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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  6 months ago +4373

    What are your thoughts?

    • Miguel Sanchez
      Miguel Sanchez 17 days ago

      Talk 10% less attention grabbing shit... And you can call it a day

    • Denz Sumaylo
      Denz Sumaylo 19 days ago

      Skepticism at best..
      Continue UT..

    • adyh2003
      adyh2003 Month ago

      Great video, great channel, TERRIBLE HOST, I couldn't put a hand on your throat to put some pressure there and I could not put a boot in your balls, but I wish I could've. Dislike! cause Lame! button was not invented yet....

    • WheatleyOS
      WheatleyOS Month ago

      Mad respect for Apple for the way they treated the situation for once.

  • torq
    torq 2 days ago

    It's like I'm watching the Keemstar of tech news

  • Hart Dr
    Hart Dr 6 days ago

    What kind of badly edited shit is this interview? Unbox therapy guy is annoying and doesnt even let Dave2D finish.

  • RedRum
    RedRum 10 days ago

    I think I need to upgrade....

  • Jim Lee
    Jim Lee 13 days ago

    is he asian???????

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh 14 days ago

    4:53 Dave be like stfu man ! let me speak ....

  • Tim Cook
    Tim Cook 14 days ago


  • TheArtShow
    TheArtShow 14 days ago

    I’m not really sure what this video is supposed to be about. Every time Dave was going to answer a question you just cut him off and said something rude. I wanted to hear more about the story but by the end of the video it just seemed like you brought him on the show to shit all over his opinions because your upset about what he’s saying about your new useless laptop you over payed for. I usually like your videos but this was a little pathetic


    I'd say Apple and it's products are as good as the interview and the interviewer in this video. Hot garbage. Apple customer service is also hot garbage.

  • Jose Milian
    Jose Milian 16 days ago

    feels like I'm right where i started.

  • Shibin Babu
    Shibin Babu 16 days ago

    Man apple is trying to make huge money and they never satisfy customers but this expensive products are only used by celebrities, businessmen and those who have good amount of money but it's not worth it got a middle-class families. There are loads of good companies who are selling better computing devices to customers. Apple brand is really really expensive. Dave you banged it... Good work buddy keep it up the work. I really don't go through reviews. Some of the reviewers try to give good review on Apple products because they are paid very good amount to increase the sales of apple

    EYES INSIDE 16 days ago


  • AzSam Pako
    AzSam Pako 17 days ago

    Which mac book has the best value?
    None of them wth. You really must be stupid if you believe apple products and especially laptops are good value for money!

  • lil runt pie
    lil runt pie 18 days ago

    He threw shade at him 4:38

  • The Perfect Reject
    The Perfect Reject 18 days ago


  • Howard Daley
    Howard Daley 23 days ago

    No, jokes i own a sic af Vaio.

  • Howard Daley
    Howard Daley 23 days ago

    Mine burnt thro my coffe table.

  • Utooob76
    Utooob76 24 days ago

    apple will be gone in 3 years

  • Ahmed Amin
    Ahmed Amin 24 days ago

    " Straight objective look at the macbook"
    Few minutes later: STICKS IT INTO A FREEZER

  • SirKain
    SirKain 25 days ago

    why does it sound like a alarm is going off in the background? XD

  • Get Real
    Get Real 25 days ago

    The soft spoken and the talkative

  • John Kenndy
    John Kenndy 25 days ago

    Lew is a fuckin bully..

  • gregrenalde
    gregrenalde 27 days ago

    apple can burn for all i care. the dude's saying teh truth, Apple is oevr hype over price piece of low tech

  • Nancy And Daisy are my bias

    Unbox therapy is your classmate that overacting over everything and wants the attention of the whole class, if theres a crisis he'll save his own only.

  • Tech4u guys
    Tech4u guys 28 days ago

    Bro let him speak

  • De'Ryan Brister
    De'Ryan Brister 29 days ago

    Dave, don't be intimidated bro. Keep being objective. The consumers need it.

  • Proffesor David
    Proffesor David 29 days ago

    Best Damn Video Ever!!!! The Happy Meal Snip was the Best Youzzz!!!

  • Damian Zoldak
    Damian Zoldak Month ago

    What watch does Dave have on?

  • kwwyy
    kwwyy Month ago

    Unbox Therapy is overrated as hell

  • it’sSiva
    it’sSiva Month ago

    Hey Dave

  • Batman The dark knight

    So this is why the North Pole ☃️ is melting, apple 🍏🍎 have a MacBook factory 🏭🔥 on North Pole ❄️💦


    Dave looks like a goofier swae lee

  • Goodrum Productions
    Goodrum Productions Month ago +1

    (although many people have already said this) please let the next guest talk more

  • The Religion Defender
    The Religion Defender Month ago +1

    Let him talk c'mon why is every tech ytuber jealus of him.

  • Anfi React
    Anfi React Month ago

    Dave2d sounds extremely uncomfortable in this video Lol

    ISSAC.J Month ago

    Dear Apple:

  • Lander Don Nadera
    Lander Don Nadera Month ago +1

    Android phones is better than iPhone

  • Mirik Kla
    Mirik Kla Month ago +1

    apple stinks

  • Eliseo Anaya
    Eliseo Anaya Month ago

    Nice to have you both on this video btw!

  • clafire
    clafire Month ago

    Every time you have a guest, you’re so protective of your surroundings that it passes to the viewer. Instead of paying attention on what BOTH of you have to say, I can only pay attention on your body language cornering this poor guy that is there by invitation that came from you and you only. You change your voice tone when you have someone else there, interrupts your guests like crazy and the flow of your show. Your inner dog is anxious, and you bark a lot. I prefer watching someone less anxious, but congrats on all of your followers, good for you and job well done on that.


    3:59 Is he sleeping

  • Viorel Galan
    Viorel Galan Month ago

    What's with that bearded giant tampon interrupting his guest and trying to make him feel awckward?? Hey chimpy, you take your hat off at the table and you listen to your guest and communicate on the same tone of voice dudeeeeee. Manners maketh the man.

  • Aditya Maanas
    Aditya Maanas Month ago

    dave is so uncomfortable

  • Dan Flynn
    Dan Flynn Month ago

    Apple has become absurdly controlling & user unfriendly - the latest is kernel panics in Sierra/High Sierra/Mojave which sucks - plus they pretty well have taken over the apple firewall Little Snitch. You no longer can upgrade anything on their MBP models & they try to keep you from even trying. I left Microsoft because I was always repairing Windows machines - but lately Apple is no better. It’s so bad now that I’m looking into moving completely over to Linux - enough is enough - I always favored Apple but it's time to think differently

  • Nupator YT
    Nupator YT Month ago

    i swear to god i put my macbook in the freezer frmo time to time

  • Andres Valdevit
    Andres Valdevit Month ago

    I missed this video. Anyway, Apple's credibility is long gone and yes I agree it's a different company from what it used to be, a company I want nothing to do with it and anymore and if a colossal company like that needs to cooperate with a USclipr on figuring out one of their machines is not working as intended, WTF are all their engineers doing while developing these products??? I think it's embarrassing to say the least, after paying a crap ton of money for a glorified apple product. In my opinion a bunch of those engineers must be let go!

  • me nkat
    me nkat Month ago +1

    Apple fan club.

  • Ace Falcons
    Ace Falcons Month ago +1

    The guy with the beard needs to calm down and lower your tone a bit because I stopped the vid at 1min 9sec because it was too annoying to take. I lost interest in what the topic was. Just had to leave a comment to help your future vids if you take this constructively. Oh, no one needs to comment on my post whether good or bad ‘cause am not returning here. GL guys.

  • Endless Galaxy
    Endless Galaxy Month ago +1

    Hi, I am new to this channel, and been watching your videos for like 2 days, and so far I loved ur every video.
    This one seemed a little awkward. I felt some kind of bullying tension, as if u were jealous that apple contacted and acknowledged him and not you, lol.
    If u called him to your channel as a guest and he was kind enough to accept your invitation, then let him speak for once. He is obviously smart and knows a couple of things, but you kept interrupting him and didn’t let him say what he had to say. What a garbage video, and u should work on your interviewing/communication skills.

  • Death To All
    Death To All Month ago

    This is silly.

  • Macalyn Hulsey
    Macalyn Hulsey Month ago

    i only noticed him get interrupted one time. yall are overreacting

  • Monetization Police


  • Masha Mitchell
    Masha Mitchell Month ago +3

    Marques Brownlee is not a tech expert. I wish people would stop deferring to him. He reads specs about new gadgets, does some cliche crap with said tech, and if its an Apple, he will blindly promote it. His degree is in marketing. He has zero programming or engineering knowledge.

  • pro xtrem
    pro xtrem Month ago

    I use my new 2k18 apple laptop as a room heater

  • James Collins
    James Collins Month ago

    Many of us Decades of Apple Loyalists are applauding Dave 2D and all other courageous real men who slap Apple in their face, due to their blatant, egotistical RIPPING OFF of their customers and are calling for the FIRING of TIM COOK, IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • Tom Gabriel
    Tom Gabriel Month ago

    he is constantly mansplaining dave2

  • I'm the alpha
    I'm the alpha Month ago +1

    Unbox therapy . Shut the fuck up and stop fuckin talking and cutting off the guy

  • jay patel
    jay patel Month ago

    consumers expectation is not and should NOT be skewed when that laptop costs £4000!

  • Grant Hutchison
    Grant Hutchison Month ago

    Every couple months I watch this just for the intro. Dude, Dave is so uncomfortable it’s hilarious. Love you’re work Lou 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Malfunctioning Entity

    After watching the intro, I thought that Apple sent their Worldwide Loyal Police to kill him or something

  • saroyo007
    saroyo007 Month ago

    I love them both and watching you two’s videos all the time, as truth(well at least facts) can be found instead of some paid ads videos

  • Don Charles
    Don Charles Month ago

    I applaud his discoveries. Thanks bro. 2D4prez!

  • Semere Huluka
    Semere Huluka Month ago

    Am cooking scrambled eggs on my laptop now lol

  • Money Coach
    Money Coach Month ago

    This is the kind of Interviews i like because the Person you are talking to sit’s right beside you.And he responded very well.I love it ;-)

  • vlad marius
    vlad marius Month ago

    Your cap it’s hiding the hair ...

  • Mason Mulford
    Mason Mulford 2 months ago

    It is odd to see reviewers with such different styles trying to mesh with each other.

  • Daniel Oakfield
    Daniel Oakfield 2 months ago +1

    Why his swatch doesn't change time? It's stuck at 7:00

  • humphrey jones
    humphrey jones 2 months ago

    this is like two of my favourite artistes in one song

  • Johnny Buoy
    Johnny Buoy 2 months ago

    why dont you include Sony Xperia Smartphones in your videos :(

  • Ane Calvo
    Ane Calvo 2 months ago

    It was high time the tech industry took after the beauty industry and listened to people who make a living out of reviewing tech, putting tech under scrutiny by testing heavier processes on it and stuff. Pretty cool.

  • mike Bordeaux
    mike Bordeaux 2 months ago

    Watch Louis Rossman videos on Apple products and you will never buy Apple again.

  • Robert Nicholas
    Robert Nicholas 2 months ago

    Dave 2 d seriously undervalue himself, he figured out something apple couldn’t

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me 2 months ago

    Attempting to fry an egg with the core i9 macbook pro

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche 2 months ago

    Looks like coaching on how to suck Tim Cook's cock

  • garnet mineo
    garnet mineo 2 months ago

    Dave 2d thumbs up

  • Aiman aiman
    Aiman aiman 2 months ago

    Love the video 😊

  • Josef Uzo
    Josef Uzo 2 months ago

    Dave 2d is too humble man. lovely

  • john fog
    john fog 2 months ago

    After the camera was cut I think they had a fight.

  • Brian Leal
    Brian Leal 2 months ago

    You are extremely biased on the stuff that you review. No respect.

  • CanadianParadox
    CanadianParadox 2 months ago

    asian man gets accused. *G R E A T . . .*

  • Phantom 7
    Phantom 7 2 months ago

    Who else cannot find a comment about what this video really was 😂😂🤣

  • 애니Mayshun
    애니Mayshun 2 months ago


  • synchro505
    synchro505 2 months ago

    Unbox Therapy and Dave2D should do more videos together. Period.

  • stef baay
    stef baay 2 months ago

    all the HATE,

  • Karma Sweet
    Karma Sweet 2 months ago +1

    WHAT ABOUT THE GENIUSES? Where are they? The apple brand is something I wouldn't touch because I'm nit an idiot who is brand blinded and I have used same nameless for years. Only the usual LITTLE probs now and again. Apple just displayed..if this video us factual that is...a company that has been exposed. Yes..they exploited little idiots n geeks who and then some ordinary members public got stung. Overpriced reminds me of "THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES"!!!!
    The right ti fix CAMPAIGNS so UTTERLY ...UTTERLY UNREAL. How DARE a company sell an item and try Jay claim ongoing. This HAS to be illegal practice. I see lawyers are going to have a field day. Fear if the big boys us long gone...power in numbers. Hope they have enough in the kitty ;-) I've seen some serious purchases....serious faults...and "business practices" that are very very questionable. Cute guy in video in his shop THE BEST.He has .."ahem" spades. Fair play.👍😊 And other companies let's not forget that were BULLIED with ...again...questionable legal demands. Greed is an awful thing!

  • quinnjim
    quinnjim 2 months ago

    We are an Apple household. With the decreasing quality of their stuff AND the fact that they have started sabotaging their own products, we are thinking about looking elsewhere for our phone and computer needs.

  • 나나풀Nanagrass
    나나풀Nanagrass 2 months ago +1

    What are my thoughts? I think you were extremely rude to your guest, and before you even discuss about the laptops, you should learn how to treat others with respect. This is what happens when an honest and brave individual makes a video of his honest opinion on products of big companies. Dave does his very best so that the customers who aren’t experts at tech like myself can make better decisions. We appreciate you Dave. Keep going! :)

  • Blizzard MBL
    Blizzard MBL 2 months ago

    You know there, sometime I think that all Canadian guys are like wild animal (or) the species which are living their self by idiot

  • Shankar S
    Shankar S 2 months ago

    Lou, you should STFU and let your guest speak.
    He looks clearly annoyed and uncomfortable.

  • siquem cortes
    siquem cortes 3 months ago

    This shithead f$$$ an’yoing (the host aka unbox )

  • noaman ahmed Baig
    noaman ahmed Baig 3 months ago

    Not only apple but every company should take these reviews as constructive criticism and feedback and improve more because they are closer to the audience or have more exposure to our feedback

  • Bryce Arnold
    Bryce Arnold 3 months ago

    Dave hardly spoke.

  • christopher CM
    christopher CM 3 months ago


  • Sean LeComplete
    Sean LeComplete 3 months ago

    Go read a book instead of sounding like your from e network. This video was so cringy.and boring.

  • Sean LeComplete
    Sean LeComplete 3 months ago

    Waste of bandwidth.

  • Sean LeComplete
    Sean LeComplete 3 months ago


  • shantanu pawar
    shantanu pawar 3 months ago

    Stop bullying him. Dave explains equipments lot better than u do. And yes its proved that there was a bug that Made mbp slower

  • Steven Ross-watt
    Steven Ross-watt 3 months ago

    The host made this interview weird and basically shit.

  • Lee Taylor
    Lee Taylor 3 months ago

    Shut this guy up and let Dave 2d explain

  • Steven Chen
    Steven Chen 3 months ago

    Agree. My MacBook Pro cooks everytime I try to play a video game.