Match Stick Rockets in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Apr 7, 2015
  • Gav and Dan take a giant leap into rocket science. It goes ok.
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    Filmed on a Phantom Flex at 2500fps
    Match Stick Rockets in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Andrew Moran
    Andrew Moran Month ago

    The best reaction to that rocket!! Can't wait for planet slow!

  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez 2 months ago

    *BIG LIGHTER* _small rocket_

  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez 2 months ago


  • HuntyeahFTW
    HuntyeahFTW 5 months ago

    I just realized that tkor has almost the same subs as the slow mo guys

  • Paul Cronin
    Paul Cronin 6 months ago

    Grants video- "don't shoot these at people"
    SloMo Guys- "maybe we should get you in the in face with one" 😂😂

  • Adam Mullarkey
    Adam Mullarkey 7 months ago

    True, the rocket didn't hit your eye - but the goggles did. Newton's cradle-style.

  • Blyat Master
    Blyat Master 7 months ago

    Looks like a joint in the thumbnail

  • msalis1
    msalis1 11 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Ethan TimeTraveler

    2:17 this a scene from slowzilla

  • jujitsuman68
    jujitsuman68 Year ago

    if that went up your nose dan. lol

  • Naval Kishore Barthwal

    So this video marks for the initialization of drink contract...

    TSAR BOMBA Year ago

    do more

  • Tom Scholtens
    Tom Scholtens Year ago

    Video sponsored by famous anus

  • Logan Short
    Logan Short Year ago

    I am ten if he sees me then can he get me a root beer

  • Tae Vlogs
    Tae Vlogs Year ago

    Gotta blast !!!

  • Alana Perry
    Alana Perry Year ago

    Gav, Your concentration face is Owen Wilson?

  • An C
    An C Year ago

    Dan's never had Famous Amos? whaaaaaat

  • Scotty
    Scotty Year ago

    1:25 me when I first played KSP.

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla Year ago

    Rare footage of Nasa attacking a giant

  • bridalthread 857
    bridalthread 857 Year ago

    he I watch both The kingofrandom and the slo mo guys

  • Slapper 360
    Slapper 360 Year ago

    So basically dan can buy me a meal from Wendy's

    NINNO 2 years ago

    the "iron warship" add had so many problems and could get in trouble for copyright to battlestations:pacific

  • The RGB Gamer 071
    The RGB Gamer 071 2 years ago

    I could rate 9/10, but nah, 9/11. Gud job gaiys

  • LifeIzBoring78
    LifeIzBoring78 2 years ago

    that X-Ray & Vav hoodie tho

  • Fat Bastard
    Fat Bastard 2 years ago

    looks like a joint

  • Inner System Inbound
    Inner System Inbound 2 years ago

    looked like a joint in the thumbnail

  • Jarrad Ghent
    Jarrad Ghent 2 years ago +1

    One day you guys should be like
    Gavin: Hi, I'm Dan.
    Dan: I'm Gav.
    And just carry on like nothing happened.

  • Bill Spence
    Bill Spence 2 years ago

    2.32 look at that downs face

  • Moveed A
    Moveed A 2 years ago

    Lucky for him he wore gogglez.

  • United Human Cells
    United Human Cells 2 years ago

    That is my favorite slo-mo vido.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 2 years ago +1

    Yes,were all thinking the same thing

  • Aisha Love
    Aisha Love 2 years ago

    2:28 it could have gone up his nose! :P

  • Williamhughjones Will
    Williamhughjones Will 2 years ago

    wow you guys each grand tomsan

    • Yo Boi
      Yo Boi 2 years ago

      Williamhughjones Will Grant Thompson*

    • Yo Boi
      Yo Boi 2 years ago

      Williamhughjones Will Grant Thomason

  • Nam
    Nam 2 years ago

    try slow rotating drill

    • Yo Boi
      Yo Boi 2 years ago

      Nam gà no

  • Arthur Mermet
    Arthur Mermet 2 years ago

    They are gay?

    • WelshGrey
      WelshGrey 2 years ago +1

      The rumour come out: Does Gav and Dan is gay?

  • Fangame Empire
    Fangame Empire 2 years ago +2

    America if North Korea attacks...
    "You are so annoying!"

  • An fear Skuzzy Games
    An fear Skuzzy Games 2 years ago +2

    ive been watching these vids for 9 hours.

  • Tsubasa Ozu
    Tsubasa Ozu 2 years ago +54

    They basically replicated a North Korean weapons test.

    • mayte
      mayte 2 years ago +1

      Betta fish are awesome
      They actually hit Dan, so it's not even close to a North Korean rocket test

    • Sabaku no Becca
      Sabaku no Becca 2 years ago

      Betta fish are awesome SHIIIIIIT YOU'RE RIGHT AHHHHH 'runs into bedroom and hides under bed'

    • Fangame Empire
      Fangame Empire 2 years ago +1


  • chuff_chaser 11
    chuff_chaser 11 2 years ago

    It's amazing how fast our brain precepts danger towards ourselves especially closing our eyes. Dans eyes started to close about halfway between the launch and impact.

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson 2 years ago

    I love how Dan has just stopped trying to wear the lab coat correctly

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 2 years ago +1

    Famous ANUS?!

  • Zachary Rodman
    Zachary Rodman 2 years ago +2

    Well done! Coolest thing I have seen in the last several minutes or so.

    • Jason Fehr
      Jason Fehr 2 years ago

      Zachary Rodman haha the life of USclip eh

  • Nati H
    Nati H 2 years ago

    Dan's face in the slo mo!

  • JOBO
    JOBO 2 years ago +1


  • Branden Wedge
    Branden Wedge 2 years ago +1

    more like an old band joke famous anus XD

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 2 years ago


  • Terri Lynn
    Terri Lynn 2 years ago +2

    OmG this was so funny.

  • Dave Salisbury
    Dave Salisbury 2 years ago +2

    This is awesome?

  • Lwdawg 538
    Lwdawg 538 2 years ago


  • legolover2005
    legolover2005 2 years ago +4

    0:28 and Dan does it all with his iPhone in his pocket

    • Fangame Empire
      Fangame Empire 2 years ago +4

      America if North Korea attacks...
      "You are so annoying!"

  • Seth Hall
    Seth Hall 2 years ago

    that's so crazy that it has a smoke trail and everything. like a real rocket!

  • Luca Girault
    Luca Girault 2 years ago

    +grantthompson, you are the boss

  • Ghela Hernandez
    Ghela Hernandez 2 years ago


  • Anthony Gaddy
    Anthony Gaddy 2 years ago

    Ohhhh my god I subscribe you both!

    OMEGA 2 years ago

    а я какашка

  • Boticket 876
    Boticket 876 2 years ago

    did he just say famous anus

  • Trey Schmolke
    Trey Schmolke 2 years ago

    You should make more of this

  • andrew rowlands
    andrew rowlands 2 years ago

    Omg I thought he said famous anus

  • Sami tube 3548
    Sami tube 3548 2 years ago


  • Dinohunterx
    Dinohunterx 2 years ago

    What if he don't have gogles :o

  • Banana Slice gameing
    Banana Slice gameing 3 years ago

    Im thinking the space jam and a computer voice saying head SHOT!

  • RamirezHD
    RamirezHD 3 years ago

    Awesome, I was wondering if your neighbor, the one that lives in the brick house 1:53 , knows the stuff you guys do...

  • Lauren Henriques
    Lauren Henriques 3 years ago

    do a video of a tongue clickingn

  • kanehunter23
    kanehunter23 3 years ago


  • Soumith Oohs
    Soumith Oohs 3 years ago +1

    It's you SAW it not you SEE'D it

  • abdusb
    abdusb 3 years ago


  • Seth Wiltshire
    Seth Wiltshire 3 years ago

    nice cookie box

  • Seth Wiltshire
    Seth Wiltshire 3 years ago

    nice cookie box

  • ShadowEcto
    ShadowEcto 3 years ago

    u should light multiple at once :O

  • TSCF Films
    TSCF Films 3 years ago

    That stick rocket is still in orbit, along with the spoon and the legos from banger week

  • James Lepore
    James Lepore 3 years ago

    I could have watched mini rockets for hours and they barely showed enough to wet my whistle. Sad.

  • James Lepore
    James Lepore 3 years ago

    I could have watched mini rockets for hours and they barely showed enough to wet my whistle. Sad.

  • Tim-J.Swan
    Tim-J.Swan 3 years ago +2


  • Sung Mcgee
    Sung Mcgee 3 years ago

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  • TheRiceFields
    TheRiceFields 3 years ago

    Damn, Famous Amos are some good ass cookies, though.

  • YoaiTraash
    YoaiTraash 3 years ago

    you shouldve added star wars music to the first shot

  • GreyBeard29
    GreyBeard29 3 years ago

    Gavin's lab coat looks like it says "gay" now and again from certain angles

  • Woody's Dronography
    Woody's Dronography 3 years ago

    hahaha. awesome

  • Sugarblob !
    Sugarblob ! 3 years ago

    I accually watched the match rocket video and then saw this!!!

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill 3 years ago

    Dan is willing to do anything

  • Ankumo Bear
    Ankumo Bear 3 years ago

    Gav`s coat label looks like Gay, when that place is crumpled :D No offense, but meh~

  • Yrgovhail Guiles
    Yrgovhail Guiles 3 years ago

    I'll just have a Dr.Pepper and A nice chat with Dan the man.

  • Mr.A_Name
    Mr.A_Name 3 years ago

    that face at 2:30 was worth the like

  • TheBensonB0y
    TheBensonB0y 3 years ago

    Yay! King of Random!

  • フォックス - Foxartsy

    these mini rockets go to SPACE!!!^_^

  • Lovato Love
    Lovato Love 3 years ago

    Is it weird that I thought this was adorable?
    The tiny little Rocket was so cute.

  • Jordan Teasdale
    Jordan Teasdale 3 years ago

    I Love Dan and Gav... but sometimes it seems like Gavin is really a dick to Daniel. Like, not fake for the camera but really... I hope it's actually mutual cause honestly, Daniel is what MAKES these videos.

  • Indigo Lily
    Indigo Lily 3 years ago

    OMG! It went straight for the eye. Thank God he was wearing goggles. 😨

  • Molly Hughes
    Molly Hughes 3 years ago

    Hello you are write

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins 3 years ago

    Gavin always trys to kill dan, for why i ask

  • iodineclip
    iodineclip 3 years ago

    can these rockets burst a balloon ?

  • DonnieHoWaRd0889
    DonnieHoWaRd0889 3 years ago

    Do water being frozen by nitrogen

  • J Rivett
    J Rivett 3 years ago

    how do you do that

  • Jeff Deff
    Jeff Deff 3 years ago

    You guys should've fired off a ton a a time, hwacha style.

  • Fenn Rau
    Fenn Rau 3 years ago


  • Daniel Bosch
    Daniel Bosch 3 years ago

    I made these rockets like a month ago!

  • Evolved Nova
    Evolved Nova 3 years ago


  • Travis Chapman
    Travis Chapman 3 years ago


  • sleetskate
    sleetskate 3 years ago

    famous anus lol

  • Stephen jackson
    Stephen jackson 3 years ago

    it looks like a joint