“Huckleberry” by Upchurch (got bored wanted to rap)


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  • Ashley Coffman
    Ashley Coffman 3 days ago

    Dude straight 🔥🔥🔥

  • Crankin' BaitTV
    Crankin' BaitTV 4 days ago +1

    Cant believe its took all this time for me to catch "the outsiders" reference damn I feel slow as hell

  • April Lockaby Radford


  • roguish honor
    roguish honor 5 days ago

    When one of churches bored songs hits an album and your just screaming hell yes

  • Bryce Kimmell
    Bryce Kimmell 6 days ago +3

    They edited this song on Pandora and it sounds different.

  • Clayton the Country boy

    “Mustang like a soc, leather jacket like Dally”
    That Outsiders reference tho....Stay Golden Pony Boy #RHEC

  • matt costa
    matt costa 9 days ago

    Stop biting yelawolf

  • apollo savage gunner
    apollo savage gunner 10 days ago

    church fan for life man every song goes hard

  • Dylon Baldwin
    Dylon Baldwin 11 days ago +2

    We need a huckleberry 2 like this if he should 🤘🏻💯 #upchurch

  • BossLaw #40
    BossLaw #40 11 days ago


  • Spencer Burks
    Spencer Burks 12 days ago

    PLS put this on Apple Music

    • James Fuson
      James Fuson 6 days ago

      Uh? It is? It's on the parachute album

  • CanAm 1014
    CanAm 1014 13 days ago

    That look rich white liberals give you when they hear the church man bumping from your car 😂

  • Ccarma Indigo
    Ccarma Indigo 13 days ago

    Be my bullwinkle

  • maitias wenzelow
    maitias wenzelow 16 days ago

    Chattanooga shine knock everyone from the north on there ass that I’ve met so far haha got three gallons nobody can handle it lol

    • maitias wenzelow
      maitias wenzelow 16 days ago

      It’s like vodka to me I drink at least 3 liters before I get fucked up

  • Andyman medium plus
    Andyman medium plus 22 days ago

    u are part Indian skin fuck I think answer lol

  • Matt Harper
    Matt Harper 22 days ago

    "Peter Piper picked a Chevy, now his truck is full of bad bitches" 🔥🔥🔥 Damn right!

  • Chelsee Huckleby
    Chelsee Huckleby 23 days ago

    I love this

  • Roberto Seberino
    Roberto Seberino 25 days ago

    @RyanUpchurch man connect with the music at many levels but quick question in this huckleberry music video. Why does the firewood look like it is wrapped in plastic. Just curious. Keep up doing you ryan. Skins out

    • James Fuson
      James Fuson 22 days ago

      It is wrapped, it's to keep it dry.

  • poke WALLACE
    poke WALLACE 27 days ago

    You came hard on that bitch

  • AnDora Storm
    AnDora Storm 28 days ago

    Love this song! Been listening to it since u put it out months ago! Lol still describes my Huckleberry perfectly! CreekSquad for life!!! RHEC!!!

  • Destin Bolin
    Destin Bolin 28 days ago +1

    Getting back to my self thanks church...preach!

  • Michael Lindsey
    Michael Lindsey 28 days ago

    love the outsiders reference. fuckin badass dude. didnt catch it until i heard it on the album.🔥🔥

  • athruz fishing
    athruz fishing 29 days ago +1

    I love how this song was just something g to spit but ended up in PARACHUTE!!!
    Hell yeah skins
    Rhec forever

  • Zachary Lenning
    Zachary Lenning 29 days ago +9

    Anyone here after the album release 🔥

  • Camden Ray
    Camden Ray 29 days ago +1

    Church you sneaky mf. I see what you did skin lol

  • Ty Muckensturm
    Ty Muckensturm 29 days ago

    Yooo this on the new album

  • dennis justice
    dennis justice Month ago

    ive just listened to almost all your recent freestyles, honestly you are my favorite lyricist! keep grinding and growing man. the growth is showing now more than ever, no where to go but up man! PS lets get some new HI-DEA'S man! some of my favs

  • Leigh ann miskit
    Leigh ann miskit Month ago

    This should be on th6w radio all his tunes should be

  • james laney
    james laney Month ago +2

    Good tune...

  • Kenneth Roberts
    Kenneth Roberts Month ago +1


  • Austin Flinton
    Austin Flinton Month ago

    Damn the outsider reference was fire

  • b Young
    b Young Month ago

    I love song

  • Anthony wacka Weaver

    N most deff today

  • Anthony wacka Weaver
    Anthony wacka Weaver Month ago +3

    I listen to this every mafugggin day

  • Cooper Hill
    Cooper Hill Month ago

    Ryan. What’s your favorite Stone Sour song?

  • the thinker
    the thinker Month ago


  • Juan Uballe
    Juan Uballe Month ago

    Lyrical content is like WOW!!! 🔥 🔥

  • The SherminatoRR
    The SherminatoRR Month ago

    Man you need to come to Canada for shows,, you'd be surprised how many skins support you up here

  • Leigh ann miskit
    Leigh ann miskit Month ago +1

    this mfer goes so hard

  • Andrew Atkinson
    Andrew Atkinson Month ago

    Make a bad song would ya ha ha

  • Matt carter
    Matt carter Month ago

    Damn 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Patrick Crum
    Patrick Crum Month ago +1

    church the man I don't care he's better then any mumble or mainstream rapper. this man burns the studio down and has ro build a new one every week lol I know that was lame, but church is the only artist I listen to. I know all the songs. I love you man, nohomo. I'm not lackerthinner Larry lol skins up #creeksquad

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis Month ago

    The thumbnail looks like a skate video. haha

  • Jacksonville JOE
    Jacksonville JOE Month ago

    Fire. Rolling stoned is my favorite song to smoke to now. Was dirt road anthem. Huckleberry was Fire. Die Tonight was Fuckin Lit.

  • Double D Brothers
    Double D Brothers Month ago

    I like to meet u

  • Brendan Hammock
    Brendan Hammock Month ago +1

    im only 14 and this is one of my favorite

  • wheelenshit2ko
    wheelenshit2ko Month ago +1

    Nothing is better then waking g up and first thing I do is crank upchurch. Ya it might be 4 am but this guy needs motivation to get his ass in gear for work and upchurch is the perfect inspiration

  • Frank Young
    Frank Young Month ago

    Boy I say there is no other artist that comes close to church on the real they need to put his tracks in every state especially New York but they all afraid that he will kill all other rappers out there

  • Redweapon 13
    Redweapon 13 Month ago

    Amazing reference to The Outsiders

  • stewart heislup
    stewart heislup Month ago

    I need this on spotify until then this bitch will be on repeat

  • justin lamica
    justin lamica Month ago +1

    Bro why don’t you upload these to iTunes this is amazing talent off the brain

  • Benjamn1973
    Benjamn1973 Month ago

    Where da fuck is you is? I need a some new Church bars in my ear hole.

  • Sgt Mak
    Sgt Mak Month ago

    Upchurch & Calhoun ‘20

  • Angela
    Angela 2 months ago

    When is this one gonna be on an album??

  • Thomas Weatherford
    Thomas Weatherford 2 months ago


  • savage life
    savage life 2 months ago

    August 2019

  • Michele Ellis
    Michele Ellis 2 months ago

    He’s got one beautiful voice. There’s something very good about that young man. 👋🏻😁👍🏻

  • Joshua Moya
    Joshua Moya 2 months ago

    Lord if you came to Texas i would take my whole family!

  • David White
    David White 2 months ago


  • Kevin Dunlap
    Kevin Dunlap 2 months ago

    Loven that beat. Lyrics are always on point. But that beat is crisp