
    Seb Fury 5 days ago

    That’s the actual Musk

  • Jordan Hawes
    Jordan Hawes 5 days ago

    I’m curious to find out if he has plans to develop graphene batteries for his cars in the future.

  • valen flitz
    valen flitz 5 days ago

    Like.. Yea like, like like, like on Facebook like like on Instagram because like like like... Wtf Elon

  • matthew baker
    matthew baker 5 days ago

    I’m not hating but I have a bad gut feeling about some stuff that might go wrong with the roadster especially because it will be ok the track a lot more than any other Tesla ever.

    Don’t hate me

  • Adam Borseti
    Adam Borseti 5 days ago

    Elon Musk is a man stuck out of time. He's from the future...... you know, like a Yithian.

  • Adam Borseti
    Adam Borseti 5 days ago

    I think out of everyone, I would be the most nervous talking to Elon Musk. He's a modern day tech wizard, fucking messiah..... I'd be pretty intimidated.

  • Dragutin Todosijevic

    SUV's are the best for electric you can pack a larger battery and get more performance and USA loves those big cars

  • Quidproquo07093
    Quidproquo07093 5 days ago

    MB, did you make sure you're on the list to go to Mars with Elon?

  • ameerul aqmal
    ameerul aqmal 5 days ago

    Why can't tesla goes all the way on supplying their product globally? I mean.. imagine if 50% people all over the world using tesla.. goodbye global warming..

    • ImBlue
      ImBlue 4 days ago

      ameerul aqmal It takes time to grow a business thats why.

  • ameerul aqmal
    ameerul aqmal 5 days ago

    Can't believe he 6'1.

  • Zedds Dead Baby
    Zedds Dead Baby 6 days ago

    Off road 4x4 capability...?

    HYEYOUNG KIM 6 days ago +1

    The first meme elon will review will be markass

  • Muhammad Javaid
    Muhammad Javaid 6 days ago

    MKBHD, such a great questions :)

  • Abhijeet Sharma
    Abhijeet Sharma 6 days ago +7

    bill gates made me come here

  • radioactive ood
    radioactive ood 6 days ago

    Fremont? Balls I live here :/

  • Rokas Lankas
    Rokas Lankas 6 days ago

    Mark Ass Brownley

  • PuppetGameReviews
    PuppetGameReviews 6 days ago +1

    Im here to see Elon Musk announce he's going to host meme review

  • Eshu Prakash
    Eshu Prakash 6 days ago

    Why did you not talk about space ex?

  • Pawan Yadav
    Pawan Yadav 6 days ago +1

    Host *MEME 👏👏REVIEW*

  • Spritz the Ferret
    Spritz the Ferret 6 days ago

    It's ELON MUSK oh yeah yeah

  • Deven Kumar
    Deven Kumar 6 days ago

    Tesla can actually use Lean Six sigma and Scrum Framework in their production. I have recently finished my certification in Lean Six Sigma Green belt (LSSGB) and Scrum Master. This is actually amazing when you realize that it can be implemented almost everywhere - Yes even in MKBHD videos too :)

  • Shroom Kingdom
    Shroom Kingdom 6 days ago

    Great question Marques, regarding the difference between humans and machines.

  • apsitively
    apsitively 6 days ago

    I love how his brain is moving so fast that his mouth has to pick and choose what to let through.

  • connor 31556
    connor 31556 6 days ago +8

    This guy sounds like hes thinking of 10 things he could say and picking them on the go

  • ITZzz BeN
    ITZzz BeN 6 days ago

    I wish I could talk with Elon

  • Dirk Freijters
    Dirk Freijters 6 days ago +2

    Host meme review?

  • The GameMaster774
    The GameMaster774 6 days ago +1

    Host meme review?

  • Pri yon Joni
    Pri yon Joni 6 days ago

    I notice Elon Musk speaks less awkwardly when he’s talking to a fellow geek. When he spoke to Joe Rogan, his brain was buffering.

  • Jerry Tan
    Jerry Tan 6 days ago +1

    *Elon Musk likes Bitcoin by the way*

  • Ringer Arnos
    Ringer Arnos 6 days ago

    "Mark Ass Brownie" kinda racist but Will Smith is a brownie too so...….

  • MaximilianMus Oh yeah yeah

    Next he will be in Sweden to host meme review instead taking to markass brownie

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 6 days ago +4

    600 mile range?? Now you 're talking!

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 6 days ago +1

    Who isn't on your contacts list M??

  • M Nuttah
    M Nuttah 6 days ago

    Camera guy is a mess

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 6 days ago +1

    What an honour for Elon!

  • Trending business
    Trending business 6 days ago

    Sarasota is full of Tesla's

  • Charlie Levitt
    Charlie Levitt 6 days ago

    eww elon

  • Mokhtar Beliloude
    Mokhtar Beliloude 6 days ago

    *markass brownlee hh*

  • Leef Loud
    Leef Loud 6 days ago +284

    I'm only here to see This man is hosting meme review.

    • Grims Souls
      Grims Souls 3 days ago


    • harfi212
      harfi212 5 days ago +4

      The man gonna get a lot of trouble if he's doing something like that. Can u imagine what kind headlines those media gonna write. We should not bother him, his plate already full enough.

    • Dude Lebowski
      Dude Lebowski 6 days ago +8

      He will, you watch. Pewds and Mr Musk are two of my favorite human beans :)

  • dsada aa
    dsada aa 7 days ago +14

    You Forgot To Ask Him To Host MEME REVIEW

  • Betül Sena Arkun
    Betül Sena Arkun 7 days ago

    I love Elon Musk !

  • XThugniifcent _96
    XThugniifcent _96 7 days ago

    Should have asked him android or apple

  • Al Axel
    Al Axel 7 days ago

    Si uno tuviera un pais de puros Elon Musk's. En una semana harían su imperio galáctico

  • Abdulrahman Azmy
    Abdulrahman Azmy 7 days ago +1

    The way Elon Musk talks about Tesla is the way an excited child talks about this genius idea the child got. Gotta love Elon.

  • Pressure wash Billy Davidson

    How soon will they car be able to drive a somewhat visually impaired person?

  • SteliMan
    SteliMan 7 days ago +1

    Why didnt you ask him for *MEME* * clap * *REVIEW* * clap *

  • Bad Mr. Frosty
    Bad Mr. Frosty 8 days ago

    I’m hoping in the future of Tesla Design. Tesla integrates Motorola Star Tac cellphone technology. The world is waiting Elon must make it happen!

  • axel karlsson
    axel karlsson 8 days ago

    mr.markass browlee