E3 2018 Bethesda Press Conference Highlights


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  • Cian Grogan
    Cian Grogan 10 days ago

    Man I thought fallout 3 on the switch would have been released on the switch tf

  • Jaksary
    Jaksary 18 days ago

    I've heard there is a DLC to the new DLC that enables micro transactions and the ability to get new DLC on top of the DLC of the DLC of the DLC of the game if you've already bought it.

    • Jaksary
      Jaksary 18 days ago

      But this is just rumors as they only just revealed the DLC of the first DLC.

  • wayner396
    wayner396 Month ago

    Ab-Oout... canadian spoted 😉

  • Leo Patterson
    Leo Patterson Month ago

    Lol 76 comes out on my birthday

  • Yvonne Donohoe
    Yvonne Donohoe Month ago

    I wonder what's happening with dishonored i hope we get even a d3 tease next year

  • Heroin Baby
    Heroin Baby Month ago

    Can’t wait for Skyrim 2

  • derherberter
    derherberter Month ago

    Don’t speak so fast please, you’re cute so you don’t have to get off my screen that quickly ;)

  • RomeTheSlay3r -
    RomeTheSlay3r - Month ago +2

    ELDER SCROLLS 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin Stout
    Austin Stout Month ago +1

    2018: Fallout 76
    2019: Starfield and Rage 2
    2020 maybe 2021: Elder Scrolls 6
    Sad but it’ll be worth the wait

  • Wyatt Sexton
    Wyatt Sexton Month ago

    I'm gonna be pissed if Stanfield was just code for rage 2

  • Illinois is my city

    RAGE 2 looks tight!

  • AlekoToons 2
    AlekoToons 2 Month ago +1

    00:57 If you watch the video at 1.5 speed, she Rapping like Eminem Mom Spaggeti 😂😂😂

    • Andrew Paul
      Andrew Paul Month ago

      AlekoToons 2 you mean because she said francise twice?

  • Dick Ogre
    Dick Ogre Month ago

    Thumbs down for calling Andrew WK cringe.

  • How to life and stuff

    Oh hey its you

  • Cody M
    Cody M Month ago +1

    Doom eternal :)

  • *whip nae nae*
    *whip nae nae* Month ago

    Yung blood

  • Fakle Farouche
    Fakle Farouche Month ago

    Please what's the music you used for this video ?

  • The Violater 260
    The Violater 260 Month ago +2

    I can't wait to play as bj's daughters! (Sarcasm)

    • Trey Owen
      Trey Owen Month ago +1

      The Violater 260 agreed (sarcasm).

  • 123 456
    123 456 Month ago

    I thought starfield would be an underground single player experience

  • Felinus Feline
    Felinus Feline Month ago +3

    Wow I can't wait to not play the multiplayer for 76 and do it solo because I'm apparently a rare breed.

  • Brian Mc Ateer
    Brian Mc Ateer Month ago

    Great vid, but you guys stole the ending music from the channel SwitchPlanet how dare you 👿

  • KoomKoomz
    KoomKoomz Month ago +6

    Turn down background music next time thx

  • ImVersaah
    ImVersaah Month ago +2

    Bethesda just ruined fallout :/

  • sirvz
    sirvz Month ago +4

    I guess EA forgot to tell them single player games is dead.

    • Oskle616
      Oskle616 Month ago

      sirvz they really are not but sure XD

  • Adam Kelly
    Adam Kelly Month ago

    Didn't even mention TES:VI. Bad!

    • Peter Cure
      Peter Cure Month ago

      YamadaDesigns I see you watched the video... Did you get past the first 10 seconds?

  • Heath Rushing
    Heath Rushing Month ago

    Starfield looks like No Man's Sky done right

  • Fin Ellershaw
    Fin Ellershaw Month ago +1

    The background music is pure cancer

  • Secret
    Secret Month ago

    I wanna see her naked

  • Johnny Grim
    Johnny Grim Month ago

    I like that F76 still looks like a Fallout game. ESO failed to actually look like an Elder Scrolls game.

  • studmuffin
    studmuffin Month ago

    what is that horrible background music

  • Zursu
    Zursu Month ago +3

    i'm pretty sure my PC can't handle any of this stuff

  • Toby Teo
    Toby Teo Month ago

    what is the name of the music that plays at the end of the video?

  • Mina30000000
    Mina30000000 Month ago +10

    No new skyrim game :'( Just some spinoff called elder scrolls

  • Hardcoregabberguy
    Hardcoregabberguy Month ago

    Stfu ho

  • imicca
    imicca Month ago +1

    bad background music choice

  • cameron grady
    cameron grady Month ago

    Does anyone know who does the outro music?

  • Joe-Lou
    Joe-Lou Month ago +1

    Thanks for the concise reporting. I didn't have a lot of time today so I'm happy to be caught up

  • Brock Wacome
    Brock Wacome Month ago

    So is Fallout going to like Elder Scrolls Online which I absolutely dislike or is it going to be more like Ark and rust

    • Edmond666777
      Edmond666777 Month ago +1

      really? man we're bakwards here cuz I love ESO and I find Ark and Rust boring as hell

    • Toby Teo
      Toby Teo Month ago +1

      What do you dislike about Elder Scrolls Online? Im currently having a blast in it.

    • SizzlinJalapeno
      SizzlinJalapeno Month ago

      more like rust

  • independent_will
    independent_will Month ago +1


    • Trey Owen
      Trey Owen Month ago

      independent_will agreed. But thankfully they cant touch doom.

  • Roger Hogh
    Roger Hogh Month ago +17

    I better Start saving money for a top notch gaming PC for the time TES 6 is released.

  • Dante Salvatori
    Dante Salvatori Month ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song on the background?

  • Alltid Magnus
    Alltid Magnus Month ago +2

    Dat background music, OH LOOOORD!

  • Markus Brunner
    Markus Brunner Month ago +14

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!! my fallout :( what did they do??? those bastards!!!

    • Markus Brunner
      Markus Brunner Month ago

      yeah i hope your right

    • Teagan Nutella
      Teagan Nutella Month ago

      It's literally exactly the same as fallout 4 gameplay-wise, but you have the option to go online.

    • Andrew Paul
      Andrew Paul Month ago


    • UniversalTurnip
      UniversalTurnip Month ago

      Markus Brunner
      Yeah she didn’t say it but you don’t have to go online at all you can just be by yourself then once you’ve finished the campaign (or even not even half way through it) you can take your character to online where everything you did to your character saves, also they said they are going to limit it to roughly 20-30 players on a server ,so I doubt you will even see many randoms at all considering the map is 4 times the size of fallout 4s map

    • MJ Ackerman
  • the witcher should've bombed

    Cringe? The band's performance was awesome.

  • Kaan Özkök
    Kaan Özkök Month ago

    Wow I was just sleep cause it was 4.30 AM and after Rage 2 announcement I think its not worth it to watch but with stuffs it was worth it lmao

  • Laura Bathew
    Laura Bathew Month ago +5

    Hmm 20yrs after nuclear fallout erm I'm sorry but takes at least hundred years for u to be able to even survive radiation levels lol

    • Cicero Bully
      Cicero Bully Month ago +4

      That's only with a nuclear power plant melt down. A nuclear bomb's radiation can be gone after a decade or two. If your wondering why the world of fallout is still irradiated it's because a lot of nuclear power was used in things like cars and that so that radiation is what's around not the radiation from the bombs.

    • JUGO49
      JUGO49 Month ago +5

      not really, popular media has overestimated the dangers of radiation in the sense that the world recovers much faster than we expect. Chernobyl is pretty much livable now except for a few pockets. And the death toll for the people leading rescue efforts in chernobyl was expected to be very high but instead of thousands like some have reported only 30 actually died from radiation. many of those who went into the high radiation areas actually went on to life their lives. It is true that very high radiation exposure can be lethal and that high exposure greatly rises your RISK of developing certain disorders but plant life, animal life and even us are much more resilient against radiation than we have been given credit for.

  • Google Is A Cruel Mistress

    Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76... well that escalated quickly

  • jojo lapatate
    jojo lapatate Month ago +5

    she look like young carrie fisher

    • Trey Owen
      Trey Owen Month ago

      jojo lapatate holy christ she does.

    MAORI IN WA PERTH Month ago +1

    Thank you bethseda iv been a fall out player since 3 and i always wanted it to go online most of my friends dont like fo because its not online but now they can be apart of the life of a vault dweller

  • Khalid Mkarem
    Khalid Mkarem Month ago +119

    Anyone else got goosebumps when they said The Elder Scrolls VI?

  • Connor Ernsperger
    Connor Ernsperger Month ago +1

    There was a wind storm and the wifi all over the valley cut out

  • Juicy Boi
    Juicy Boi Month ago +1

    Yesssss falloutt

  • BeckyWithTheGoodHair
    BeckyWithTheGoodHair Month ago +54

    Great video. Europe thanks you, haha I fell asleep before I could watch. It was 4:30 AM my time.

    • SeniorDerpFace
      SeniorDerpFace Month ago

      weakling watched it all live here from sweden

    • Janis T. Preiss
      Janis T. Preiss Month ago

      Hahaha. SAME

    • CraKaJAK
      CraKaJAK Month ago

      BeckyWithTheGoodHair yeah, I tried so hard but I couldn't do it haha.

    • Adam
      Adam Month ago +1

      I didn't even make it to the stream I was so tired

    • Mr.Potato
      Mr.Potato Month ago

      BeckyWithTheGoodHair Same.

  • Daniel Pierce
    Daniel Pierce Month ago +22

    I kinda find it odd that Bethesda is releasing Fallout 76, an Online game yet prevented Interplay from releasing theirs nearly 9 years prior with Fallout Online. Anyways, thanks for posting the highlights of Bethesda's conference and I am really excited for Wolfenstein 3.

    • George Shultz
      George Shultz 28 days ago

      Jeffery Parker ..But they had the right to make one more fallout game hence New Vagas and the question still stands. I personally prefer New Vegas but Bethesda said no and then made it anyway once interplay made new vagas it's well that's not right. While I do love Bethesda generally they handled it badly and came of controlling a tad greedy remembers they denied interplay or obsiden royalties on a game they many still say is their favorite fallout game. So just saying kinda greedy.

    • Jeffery Parker
      Jeffery Parker Month ago +1

      Interplay had no right to release a fallout game 9 years ago, they sold the rights to the game to Bethesda so it was no longer their game to sell or release.

  • TheImperialKerbalUnion
    TheImperialKerbalUnion Month ago +10

    Wow, very fast, thank you

  • Gerrit de Ruyter
    Gerrit de Ruyter Month ago +46

    Yeeeeet skyrim 6 my boiii

    • JJ S
      JJ S Month ago

      Dio Brando yep, it’s a form of verbal irony

    • *whip nae nae*
      *whip nae nae* Month ago

      Dio Brando I call it skyrim 6 just for the meme

    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando Month ago

      Cicero Bully sarcasm is a form of irony (I think)

    • Cicero Bully
      Cicero Bully Month ago

      Dio Brando don't you mean sarcastic

    • JJ S
      JJ S Month ago


  • piekarz
    piekarz Month ago +8

    sooooo fallout 76 will get single player Quest line?

    • C LamontNI
      C LamontNI Month ago

      piekarz I’d say it’ll be like Ghost Recon Wildlands. You can play alone or you can request people to join your game or join others

    • Jakeb Horvath
      Jakeb Horvath Month ago

      No, they stated quite clearly that Fallout 76 is online-only. You can play on your own, but you still have to be on a server.

    • NghtStorm
      NghtStorm Month ago

      Sebastian gomez so only with your friends? Or can you meet random people?

    • Sebastian gomez
      Sebastian gomez Month ago

      Fireballun Tell me something I don't know

    • Sebastian gomez
      Sebastian gomez Month ago

      Fireballun OMG! NO WAY
      Of course I know they were rpg's 😤

  • ParatrooperXI
    ParatrooperXI Month ago +2


  • Vladimir
    Vladimir Month ago +5

    wow that was fast. thank you