• Published on Dec 13, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018
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  • CRAZYkoolman55
    CRAZYkoolman55 29 days ago

    6000lbs machine
    alec: *sticks fingers under to put matting in*

  • Patriot Hoosier
    Patriot Hoosier 3 months ago

    It would have been cheaper to use Horse Stall Mat under that Hammer ...... $ 900.00 for those thin things .... OUCH !

  • Mr Krunch
    Mr Krunch 4 months ago

    0:32 - "we don't want to be going out shopping"
    Later on - "Hey , Will, another trip to Ace today?"

  • ORO Woodworks
    ORO Woodworks 4 months ago

    @0:25 You didn't iron your shirt collar. With all that red-hot Steele around, I figured it would be easy. ;)

  • Schlomo Shekelstein
    Schlomo Shekelstein 6 months ago +1

    how does this 20 year old kid have over a hundred thousand dollars in tools?

  • Jay M
    Jay M 7 months ago

    Can you link me that bottle jack, I could really use that. Tanks in advanced.

  • Daniel Geng
    Daniel Geng 7 months ago

    I’m almost afraid to watch this after what happened with the mill and lathe.. then I read the lawyers comment below mine... doesn’t sound good, sorry for all the issues you’ve had since you got here. I hope everything gets worked out for you ...P.S. you’re taking it much better than I would, I’d be BERZERK ! Lol

  • Doc
    Doc 8 months ago

    7:31 sounded like mario dying or grunting 😂😂

  • Devon Friesen
    Devon Friesen 8 months ago

    So i've been watching your videos for a long time now and I just realized your name is Alec, not Alex. Lol.

  • Shubhankar Choudhari
    Shubhankar Choudhari 8 months ago

    Necessity is mother of invention they said. Its true.

  • Gabriel Athero
    Gabriel Athero 9 months ago

    A full Rack of stock Material. A Way to make every Machinist happy ^^

  • Rick MacLeod
    Rick MacLeod 9 months ago

    Is bombfell just the same thing as stitch fix

  • Xenronnify
    Xenronnify 9 months ago

    "We want to be working in the shop, not out shopping..."

  • chaoticinflation
    chaoticinflation 9 months ago

    Will in the background omg

  • DJPrince2032
    DJPrince2032 9 months ago

    Alec is so positive and is the Everest of optimism it seems... but so far it seems like America is chewing this British boy up at every turn!

  • Jarrett Porst
    Jarrett Porst 9 months ago +1

    Dude, where’s the bleachers, the box seats, hot dogs, bev-cart, ticket box, maybe, just maybe the backup singers! Holly crap your one heck of an entertainer . Love watching your feed! Such a great talent!

  • valleyboy
    valleyboy 9 months ago

    Why move to the shity states ?

  • Chapo White
    Chapo White 9 months ago

    Alec handshakes have to much force lol need to calm down bro

  • A.Bruce Chauncey
    A.Bruce Chauncey 9 months ago

    Welcome to the USA. Just started watching your channel. I enjoy your work. The Damascus steel you make is phenomenal. I have been thinking about getting into knife and axe building and you have inspired me to get started. But mine will be for personal use and for the fun of it. Thanks again for your videos and inspiration.

  • bbrown6799
    bbrown6799 9 months ago

    Put the hammer on a 'housekeeping pad', basically, a concrete platform with a steel perimeter. That's how industry installs heavy equipment on a too-thin slab. Build a steel frame ~3' wide x 4' deep however tall you want. Mark out the dimensions on the existing floor, chip off the finish layer of the slab, place and anchor the frame, epoxy extra-long 1' anchor bolts for the hammer, then fill the frame with concrete. Or, you can cut the slab out, dig down, install extra extra rebar and refill the hole. There are options and you are more than capable of doing all of them yourself.

  • zoey ihey
    zoey ihey 9 months ago

    OMG your real estate agen SLAMMMED you !

  • worstgameronearth
    worstgameronearth 9 months ago

    1:55 they just casually talking as he breaks shot in the backround

  • Saki630
    Saki630 9 months ago

    Not one thing has gone good since he got his [H]istory money.

  • Diesel Wiesel
    Diesel Wiesel 9 months ago

    I know you’re always trying to learn and push yourself to be better so here’s a nice challenge... replicating the Sword of Goujian

  • Jennyvik Garcia
    Jennyvik Garcia 9 months ago

    Alex, you should check Brandon Grotty, 16 from Oklahoma,,, poised to give you a,,, RUN FOR YOUR MONEY IN BLACKSMITHING .

  • Richard Wills
    Richard Wills 9 months ago

    Installing machines the Egyptian way nice.
    You should invest in a ceiling mounted crain, they are amazing for getting huge bits of metal in place 4 cutting

  • lost in the tundra
    lost in the tundra 9 months ago again. I am surprised you did not grind a slat spot on the end of the all thread you put in the epoxy. We found it eliminated and chance of the all thread backing out after some aggressive use of the machinery it was holding down. Again, if anyone else already mentioned that, my apologies for being repetitive.

  • Agent J
    Agent J 10 months ago

    Advertising is ruining the world.

  • Madrabbit 81
    Madrabbit 81 10 months ago

    if you put metal shavings in the hole while drilling will the cut rebar

  • desmond
    desmond 10 months ago

    loyalty comments :)

  • Iowahorse
    Iowahorse 10 months ago

    Now I know why I'm a horse trainer and not a blacksmith, I can't afford my own stylist. Drats.

  • J.A. M.F
    J.A. M.F 10 months ago

    looking swanky alec, time to go get a taste of some of that american strange (avoid the ones with the florescent hair)

  • Jason Holland
    Jason Holland 10 months ago

    Bombfell right on Japan

  • Rob Houg
    Rob Houg 10 months ago

    $900 rubber God 😁

  • Derfoklishe
    Derfoklishe 10 months ago

    Bro, the ancient egyptians used that method of moving heavy things. It's literally THE most basic way to do it.

  • ياسين مكوك
    ياسين مكوك 10 months ago

    I like your channel very much. I am from Egypt

  • asd fgh
    asd fgh 10 months ago

    You paid 100 bucks for jeans?!

  • Austin Robert
    Austin Robert 10 months ago

    Can you cast 3 inch platforms to make up the missing 3 inches?

  • BiddieTube
    BiddieTube 10 months ago

    I can not imagine three inches meets any industrial building code anywhere in the USA. Downright dangerous, just think, a 8000 lb capacity forklift truck with an 8000 lb load near the ends of the forks, all the weight on both front wheels, approximate 10,000 lbs, likely much more, on each wheel. Now you move forward, stop, maneuver causing much higher instantaneous loads on the wheels. Seems to me, forklift trucks are in danger of falling through causing their loads to suddenly fall out of control.

  • xPowerdriverx
    xPowerdriverx 10 months ago

    Sorry to hear of your problem. Just goes to show, you can't trust anyone unless you have their balls in a power there's an idea....

  • GermanSheep
    GermanSheep 10 months ago

    Do you still have the Meteorite? If so melt it and then cast it into a sword or dagger just like Sokka from Avatar: The last Airbender. Or maybe make some Arrows out of it and shoot them

  • Xemerius Sieben
    Xemerius Sieben 10 months ago +1

    You are always right when using a hilti drill

  • Jonathan Beckham
    Jonathan Beckham 10 months ago

    This episode is just all Freud. Handsome young men with a giant drill. You get it.

  • streingos1
    streingos1 10 months ago

    Burst out laughing 1:58 Will dropped the ball

  • glenn5ft19
    glenn5ft19 10 months ago

    Might be a blessing in disguise. If you pour a new pad under the machine you can put in a barrier to isolate vibration travelling through the floor to the bearings in the lathe and milling machine. I worked at a shop where we had to shut down a punch press when we were using dial indicators on the lathe, because the vibration was causing the indicators to jump about 10 thousandths. It can’t be good to have the power hammer vibrating the bearings in your machine tools.

  • Roman Gillund
    Roman Gillund 10 months ago

    What company makes those vibration control mats? You almost mentioned them but then maybe it didn't make it through the edits? I need to get some.

  • Parrish Hemmeke
    Parrish Hemmeke 10 months ago

    Never heard of a 3" slab in America.

  • SqwEarl *
    SqwEarl * 10 months ago

    Just take your time and the hammer drill will cut through rebar. I do it all the time

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson 10 months ago

    That's the worst. I work for an industrial automation company and when we anchor robots, we tell our customers that if they don't want to crack their floors and end up re-teaching the robots every couple of weeks, they need 8 inches of concrete. Less than that then they should cut out and pour a new pad for the robot. This is what we tell people. The number of times I've actually ever anchored a robot on a pad that was 8 inches thick? Zero.

  • Paul Hopkins
    Paul Hopkins 10 months ago

    In the long run, this is only an issue of a bit of lost money and lost time. Cutting out the slab and pouring a new footing under the hammer isn't that big of a deal.

  • Richard A. Johnson
    Richard A. Johnson 10 months ago

    Hire an engineer maybe.

  • Richard A. Johnson
    Richard A. Johnson 10 months ago

    Awww damn.

  • Michael Budd
    Michael Budd 10 months ago

    Very envious of the new work shop. Looking great.

  • JR
    JR 10 months ago

    I haven't kept up with the videos as much, but every time i watch, i see problem after problem. What im getting at is that you've done an amazing job keeping positive and moving forward. Keep it going.

  • ajaxoz
    ajaxoz 10 months ago

    Too much ad flogging - get with it.

  • Brian Ferguson
    Brian Ferguson 10 months ago

    Boy, you guys just piss through $$$.

  • Wing Nut Bert
    Wing Nut Bert 10 months ago

    Wow. Seems like the first things you should have bought were knees pads and lube. I'd think that if 6" is good, you might as well go 10" thick. Also, I'm sure the landlord will be interested in this, as he may have paid for a 6" floor and got screwed by the builder. Also the kind of thing he may want to quietly deal with you on as it may result in some sort of code violation. And if that gets out, the city could come in and tell him the whole building foot print may need to be redone. So may be some good leverage to entice him to pay for what ever new pour is needed to keep things quiet. While at it, do remember to consider other heavy impact tools that your planning to get that may need a block poured. Better to do it all at once.

  • Mark Wladika
    Mark Wladika 10 months ago

    Welcome to 'merica.

  • Craig's Channel
    Craig's Channel 10 months ago

    For future reference you don't need a "rebar eater" I drill into concrete all the time and run into that issue all you need is a holesaw from lowes, home depot wherever, for the size hole you're drilling and simply remove the arbor...use a lot of oil and be prepared to chuck the holesaw in the garbage because of the concrete, this method has worked for me hundreds of times and has got to be cheaper than a rebar eater

  • Adam Lynch
    Adam Lynch 10 months ago

    Cut out 2m square around power hammer and pour a 200mm thick slab cast your mountings in at same time