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Krept | 24 Hours With (Ep.2) | Link Up TV


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  • Mohamed A
    Mohamed A 3 months ago

    This guy has a busy day

  • Gordan Ngongang
    Gordan Ngongang 9 months ago


  • Charlotte Campbell
    Charlotte Campbell 10 months ago

    Wow sik

  • Jack Scouse M140i
    Jack Scouse M140i Year ago +3

    Youv got video of krept driving an usin his phone at the same time..... Link up tv straight dry snitchin ha!

    YOURMUMS AGAM3R Year ago +1

    hope the cars blessed in heaven

  • 1Up
    1Up 2 years ago

    Madting Sadting

  • Armz
    Armz 2 years ago

    Look at you, you pervert had me fucking creasing haha

  • SB
    SB 2 years ago

    lol ashley inkz at the end of the video

  • Kelvin Ra
    Kelvin Ra 2 years ago

    not puma. farm thanks..

  • adam ker-lindsay
    adam ker-lindsay 2 years ago +1

    Adidas and Puma are actually brothers who had an argument and went there own ways

  • Priyesh Kara
    Priyesh Kara 2 years ago

    this camera is on a madness random focusing all the time

  • Doner Kebab
    Doner Kebab 2 years ago +8

    Thats what separates the UK from the US the UK artists.... UK artists respect their fans like human beings just like they are... US musicians, as soon as they become big, they act like they're untouchable Gods and don't even pay respect to the people that buy their music

  • DonHugo152
    DonHugo152 2 years ago

    u lot gave up on this series quick

  • Name Nameson
    Name Nameson 2 years ago

    explains massive product placement for puma on numerous london grime artists, jamal edwards connect lol

  • Ricardo Bullefer
    Ricardo Bullefer 2 years ago

    Krept The gangsta

  • fabio dessena
    fabio dessena 3 years ago

    Anyone know who the stylist is that gave krept the free stuff? need to contact.

    CHIOTOH 3 years ago

    Ashley Inkz was just waiting for that shout out 14:02, beg

  • celaviedmai
    celaviedmai 3 years ago

    Can I be part of the squad to 😩😩😩😩

  • Tailor Fitted
    Tailor Fitted 3 years ago +1

    It definitely Morley's, Krept ain't lying. I am inspired man.

  • Bruna Castro
    Bruna Castro 3 years ago +1

    Cadets appearance made the video 10x better.

  • Princess Of Nike
    Princess Of Nike 3 years ago

    Where can I find ep 1 and 3?

  • cris nyandoro
    cris nyandoro 3 years ago

    what brand is the coat that Krept is wearing

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 3 years ago

    It looks wavey down there in Leicester

  • Terrice Clair
    Terrice Clair 3 years ago +4

    24 hours with mostack

  • Terrice Clair
    Terrice Clair 3 years ago

    24 hours with big narstie

  • Justin Okine
    Justin Okine 3 years ago

    Rahh that jacket doe. Where do I find it? I have been looking for so long

    • Hamza_ldn
      Hamza_ldn 3 years ago

      Bro it's benjart clothing, they just brought it out on Black Friday gwan cop it

  • Frost Artist
    Frost Artist 3 years ago

    check the hiphop rap songs on my channel by myself N the squad!!!!

  • John 90sbaby
    John 90sbaby 3 years ago

    ayy man like reekz old school south ldn 7.35

  • thetruth7100
    thetruth7100 3 years ago +7

    "man had to come to a agreement, you get me" lmao

  • vJamahh
    vJamahh 3 years ago +6

    Krept had me dying when he was talking bout the food they ate 😂

  • Sarab B
    Sarab B 3 years ago +1

    They always go in uno

  • sarimrulez
    sarimrulez 3 years ago

    😂😂 the brudda doing the whip at 12:09

  • Leon Bulmer
    Leon Bulmer 3 years ago

    Leicester is my home town, its the place I excpireanced most of the stuf u and konan have been through

  • Willisy
    Willisy 3 years ago +2

    yo, what's brand, is krepts hoodie?

    • Salim N
      Salim N 3 years ago

      +Jordan Willis BenjArt

  • LLDBOSSDD Dscreet
    LLDBOSSDD Dscreet 3 years ago

    Rate the movement I'm into media, and got a real feel and vibe from this, keep pressing #MotivationInspiration

  • Peace For All
    Peace For All 3 years ago

    where is part 1?

  • bill ody
    bill ody 3 years ago

    shoes at 0:41 ?

  • $assyLeeLee
    $assyLeeLee 3 years ago

    how old is krept

  • mozart Guntown
    mozart Guntown 3 years ago

    The only side u went to was the devils when you sold ur soul..fake nigga debuts as an aki..fuck off..linkup deltete my comment

  • Jeffrey S
    Jeffrey S 3 years ago

    Krept hugged Cadet 😍😫
    (Btw I'm a girl)

    PRFSRSPLSH 3 years ago

    Has anyone ever seen Konan with a trim? 😂

  • S M
    S M 3 years ago +3

    Song at 13:35 ???

    • Balazs Szabo
      Balazs Szabo 3 years ago +1

      Krep and konan ft yg - Last night

    • Balazs Szabo
      Balazs Szabo 3 years ago +1

      Krep and konan ft yg - Last night

  • possammassop
    possammassop 3 years ago

    Does anybody know what camera and lens was used in this video?

  • Jamel Morgan
    Jamel Morgan 3 years ago

    Do more 24 keep up pls

  • S M
    S M 3 years ago +1

    song at 13:35?

  • Idm Ad
    Idm Ad 3 years ago

    Maaaaaaaxxxxiiiinnnn out dere

  • TrAckSuItTriAds
    TrAckSuItTriAds 3 years ago +1

    miss the old days there 1st fire in booth and there 2010 freestyle on sbtv they was on tings now the go on about "blow like allah akbar" dead ting man lost respect for these man spittin on trap beats about there cars and hoes moving like lil wayne and that dead

  • devontodetroit
    devontodetroit 3 years ago

    Also, It's really fucking rich for him to call himself a musician.. An MC yes, musician no.

  • devontodetroit
    devontodetroit 3 years ago

    Alot of materialistic muslims on this channel smh

  • Louis Morris
    Louis Morris 3 years ago

    that's me @13:10 :)