Matrix & Futurebound - Human (ft. Raphaella)

  • Published on Sep 27, 2017
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    Feeling good with Matrix & Futurebound and Raphaella - Human is out this Friday!
    Matrix & Futurebound
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  • MusicMusic

Comments • 152

  • Darish Zone
    Darish Zone 13 days ago

    The reversed vocal loop ruined the groove for me, beside that a very well designed pop melodic dnb.

  • Programmer Parker
    Programmer Parker Month ago

    She sounds a lot like Becky Hill!

  • Adrenaline963
    Adrenaline963 Month ago


  • Matt Barnes
    Matt Barnes 5 months ago +1


  • Daz Lovinger
    Daz Lovinger 8 months ago

    Same old story...

  • Miodrag Karalejic
    Miodrag Karalejic 10 months ago +1

    I cried how good this is.

  • Richard Sebastian Rios Villalba

    UKF Buenos Aires!!!!!!!

  • Matt Ingram
    Matt Ingram 10 months ago

    Loving this song in 2018!!

  • Aaron Cabrera
    Aaron Cabrera 11 months ago

    I have the pleasure of opening up for them in South Florida this month! Very excited

  • PolloVeloce
    PolloVeloce Year ago +3


  • Basshouse Bluew
    Basshouse Bluew Year ago

    fave track

  • pannel six
    pannel six Year ago

    Big next Selection
    winter GG

  • Honzik Lava
    Honzik Lava Year ago

    I feel the delta heavy style

  • firefliesinlove
    firefliesinlove Year ago +7

    Transcribed the lyrics for myself but figured I'd share. Just what I can hear - feel free to correct me! It was hard to tell for some bits.
    It's hard to breathe
    'Cause all of us are running, running off to glory
    Are we in too deep?
    Living in the same old, same old, same old story
    Try hard just to land on our feet, off to defeat
    Hard to be in so in need, get what we need
    Hard to be stronger than we're feeling, feeling
    We're only human, ylno re'ew namuh
    We're only human, ylno re'ew namuh
    We're only human, ylno re'ew namuh
    We're only human, ylno re'ew namuh
    We're only human, gnileef er'ew naht regnorts
    It's hard to breathe
    'Cause all of us are running, running off to glory
    Are we in too deep?
    Living in the same old, same old, same old story
    Try hard just to land on our feet, off to defeat
    Hard to be in so in need, get what we need
    Hard to be stronger than we're feeling, feeling
    We're only human, ylno re'ew namuh
    We're only human, gnileef er'ew naht regnorts
    We're only human, ylno re'ew namuh
    We're only human, ylno re'ew namuh
    We're only human, ylno re'ew namuh
    We're only human, ylno re'ew namuh.

  • Rafael Morete
    Rafael Morete Year ago

    oi oi brasil big selecta woooooooooooooo

  • Brennen 009
    Brennen 009 Year ago +2

    Holy shit, please freaking play EDC LV 2018

  • ibravens10
    ibravens10 Year ago

    Love it!!

  • Sample Text
    Sample Text Year ago


  • DerWanderboy Hell


  • Daniel Šimša
    Daniel Šimša Year ago

    This is mega bomb :O I love this

  • Robin Pettersen
    Robin Pettersen Year ago

    Shit man.. i remember lifting weights at 17 at school listening to matrix & futurebound.. now 5 years later i find this.. Amazing

  • Xavier Baert
    Xavier Baert Year ago

    not bad !
    not good !

  • Sukh Virdee
    Sukh Virdee Year ago

    Not as good as their past tunes

  • Lenus309
    Lenus309 Year ago

    really niice song!!

  • danse musik
    danse musik Year ago


  • Joshy Rocks
    Joshy Rocks Year ago

    another song for play my jackson guitar!!

  • Leviathan Johnathann

    Ši no gluk

  • Matthew Blair
    Matthew Blair Year ago +2

    Absolutely magical - love you Matrix & Futurebound!!!!!

  • louis james
    louis james Year ago

    jean michel jarre would love this !!

  • Bluexenon
    Bluexenon Year ago

    Great vibes

  • LazarJ
    LazarJ Year ago +5

    I love every bit of this.

  • Tom E.
    Tom E. Year ago

    Is it just me, or does this sound a bit like their remix of "Birdy - Wild Horses"?

  • gabrielwillames
    gabrielwillames Year ago


  • NCT
    NCT Year ago +2

  • jamescrowther1234

    Nahhh not feeling it

  • Adri R
    Adri R Year ago

    Love the m&fb melodic tracks ❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • INF1NI73
    INF1NI73 Year ago +8

    Easily one of the best of 2017.

  • INF1NI73
    INF1NI73 Year ago +9

    Fucking love this one I've had it on repeat for like 20 minutes

    • INF1NI73
      INF1NI73 Year ago +1

      I'm still listening. Is it what's wrong with me or right with the music?

  • INF1NI73
    INF1NI73 Year ago

    This one is kinda beautifull I say.

  • EscapeAway___
    EscapeAway___ Year ago

    Great job Matrix :)

  • iuriius
    iuriius Year ago +2

    If you don't like it, you can skip this track. Your cap ;-)

  • Cetche
    Cetche Year ago

    Happy Alone part. 2

  • AeroSoundMusic ASM
    AeroSoundMusic ASM Year ago +2



    Sick tune !!

    VXNTY Year ago

    Vibes cool

  • DoMiNaToR
    DoMiNaToR Year ago +12

    Love feel-good dnb tunes like this

  • Maksim Ilmojarov
    Maksim Ilmojarov Year ago


  • dankmemesrus
    dankmemesrus Year ago

    Nice little mid week tune

  • SiK MUSiK
    SiK MUSiK Year ago

    matrix & future are back! nuff luv from CZ ♥

  • gtabro1337
    gtabro1337 Year ago

    There should be UKF Drum & Bass and UKF Pop Drum & Bass...

  • Chupacabra
    Chupacabra Year ago +11

    whatever you boys did to those vocals, they sound fucking dank. gorgeous voice on the vocalist certainly helped too, top stuff from matrix and futurebound!

  • saxecoburggothas UK

    Drum and Bass is dying :(

    • LazarJ
      LazarJ Year ago

      UKF community seems to complain about every track. If it's liquid dnb then it's boring, if it's neurofunk than it's just "shit", if it's something like this then it's mainstream.

    • INF1NI73
      INF1NI73 Year ago

      saxecoburggothas UK hahahahahaha

  • Dubstone
    Dubstone Year ago


  • Station Ary
    Station Ary Year ago +1

    HH reviews: (81%)
    "The obscureness brings an entreating take on dnb."

  • Becker Aviation
    Becker Aviation Year ago +3


  • Becker Aviation
    Becker Aviation Year ago

    Oh my god new Matrix & Futurebound

  • Stuntman Mike
    Stuntman Mike Year ago +2

    Awww, so pretty 😃💖

  • Liquicitizen Hatedd
    Liquicitizen Hatedd Year ago +2

    Good to hear from the lads again, top production boys! feeling kinda strange about the reverse vocal loop at the drop but hey its creativity that counts!

  • puka
    puka Year ago

    Finally I can call something "a generic song"...

  • huhndaking777
    huhndaking777 Year ago

  • derwikinger666
    derwikinger666 Year ago +3


  • MartonDnB
    MartonDnB Year ago +14

    This is fucking beautiful

    • INF1NI73
      INF1NI73 Year ago

      MartonDnB Just said the same thing lol.

    DEEPROT Year ago

    Always the best!

  • JompaMusic
    JompaMusic Year ago +13


  • Mike Díaz
    Mike Díaz Year ago +1

    Sounds kinda like Dimension's Style, some D&B artist have been using his style and using vocals from people Dimension worked with before, Dimension is amazing

    • swoffer
      swoffer Year ago

      lol, Kove worked with Raphaella before Dimension. There are only a ltd number of vox open to working with dnb artists as it's quite niche. There'll always be an overlap. and yes Culture was making dimension style dnb long before dimension

    • Ha 97
      Ha 97 Year ago

      Dimension is very good but he does copy Culture Shock a lot.

    • Mike Díaz
      Mike Díaz Year ago

      Seems someone’s jealous LOL

    • NCT
      NCT Year ago

      Mike Díaz lol educate yourself mate

    ELECTRO MOE Year ago

    This is porn for me, literally...I could wank to this if I wanted to.

  • Watcher
    Watcher Year ago

    Nice song !

  • Julio
    Julio Year ago +35

    Everything is really good beside the "reversed" vocal loop, sounds weird.

    • rhys reynolds
      rhys reynolds 10 months ago +1

      I thought it was Kurdish words?

    • Avarice
      Avarice Year ago +2


    • Blare Marketing
      Blare Marketing Year ago +3

      thats what I love about the song actually lol

    • Lefl
      Lefl Year ago +2

      It makes it special, I didn't like it at first, but it was stuck in my head the whole day and then I love it

    • Mav
      Mav Year ago

      Yeh it's not tidy.

    DANNYonPC Year ago


  • Restrain3D Nutt3R

    Dude matrix and futurebound were two of the very first artists well for DNB at least I started listening to way back and because of this banger I went back and listened to coast to coast and skyscraper again, Much love everyone

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un Year ago +32

    This song made me alive as it gave me a Seoul to feel human....

  • SWiTCH
    SWiTCH Year ago +32

    Remember Magnetic Eyes, what a fucking banger. I love these guys

    • SWiTCH
      SWiTCH Year ago

      vexmau5 smooth always had the best remixes, he did a remix of a song from Modestep's old album, can't think off the top of my head but that was lit

    • vexmau5
      vexmau5 Year ago

      McShifty033 maduks ghost assassin is phenomenal, especially the VIP. I’ve been listening to it for years now and have you listened to magnetic eyes smooth remix? If you haven’t I recommend,, it’s a little on the “heavy” side though

    • SWiTCH
      SWiTCH Year ago +1

      McShifty033 agreed, it gives you this feeling that you can't quite describe

    • McShifty033
      McShifty033 Year ago +6

      Still on my top list of favo tracks with female vocals ever. Right up there with Maduk's Ghost Assassin .

  • Wolf Wouters
    Wolf Wouters Year ago

    You guys are a bit late with the summer vibes :p

  • VaporMusic
    VaporMusic Year ago +5

    Nice vibes!

  • FuzzyCholo
    FuzzyCholo Year ago +25

    Looks like we gotta play it backwards to understand some of the chorus

    • Sublux UK
      Sublux UK Year ago +11

      Just done it, it says "Stronger than we're feeling" :)

  • bzeljn
    bzeljn Year ago

    2013 sub focus vibes, good shit

    • Michał
      Michał Year ago

      what? you're saying this shit sounds like Timewarp or Vapourise?

  • Chillout Bear
    Chillout Bear Year ago +1

    sweeeet vibes.

  • Ben Leesley
    Ben Leesley Year ago +4

    This is some nice Drum n' Liquid Neuropopultrafunkstep with onions

    • Niko
      Niko Year ago

      Proper dancefloor dnb :)

  • mAttzAxzU
    mAttzAxzU Year ago +5

    Raphaella is made to sing on DnB her voice is soooo good on it

  • bbb5468
    bbb5468 Year ago

  • James Chicks
    James Chicks Year ago +16

    Everytime they release something it's a fucking anthem man how

  • matty ainsworth
    matty ainsworth Year ago +17

    lol wtf is this, I remember when they used to make good tracks like skyscraper

    • Scynthor
      Scynthor Year ago

      Control (feat. Max Marshall)

    • Efraim Vermeulen
      Efraim Vermeulen Year ago

      like the track, but definitely not better than fire

    • Becker Aviation
      Becker Aviation Year ago

      I agree with you. I think this is their best track in many years, even better than Scatterbrain and Fire. This is like going back to their old style.

    • INF1NI73
      INF1NI73 Year ago

      The Fear Frequency lol I know.

    • INF1NI73
      INF1NI73 Year ago +3

      This is a fucking awesome track. I pity you all for not being able to enjoy it like me and so many others have/are/will.

  • Will -
    Will - Year ago +6

    M&F really know how to program dancefloor synths

  • Matrix & Futurebound
    Matrix & Futurebound Year ago +241

    Big up all the HUMANS for support! If you're not Human and reading this... it's already too late.

    • Little OG
      Little OG 9 months ago

      Im a fucking radical love spreading Human , can tell you that. And i work as a postman by the way not if its matter ;) thats just my sense of life...

    • allwillsuffer23
      allwillsuffer23 Year ago

      thank you for your music

    • Michael Redding
      Michael Redding Year ago

      Matrix & Futurebound love it !!!

    • P4nikStudios
      P4nikStudios Year ago

      You guys produced my all time favorite song Control.. So yeah Imma stay contributing 100's of listens to your tracks..

    • danse musik
      danse musik Year ago

  • Solid Phill
    Solid Phill Year ago +5

    Epic! I love you ukf drum & bass😍😘😘

  • Cinimod
    Cinimod Year ago +5

    I am only human. That is why I clicked like.

  • Mark Lund
    Mark Lund Year ago +12

    Eh. It feels cluttered, the vocals are a bit lacking in structure.

  • Tycho
    Tycho Year ago +6

    This gives me summer vibes 😍😍

  • Solid Phill
    Solid Phill Year ago


  • Solid Phill
    Solid Phill Year ago +2


  • Solid Phill
    Solid Phill Year ago


  • Floating Point Music