Samsung Space Monitor (SR75) Introduction Video

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • "Reclaim Your Space" with the #SpaceMonitor, revealing itself at CES2019.
    You want a sleek, sophisticated desk that reflects your clean and modern lifestyle, but your desktop is constantly cluttered. What if you could have a wide monitor, taking up almost no space, with no messy cables?
    Now, Samsung introduces new space-saving monitors that enhance work efficiency by increasing useable desk space. When you aren’t using your monitor, store it flat against the wall to boost productivity and reclaim your desktop.
    - 27” QHD (2560x1440) , 32” UHD (3840x2160)
    - Space-maximizing clamp-style stand allows the screen to be pushed flat against the wall
    - Discreet stand arm hides unsightly cables out of the way
    - Slim, 3-sided, bezel-less design adds a modern look to any desk
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  • عثمان العبود


  • Gg Rr
    Gg Rr 3 months ago

    И сколько стоит эта хуета?

  • Dionikss
    Dionikss 3 months ago


  • Team Broz
    Team Broz 4 months ago +3

    Do u need a cpu?

  • MyNegativeCreep
    MyNegativeCreep 4 months ago

    Why does this have so many bad reviews on samsung website? When is the release date for europe?? I want 2 of them!!

  • Khoi Dang
    Khoi Dang 4 months ago

    What is the refresh rate of the 32 inch version? (Sorry for my bad English)

  • Crazy Towen
    Crazy Towen 5 months ago

    Very cool

  • Franciene da Silva
    Franciene da Silva 5 months ago

    This Samsung monitor is perfect.

    PLATIN 5 months ago

    When will this release in Germany?

  • 0LIX13
    0LIX13 5 months ago

    And then they are selling 50cm of depth Samsung LC27HG monitors.

  • AlexKasper
    AlexKasper 6 months ago

    So it's a fancy slim monitor arm.

  • Dani F
    Dani F 6 months ago

    Nah, i prefer my desk sits really close to wall without leaving any gaps in between

  • Xena William
    Xena William 6 months ago


  • Xena William
    Xena William 6 months ago

    Génial super magnifique

  • Fatih Çenesiz
    Fatih Çenesiz 6 months ago

    Where is the adapter?

  • : Make me your queen
    : Make me your queen 6 months ago

    I love it but it looks uncomfortable.

  • kyyuhl
    kyyuhl 6 months ago

    ever heard of a VESA mount?

  • Viet Vu
    Viet Vu 6 months ago

    Or any monitor with a monitor stand that I can buy on ebay?

  • Abraham Sanchez
    Abraham Sanchez 6 months ago

    Y’all should make a separate monitor stand instead. I’d definitely would buy that

  • Johan Terimakasih
    Johan Terimakasih 6 months ago

    Samsung customer service lie to me...
    For fake promotion on note 9
    I dont buy samsung anymore

  • John micancy
    John micancy 6 months ago

    Its time to clean my junk table 😆

  • Rei零
    Rei零 6 months ago

    Okay for the people that dont know this:
    27inch version is WQHD 144hz
    32inch is 4k and 60hz

  • Mauro Smid
    Mauro Smid 6 months ago

    This is aint smart design. Lets say you want to lower your screen, you are forced to move it closer to your eyes

  • vlove888
    vlove888 6 months ago

    How are you going to design a monitor in 2019 with no Lightning bolt type C connection? Smh

  • NoLongo
    NoLongo 6 months ago

    I like my clamp on dual monitor mount because it saves desk space. Can’t say id ever want the screen far away against the wall, or down on the desk, or having the ability to switch between them. If the monitor supported a pen then I could see application.

  • likecommentbubbribe
    likecommentbubbribe 6 months ago

    Can't a monitor arm do the same thing?

  • Logan Webb
    Logan Webb 6 months ago

    Can we get a higher refresh version please

  • Bastijn Vos
    Bastijn Vos 6 months ago

    Nice idea

  • Iza M
    Iza M 6 months ago

    Nice until your monitor falls and you call Samsung and they say they cant repair it cause your desk is not compatible with the monitor and then you have to buy a new one.

  • Naroth Bo
    Naroth Bo 6 months ago

    Can u make the holder look better than this? I thought it is Gopro holder 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joel Robert Justiawan
    Joel Robert Justiawan 6 months ago

    Samsung is samsung. Is innovation all the time.

  • E.J. Yu
    E.J. Yu 6 months ago

    I honestly want this monitor, but I’m not going to buy it unless I know the refresh rate. The link in the description doesn’t (currently) have that information anywhere.

  • Rafael Fernandez
    Rafael Fernandez 6 months ago

    Does it have speakers built in, if so that would save that much more cabeling.

  • Joewen Bragasin
    Joewen Bragasin 6 months ago

    people who are comparing to apple is such an idiot, apple is not selling monitor, LG is the only main competitor of samsung in terms of monitors

  • soundbolt
    soundbolt 6 months ago

    cool but can you make freesync monitors

  • Jesse Adams
    Jesse Adams 6 months ago

    Why has nobody thought of this before??? Genius! I have 3 monitors on my work desk and these would be ammmmazing! 👌🏼

  • M π
    M π 6 months ago

    Innovation begins with S.

  • Gevur Geldi!
    Gevur Geldi! 6 months ago +1

    0:13 is that a macbook

  • a
    a 6 months ago

    Why not just buy a monitor arm

  • Samid Delic
    Samid Delic 6 months ago +1

    Very Cool Samsung

  • W J
    W J 6 months ago

    Love the space saving design. I know cew people who literally piled of work yo do each day and a lack of space for it. As for someone who is tidy in the office I go for the anesthetics myself.

  • JERRY tm
    JERRY tm 6 months ago

    Say wut

  • SoTyp Me
    SoTyp Me 6 months ago

    They should have made the arm slide vertically up and down at the back so that height of monitor isn't dependant on distance from user.

  • Etienne Larché
    Etienne Larché 6 months ago

    All that i need, thanks lot Samsung

  • pamirplays
    pamirplays 6 months ago

    To all the minimalists out there!!

  • neutralgrounds07
    neutralgrounds07 6 months ago

    How about you just bolt your monitor to the wall?? What a mind blowing concept

  • Adam Apple
    Adam Apple 6 months ago

    Why do people hate apple so much?

  • Jodi Ivan Lumbantoruan
    Jodi Ivan Lumbantoruan 6 months ago

    It's just the stand, only the stand.
    maybe Samsung consider to sell the stand like this, before chinese product came in and takeover it

  • Esketit
    Esketit 6 months ago

    Is hating apple the only thing android fans have in common, video has nothing to do with Apple and yet I’m seeing this. Jesus you guys call them sheep and you’re trying to spread your propaganda everywhere 😂. I’m sorry the A12x bionic made you mad.

  • AdrjeN
    AdrjeN 6 months ago

    Spoko dla osoby użytkującej tylko jeden monitor

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 6 months ago

    My favourite part is how clearing the desk would get basicly the same result. Not everything gets put back!

  • Rubertoe
    Rubertoe 6 months ago

    So like mounting your old monitor to the wall for free?

  • Leo Surname
    Leo Surname 6 months ago

    Space hinge then?

  • Cicero Tauzene
    Cicero Tauzene 6 months ago

    I want it

  • Samyak Gadepalli
    Samyak Gadepalli 6 months ago


  • Raihan Zahir
    Raihan Zahir 6 months ago

    Reclaim your money.

  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason 6 months ago


  • Black Widow Fan
    Black Widow Fan 6 months ago

    Im not subed?! How i got notification

  • Damian 125
    Damian 125 6 months ago

    what this monitor has to do with those apple comments?

  • Vergmo G.
    Vergmo G. 6 months ago +1

    *Still better than crapple!*

  • Steven Mancera
    Steven Mancera 6 months ago

    Would be cool of the next version is touchscreen, glossy Gorilla Glass and able to be folded and be reached in Studio mode, you'll able to write and draw on it like Surface Studio too

  • Ronto
    Ronto 6 months ago

    Whan is it available?

  • Jozef Melckenbeeck
    Jozef Melckenbeeck 6 months ago

    It's only on the correct ergonomic height when against the wall. Needs another arm to be useful.

  • Jaspah
    Jaspah 6 months ago

    So a fancy monitor arm? You can get similar ones for any vesa monitor out there.

  • 주작의 제왕 Jujak
    주작의 제왕 Jujak 6 months ago +1

    I thought it was a monitor used by the International Space Station.

  • EmployeeA
    EmployeeA 6 months ago

    Where is main computer? Hope you put it in the monitor.

  • Yusri Amilkassim
    Yusri Amilkassim 6 months ago

    Samsung... I glad thats you allow us to commenting.... Unlike the apple channel... Hahahahhaa

    Thank you😂😂

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman 6 months ago

    That is so cool

  • Masc
    Masc 6 months ago


  • Omkar Teli
    Omkar Teli 6 months ago

    Really appreciated efforts of samsung, impressed by 1 TB SSD and now this new monitor, good work.