Defying Gravity: Levitating a Car | MythBusters Jr.

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
  • Allie, Cannan, and Jesse set out to see if the humble Slinky toy actually hovered when dropped from a height. Using a series of weights and elastic mediums, their testing reaches a crescendo when they try to levitate a full-weight car!
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Comments • 544

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 18 hours ago


  • Andrew L
    Andrew L Day ago +2

    They need to call in the Slow Mo Guys

  • Hatur Norgren
    Hatur Norgren 2 days ago

    Fkin nerds

  • Carl Jhon
    Carl Jhon 2 days ago

    Person inside the car:AHHHHHHHH!!
    *Car Lands Safely*
    *Gets Crushed*

  • Philip Whiteside
    Philip Whiteside 3 days ago

    Everyone complaining about the kids, get over yourself. This is more than just for you, this is more than just Mythbusting. This is giving kids a viewpoint that even they can do science. Even if the adults do the larger ones, they're there learning, seeing what they could be doing in the future. I hate to break it to you, Adam isn't in to it for you, but for those kids, for other kids.

  • Mahmoud Elsayed
    Mahmoud Elsayed 3 days ago

    We’re is Tory and grant

  • Davil King
    Davil King 3 days ago


  • baka baka
    baka baka 4 days ago

    They did this Myth wrong. You need a exact counter weight on the other end and the rubber cord between them. Let them go on either side at the same time and you will have a very brief moment of levitation.

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 4 days ago

    i think the bungee cord looked like it faded away with thanos' snap, SPEEDED UP TO ABOUT 1 MILLISECOND!

  • Yo moms Favorite
    Yo moms Favorite 4 days ago +1

    3:18 that’s what she said 😎

  • Mustafa Kan
    Mustafa Kan 4 days ago

    the tricky thing is: they try to defy gravity...with using the gravity

  • Damiaan
    Damiaan 4 days ago

    Poor kerrr

  • Shame Is complicated

    These kids should be getting straight As in science

  • N Y G Z
    N Y G Z 5 days ago

    How bout Drake and Travis Concert

  • zac9469
    zac9469 5 days ago

    Sorry, but the kids are cringey and annoying.

  • mmichniel12
    mmichniel12 5 days ago

    this childs are anoing....

  • 신현태
    신현태 5 days ago

    줄의 길이랑 장력이 비례하고 위에 추가 있는 쪽이 줄의 길이가 더 오랫동안 지속되니까 결과적으로 합력이 줄어들죠. F=ma니까 a가 줄고 그말은 더 오랬동안 공중에 떠있다는 의미입니다.

  • Afid Dudin
    Afid Dudin 5 days ago

    Plis subscribe back

  • BreezyCoolBossatron
    BreezyCoolBossatron 5 days ago +2

    This is something Mr Beast would do

  • BreezyCoolBossatron
    BreezyCoolBossatron 5 days ago +2

    Now I see where Mr Beast got inspired

  • Romanian Productions

    They miscounted the frames, the car starts moving way earlier

  • Caleb Mitchell
    Caleb Mitchell 6 days ago

    Shouldn't this depend a lot on the spring constant of the bungee?

  • Spange_Babs
    Spange_Babs 6 days ago

    what if the weight on top is more than the car?

  • Avery Powell - Student

    from literally 5 feet up omg it levitated. me UHHHHH BRUH HIGHER

  • Evony The Magician
    Evony The Magician 6 days ago

    7.26 totally me

  • Pawel KowaleV
    Pawel KowaleV 7 days ago

    блин , лучше бы мне отдали ,суки
    деньги пропадают просто так
    и кран можно тоже отдать , нахуй он вам нужен

  • Colin BruttStruff
    Colin BruttStruff 7 days ago

    Bro not the Prelude it didnt deserve this

  • Gus Dibble
    Gus Dibble 7 days ago

    At 6:27 that looks like a distraction Chanel intro

  • 100,000 subs no video
    100,000 subs no video 8 days ago +1

    wow humans finally made flying cars

  • TheMinorGamer // ShawnTMG

    I feel bad for the Honda Prelude

    DJKOOLKAT 8 days ago

    kids in africa could have drank that water wasted water

  • Bloodline Gaming
    Bloodline Gaming 8 days ago

    a little bit of explanation really should have been said... for instance that the reason the car is "levitating" is because of the tension still on the bungee after the initial release until it gets close enough to the car that the tension is no longer there and it falls faster and faster. the reason the weight at the top makes it better is because it is falling way slower making the bungee take way longer to release the tension and let the car fall faster. its the same thing for a human who is bungee jumping, if a human lets say cut the bungee as he or she was at the peak of the decent then their speed would be lowered enough so that the force pulling you to the ground is the same force pulling you up and at that moment you are safe as long as the ground is close, however lets say the bungee was cut at the top, well then the force of the bungee pulling you up would still be there until the bungee released all of its potential energy so you would "levitate" if only for just a few milliseconds

  • lan anh Nguyen
    lan anh Nguyen 9 days ago

    Boom! 6:25

  • miguel salazar
    miguel salazar 9 days ago

    Litraly in my mind I was like it's probably going to be 50 ms longer I was wright

  • Korban Candee
    Korban Candee 9 days ago

    car is dead 6:25

  • XxDemonicGamer
    XxDemonicGamer 9 days ago

    That was fun to watch. Don't worry about the haters.

  • Champion Luvah
    Champion Luvah 9 days ago

    No! Not the Prelude! You monsters!!

  • Haley Bean
    Haley Bean 9 days ago

    This is really stupid it’s going to take a little bit for something to hit the ground if it’s in the air that doesn’t mean it’s levitating. I like some of their videos but this one is stupid

  • Zweideutigkeit
    Zweideutigkeit 10 days ago

    why dont they use like a golf ball and and top the use this water thing

  • Aaron Abbie
    Aaron Abbie 10 days ago

    never should have gotten rid of this show. GOD THIS IS SO EPIC

  • NobyGaming
    NobyGaming 10 days ago

    mmmhahahahaha we totally just crushed a car

  • SchizoidApollo
    SchizoidApollo 10 days ago

    So why is none of the crew wearing hard hats? They are all in the danger zone with a crane in the air. It's not required but if one person has one, everyone else should too.

  • Ninja Master
    Ninja Master 11 days ago +1

    3:15 It’s not levitating it’s just lagging

  • David
    David 11 days ago +1

    146 milli seconds. That's a flaw XD this result was a busted on other subjects because is just so little it doesn't matter.

  • Wolcott Project
    Wolcott Project 11 days ago

    I'll take some of those free falls. Can't beat free

    2:45 I think Adam has some Mythbuster PTSD going on right there.

  • Wearepricester
    Wearepricester 11 days ago

    Why dont they speak of inertia and referential acceleration frames?

  • Wearepricester
    Wearepricester 11 days ago +2

    Why dont they actually investigate the physics of the situation and talk about the levitation effect being directly related to the k value of the spring.

    • kelly Ramos17
      kelly Ramos17 8 days ago

      Wearepricester they probably do in the full version of the episodes. These are just shortened for USclip

  • TheLegend 27
    TheLegend 27 11 days ago

    2:19 sounded like he was reading from a script

  • Ezlor Jandrei Aqui
    Ezlor Jandrei Aqui 11 days ago

    They wasted so much water

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 11 days ago

    These kids are stupid

  • Phil Morton
    Phil Morton 11 days ago

    Bring back mythbusters!

  • Mr Unicorn
    Mr Unicorn 13 days ago +2

    I don't understand what they were trying to achieve by just dropping a car

  • SansYT15
    SansYT15 14 days ago

    Where is jamie?

  • Fox,Cat, And Wolf -Wildgals

    Dislikes are 666..............

  • Datcoolawesome Vlog
    Datcoolawesome Vlog 14 days ago

    Oh no my mums car!

  • Sean Sopata
    Sean Sopata 14 days ago

    Its good that they got some adults to oversee Adam

  • Krisztián Fekete
    Krisztián Fekete 14 days ago +1

    Jamie would have never approved that overly complicated quick wonder it failed

  • ThE DiMZ_
    ThE DiMZ_ 15 days ago


  • Duck Face
    Duck Face 15 days ago

    6:27 lol

    JUAN DING 15 days ago

    Is a VTEC Honda Prelude

  • Kalarau Takari
    Kalarau Takari 16 days ago

    *Thats alot Of Damage*

  • the noob ish gamer
    the noob ish gamer 16 days ago

    Now the real question is can they make a hover car?

  • Saul Mena
    Saul Mena 17 days ago

    Doesn't mythbusters have smart people anywhere. Put smarter kidsss👏👏

  • mixwell1983
    mixwell1983 18 days ago +1

    I like Mythbuster Jr better than the new hosts. I am guessing that one tanked because there were only like 6 episodes and no new ones in over a year.
    I will take Adam and kids over the other 2 hosts personally. None is as good as the og but at least there are new episodes.

  • Not Artist
    Not Artist 19 days ago

    *if someone disliked this then they are t series*

  • Destroyer995
    Destroyer995 20 days ago +2

    At least we know that car is a HONDA

  • Bradley Mathie
    Bradley Mathie 20 days ago +2

    Yea scrap or drop the kids...
    Hell just host it yourself without them....
    Sick off people trying to make kids look like adults or empowering them.
    Myth busters is finally busted

  • Player 1
    Player 1 20 days ago

    Me-"A potato flying in my room..."
    "A potato levitating in my room..."

  • Mustafa Sheikh
    Mustafa Sheikh 20 days ago


  • Michael Randol
    Michael Randol 20 days ago

    One hell of a welt that snap would leave lol

  • FernandØ Barraza
    FernandØ Barraza 21 day ago

    Man rip car

  • Buk Buk
    Buk Buk 21 day ago +1

    *flying cars had existed*

  • Zac R
    Zac R 21 day ago

    Poor honda prelude

  • P R
    P R 21 day ago +1

    The car never defeated gravity, it was being pulled up by the elastic band while water tank was accelerating more than 1G

  • prime roter
    prime roter 21 day ago

    6:26 when bass drop too hardd... hahaa

    KONO DIO DA 22 days ago

    Hgravity kills you

  • Yevgeni Alexis Torres
    Yevgeni Alexis Torres 22 days ago

    What about a tank

  • druxfilms
    druxfilms 22 days ago

    RIP prelude press F for respects...

  • Crazy custom drawings SJ

    Just saying kangaroos difine gravity

  • Sander Lippa
    Sander Lippa 22 days ago

    *i'm not really good at math but we just crushed a car*

  • Toxic Drawz
    Toxic Drawz 22 days ago

    *Me* Hey guys do you want to come over
    *My Friend* sure!
    *a few minutes later*
    *Me* Hey what do you want to do?
    *Friend* hmmm oh I have an idea let’s drop a car from a crane so we can see if it levitates and then grab another car and put it on a crane and drop it on the other car and see if it levitates!
    *Me* I have weird friends...

    Jk don’t do this at home but This is amazing!

  • saitama berabera
    saitama berabera 22 days ago

    the car was higher up in the last clip

  • Cute Doge
    Cute Doge 22 days ago

    Rip Car

  • Cousin Bryan
    Cousin Bryan 22 days ago

    I love this experiment! :-)

  • Aydenn Deck
    Aydenn Deck 23 days ago

    You should see if the insect glue could stop a car

  • Chaos: International
    Chaos: International 23 days ago


    things dont fall instantly..........

    THE CRAZY FOURS 23 days ago +1

    “You know what’s cooler than dropping a car? Dropping a car twice.”

  • Zombies_play
    Zombies_play 23 days ago

    when you say a cus word in front of your parents 6:26

  • Sudarshan Lahoti
    Sudarshan Lahoti 23 days ago

    These guys must be stinking rich!

  • AnotherTargaryen
    AnotherTargaryen 23 days ago +1

    I really hope they’re doing mythbusters jr to see if people are still interested in mythbusters, to potentially bring it back.

  • Dulal Hansda
    Dulal Hansda 23 days ago

    I think the release should have been done at end near the car not the other way around, the rubber pushed it or else it would have stayed in air for longer

    • Emery Seyller
      Emery Seyller 23 days ago +1

      Dulal Hansda wow you must have a degree in physics

  • Allenuknown
    Allenuknown 23 days ago

    this blondie is mad annoying yall no cap

  • Charlie Talks
    Charlie Talks 24 days ago +2

    That's kind of obvious isn't it

  • betterthanboss
    betterthanboss 24 days ago

    This is not a myth, its in every physics textbook ever.

  • xXKnockDownClan_Official !

    lol hard hats ain’t gonna help from a dropping car

  • Giankulis
    Giankulis 24 days ago

    Music at 6:35?

  • Samuel Gutiérrez
    Samuel Gutiérrez 24 days ago

    Kids in africa im i a joke to you

  • Martin tsuno
    Martin tsuno 24 days ago

    all of us saving up water and they are are wasting it

  • Jason Plays
    Jason Plays 24 days ago +4

    Jackass did this if you remember wee man bungee jumping of a bridge tied to Preston

  • only257
    only257 24 days ago