Which Tattoo Belongs to Which Person? | Lineup | Cut


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  • juliana cucci
    juliana cucci 2 hours ago

    hey sorry just wanna write this b4 i forget it but... i just got a 4 minute ad? and its a song? (Promise- Jimin) its one of my favorites i feel blessed

  • triple trippie 7
    triple trippie 7 12 hours ago

    Karlos looks like Gay Juice wrld

  • Eduardo Betanzo
    Eduardo Betanzo Day ago

    Who got pussy lips 💀💀

  • jordan joseph
    jordan joseph Day ago

    Aren't you still Asian if you're form Philippines??

  • DAEsaster
    DAEsaster 2 days ago

    So....you thought "pussy lips" was on the girl with the 2-inch talons and ignored miss red plaid in the back there...
    Honestly though, the dollar signs were a dead giveaway that it's a dude with this tattoo

  • - Simplicity
    - Simplicity 7 days ago

    Got 3 out of 6 right. Good enough

  • Mellow Fellow
    Mellow Fellow 8 days ago

    The girl in the white floral dress is such a queen, for sure thought there would be more comments about her.

  • Kendra Bernot
    Kendra Bernot 11 days ago

    i love illah sm

  • jeremiah hutchins
    jeremiah hutchins 11 days ago

    they got the same video with the same people n just the tattoo lady

  • zezoA2 ا
    zezoA2 ا 11 days ago

    The girl with the white and flower thing i want her ig

    BLAKE DA GREAT 11 days ago

    Damn i wished i lived in Seattle i would love to do this

  • Niyalise Torres
    Niyalise Torres 12 days ago

    Is that karlos

  • Jays 2006
    Jays 2006 12 days ago

    Hey! It’s the guy from the felony video! He’s an amazing person!

  • Gracie Maas
    Gracie Maas 13 days ago

    The girl with the bun who was guessing is sooooo pretty😍

  • pink flamingo sunnies
    pink flamingo sunnies 13 days ago

    Is that Ilah?!

  • Spartacus Quo Vadis
    Spartacus Quo Vadis 14 days ago

    Llah is a freakin sexy woman. Gosh 😯

  • Jennifer Dunne
    Jennifer Dunne 14 days ago

    Who would've guessed that the woman who is literally dressed in all black has a upside down cross 😂

  • idek468
    idek468 14 days ago

    For anyone wondering, a monopoly is when there are certain businesses that you HAVE to go to in order to have a certain product. But there are few places that sell this product. A monopoly would be like an electric company in your town. There are only few electric companies that are where you live so if you want electricity, you HAVE to go through them. Or like phone companies, or gas companies.

  • Ocean Icce
    Ocean Icce 16 days ago

    Pussy lips is my best friends uncle

  • Kayla MSP
    Kayla MSP 16 days ago

    That’s Hell Kitty

    LMAOOO 😂😂

  • ADHDamian
    ADHDamian 16 days ago

    I'd trust a dude who has Pu$$y tattooed on the inside of his lip.

  • Ka Yu
    Ka Yu 16 days ago

    God I love Karlos.

  • A Random Cat
    A Random Cat 16 days ago

    Lol I knew who had the pussy on their lips from the 100 people tell a secret video

  • kaykay p
    kaykay p 17 days ago

    Did anyone sing a song from hello dolly when they say that tattoo
    like if you did
    lol I love mucicals (sorry for bad spelling and grammer)

  • Miscellaneous Mind
    Miscellaneous Mind 17 days ago +1

    Life after Milli Vanilli

  • wicked
    wicked 17 days ago

    I got hello Dolly one right, bc I see the way it looks, and it has like a certain aesthetic, y'know? It matches with like her aesthetic clothing wise

  • Xowi Bush
    Xowi Bush 17 days ago


  • Katera Kiitten
    Katera Kiitten 18 days ago

    “Blacks dont play with souls” LOL so true!

  • Katera Kiitten
    Katera Kiitten 18 days ago

    “Once again I’m African American” LOL

  • Carson Browne
    Carson Browne 19 days ago

    Monopoly is when one company buys out all other company's and only sell this product so everyone has to go to them for it

  • heaven nelson
    heaven nelson 20 days ago

    I'm learning about Monopolys in social studies

  • DemonOverlord85
    DemonOverlord85 20 days ago

    The black girl is dankmattsmith sister?

  • Isabel Balisoro
    Isabel Balisoro 21 day ago

    1:53 is the symbol for Satanism

  • Der Jugo.
    Der Jugo. 21 day ago

    Why are they pretending they didnt know that he had the pussy lips

  • K A K E
    K A K E 22 days ago

    Big nigga was jerking to pussyboy so badly 😂

  • Stephen
    Stephen 23 days ago

    3:56 😂

  • Beighley Leth
    Beighley Leth 23 days ago

    Lol I learned that formula in economics

  • A. Ghoul
    A. Ghoul 23 days ago

    I’m guessin the philipino dude kills the pussy

  • Sam Janssen
    Sam Janssen 24 days ago

    9:03 ayeee a match lol

    DEFALT SERVER 24 days ago

    blacks don't play with souls

  • Dana Gallegos
    Dana Gallegos 25 days ago

    7:23 anyone else smell that through the screen?

  • Ariel0Fluffyz
    Ariel0Fluffyz 25 days ago +1

    I love Karlos he's too funny😂

  • Spicy Calcium Boye
    Spicy Calcium Boye 25 days ago

    A monopoly is when a business or company dominates an industry or market

  • shiro kun
    shiro kun 26 days ago

    this reminded me of when morgan adams got her lip tattoo of "chipotle"

  • Paydayonline 2569
    Paydayonline 2569 26 days ago

    6:46 no one gonna say anything about this?

  • Katelyn Krout
    Katelyn Krout 26 days ago

    I’m in sixth grade (I’m 11😂) and I know what monopoly means:
    ( I DID NOT look this up)
    A monopoly is when a business or company that has the overall most in its category/industry. Meaning that Rockefeller had the monopoly in oil because they basically took over all of the oil production/Finding?

  • ♥MarshmellowLover♥
    ♥MarshmellowLover♥ 26 days ago +2

    the tattoo artist is so cute
    she looks so approachable

    ETERNITY S 27 days ago

    I don’t like liberals

  • thinking man
    thinking man 27 days ago

    That cross is also the cross of st David

  • Daring Dog
    Daring Dog 27 days ago

    Sooo... Herfindahl Hirschman? The equation, I mean

  • OperationBaboon
    OperationBaboon 27 days ago

    Monopoly: "the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service." for example, the meat industry is controlled by a cartell of 6 large corporations, if it was only one corporation, it would be a monopoly. diversity is very important in the economy so that customers have a range of choices, and companies have more need to satisfy customers, whereas in a monopoly the sole controller can dictate the market, leaving customers little choice, and usually killing small businesses along the way.
    more often than not, monopolies occur locally. for example, if only one energy or network provider exists in a small town, or if public transportation is run by a single company.
    Not all monopolies are bad. for example "state monopolies" goods and services provided and run by states/countries can be useful and more practical than an open market (the socialist model that is often misinterpreted as communism) - often the case for public services like fire and police department, often public transport, ownership and maintenance of roads, single payer healthcare etc.

  • Jesse The human being
    Jesse The human being 28 days ago

    My name is Jessica and I am British.


  • N G
    N G 28 days ago

    The inverted cross is actually called the Saint Peter Cross - and it is a Christian symbol. Saint Peter requested he be crucified on an inverted cross because he felt unworthy of being crucified in the same manner as Christ.

  • Cherry Nasser
    Cherry Nasser 29 days ago

    The tattoo artiest was in the same video before

  • Poke Mon
    Poke Mon 29 days ago

    No one with swastika ? Disappointed.

  • Michelle Jaiyeola
    Michelle Jaiyeola Month ago

    I need the fillipino's info stat

  • Ugly Raff
    Ugly Raff Month ago

    on the gooch, like right here
    *points to lower stomach*
    that ain't the gooch

  • Queenroyal Productions

    the man with tattoos all over is from hiho kids

  • jada
    jada Month ago

    It looks like ilah got so much shorter if you look at her recent videos

  • Joe Bare
    Joe Bare Month ago

    that face tho 4:11

  • A random kid
    A random kid Month ago

    the hello, dolly one was just so cute

  • newt scamander
    newt scamander Month ago

    That flowerdress girl goes down like stripper

  • Raven Newlyn
    Raven Newlyn Month ago

    “Once again I’m African-America”

  • Isabel Hochleutner
    Isabel Hochleutner Month ago

    tell me how i got all of these right

  • Sam Robinett
    Sam Robinett Month ago

    little asian girl is soooo fine

  • Maytricks
    Maytricks Month ago

    4:27 "there you go, one of them motherfuckers" got me dead

  • Princess Arizala
    Princess Arizala Month ago

    Karlos is always my favorite Loveeeee him

  • Sceyller
    Sceyller Month ago

    4:23“Coil coil fish or some shit like that”
    “They are called koi fish”
    “There you go, one of them motherfuckers”

  • Miko Quintana
    Miko Quintana Month ago


    LILIANA ADLER Month ago

    At my school I have a group of friends we are known as the pack 🐺

  • ofsinope
    ofsinope Month ago

    Pussy Lips has amazing teeth.

  • Surojit
    Surojit Month ago

    Ok so summation of Si squared tells you if the company is a monopoly? When will she learn to reveal the variable meanings.

  • Stevie Setlon
    Stevie Setlon Month ago

    So can the Hawaiian milf with crotch tat

  • Stevie Setlon
    Stevie Setlon Month ago

    The girl in flower romper can sit on my face

  • Yochi
    Yochi Month ago

    What did the girl have on her lips? What did it say?

  • Legit LowQualityGuy

    Pussy lips

  • Paige Ella
    Paige Ella Month ago

    the dolly tatoo is for a girl that committed suicide in australia

  • private account
    private account Month ago

    wtf??? st.peters cross is a Christian symbol... not "anti-christian"
    American education... fucking burgers, they all need to achieve unlife.

  • Lawliet L
    Lawliet L Month ago

    Well by seeing that
    "H" I thought that's related to Heaviside function
    But she then said monopoly ohk

  • Lizzy Dill
    Lizzy Dill Month ago

    11:26 - love the Chaco tan

  • Francis and Estrella Channel

    not being racist but the filipino guy look like black

  • Marysia
    Marysia Month ago

    Omg I got everyone right !!!

  • Electro Drives
    Electro Drives Month ago

    Yo the dreads guy looks so freaking different now wtf

  • HouseMDaddict
    HouseMDaddict Month ago

    "once again, I'm African American"

  • Motions_AX
    Motions_AX Month ago +1

    does anyone know how to work that math formula?

  • Cansom
    Cansom Month ago

    flower girl is A1.

  • WG miles
    WG miles Month ago


  • Skylar Rose
    Skylar Rose Month ago

    I know I’m gonna be the person in the comments but the symbol that her grandpa made has something to do with money but that’s what I got

  • Jess Sabatino
    Jess Sabatino Month ago

    Totally right back man

  • Miranda McCoy
    Miranda McCoy Month ago

    I'm gay for the flower of Scotland

  • Riley XBOX 1234
    Riley XBOX 1234 Month ago +3

    The guy big guy with tattoos on his face is hella funny

  • Valencia Inez
    Valencia Inez Month ago

    The Hawaiian Native 😍

  • William Howard Taft

    That one chick with the short hair and the flower is 🔥af

  • Faith S.
    Faith S. Month ago

    I love the guy covered in tattoos lol

  • kaylin
    kaylin Month ago

    I love Karlos

  • Bethany Russell
    Bethany Russell Month ago

    I have a tattoo of the flower of Scotland
    Are you Scottish?
    No I wish

  • Lil Pump
    Lil Pump Month ago

    Lmaoo mans went milli vanilli on em

  • r .ra
    r .ra Month ago +1

    The anti-christian woman is 100% racist. This type of fascism is supported by the Jews

  • Patrick Konkol
    Patrick Konkol Month ago

    What is the tattoo artists instagram

  • Emin B
    Emin B Month ago

    A Black Asian.
    I can die now.