Kids Meet a Body Builder | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
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    World's Strongest Man | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
    HiHo Kids

Comments • 9 648

  • Soggy Potato
    Soggy Potato 17 seconds ago

    The people who legally have the right to flex on people, are the nicest

  • swag video
    swag video 2 hours ago +1

    “Did you bring a sword”

  • Sanne K.
    Sanne K. 2 hours ago

    This bear of a man is the sweetest, most wholesome bean ever. This is the husband I want and need

  • Simon Ibrahim
    Simon Ibrahim 4 hours ago

    When you skip leg day

  • ♥MarshmellowLover♥

    Manspreading- level 10

  • The Sumerian
    The Sumerian 8 hours ago +1

    Preferisco combattere la boxe, adoro l'aerobico! Odio sollevare pesi!

  • ปัญ PUN
    ปัญ PUN 9 hours ago

    I love him♥️

  • 420 Blaze it
    420 Blaze it 9 hours ago +2

    This guy: Wanna see what i can do with my chest??

  • Zo2 DC
    Zo2 DC 10 hours ago

    Where do you get all These nice People 😂

  • Riotミスト
    Riotミスト 12 hours ago

    4:43 had my wherzing 😂💀

  • Unicorn Love
    Unicorn Love 12 hours ago

    “Am I heavy” “no” “WHAT”

  • Danny Huungman
    Danny Huungman 12 hours ago

    should have had rich piana on as teh bodybuilder goddamnit

  • Bby Alien
    Bby Alien 13 hours ago +1

    “Till the end baby” 😂❤️🥺

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 15 hours ago

    This Guy is very good with Kids. Keep it up 💪

  • wiçi wiçi
    wiçi wiçi 17 hours ago

    7.13 the hand size

  • Seb 555
    Seb 555 17 hours ago +1

    3:36 ur mom

  • fl0 _123
    fl0 _123 17 hours ago

    What a nice Person

  • V Will
    V Will 17 hours ago

    Omg!!! He would be a great dad!! 😍💖 sooooo cute!!

  • Iiris
    Iiris 18 hours ago

    Happy he had shirt on.

  • Kyle Fukutomi
    Kyle Fukutomi 20 hours ago

    Just a good guy

  • Montzerrat Resendez
    Montzerrat Resendez 21 hour ago

    “Who’s arnold snort snigger?”

  • Kyler Buckaloo
    Kyler Buckaloo 22 hours ago

    Why do I not see comments about Arnold?😂

  • Syahimi Samad
    Syahimi Samad Day ago

    I guess he is going to be a good dad😂

  • Ninja
    Ninja Day ago

    His nips tho

  • Hooray
    Hooray Day ago

    I would absolutely love to see more Kids Meat sir.

  • tropingreenhorn
    tropingreenhorn Day ago

    This dude is a TANK.

  • f. rahmadani
    f. rahmadani Day ago

    They are so cute

  • Saad Jamadar
    Saad Jamadar Day ago

    Isn't he gonna giveaway steroids to the kids?

  • GamingwithKen
    GamingwithKen Day ago

    To be honest if i was GG i would say: Am i meeting a super Fat Guy?

  • Aditya Rathore
    Aditya Rathore Day ago +7

    The way they shake hands is so cute..

  • Jeff Ho
    Jeff Ho Day ago

    Kid: how much roids you take?

  • Gamer George
    Gamer George Day ago

    I wish they asked "are you on roids?"

  • Tom PF
    Tom PF Day ago

    That little girl is so cute! I just want to hug her! 😂😉🤗

  • Bipasha Palit
    Bipasha Palit Day ago

    I like GG alot.. cute chubby girl smiling alws.. I wish to just squeeze little cutie

  • Bipasha Palit
    Bipasha Palit Day ago

    Kids meet mountain..and they are like whoaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Squinton Playz
    Squinton Playz Day ago

    2:10 you don’t say

  • Greek Fire
    Greek Fire Day ago

    3:34 LMFAO

  • Elf_Army_007
    Elf_Army_007 Day ago

    Literally flexing on kids

  • M Sagri
    M Sagri 2 days ago +2

    5:05 shut up we all know it’s getting all the girls.

  • Kiki Wang
    Kiki Wang 2 days ago

    This guy makes my heart warm

  • Sanaa Hayes
    Sanaa Hayes 2 days ago

    My grandpa d
    Use to do body building

  • chad smolen
    chad smolen 2 days ago

    He should play as hulk

  • firestonegraywolf
    firestonegraywolf 2 days ago

    Cutest group of kids

  • Max Gibson
    Max Gibson 2 days ago

    He’s such a snack

  • das basic
    das basic 2 days ago

    He's adorable.

  • Naveication
    Naveication 2 days ago +2

    "I *only* work out for an hour two times a day"

  • Adis Vilic
    Adis Vilic 2 days ago

    6:16 johnny bravo legs

  • Nobel Nursal
    Nobel Nursal 2 days ago

    All those kids are a good interviewer than me though..

  • Abhiraj Rajput
    Abhiraj Rajput 2 days ago

    1:13 kawaii moment

  • PoopiePants Mcgee
    PoopiePants Mcgee 2 days ago

    Who's Arnold? 👏👏

  • Jill Seufert
    Jill Seufert 2 days ago +1

    I just want to be around this guy all day he's so sweet!

  • TheOneSlasherax
    TheOneSlasherax 2 days ago +15

    Hard Muscles Soft Heart. Not only is his muscles balanced, his physical to personality is too.

  • XO
    XO 3 days ago


  • Pablo Mariano
    Pablo Mariano 3 days ago

    Take a book before a gym weight

  • Andy McNicholas
    Andy McNicholas 3 days ago

    Subscribing, these vids are so cute

  • No one Was here
    No one Was here 3 days ago

    he’s so hot oml

  • Luckmini Piyatilake
    Luckmini Piyatilake 3 days ago

    Real life big friendly giant.

  • Micky Mousa - ميكي موسى

    im 16 years
    181 cm
    i 'll come to be a Body Builder

    Pray For me to reach 190 cm
    Sorry For my bad english

    • Ahmed Hussein
      Ahmed Hussein 21 hour ago

      man i am 18 years bodybuilder and i am only 165 cm lol

  • Mohd. Alhamouri
    Mohd. Alhamouri 3 days ago +4

    Everybody on this show is polite and nice. Really nice to watch such people.

  • Lalkaxo
    Lalkaxo 3 days ago +4

    Body Builder: I have carebears!

    Kid: ...

    Body Builder: Should I not have stuffed toys?

    I love how he looks like a big monster and he is like a little stuffed animal

  • Lalkaxo
    Lalkaxo 3 days ago +1

    Awesome Sauce!

  • Popping Balloons
    Popping Balloons 4 days ago

    Austin:like Maddox:comment

  • Exotic_ Jp1
    Exotic_ Jp1 4 days ago +1

    He has always wanted to brake a bone😐

  • Johnny Mikes
    Johnny Mikes 4 days ago

    Kid- “have you ever been to big to get in something”
    Me- yea I have that problem with women

  • Adam Atch
    Adam Atch 4 days ago

    He is so kind he is like the BFG

    DIMELDAMMEL 4 days ago +1

    4:52 She definitely has to meet a strongman haha

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 4 days ago +1

    2:29 ask JJ

  • Hailey Decker
    Hailey Decker 4 days ago +1

    I've ate raw eggs before it's really not that bad

  • Eva Cecilia Carrera
    Eva Cecilia Carrera 4 days ago

    He's the BFG!!

  • Flecken TV
    Flecken TV 4 days ago

    Why always raw eggs? There is actually no difference when you cook it except for less salmonella

  • Lionel Max
    Lionel Max 4 days ago

    2:05 Same honey,same😪

  • Lionel Max
    Lionel Max 4 days ago

    2:05 Same honey,same😪

  • Mÿ Pï Dë
    Mÿ Pï Dë 4 days ago

    Suddenly one of the kids ask "How many CC's of trenbolone acetate do you inject each day?"

  • Dodgingss
    Dodgingss 4 days ago

    4:45 dammmm that was a hard rrrrrrrrrrrrr lmfao

  • Kalimeroo!
    Kalimeroo! 4 days ago

    The green mile.

  • anony meow
    anony meow 4 days ago

    Oh my God my heart- this is too cute oml

  • YarnyYT
    YarnyYT 4 days ago

    She said nager in 4:45

  • KatLin
    KatLin 5 days ago

    The coolest thing about these videos is seeing the kids get so inspired/discover a new passion. Like the kid in the white button down you can tell is so interested in what he’s talking about

  • Marni Kramer
    Marni Kramer 5 days ago

    Biggest 🐻🐻🐻

  • Julian Panda
    Julian Panda 5 days ago +3

    He’s so cute with kids omg he’s gunna be a great dad

  • Dr. Frumpy and the Dumpy bunch

    t h e a b s o l u t e s i z e o f t h i s l a d

  • Freedom
    Freedom 5 days ago +1

    The kid be like
    " I doubt that " in his mind

  • Rebecca best
    Rebecca best 5 days ago

    I'm only one minute in and this man is so sweet with kids I need to marry this gentle giant

  • I had a good Wienering DADDY

    Sooo what do you use to get strong???? Ummmmmmm so here’s the thing

  • LENNY 1337
    LENNY 1337 5 days ago

    0:18 When someone in my team goes AFK

  • gacha meme
    gacha meme 5 days ago +1

    Bodybuilder-i eat six meals a day
    Me-well I eat 20 so.....

  • Isabella Says Hello.

    Aww he was so nice

  • king sheff
    king sheff 5 days ago

    0:56. FBI open up

  • Lorenzo Alfonsetti
    Lorenzo Alfonsetti 5 days ago +12

    "Am I heavy?
    Said no girl ever XD

  • Rebecca Burnett
    Rebecca Burnett 5 days ago

    His hot

  • Zambian Zack
    Zambian Zack 5 days ago +1

    "Am I heavy?"
    ...nice choice

  • Janne Mengote
    Janne Mengote 5 days ago +2

    "Have you ever been too big to get in something?" 😂😂😂 sorry I just can't help it---yeah, I'm really sorry✌

  • Marcelo Augusto
    Marcelo Augusto 5 days ago

    I just can believe that I'm fall in love with a little cute big monster

  • Tammy Squires
    Tammy Squires 5 days ago

    So why did he say oh Waohhh When that girl said that name ..

  • Globular
    Globular 5 days ago

    1:02 that soooooo cute

  • Winston Holtkamp
    Winston Holtkamp 6 days ago

    That man spread tho

  • CodeEmporium
    CodeEmporium 6 days ago

    Who is Arnold Snotshinaeger? ~

  • Executioner Blade
    Executioner Blade 6 days ago

    this guy is really xgood with kids

  • Ashley Jensen
    Ashley Jensen 6 days ago

    I love you so much because it is so cute

  • Zoe ZR
    Zoe ZR 6 days ago +6

    Gabriel is so adorably cute 😍
    What a handsome bean 😍