Bartenders Guess Who's Underage #2 | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
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    Bartenders Guess Who's Underage #2 | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 8 829

  • Ynot_44
    Ynot_44 11 hours ago


  • flora ohlberger
    flora ohlberger Day ago

    I got it all right yayy 🎉🎉🔥

  • bonbons
    bonbons Day ago

    When I was was 14 I'd be given the beer menu at restaurants😂 ironically I didnt have a single drink until I turned 22

  • Miriah Trinidad
    Miriah Trinidad Day ago +2

    When she said “Charlotte’s Web”, I just knew she was YOUNG. 💀

  • Avery Sucharski
    Avery Sucharski Day ago

    When she said "Charlotte's Web" I was like that's that shit they make you read in school lmao

  • caleb
    caleb Day ago

    i swear that guy in the hat and shorts works a gay bar no way hes not gay lmao

  • ur local hopeworldian

    kai is so hot kfiwbfhiwhivbwibvhiwbv

  • Halley Campbell
    Halley Campbell Day ago

    You should have a bartender guess what drink each person orders at the bar!

  • Vahlia Spang
    Vahlia Spang Day ago

    the 15 year old blinked lol

  • Serena
    Serena 2 days ago

    The first 2 were so obvious to me lmao wrestling games aren’t that popular anymore but I remember me and my older cousin always played them when I was young 😂 and the one with the piercings looked like a classic emo teen to me lol I had so many friends with the same look

  • Tiana Pearson
    Tiana Pearson 2 days ago

    seahorses don't age im crying

  • Kryptus
    Kryptus 2 days ago +1

    theres a 15 y/o that looks like she 19-20 and she complains theres alot of pervs like they prolly think ur 20 XD

  • Abdul M
    Abdul M 2 days ago

    That Sukh looks like that chick from orang is the new black

  • KosmicKalamity
    KosmicKalamity 3 days ago +5

    I would’ve killed to be in this I’m 14 and 6’2 lol

  • Idk x
    Idk x 3 days ago

    *_OMG 15?!?!?! TF_*

  • Savage Takis
    Savage Takis 3 days ago

    That Asian guy is fine asf

  • Poet4MyHeart
    Poet4MyHeart 3 days ago +1

    That 15 year old is “jail bait” 😂. But the way she was walking had me dead. 😂 I knew she was young as soon as she hit that walk

  • taqwa
    taqwa 3 days ago


  • Alex Baybee
    Alex Baybee 4 days ago

    I got everyone right EXCEPT the 25yr old dude with the rocker plaid pants.

  • Ash- Bob
    Ash- Bob 5 days ago

    “What are you reading right now?”
    “Charlotte’s Web”

    Not where I thought we were going 😂

  • Donna
    Donna 5 days ago

    The one in the vans😍😍😍

  • Sergio Flores
    Sergio Flores 5 days ago

    Omg that guy from Japan 🤤🤤

  • Donna
    Donna 5 days ago

    15 wtf

  • Kadeem A Thomas
    Kadeem A Thomas 5 days ago

    Fire all of them🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

  • h m
    h m 5 days ago

    jordan + kai 🥺🥺💗💗💗💗

  • a whole mess
    a whole mess 5 days ago +1

    jordan and kai were both incredibly attractive and that’s just bi culture at its finest

  • JaxonGotSauxce
    JaxonGotSauxce 5 days ago

    Y is there in EVERY vid some dude that sounds gay (dont take offense) but doesnt look like it istg that dude looks like n irish tank

  • Luzanne Gericke
    Luzanne Gericke 6 days ago

    Easiest way to tell someone is underage: nothing about their behaviour or clothes indicates they are underage. They often try very, very hard to avoid giving people a reason to question their age because they won't get what they're there for if their ID's are asked for. Once the ID is on your side, you just dress according to your personality (or time of semester/tax month).

  • Art Queen
    Art Queen 7 days ago

    Bruh that’s what 15 year olds be dressing like

  • Fuuro
    Fuuro 7 days ago

    Suhk 15

  • Ashley Prince
    Ashley Prince 8 days ago +1

    Kai is really cute😂😂

  • Dedede63
    Dedede63 8 days ago

    lol i be like going to the bar for a drink but my baby face ruins everything. i'm 21 but i don't look or act like it! D:< arrrgh so frustrating!!

  • Proper
    Proper 8 days ago

    Damn Kai Is fine af😍😍😍

  • Basic 15
    Basic 15 9 days ago


  • Hiawai
    Hiawai 10 days ago

    Marchell's a thicc boi

  • Hiawai
    Hiawai 10 days ago

    Kai is hot. What's his @?

  • Víctor Durán
    Víctor Durán 10 days ago

    you just look like you seen shit hahahaha 1:28

  • Daisy Becerra
    Daisy Becerra 11 days ago

    Shes 15 and I’m 14, I ready charlottes webb like in 3rd grade I’m now in 10th 😂

  • Veronica Salazar
    Veronica Salazar 11 days ago

    I knew right off the bat the girl with the most makeup, and the fashion nova was indeed the youngest...

  • Dolphyz
    Dolphyz 11 days ago

    the piercings girl, raises her hand for the first guy, then when the other dude asks if anyone got her wrong, she says every single one. hmmmm

  • Watch_you_fall 777
    Watch_you_fall 777 11 days ago

    3:33 I saw the quick look 👀 down my guy 😂

  • D P
    D P 12 days ago

    Impressed that the dude remembers all the moves to soulja boy haha

  • Maddie Mcphail
    Maddie Mcphail 12 days ago +2

    The guy with red plaid pants reminded me of shrek

  • Ani Sharma
    Ani Sharma 12 days ago

    i thought the 29 ur old girl is 15 and the 15 yrs old girls is 29.....

  • Frances Yoo
    Frances Yoo 12 days ago

    Hi Kai ❤❤

  • Sinn_Child _
    Sinn_Child _ 12 days ago

    4:16 That’s some damn bullshit she is not no damn 15 hell no!

  • Angelica Huber
    Angelica Huber 12 days ago

    15 year old was trying to hard. You could tell she was under age haha these bartenders suck! 😂😂

  • ac3 of spa9es
    ac3 of spa9es 12 days ago

    that 15 y/o got me,, i look like a potato i'm her age man whh

  • Lavender Goth
    Lavender Goth 13 days ago

    Whenever he said Disney was kids movies I was ready to fight I'm tryna study animation Disney movies are legitimately art, & it makes me angry when people think if something's animated it's for kids.

  • Shaelyn Hamilton
    Shaelyn Hamilton 13 days ago

    that’s a tall 15 yr old

  • Addison Bennett
    Addison Bennett 13 days ago

    I got all of them right and I’m 12

  • Lucy Suisui
    Lucy Suisui 13 days ago +1

    Y’all talking about the way the 15 year old walks but me over here is gah gah over Kai 👏🏼😏

  • natalie
    natalie 14 days ago

    the 15 year old girl raised her hand so quickly when they asked who the youngest was --

  • sulili wellcomm
    sulili wellcomm 14 days ago

    They all look older than counterpart Asians

  • whoyouare94
    whoyouare94 14 days ago

    I only got one wrong!!!

  • no name
    no name 14 days ago

    My teachers is looks like she 16

  • nell.i
    nell.i 14 days ago

    oh no hun the 15yo *that’s not it*

  • Πανγολίδας
    Πανγολίδας 14 days ago

    0:21 Is that dude a gaybar-tender?

  • Lee Ann
    Lee Ann 14 days ago

    its so funny how in germany u are allowed to drink at 16 thats the only good thing about germany

  • Lydia Holland
    Lydia Holland 14 days ago

    The 15 year old has a fake ID lmaooo