Kids Meet a Body Builder | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
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    World's Strongest Man | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
    HiHo Kids

Comments • 9 472

  • Bobby Knuckles
    Bobby Knuckles Hour ago

    Seems like a nice fulla

  • First Name, Surname
    First Name, Surname 16 hours ago +2

    His heart is his biggest muscle

  • The Confucian Atheist

    "Have you ever been too big to get in "something"?" XD

  • Gaming Uploader
    Gaming Uploader Day ago

    He reminds me of the actor that plays Shazam for some reason?! Lol
    Just found out his name
    Zachary Levi

  • Chrome 0411
    Chrome 0411 Day ago

    I love how the big beast of a man is actually the most nice dude and the others explain how to be a criminal

  • Tumbleweed Moon777

    This was so cute

  • Anja Hoffmann
    Anja Hoffmann Day ago

    great guy

  • Tyrant60
    Tyrant60 2 days ago

    He's really good with kids

  • The Husky Lynx
    The Husky Lynx 2 days ago

    Huh, sounds familiar...
    Used to be tall and skinny and named Gabriel...
    Yup, sounds like me but I’m a lot younger and kinda tall and slim lol xD

  • Veton Rečica
    Veton Rečica 2 days ago

    1:08 best scene IMO

  • Kylie Petrus
    Kylie Petrus 3 days ago

    This was adorable. 🤘🏼

  • Katelyn Jowett
    Katelyn Jowett 3 days ago

    His neck is as fat as my thigh

  • hatedumb
    hatedumb 3 days ago

    "Too big for rollercoaster"

  • Dan Mann
    Dan Mann 3 days ago

    03:34 yeah....

    JASLEEN KAUR 3 days ago +2

    I love the guy's smile and laugh. I wish I could marry him...
    Poor me he's already married haha

    JASLEEN KAUR 3 days ago +1

    Best intro ever

  • Bailey Mercer
    Bailey Mercer 3 days ago +1

    I *love* this man. Truly a gentle giant

  • Retno Ayati
    Retno Ayati 4 days ago

    My daughter has muscles

  • Abdul_Fq8 DXM
    Abdul_Fq8 DXM 4 days ago

    Wait isnt this guy in jessica jones marvel studios on netflix ??
    Series 1 episode 6 'AKA You’re a winner

  • Alvin Edgard Toding
    Alvin Edgard Toding 4 days ago

    so cute seeing their tiny little hands shaking the big guy's hand ♥️

  • Jake Grammer
    Jake Grammer 4 days ago

    I was expecting a steroid freak out.

  • Arda Aydogdu
    Arda Aydogdu 4 days ago +1

    Where's Ernie? Don't do vids without ernie ok?

  • Triija
    Triija 4 days ago

    The girls dad definetly watches dragon ball

  • kevin martinez
    kevin martinez 5 days ago

    A beefy and muscular Zak Braff

  • Octopus 8
    Octopus 8 5 days ago

    3:33 I will go to hell

  • musicguitar
    musicguitar 5 days ago

    This video made my heart happy. Can’t wait to have kids.

  • Raul Pina
    Raul Pina 5 days ago

    Plot twist he’s on steroids

  • outrun my gun
    outrun my gun 5 days ago +2

    Hj justin, i'm GAYYYYBRIEL

  • mainsterious 999
    mainsterious 999 5 days ago

    The only bodybuilder that has a wholesome heart ever! I'm sick of watching "bodybuilder" on Instagram who see girl as their properties and making a dead joke as an excuse to show off their body

  • Crooked TV
    Crooked TV 6 days ago

    How come they get to meet captain steroid

  • Katie C
    Katie C 6 days ago

    2:38 Raw eggs always make me think of Beauty and the Beast!! This guy is so likable!!! And all these kids are perfect every time!!!

  • Fede SoulPus
    Fede SoulPus 6 days ago

    Kids look up to big men.

  • Hxwls
    Hxwls 6 days ago +1

    Kid: Am i a joke to you?

  • Jonathan schaefer
    Jonathan schaefer 6 days ago

    This dude would be a great dad

  • You been gn nomed
    You been gn nomed 7 days ago

    Who’s Arnold snorsinagger

  • Ming Lee
    Ming Lee 7 days ago +1

    Dang no steroid question? Big sad. Lol

  • // ngwin //
    // ngwin // 7 days ago


  • Pilot Exp
    Pilot Exp 7 days ago

    Austin is the cutest kid of all

  • As You Were LGx
    As You Were LGx 7 days ago +1

    I like this part so much.
    - Can girls be bodybuilders?
    - Yeah, girls can definitely be bodybuilders.

  • ToeJam TV
    ToeJam TV 8 days ago

    Can't flex on chicks so he flex es on kids

  • Amber Maple
    Amber Maple 8 days ago

    I sure hope this guy is a dad.. He's hella good with kids

  • Jurxnator 27
    Jurxnator 27 8 days ago


  • Daveshave
    Daveshave 8 days ago

    "I always wanted to break a bone."
    Yeah I can assure you buddy you seriously DON'T want to break a bone.

  • Halima Melvin
    Halima Melvin 9 days ago

    We love you 😘❤️😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Halima Melvin
    Halima Melvin 9 days ago

    Hi I love you too much 😘❤️❤️

  • Tyler May
    Tyler May 9 days ago

    I just want that dude to pick me up

  • Garrett Honas
    Garrett Honas 9 days ago

    Oblivion music

  • G_echo13
    G_echo13 9 days ago +1

    Kid: “have you ever been to big to get into something?”
    Body builder: nods “mhm many things”

  • Glenn Videos
    Glenn Videos 9 days ago

    2:30 no it’s not

  • Alam YukimakXD
    Alam YukimakXD 9 days ago


  • SweatyTV
    SweatyTV 9 days ago

    "have you ever taken steroids?" should of been a question...

  • Nurhalisa Munawarah
    Nurhalisa Munawarah 9 days ago

    soooo cuteee

  • Venus Athena S.
    Venus Athena S. 9 days ago

    Body builder :"20 years"
    Kid : OOooOooOooOOhhhhhhh

  • Arshia Dang
    Arshia Dang 9 days ago

    Gigi is so cute I'm not even kidding

  • sesame seed41
    sesame seed41 9 days ago

    gentle giant.

  • Gabriel Leonardo Barti

    My name is gabriel too but im

  • Luis Jankowski
    Luis Jankowski 10 days ago

    These Kids are asking very interesting Questions !

  • Arena Rat
    Arena Rat 10 days ago

    kid sees what steroids do

    LIFE SUCKS 10 days ago

    Arnold is my favorite actor

  • curt wall
    curt wall 10 days ago

    Made me smile his a body builder big heart good with these kids young child at heart

  • Twobad 69
    Twobad 69 10 days ago +1

    This doods weese is gold😂

  • agne1725
    agne1725 10 days ago +1


  • stop screaming ok ?
    stop screaming ok ? 10 days ago

    the whole big dude big feelings cliche is so overused its not even worth noting anymore


    What a big heart!!!

  • OldSchoolFlavour
    OldSchoolFlavour 10 days ago

    What a great guy!

  • Phantom Starex
    Phantom Starex 10 days ago

    Top 10 best Villian dialogues

  • Rocky Bullwinkle
    Rocky Bullwinkle 11 days ago +1

    Big guy but nice and kind hearted person

  • Poison Movies
    Poison Movies 11 days ago +1

    *Why Did'nt The Chair Break ??*

  • Daniel Kearsley
    Daniel Kearsley 11 days ago

    Big shadow, small tree

  • jay travers
    jay travers 11 days ago

    Love this channel- I’m upset already thinking about the day it runs out of content

  • Trev YT
    Trev YT 11 days ago

    Im witnessing Wreck it Ralph in real life talking to kids.....

  • Die Fotobummler
    Die Fotobummler 11 days ago

    His aim is balanced muscles? 😂

  • Sam M
    Sam M 11 days ago

    this dude looks like swole michael scott

  • InkIlosophy Plays
    InkIlosophy Plays 11 days ago +4

    Imagine the bodybuilder moving his muscles then the kid saying, "uhhh... looks like ur bones are broken xDD"

  • Luis Cervantes
    Luis Cervantes 11 days ago

    Big guy,big heart,big👇😏,#nohomo

  • GravDaddy
    GravDaddy 11 days ago

    Small guy big heart

  • Ricardo Aguilar
    Ricardo Aguilar 11 days ago

    Liu Kang's son.

  • Chosen nugett
    Chosen nugett 11 days ago

    The kid's reaction when he mention he couldn't go on roller coaster!😂

  • Nicholas Georges
    Nicholas Georges 11 days ago +1

    1:09 how long did you take you to get those muscles?
    20 years
    Austin: oooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Element x3DG
    Element x3DG 11 days ago

    When she said his name I thought of something else 4:45

  • Spik e
    Spik e 11 days ago

    I expect them to say that he looks lumpy

  • EarRape Tunez
    EarRape Tunez 11 days ago

    To be honest if I was a kid there and they said what do you think it is I would say steroids

  • I do stuff
    I do stuff 11 days ago

    Kid: How long did it take you to get those muscles
    Bodybuilder: 20 years
    Kid: woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah

  • Kotełusz
    Kotełusz 11 days ago

    Pudzian: Am I a joke to you? :D

  • Sv3n Gaming
    Sv3n Gaming 11 days ago +4

    Other Bodybuilders: We don't do kids they're too obnoxious
    This Guy: Lol, hold my beer

  • datgamerian
    datgamerian 11 days ago


  • Ivan Hendrika
    Ivan Hendrika 11 days ago

    6:42 am i heavy ?
    wow thats a tricky question

  • The Brainyquick
    The Brainyquick 12 days ago

    He is a nice person the perfect man all of those girls should be looking form

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni 12 days ago

    Kid : who is Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Bodybuilder : ohh wow !

  • Bilal Khan
    Bilal Khan 12 days ago

    Kids meet mia khalifa next please

  • Jared Tunay
    Jared Tunay 12 days ago

    weird flex but ok

  • can i get 1000 subscribers without videos?

    Who else loves bodybuilding?

  • Vikash Tiwari
    Vikash Tiwari 12 days ago

    Smart kids..

  • Caden Fish
    Caden Fish 12 days ago +5

    This is like the 18th time I've watched the video. I just love this guy

  • Thugasaurus Rex
    Thugasaurus Rex 12 days ago

    Lol he's so good with kids. That's wild. Such a cool guy

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox 12 days ago

    The adults always manspread on this ahow

  • Sofía de la Cruz Barreto

    1:10 xdddd ohhhhhh xDddd

  • [GD] TimeRealm
    [GD] TimeRealm 12 days ago +4

    Asian kid with the Batman T-Shirt: How long did it take you to get those muscles?
    Bodybuilder: 20 years

  • BrawlLegend TV
    BrawlLegend TV 12 days ago

    1:24 I heard to early

  • CrazyPigeonPlayz
    CrazyPigeonPlayz 12 days ago

    Ah yes!!!