Defying Gravity: Levitating a Car | MythBusters Jr.

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
  • Allie, Cannan, and Jesse set out to see if the humble Slinky toy actually hovered when dropped from a height. Using a series of weights and elastic mediums, their testing reaches a crescendo when they try to levitate a full-weight car!
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Comments • 583

  • Rizal Pahlevi
    Rizal Pahlevi Day ago

    Want longer levitating? Use rubber or coil that have more stress power.. the more stress power it have the longer its..

    DANNY M 2 days ago

    Dude I don't know why but adam Savage is my favorite human ever

  • intoxicatedmyself
    intoxicatedmyself 8 days ago

    I sure hope they put that crane out of service. Shock loaded it so bad the hook block SMASHED into the boom.... Should have used a bigger crane. Not a 20 ton......

  • finbob5
    finbob5 8 days ago


  • Lemon Pep
    Lemon Pep 8 days ago +1

    One peice fans will get this

    It looks cool

  • Alonso Herrera
    Alonso Herrera 9 days ago

    rip car.😥😥

  • tropicaljf
    tropicaljf 10 days ago

    Mario Kart vs Thwomp

  • BillyMacWraps
    BillyMacWraps 11 days ago

    "I'm not really good with math, but we just crushed a car"
    Classic 🤣🤣

  • Caolan Phillips
    Caolan Phillips 17 days ago

    6:26 that was the most amazing thing I've ever seen

  • Vqll3
    Vqll3 17 days ago

    It's possible, the rubber just need more pull and stretch longer

  • Cristián Escobedo Del Castillo

    The good thing about mithbusters was how real it felt. It will never be the same to substitute real engineers and experimenters with kids with cringy scripts

  • RapidFireRocket
    RapidFireRocket 26 days ago

    "Dropping shit from high up"

  • AK1L35H
    AK1L35H 27 days ago

    I hate that middle kid

  • Nicholas Mulholland
    Nicholas Mulholland 27 days ago +1

    I’m a simple man: I see Adam Savage and I click.

  • Urabouy
    Urabouy 28 days ago

    These kids are so cringy but i love this show too much

  • Bailey Graf Beasley
    Bailey Graf Beasley 29 days ago

    The truck said bailey on it 0:31 and my name is bailey

  • the truth90
    the truth90 Month ago

    6 tonnes the car weights 1.2 tonne and 1000 litres of water weights 1 tonnes so 2.2 tonnes estimate, the people that do this show really need to do there maths properly 🤔 to say they do these myths you would think they could estimate properly or was they just saying it to make it more interesting or summat either way its make you look a bit of a donut.....

  • edoggz20111
    edoggz20111 Month ago

    I rather have The REAL Mythbusters.

  • Antimatt3r
    Antimatt3r Month ago

    The upper weight hast to be the same of the car times 9.81 in order to cancel out the gravity force

  • Phillip Mcelraft
    Phillip Mcelraft Month ago

    child labor, endangerment lol

  • wasabi boi
    wasabi boi Month ago

    y’all don’t understand that this show is aimed at kids. it’s not trying to be the original show. if you’re like 15+ years old you’re not supposed to like it lmao. this encourages kids to do science and learn, and that’s all we can really ask for in my opinion.

  • iScrewdle
    iScrewdle Month ago

    They should test if you could use a magnet to make something levitate

  • Geogy Akimov
    Geogy Akimov Month ago

    Бедный прелюд

  • painted mean
    painted mean Month ago

    It straight up smashed the top of the car

  • tirawasun
    tirawasun Month ago

    I'm starting to think their English is as bad as their physics. First, it did not defy gravity as it is falling downwards as soon as the lifting force is removed. At 3:12 and 6:42 you can see it's dropping downwards even though the latter is slightly less visible. Secondly, this is by no means called levitation and it is known as Suspension. Thirdly, why is the second test has the car suspended higher than the first one, the suspension height should have stayed constant or else the data of the experiment would lose its credibility.

  • Dauniverse
    Dauniverse Month ago +1

    4:14 that isn't even remotely funny.

  • Dengo o
    Dengo o Month ago

    It didn't dropped at the same distance!

  • Neo Rose
    Neo Rose Month ago

    When Jesse said that you'd drop a car from a crane; I thought you were going to cause and earthquake!!😆😂

  • Shion Moon
    Shion Moon Month ago

    You know what's better? Fill it up with gasoline and give fire instrumen at the bottom..
    Plus said..
    "I thought it was water tank"
    at the end

  • Clout Kyngg
    Clout Kyngg Month ago

    When the car came down it looked like final destination

  • Clare Fain
    Clare Fain Month ago

    I at first thought the kid was going to get in the car when the car dropped

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Month ago +1

    Kids in Africa could’ve drank that water

  • Chuckfist
    Chuckfist Month ago

    Thee episodes with the kids are really boring. Also the experiment seems pretty stupid snd pointless.

  • Victor Beltran
    Victor Beltran Month ago

    I didn’t find the point of this tbh

  • JGPlays2k
    JGPlays2k Month ago

    Rip Honda prelude

  • MashFM
    MashFM Month ago

    "several thousand pounds"
    How much do they think a stripped out prelude weighs? 😂
    Be lucky if that car weighed more than 2500 pounds

  • Abdulrahman Al sulaiti

    It’s Like Thor Smashing Thanos 6:30 7:30

  • no u
    no u Month ago

    I like how the first one went down because the bungee hated the car

  • Mithaq
    Mithaq Month ago

    6:26 you are welcome

  • Maika Boquiren
    Maika Boquiren Month ago

    I don't even see anything interesting in this video.

  • UltimateShowOver
    UltimateShowOver Month ago

    *drops car*
    Kids: whooaaaaa it’s literally just cause
    Car explodes:


  • Joe Chang
    Joe Chang Month ago

    The first person to do a double slit experiment in vacuum, prove there is no light wave in vacuum space, can win a Nobel and change the history.

    Put the slits and screen on the walls of a square glass container. Point a laser beam on the slits, video the light wave interference on the screen. Then vacuum the container, video the interference disappear and left two bright lines on the screen as if light act as particle.

    In fact, light is not wave nor particle, light is vibrating electrostatic force carry by vibrating electrons/atoms.

    Please make sure the slits and the screen are on the inside of the container walls. Nothing is between the slits and screen. No air, no glass, only empty space.

  • Steven Paige
    Steven Paige Month ago

    Totally thought it worked untill I realized the hook malfunctioned

  • HailothGaming
    HailothGaming Month ago

    That Bungee came down so fast the roof of the car couldn’t even withstand it, just got caved in.

  • Jesse ybarra
    Jesse ybarra Month ago

    0:53 is that an iron man reference

  • Lethal Zedzters
    Lethal Zedzters Month ago

    Levitate a human? Maybe.

  • Chris McCormack
    Chris McCormack Month ago

    So, Mythbusters Jr., is that a new show replacing the old Mythbusters, or am I watching an old special recently uploaded?

  • blind sense057
    blind sense057 Month ago

    7:26 what does math have to do with Crushing the car tho?

  • Andrew Ziegler
    Andrew Ziegler Month ago

    Poor prelude😕

  • Basically Yes
    Basically Yes Month ago +1

    2nd drop looked like it was facked because it was so cool

  • Steven T
    Steven T Month ago

    Its not defying gravity, just affirming inertia.

  • Thaertios
    Thaertios Month ago

    you could have just done this with a slinky lol

  • Aharxn
    Aharxn Month ago

    This video makes me love my prelude even more 😖😢

  • XxD4RK AL13NxX
    XxD4RK AL13NxX Month ago +1


  • Purple Grey
    Purple Grey Month ago

    Can I have the car maybe i can still fix it and be my first daily car

  • Cruzredeye
    Cruzredeye Month ago

    Ruined that prelude

  • Conner Manning
    Conner Manning Month ago

    Rip the original mythbusters

  • Idin Ramli
    Idin Ramli Month ago

    poor prelude

  • Classic arts
    Classic arts Month ago

    The right car side comparison is higher than left wtf is this vid

    • Gregory Orville
      Gregory Orville Month ago

      No actually they started counting when the car starts to drop, not when they touched the land

  • fastlife 420
    fastlife 420 Month ago

    better used that old truck and not that prelude :(

  • Louie Anderson
    Louie Anderson Month ago +1

    Chopped the car in a half my ass. That's an old Honda, and old Honda's never die, remember that. By the way, you should take out the H22 first.

  • Glowstone Lion
    Glowstone Lion Month ago +1

    Well the weight was not spread out like the car

  • N0va123
    N0va123 Month ago

    i missed buster driving the car with dead pigs on the backseats to the the bunjee power

  • Jasmine Galloway
    Jasmine Galloway Month ago

    the car did not hover over gravite

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen Month ago


  • Andrew L
    Andrew L Month ago +6

    They need to call in the Slow Mo Guys

  • Hatur Norgren
    Hatur Norgren Month ago

    Fkin nerds

  • Carl Jhon
    Carl Jhon Month ago +1

    Person inside the car:AHHHHHHHH!!
    *Car Lands Safely*
    *Gets Crushed*

    • FiXup.
      FiXup. Month ago

      Nobody liked ur comment. Cry. Nah jk i will give a like.

  • Philip Whiteside
    Philip Whiteside Month ago

    Everyone complaining about the kids, get over yourself. This is more than just for you, this is more than just Mythbusting. This is giving kids a viewpoint that even they can do science. Even if the adults do the larger ones, they're there learning, seeing what they could be doing in the future. I hate to break it to you, Adam isn't in to it for you, but for those kids, for other kids.

  • Mahmoud Elsayed
    Mahmoud Elsayed Month ago

    We’re is Tory and grant

  • Davil King
    Davil King Month ago


  • baka baka
    baka baka 2 months ago

    They did this Myth wrong. You need a exact counter weight on the other end and the rubber cord between them. Let them go on either side at the same time and you will have a very brief moment of levitation.

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 2 months ago

    i think the bungee cord looked like it faded away with thanos' snap, SPEEDED UP TO ABOUT 1 MILLISECOND!

  • Yo moms Favorite
    Yo moms Favorite 2 months ago +1

    3:18 that’s what she said 😎

  • Mustafa Kan
    Mustafa Kan 2 months ago

    the tricky thing is: they try to defy gravity...with using the gravity

  • Damiaan
    Damiaan 2 months ago

    Poor kerrr

  • Shame Is complicated
    Shame Is complicated 2 months ago

    These kids should be getting straight As in science

  • N Y G Z
    N Y G Z 2 months ago

    How bout Drake and Travis Concert

  • zac9469
    zac9469 2 months ago

    Sorry, but the kids are cringey and annoying.

  • mmichniel12
    mmichniel12 2 months ago

    this childs are anoing....

  • 신현태
    신현태 2 months ago

    줄의 길이랑 장력이 비례하고 위에 추가 있는 쪽이 줄의 길이가 더 오랫동안 지속되니까 결과적으로 합력이 줄어들죠. F=ma니까 a가 줄고 그말은 더 오랬동안 공중에 떠있다는 의미입니다.

  • Afid Dudin
    Afid Dudin 2 months ago

    Plis subscribe back

  • BreezyCoolBossatron
    BreezyCoolBossatron 2 months ago +4

    This is something Mr Beast would do

  • BreezyCoolBossatron
    BreezyCoolBossatron 2 months ago +2

    Now I see where Mr Beast got inspired

  • Romanian Productions
    Romanian Productions 2 months ago

    They miscounted the frames, the car starts moving way earlier

  • Caleb Mitchell
    Caleb Mitchell 2 months ago

    Shouldn't this depend a lot on the spring constant of the bungee?

  • Spange_Babs
    Spange_Babs 2 months ago

    what if the weight on top is more than the car?

  • Avery Powell - Student
    Avery Powell - Student 2 months ago

    from literally 5 feet up omg it levitated. me UHHHHH BRUH HIGHER

  • Some Magician
    Some Magician 2 months ago

    7.26 totally me

  • Pawel KowaleV
    Pawel KowaleV 2 months ago

    блин , лучше бы мне отдали ,суки
    деньги пропадают просто так
    и кран можно тоже отдать , нахуй он вам нужен

  • Colin BruttStruff
    Colin BruttStruff 2 months ago

    Bro not the Prelude it didnt deserve this

  • Gus Dibble
    Gus Dibble 2 months ago

    At 6:27 that looks like a distraction Chanel intro

  • 100,000 subs no video
    100,000 subs no video 2 months ago +1

    wow humans finally made flying cars

  • TheMinorGamer // ShawnTMG

    I feel bad for the Honda Prelude

    DJKOOLKAT 2 months ago

    kids in africa could have drank that water wasted water

  • Bloodline Gaming
    Bloodline Gaming 2 months ago

    a little bit of explanation really should have been said... for instance that the reason the car is "levitating" is because of the tension still on the bungee after the initial release until it gets close enough to the car that the tension is no longer there and it falls faster and faster. the reason the weight at the top makes it better is because it is falling way slower making the bungee take way longer to release the tension and let the car fall faster. its the same thing for a human who is bungee jumping, if a human lets say cut the bungee as he or she was at the peak of the decent then their speed would be lowered enough so that the force pulling you to the ground is the same force pulling you up and at that moment you are safe as long as the ground is close, however lets say the bungee was cut at the top, well then the force of the bungee pulling you up would still be there until the bungee released all of its potential energy so you would "levitate" if only for just a few milliseconds

  • lan anh Nguyen
    lan anh Nguyen 2 months ago

    Boom! 6:25

  • miguel salazar
    miguel salazar 2 months ago

    Litraly in my mind I was like it's probably going to be 50 ms longer I was wright

  • Korban Candee
    Korban Candee 2 months ago

    car is dead 6:25

  • XxDemonicGamer
    XxDemonicGamer 2 months ago

    That was fun to watch. Don't worry about the haters.